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>"Sorry Anon," A guard says. "The last train

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>"Sorry Anon," A guard says. "The last train back to Ponyville just left. You'll have to stay in the castle tonight. Also, tread lightly as I've heard the princesses have been going through a heat again..."
don't worry. I always lock and barricade my doors and windows back at home anyways.
>implying you wouldn't want to be ridden by both princesses simultaneously
>implying you need 2 dicks to be ridden by 2 mares.
>Anon stomps and bangs pots and pans together shouting about how hot the princesses are.
One rides your dick, the other rides your face. Do you even think before you type up such stupid comments?
By two non-midget midget horses?
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Do I?
>implying they don't have magic
Puts me in the mind of Dracula or something.
For some reason I want to summon a writefag, anyone got any chalk? I have to make a pentagram
This made me chuckle.
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well how else am I supposed to call upon the writefags silly?
With a sharpie.
>Using a sharpie
Sharpies arent responsive like chalk go ask /x/
You...want to fuck the ponies with a sharpie?
Good prompts are more effective than chalk.


> Be Anon, soaking wet in a thunderstorm
> You were already most of the way up the mountain by the time the clouds rolled in
> At that point, Canterlot is closer than anything else, so you pressed on
> You come to the gate, but there doesn't seem to be anyone manning it.
> Ponying it?
> You push on the heavy door, and it opens with a lingering, aching creak
> You walk down the empty street, and notice that there are no lights in any of the shops or homes
> It's like a ghost town
> Part of you expects zombies or mutants, but a more sensible part is just confused and uncertain
> Maybe they're all at the castle?
> It doesn't take too long to get to the spindly spires of the castle
> You can see some flickering lights in some of the windows, and take heart
> The door stands ajar and unguarded
> It's a relief to get out of that rain
> You cast off your waterlogged coat and set your pack off to the side
> Embers glow in a banked fireplace
> You draw up a stool and grab some firewood from nearby
> The tinder catches easily, and you feed the fire slowly but surely
> Soon enough a fire is burning cheerily
> You find yourself drowsing as the heat sinks into your body

> It feels like you were only asleep for a few minutes when the sound of hoofsteps drags you back to waking
> You look around, but you don't see anyone
> "Hhhhhhello, what do we have here?"
> You look behind you to see...
> Is that Luna?
> She's melting out of the shadows, a predatory grin on her face
"Good, uh, good evening, your highness."
> The dark mare ignores your greeting and invades your personal space, her hot breath flowing across the nape of your neck
> She inhales deeply and sighs with satisfaction
> "Did you know, you smell very, very male?"
> You're starting to suspect this isn't Luna
"Well, I am a guy so..."
> You stand up and face her
> She tilts her head until her neck pops, then the other way
> "Would you care to run? It's more satisfying that way."
> She grins, her teeth sharp, her pupils mere pinpricks in a sea of white madness
> You take a few steps backward
> She leans back, like a cat ready to pounce
> You turn and run, hanging a sharp turn at the doorway
> It's hard to see in the dark, and you bang your shins and trip a lot
> Cruel, delighted laughter echoes behind you
> You emerge into a long hallway, sporadically lit with guttering torches
> You try to sprint, but your legs are tired from the long hike up the mountain
> Seems you'll have to use some cunning, rather than speed
> You take the nearest door and find a much smaller hallway, with a stairwell leading upward
> It's tempting to try to hide behind the stairs, but you get the distinct feeling that the monster can see just fine in the dark
> You spend a long second considering the stairs, but your legs are already shaking from exhaustion
> You continue on, half running, half jogging, your ears always filled with the sound of pursuit
> You barge through a few empty rooms and storage areas, until you find yourself in a warm, fire lit bedroom
> From the descriptions you've heard, this is Celestia, Mother of Equestrian
"There's a monster loose! Hurry, we have to get out of here!"
