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>Tfw Anon never notices you >Tfw you're always stuck

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>Tfw Anon never notices you
>Tfw you're always stuck in the background
>Tfw you think you're not as pretty as the other mares. You mustn't be. He's always after the pretty ones...
>Tfw he will never make you his poni poni waifu
>Tfw he will never kiss and cuddle you and make hot love to your soft pony body
>Tfw you will never have a family with Anon
>Tfw he doesn't even know your name
>Tfw he doesn't even know you exist
uh...who the hell IS that?
Case and point.
She seems a bit ugly...
I want to grab her by the tail and bust a nut balls deep while smacking her cutie mark.

"Yeah, take it- you!"
>"You forgot my name again, didn't you?"
Apparently this is Nook.
I'm gonna call you Fuzzy Grumps
just use gender neutral words until she tells you her name.

"Say babe, what do you want to eat?"
>"Uhm....I'll have the panini, and broccoli soup."
"Make that two."
>The cashier takes your orders.
>"And what name will that be under?"
>You look to this mysterious mare.
"Go ahead, and give them your name honeybuns~"
>You smile nervously.
>"Why can't you give her your name?"
>Shit. Think fast.
"My name is too long, and hard to pronounce. Your name would be better."
"Yeah! Super tough! Ooh.. I can barely say it myself."
>You show the cashier the back of your hand, shutting her up.
>Big black dummy.
"Go ahead sweetiepie~"
>The mare frowns.
>"Okay...The name for the order is Anony-"
"NO! Give her YOUR name."
>"Why? I'm not paying for it."
>You grumble.
"W-well you have such a sexy name, I like hearing it said out loud..."
>"Uhm..there's other customers in line so..."
>You show her your hand again.
>"Oh really? What part of it do you like?"
"Uh...the vowels, and....uh...the way it rolls off the tongue!"
>"Yeah? Then say it. Let me hear it."

>you realize you're a background character in your own life
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I've become one with the background
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Cutiemark looks kinda like Catalpa bignonioides
a species of Catalpa that is native to the southeastern United States in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Common names include southern catalpa, cigar tree, and Indian bean tree
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Damn it...
So is her name Cata?
I like Nook
I think I like this pony
She keeps showing up late to do cute things in the crowd scenes and shit.
She is rather bland isn't she? One-tone mane, simple cream coat, solitary leaf for a cutie mark, but I think she has pretty eyes.
She should be happy though. Ponies aren't supposed to be sad.
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Everybody likes Nook.
Until they take out a loan.
bump for...... this pone
>"I'm a leaf on the wind... watch how I soar..."
>You realize you're not even the main character of your own story.
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Dye your mane like Bon Bon's, and we'll talk.
>Why doesn't anon like me
>sure I'm not important like a princess..
> or strong like rainbow dash
> I can't party like pinkie...
> But I have other redeeming quakities!
>like hedge trimming!
> nopony can shape a shrub like me
> I can make them into dogs, and ponies, and... and...
> Oh who am I kidding...
> I'm lame...
> I'll never be anons poni
> he'll never rub my belly...
> play with my 'hoovsies'
>implying depressed assholes don't make for good television
Actually ForgetNot
Her cutie mark is being the single green leaf in the treethat no one rember because it will surely fall but that everyone see.

She just want to be noticed but can't
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I always found background ponies way more appealing than the main ones.
I would make this poor pony mai waifu, but it would be pretty autistic.
Embrace it, Anon

You can be happier than you ever imagined

Embrace the happiness
>Tfw >Tfw >Tfw >Tfw >Tfw
And you wonder why I don't like you, lowly background pony?
I'd prefer to have it that way. My life is too fucking weird as is.
>you don't know if you should
>you are afraid to be a sperglord
>but you finally decide to make that background pony your waifu
>you slowly start to think about her in your free time
>she doesn't seem so bad, she's quite cute
One lifetiem l8r
>you finally close your eyes for the last time on this world
>but you open them again
>bitch, you in ponyville
>you look around and see masses of neckbeards, all nearly tearing the popular ponies apart in a blind fight for their waifus
>you look at those nerds looking like niggers in Ferguson, but even more pitful
>suddenly someone delicately pokes you from behind
>You look there and see your waifu, staring at you with her big eyes
>"I... I hope you never forgot about me... Anon..."
>As soon as you grab her and press her to your chest, she breaks down into tears of joy
>"dreams can sometimes come true"
>Live for the eternity with lovely and faithful pony wife surviving new and new adventures every day, always together, while others still fight for the ponies that hate them.
Wouldn't want that to happen on /mlp/, the /mlp/ board on 4chan, now would we, bro?
i cast upon the great writefags to continue this kekilicious shenanigans
Okay, all regrets are undone. Geronimo!
but then you'd have a waifu that maybe no one else does. She'd be all yours
But what is her na... wait. Forget-me-not. This is going to be so perfect.
grape juice
what's her name? that would be a good start
what about catanook?
You're an idiot.
>Not nookncranny

This thread has potential

>As a young filly, you found an affinity for nature, and flora
>Your discovery depicted by a lone leaf for a cutie mark
>The leaf doesn't look familiar to you, might be a foreign type? An herb?
>Well, you were a gardening pony, so you assume that is what it signifies
>Anyways, your day starts off like any other
>You tend to your personal garden, watering thirsty plants to grow big and prosper
>When these plants turned ripe, you take them to the market to try and turn a profit
>You would make conversation with many ponies that stopped by your booth, many of which enjoyed your company
>However, there was one being you have always had your eye on
>You always found him to be an attractive creature, even if the two of you were not of the same species
>Every time you saw him, your heart grew heavy and if he came close enough, your heart would begin to flutter
>You were really infatuated with him, but he didn't know it
>You were going to change that today, when you were finally going to talk to him
>Looking at the clock on your wall, you realize the market opens in half an hour
>You gather your merchandise and head towards town
>He usually shows up around 10 or 10:30, so by the time you set up, there will only be an hour's wait
>Better hope he needs some herbs from the market...
Please continue.
File: wave of feels.gif (965KB, 498x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wave of feels.gif
965KB, 498x266px
The feels anon , they keep on coming.
Sure, why not?

>You might say you're a success story in these parts, having gained your claim to fame once Roseluck worked exclusively with floral
>She even taught you everything you know, so that came in handy
>You took a liking to herbal gardening because 'you thought herbs smelled good'
>Thank Celestia you did because you make the bits in town
>Kind of helps ponies are vegans
>You are optimistic about today, sunshine and fair weather boosting your confidence
>15 minutes 'til opening time
>The town square is packed with townsfolk
>You see Applejack with her family, selling apples, cider, and an arrangement of apple delicacies
>The aroma of their products fill your nostrils with memoires of bliss
>Your grandmother used to be great friends with Granny Smith until she passed a few years back
>Nana used to indulge in many of their sweets, some of which were fritters, pies, and caramel apples
>You, especially you, loved caramel apples
>The time for mourning passed long ago, so nothing but good times from here
>Knowing you, you’ll probably stop by their booth and get some snacks
>5 minutes ‘til show time, and the market is flooded with potential buyers
>Many of which have already formed lines for your booth
>You knew today was going to be like any other, so this really didn’t surprise you
>What did surprise you was that you saw him maneuvering through the flood of ponies, headed in your direction?
>React reasonably, it’s just Anon!
>Just your luck, Anon places himself in your line
>Just like that, you began to feel nervous
>”Oh no, what do I do?” You worry to yourself
>You need to calm down, you’re about to open shop
>Ponies would probably get uncomfortable and leave if they noticed how you were reacting
>Especially since you are known to be a confident seller and an outgoing individual
>The clock strikes 9 and like that, your work day has begun
“Welcome every pony!” you address your line of patrons
>You work diligently, trying to capture the attention of every pony you talk to
>Bits and words fly, as transactions pile up
>You were going to make bank today
>After an hour of selling herbal products, and herbs themselves, the market dies down, as the morning rush is reduced to a few ponies, and Anon, trying to scrounge up some goods
>You didn’t notice at the time, but he had left your line to do some other shopping
>Your booth was dead, so you became entranced by his every movement
>Every once in a while, a pony of two would come to your booth for some products
>You say ‘hello’ to them, and shoot the breeze with them for a moment
>Tell them ‘Have a nice day’ and continue observing Anon