> She raises her head slowly
> "Oh, don't worry about that, I'll keep you safe. Come here, I'll put a spell on you."
> You see her eyes, so wild, her pupils so small and intense
> A golden glow drags you toward her
> Celestia? draws you in and wraps her forelegs around you
> "Sshhhh, it's alright, I'll never let you go."
> The hug tightens
> "Never."

I'll post more tomorrow.
Here is a green short I wrote up real quick. Hope more writem8s step on in, good to see one already. Hope this ain’t too bad. Either way, enjoy!
>Be Anon
>Be in horseland
>Celestia and Luna’s royal castle to be precise
>Under any other circumstances, you would be pleased to be here
>The design, the castle’s aspiring Greek-Romanesque architecture, the hilarious Royal Guard, the excellent meals, even at times the rulers……….
>But not tonight
>No not tonight
>”Sorry Anon," The guard says. "The last train back to Ponyville just left. You'll have to stay in the castle tonight. Also, tread lightly as I've heard the princesses have been going through a heat again...”
>He gives you a look of immeasurable pity
>You weren’t having this
>You had heard the legends
>You had heard of the wildly whistling orifices that followed a long night of solace with the royalty…….
>You have heard the stories of how they would, at these times, kidnap stallions or mares and make them do their “civic duty”…
>But no
>Not you
>Not tonight
“You sure there isn’t anyway else I can get back to Ponyville? Or, at least maybe a hotel or somethin’ I can go to? Y’know, so I don’t have to be near…. You know it’s that time for them and all….”
>The guard’s face, stoic nearly every time you’ve seen him, deepens in his expression of pity for you
>Your gut sinks
>”I’m sorry Sir Anon, but I have grave news to tell ya……”
>You gulp involuntarily, the amphitheater you were in feeling intensely more cramped despite its wide space and high ceiling
>The guard sighs
>”You can try all the doors, the windows, any hatches or “secret passages” you can hunt for…. But…. You won’t escape them. They’ve magically locked everything. Everything. They set their sights on you earlier, when they got that hefty waft of your scent. Look….. There’s only one way out of this…. Just accept it. It’s easier that way. Trust me.”
>He looks at you with fearful, exquisitely pained eyes
>You can’t believe what you’re hearing
>You’re scent?
>Oh, right, you did belch at the dinner table earlier….
>They chastised you for it, but not before blushing and…
>You weren’t ready for this shit
>You look at him with incredulity, and you unleash a little flash of anger on this sentry
“So what the fuck man? Are you just going to stand there and watch?! Help me out here!”
>His expression somehow manages to double in pity
>”Anon, it’s better I don’t. You’re a nice stallion-hyooman thing, and it’ll just be easier if you….. If you….”
>He zones out, memories assaulting him
>You go to comfort your good pal, but suddenly you hear the sound of hooves
>Heavy hooves
>Royal hooves
>Dread flings upon thee, a woolen blanket to try and amiss any hope you may have mustered
>Luckily, a small bit of this hope, nearly forlorn, pokes through, and, thinking on your feet, you fling yourself behind the nearby reception table
>It had been used for the tea party guests earlier, and now made effective cover and a shield, flipped over as it was
>Luckily some lazy fuck had forgotten to put it away
>Score one for lazy assholes
>Suddenly, the lights go out
>What the fuck?
>You see a for, shimmering blue in what appears to be black armor, moved through the room, searching for something
>A realization hit you
>You knew that costume
>It was Nightmare Moon’s
>Why was Luna dressing up as…
>She licks her chops
>Oh no
>This shit is too weird and kinky for this Anon
>Time to board the S.S. Get the Fuck Out
>You manage to slip by her, making it to the doorway to the next room
>You turn back to see she has your guard friend by his neck with her hooves, loudly interrogating him as to your whereabouts
>Like a bro, he hasn’t ratted you out
>Dissatisfied with his refusal to cooperate, she adopts a sitting-style position, bends him over her leg, and spanks his-
>You bail
>You can hear his screams as you sprint through the (now dark) castle
>Poor bugger
>You run for a while, taking twists and turns before, in your utter desperation, racing up some stairs
>You rush into the room at the top, noticing candle-light was still burning in it
>You rush in, slamming and locking the door behind you
>That solves-
>”Well, well, Anon, such good timing my little colt of the evening!”
>You turn slowly, realizing it like a daunting eclipse that blocks the rays of your mind, your mistake
>This was Celestia’s bedroom
>Sure enough, there she was, lounging on the bed, smiling at you
>That smile
>Ain’t right
>She cuts you off by flinging you to the bed, herself pouncing up
>Likely so she can top
>Oh boy, here it is Anon
>It’s been a good ride…..
>You close your eyes and prepare all your body, tensing
>”Oh yes, Anon, it IS your duty to help me. I’ve gotten so dreadfully hot recently, and I’ve been getting the heat-waves from it, and I need you to make sure the room temperature is adequately cool.”
>You open your eyes to see she is looking at you with concern
>Oh, whew
>You thought of another kind of “heat”
>Silly you
>Celestia smiles at you
>How could you have doubted her?
>Suddenly, to interrupt your brief interlude of peace dawning on you, Luna breaks the door down
>Or Nightmare Moon
>Or whatever the hell she’s calling herself today
>She looks to Celestia, glaring
>”Sister! But you said it was our turn this time! I’ve been sooooooo HOT!”
>You don’t like the way she said that
>”Now now sister….”
>She turns and gives you a light smile
>”No reason we can’t share in alleviating this heat.”
>Still sounds weird
>At least it’s not THAT though
“Whew, you know, you gals had me worried for a sec. So what do I have to do about the room temperature? You got like some-kind of primitive AC machine I can manage, or-“
>You were interrupted by the princesses laughing
>Why were they laughing?
>Celestia speaks after a hefty laugh
>”Oh Anon, you silly silly colt. You didn’t actually buy that right? Right?”
>She’s got that grin again
>The lewd one
>So does Luna
“B-b-b-but wait I-“
>”Lie back and make this easy, and I won’t be TOO hard on y-“
>You screamed as it happened
>But it didn’t matter
>Your orifices were not prepared though
>Hurt for two weeks afterward
>Which ones?
The End de la FIN
Thanks senpai
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Hey how should I know that, its not like i work with demons or anything I just wanted a good time Like everyone in every fucking slasher flim ever
Cheers for the story btw
That's some good shit nigga.
> That's not ominous at all
"Princess Celestia, "
> She shivers and hugs you closer
"Uh, what's going on?"
> She gives you a lingering lick from jaw to cheekbone
> "Oh, it's very simple. Every hundred years or so, Luna and my heat cycles coincide. For some reason, "
> She pauses to huff your scent
> "I always evacuate the city just before. Can't think of why now."
> Just then what can only be Luna barges into the room
> "Sister! Unhoof my prey at once!"
> Celestia rests her chin on top of your head
> "No."
> Luna growls and charges
> Your vision fills with a golden light, and you find yourself in a dark hallway once again

> You thought that if you walked far enough, you would find a way out
> Instead, you just find more castle
> You snag some food from the kitchen, and resume wandering
> If this was simply a matter of a mare in heat, you wouldn't be so worried for your life
> You've dealt with that sort of thing before, even if it did leave you sore for the next week
> You suspect that if you get used this time, they may very well break something
> You pause as a black cloud gropes your butt in passing
> It condenses before you into the moon princess, and you immediately turn and run
> "Yes! Run, my pet!"
> Like you would do anything else
> It's not long before you hear her galloping after you
> Adrenaline courses through you, aches easing as you sprint
> You take a door off to the side and find yourself in a massive library
> You pick an aisle at random and run for what seems like an eternity
> The hoofsteps slow, and a voice echoes among the shelves
> "Hide all you like, little one. I will find you, and I shall ravish you quite thoroughly."