>He turns his head into your direction, as he waves towards you
>Oh Celestia, he just waved at you!
>What’s this, he’s walking towards you?
>Oh buddy, you better calm down
>Your knees grow weak, as your arms begin to feel heavy
> Mom’s oregano?
>Calm down, relax, he is just another customer
>He approaches your booth, resting his arms on the counter
>”Hello, ma’am. How are you?” Anon says
>You don’t know if you’re blushing of not, but I think he can tell you’re uneasy
“I’m doing well now, sir!” You grin
“How may I help you?” you add
>”I see you are selling herbs here,” He says, “You wouldn’t happen to have thyme and rosemary, would you?”
>You are on edge, as you don’t know how to reasonably react to this
“Y-y-yeah, w-we actually have some left-t” You sputter
>”Are you all right, ma’am?” Anon asks
>You were definitely not all right, but you weren’t going to let him know that
>”Do you smell...spaghetti?” He adds
>You look underneath the table to find a brew of spaghetti cooking underneath the counter
“I guess so….Listen, I have something I want to tell you…”
Afterman...I'm sorry.
But, this is really boring
Well, it was worth a shot.
Oh come on, don't listen to him. We're just getting to the fun part, after all. I'm finding the story kinda cute so far. You could stand to lay off on the spaghetti stuff though, imo.
>4 posts in
>"It's boring."
Jesus fucking christ, impatient, aren't you?

Please, continue. It's good so far.
>Stop having an opinion!
Not when your opinion is shit.
just keep going.
i always save an opinion at the ending.
after all, a good critic sits through everything, not just until it gets bad.
>I love writefag cocks
Try to be independent anon
You've already lost
Story's still boring. So.....Fact.
File: 21.png (2MB, 700x928px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 700x928px
>Pic related

>It’s happening
“You promise not to freak out?” You give Anon a disclaimer
>”Yeah, sure, I guess?” He isn’t sure what to make of this
“Okay. Well, I may or may not have had my eye on you for a while, and may or may not have wanted a chance to talk to you.” You spit out
>What will he say? He must think you’re a weirdo
>To your surprise you got this response
>”Well if you wanted to talk to me, you should have said something!” He replies
>”I honestly didn’t think you of all ponies would check me out. Heh heh.” His face turns red
>Maybe he had his eye on you and saying that triggered something?
“Well what pony wouldn’t?” You seem to relax
“I mean it’s not like you’re cute or anything” you say, blushing more than him
>You hope that wasn’t too strong to say to him
>”Oh….Oh, well, I don’t know what to say.” He sounds as nervous as you were when you first talked
“That wasn’t too much, was it? Sorry!” you avert your eyes from his face
>”Don’t be sorry, you’re just a pony with an opinion” he winks at you
>”I mean, it’s not you’re the only one who has checked someone out” he says, leaning forward on your stand
>Oh shit!
You're still a faggot. So... Fact
>“I mean it’s not like you’re cute or anything"
Was there supposed to be another "not" in there?
>Fellates the writefag

I shiggy m8
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>What everyone else sees.
I hope this never ends.
“What do you mean?” you asked, unsure of what is about to unfold
>”W-well, I have been noticing you around this marketplace for a while now, and wondered when you’d say something to me.” He reveals to you
>”I notice you staring at me from time to time, your eyes speaking louder than words”
>His eyes are moving across your face
>”I couldn’t help but notice every time I notice your staring, your cheeks grow brilliant rose, not that it’s a bad thing”
>With every word he adds, the more embarrassed you feel
>The blush of your face growing at the same rate
>He notices you feel uncomfortable when you won’t even look up towards him
>”Hey now, don’t feel upset or whatever about this. I am glad I found out”
>Your face is speaking for you because you are speechless
>Your brow rises when he says that
“You are?” you feebly reply
>”Yeah, of course. Because I have been interested in you, or at least getting to know you.”
>”Why do you think I came over here as early as I did?”
>”I wanted to try and talk to you, but I waited ‘til your line died down.”
>You are quite surprised, you didn’t know the feeling was mutual
“Oh, you did?”
>”Yeah, of course, you’re an eye catcher yourself you know…”
>Anon reaches his hand out to your hoof
>”The name’s Anon, how about you?”
>You look at his hand, but you’re hesitant to grab it
>You eventually do, moving ever so slowly
“Nice to meet you Anon, the name is Nook, or whatever this thread came up with
>”I like that name” His smile sedates you, as you begin to calm down
>”Say, Nook, when do you get done here?”
“I don’t know, an hour or so?”
>”Would you like to do something afterwards? Or at least to get to know you more..”
“Sure, if you want. Meet you here in an hour?”
>”Sounds wonderful”
>The fluttering in your chest comes back
>Did you seriously just land a date with him?
>At least you have something to look forward to tonight…

Should I commit sudoku? If so, peace out, if not, maybe see you later. Regardless, I'm off for tonight, so here is a pastebin, in case someone actually likes this.

The story is boring.
Hmm, what's your history with writing? One of your first? Been doing it for a while? I'm curious.
Yay! You're still here! Where's your boyfriend though? You two are only tolerable together.
hmm. nice.
haven't had many of these from the pones perspective, keep going as far as you think you can. ill judge a full product.

shut it you.
Sorry I guess

I have a story going in the Arrhythmia thread right now, seems to be going well there, but I am a very new writefag. I never anticipated this going anywhere.

Well, I should be on tomorrow, so I suppose I could post more then...
very well, i look forward to both your products.
goodnight herr writer.
Sorry I don't hop on the jock of whatever writefag shows up, but fuck. The story is boring. I'm gonna be honest. Not just brown nose a lackluster writer who'd rather apologize for sucking rather than ask what he can do to improve. You guys have no respect for yourselves being this beta.
Well, care to delve into that some, Anon?
You're not going to offend me for criticism.
What to improve upon...
Ah. As a new writer, this story is very good. A few grammatical errors, but nothing scathing. I hope to see more from you.
File: photo.jpg.png (81KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 500x500px
Just jumped in this thread, haven't read the story-
But you sound like a anally frustrated writefag mad that people like someone else's story lol
I just said it's boring. How's that make me mad?
Didn't know expressing an honest opinion that doesn't agree with the status quo counts as being angry
No, not your opinion on the story
>Not just brown nose a lackluster writer who'd rather apologize for sucking rather than ask what he can do to improve. You guys have no respect for yourselves being this beta.
makes you sound asspained
Mary Juana
Ah. understandable.
I am a tad asspained. I'm tired of no one giving writefags valuable feedback.
Bull shit. Tired of Anons sucking a writefags dick doesn't lead to soneone calling a story flatout boring each time tbe writer posts. Don't try and pull that shit.
File: 43964.jpg (25KB, 350x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 350x418px
>I'm tired of no one giving writefags valuable feedback.

Holy fucking hell. The irony.
Are you really the same anon who just called someone else mad?
No, he's a different guy
I agree with you
But you didn't exactly give the writer feedback as to why you found it boring or what you would like to see
How can he with you fucking Whiteknights jumping down the nigga's throat? Holy shit.
Well I read it all. And I'm going to be critical. You have potential. My issues are as followed. The first is that it takes you a while to get anywhere. You had 5-6 posts but it barely feels as if anything has happened. You can write entire stories in 5-6 posts. Not saying you shouldn't try for longer ones, but this story doesn't have a strong pace as of yet. Another thing is the premise. "she likes anon for no reason even though they never spoke, and what a twist anon likes her as well." That's a pretty weak premise. I get it happens in real life though not often, it's just silly. Rather than have them just like each other have one character be completely blind sided by it. or set up a situation where they might just meet by chance and build some chemistry between them. My last big issue is that the dialogue between the two just seems stiff, as in the characters feel robotic, give the characters personalities and then think of not only what they would say, but how they would say it. Along with body language and facial expressions. And remember, don't give out mindless clop because its asked for. If you don't want to write smut, don't. Having a good smut free story is always better than a poor clopfic. But lasty remember that this is your creation, an art piece. This is your story so allow yourself to flow through, and have fun with it.
Other wise what's the point?
Good luck in your endeavor.
....Oh my god. I love you Anon. I truly do. Unless I know you.
>You are Nook, the most boring pony in all of Equestria
>Well, theoretically there could be someone duller than you
>If so, you'd love to meet them
>Man, what a riot that would be
>And what do you find yourself doing on this gorgeous sunny day?
>Errand running
>Not just any old errands, soil shopping to be specific
>Live fast die hard
>Anyways, you have currently just got the attention of an irritated looking nursery worker
“Excuse me, I'm looking for this same brand of soil without the added synthetic nitrogen fertilizers but it looks like you're out of stock, is there any chance you have a bag or two left in the back?”
>She replies without so much as glancing at you
>“Sorry ma'am, if we had it in stock, it'd be out here”
>You could almost swear you saw her roll her eyes
>Normally you'd just come back later, but you're already way too late on planting your herbs and spices
>Looks like you're switching brands
“Well, in that case do you have an organic section somewhere I could look through?”
>The nursery pony's voice takes on a condescending tone
>“It'll say if it is organic on the bag ma'am”
>This whorse has clearly never worked for tips before
“Right, it'd just be nice to be able to compare my options side by side and... you know what never mind, thank you.”