> Crap
> Your only bet at this point is to hide somewhere and sneak out when Luna is searching elsewhere
> You spy a desk and scuttle under it
> It feels good to let your legs rest, and you try to quiet your breathing
> It's hard to tell, but you think the hoofsteps are getting more distant
> Then they stop
> ...
> You hold your breath
> Luna's head lowers into your view, upside down
> "Found you~."
> Then yellow light blooms and Luna disappears to the side, to the sound of two bodies colliding
> You emerge quickly
> The sisters are in a rolling fight off to the side, cursing and growling
> You take to your heels again

I'll write more later, but I have classes to attend.
Now this is some gud shiet.
>Inb4 mayne6 are Celestia's minions to retrieve Anon for her cosmic pleasures
You better pastebin this shit. This is great.
Well, at-least the last train out of Sydney hasn't gone...
Bampo dont die on me yet guys
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Keep it up, anon.
Very good so far. Continue.
>Day- actually it's night.
>Night, running for your life in Equestria.
>You received an invitation from Luna too come to the castle almost right after sundown.
>It seemed weird but you figured it was because, not unlike Batman, she was the night.
>The streets were a little more deserted than you remember some the last time you were here, but again didn't think much of it.
>It wasn't until you got to the very deserted castle did you think something was actually wrong.
>You were about to run out of there, not at all because you were afraid of zombies, when Celestia strode into the main entrance way.
>She was very surprised to see you and almost demanded to know why you were in the castle.
>You explained about the letter and she had a panicked look on her face and said to choke with her off you wanted to live.
>It was that or some other terminator line.
>Turns out Luna is in heat and wants the D.
>Not just any D though, she wants yours.
>At first you were flattered and considered giving it to her, but then you saw her crazed face and decided against it.
>Like your old man always told you, don't put your dick in crazy son.
>He always looked at your mom after saying that for some reason.
>But anyway that leads us to now, and you're hiding with Celestia in her study behind a magic proof door.
"Do you think that'll hold her?"
>"Yes, there's no way she's getting in here."
>She looks out the window at the position on the moon.
>"Oh no. Anon, we were too busy running I forgot to tell you something important."
"What could be more important than moon butt trying to snu snu me to death?"
>"Well, when the time comes for a princess to go into heat, they cannot be trusted with their power to raise the sun or moon and give it to some pony else. And... they..."
"Hate to be that guy princess but is there a point to that story?"
>"COME ANONYMOUS! SIMPLY OREN THE DOOR AND... and... we... Anonymous? By the moon! Anonymous, open this for and get out of there now!"
I can stay with the guard
"Nice try Luna. You almost sounds sane."
>"Anonymous you need to get out of there right now. My sister and I go into heat at the same time, but mine was restricted to the night while hers the day."
>Wait, seriously?
>That's weird, why would that -
>You look to the ground and see sunlight creeping across it.
>You hear Celestia creepily say from behind you.
>Welp, fuck.
>You turn and see an almost crazed Sun butt looking at you.
"Don't put your dick in crazy son."
>You quickly open the door and run past a bewildered Luna.
>Looks like it's going to be a long day.
That's an interesting concept. Celestia is in heat during the day while Luna is at night.
Write more you glorious faggots.
welp looks i'm Walkin
What? You blurt out. What do you mean?
>"The last train just left." The guard says again. "You'll just have to spend the night at the castle."
No no no, what you said after that.
>"They're only rumors, Anonymous...I wouldn't worry too much..."
>You remember one time Twilight Sparkle had a cycle of estrus.
>Boy, magic and lust don't mix.
>Take omni-potent magic and lust and...
>You don't even want to think about it.
>"Guest rooms are on the third hallway to the right."
>Even the guest rooms are incredibly well furnished. A warm fireplace that that burned a magical blue fire, a couch, and a bed that you could just sink yourself into.