Boring enough so far?
bump for moar writefag material

>Eventually you make it out of the nursery
>The PH of the soil you picked is higher than you would like, but it'll work fine
>No, what is really your main concern right now is the weight of this damn bag
>Walking across town with a sack of dirt slung across your back is far from enjoyable
>You're starting to feel the strain
>Normally, carrying soil isn't a problem for you, but this new brand only came in bags that are almost twice as big as what you're used to carrying
>So here you are, in the center of town, making an ass of yourself by struggling to carry a now leaking bag of dirt
>If only your levitation magic was strong enough to lift something this heavy
>Or, anything heavier than a couple plates of food for that matter
>But no, being magically gifted definitely falls under the category of being too interesting for Nook
>Your thoughts are interrupted by someone trying to speak to you
>“Hey! Do you need any help with that?”
>You turn to the side only to be greeted with the sight of Anonymous looking directly at you
>Oh Celestia, of course the first time he ever decides to speak to you you are out of breath and covered in soil

>You'd be lying if you tried to deny that you have somewhat of a crush on this Anonymous figure
>While you have never interacted with him directly, you see him around the restaurant you work at semi-frequently
>It is definitely hard to pinpoint exactly why you find him attractive
>If you had to guess, you'd say it is because he is breath of fresh air from your mundane life
>An alien?
>Seriously, can you get any less not boring?
>You've always wanted to get a chance to interact with him, but he never sits at the tables you are assigned to
>Oh right! You should be talking to him right now but instead you just went off into your own little world
>He is still looking at you, quick say something
“Need help with what?”
>He looks at you questioningly
>“Uh, you know, that heavy looking bag of soil you are carrying”
>Smooth Nook, real smooth
>Oh my gosh though, he is offering you help
>How is this going to work though?
>Is he just planning on walking all the way to your house with you?
>What if he wants to come inside, it is a total mess in there
>And what will you talk about when you're walking?
>What if you have nothing to say and it is terribly awkward?
>Where did all of this pasta come from?
>All questions aside you do still need to respond
“No thanks. I got it handled”
>Wow you totally let that opportunity slip away
>“Alright, have a good day then”
“Y-you too”
>With that you both carry on in your separate ways
>It's a real shame too, cause this soil has seriously become a pain

>Once you make it back to your house you have several hours of gardening to look forward to
>It is pretty exhausting physical, but you do enjoy it
>Your herb and spice garden is definitely your passion
>Unfortunately for you, passion doesn't always mean profit
>As of now you are trying to get enough bits together to buy a small vending area in the Ponyville market
>Prime real estate like that does not come cheap
>Right now the only way to sell your spices is by working out deals with local restaurants
>This simply doesn't bring in enough money to support you on its own
>So, you also find yourself waiting tables
>Something that you are going to be doing a lot of this upcoming week...

>Your week has pretty much gone by without a hitch
>Nothing eventful has happened, but what else is new?
>Celestia forbid that you actually go out and do something interesting with your life
>Basically you've been spending your time waiting tables, cooking yourself dinner and sleeping
>But today is different
>Today Anonymous is eating in your restaurant, and for the first time he has been seated in your section
>You definitely need to bring your A game to make up for the other day
“Hi, my name is Nook and I'll be your waitress today, can I start you off with something to drink?”
>You place a menu in front of Anonymous while sporting a rare genuine smile
>“Nice to meet you Nook, I'm Anon. Did you find a good use for all that soil?”
>Part of you was hoping he didn't remember you from that encounter, it wasn't a very good first impression
>Although, in reality you realize you are probably just being overly self-conscious
“Yep, I sure did! I'm surprised you recognize me”
>“Well, I guess I just have a good memory. Anyways, I'll just have water to drink, and if it's alright with you, I'd like to order now.”
“You bet!”