>If only there was water.
>You look all over the room, not finding anything. No fountain, no bottle, no sink. Time to wander around the castle then...
>You open the door, and walk down the white marble hallways holding a candle.
>You peer out of a window, seeing the stars. They're not usually what they look like... they're a lot more wild...and scattered...
>When you go back to walking, something doesn't seem right...your guts are giving off the feeling that something is following you...
>Amnesia, Penumbra, Outlast, and nearly every single horror game out there taught you to never look back. But that just makes the fear even worse...
>You quickly do a 180, your fists raised.
>Nothing at all.
>However, as if on queue, you hear the sound of hooves.
>They sound a little metallic, like they're wearing horseshoes. A midnight blue mane appear out of the darkness, catching your attention, then disappears again briefly.
>The hooves get louder, and louder, causing you to panic.
"Who is it?!" You shout. "Show yourself!"
>"Manners, now Anonymous~" A voice sings. "That's no way to speak to your princess..."
>An ominous, blue mist begins to fill the hallways, giving off a very distinct smell of blueberries.
>The mist is so thick, it's nearly solid. It's more of a blanket than it is a mist, or fog. But what makes it even creepier is the fact that it's almost as if it's moving on its own accord. You can feel the mist becoming thicker around your neck, thighs, and waist, caressing you.
>However, as soon as it beings reaching remotely to your nether regions, that's when you're snapped back to reality.
"Celestia...Luna...whichever ones you are, cut this out!" You demand. "It's not funny! It's getting creepy."
>The mist responds by tightening itself around your neck, slightly choking you. A giggle echoes across the room.
>"Awwww, is my little human getting scared?"
>Suddenly in front of you, the mist gathers, forming into a pair of white, razor sharp fangs.
>This is all you need to break off into a full blown sprint in the opposite direction.
>"Please, do run Anonymous! It's always more satisfying when I have to work for it!"
Will be doing more tomorrow if interested.
File: 1429346166233.jpg (80KB, 500x517px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 500x517px
I'm interested
Personally, I'd like them both on my face, neither touching my dong.
git hype tho
>You have running for God knows how long now, but you keep on running and dare not to look back.
>Taking a jump through a window, you somersault out of the hallways, and into the castle's gardens.
>It takes all your willpower to not scream like a little bitch as the thorns dig into your back as you scramble to get out of the bush.
>Now out of the rosebushes, you look at a reflection of your back in a nearby river.
>You are literally Sonic the Hedgehog with all these spike-like thorns sticking out of you.
>In the reflection though, you catch that all too familiar sight of blue mist, and you instantly jump into a nearby bush.
>Fortune favors you as this time it wasn't a rose bush.
>The mist gets thicker and thicker, as if it is solidifying.
>Out of the darkness comes a midnight blue hoof with a free-flowing blue mane littered with shining stars.
>It's Princess Luna.
>You've seen her before, but she looks...different this time.
>Her back hooves seem to be shaking a little, like she's trying to contain something in between them.
>Her tail is restless, constantly twitching and swinging madly.
>What's wrong with her?
>You're about to think, until you accidentally press your thorn-ridden back against a wall, causing you to grunt in pain.
>"Anon?" You hear her call in a concerned tone. "Is that you?"
>"Are you hurt?"
>You slowly reveal yourself from the bush.
>"Oh my!" She gasps. "You're bleeding! And you're covered in thorns!"
>She rushes over to you, horn lit up.
>"Hold still, Anon."
>In one motion, every single thorn is removed from your back at once, causing you to fall on your knees in pain.
>With another zap of her magic, the blood staining your shirt disappears, and you feel the skin on your back, completely undisturbed as if you've never jumped into that rose bush.
"Thanks, Princess." You say thankfully, unaware of the liquid trailing off of a certain orifice.
Thread posts: 53
Thread images: 7

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