>You come out of the kitchen several minutes later with Anon's order of spaghetti
>You wait a little bit longer to check up on him
>No one likes a pesky waitress
“How is everything? Satisfactory?”
>Anon looks up from his plate to meet your gaze
>“Oh more than satisfactory. You guys have the best pasta in town, I get it every time I come here.”
“Well I'm glad to hear that.”
>“Yeah, I think the spices are what does it, the flavor is incredibly.”
>That comment in-particular makes your heart flutter
“Really? I actually supply the kitchen here with spices from my garden.”
>A smile begins to make its way onto Anon's face
>“A spice gardener huh? That's interesting. I've been wanting to meet the pony responsible for this incredible flavor for a while now. You gotta sell me some of your stuff sometime.”
>You're blushing pretty hard at this point
>Anon actually thinks that something you do is interesting
>This is great!
>You let out a little giggle at his compliment
“That'd be the head chef here mostly, I just provide some of the ingredients. But if you're actually interested in buy some spices I'll hook you up sometime.”
>“That would be totally awesome. I eat here pretty often so I will definitely see you around.”
“Alright, I'll definitely see you around too, honestly you're pretty hard to miss...”
>“I guess I am”
>The two of you share a laugh before Anon pays and gets on with his day
>The generous tip he left tops off what has been a very good day

And that is all that I have right now. I'm definitely not a very fast writer.
It's alright. Still a little cliche but I can see the potential kind of. My thing is writers on the board tend to bury us in exposition instead of SHOWING us why she's boring. You did the same thing as afterman in that regard. Watch that
Yeah, I totally see what you mean. I was mainly going for low self image as opposed to her actually being boring, but I can definitely see where that comes up in my writing and I will take your advice.

Anyways, bringing this thread back to the top. I will continue writing later if there is any interest.
File: story when.jpg (47KB, 435x571px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
story when.jpg
47KB, 435x571px
>reference to Animal Crossing
>unicorn uberrace

>tfw you will always shill for maximum profit
>tfw Anon will never pay his loan back
>tfw he will be forced to be your exotic sex slave
>tfw those mudpony goys will never know the feel of swimming in shekels
Feels good, man.
I didn't became autistic and placed her as my waifu to be slave. Noice pic, m8.
File: eqg casuals.jpg (163KB, 772x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
eqg casuals.jpg
163KB, 772x525px
I am a main character, but I've come to realize my life is meant to be a joke. I've tried to look at it from an outside perspective and realized that if I wasn't me, I would find it funny. Occasionally something will happen and I'll tell a friend Okay, acquaintance at work and they'll laugh at how extremely unfortunate my entire life is.
Sorry for the blog post, but try not to see yourselves as background characters, but as the main characters of an absurd, avant-garde bullshit show/movie/vidya. Maybe I'm one of the few who 7 years ago never figured people would be getting off to cartoons horses, but that right there shows that fuck, everything is completely absurd.
Pic slightly related, some absurd poni shit
File: 2135463156454.jpg (51KB, 648x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 648x595px
Why did you do that?
File: 1413842691541.png (287KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
287KB, 1366x768px
Not bad for a new Writefag. I shall be watching...
bring this back to the top
It's nice to know I'm not the only person who has come to this decision.
>The generous tip he left tops off what has been a very good day

I'm guessing that's not the only "tip" of Anon's she wants to be receiving.
I won't say the stories are great. But people posting anything is great. And given that she's boring I saw it a bit fitting.

Now people sucking up to the writefag or being a fag to people posting content, or worse, trying to be a moralfag about supporting the author with critism and not doing it themselves; now those are the actions of a faggot.

I'd read the continuation of both stories.
I'm interested
>Anon is lonely in equestria.
>Fuck everyone that said pony's would be lining up to suck you cock.
>The ponies mostly avoid you, and when they do talk it's only smalltalk.
>It's been a year and you have to admit you are lonely
>At least at home you could spend all day talking to faggots online.
>"Anon your finished"
>The bland little pony who gave you your job is your only friend... and that would be stretching things.
>You thought it would be cool to sell weeds until you realized that it was actual weeds, they were like potato chips to the ponies.
"Um miss... "
>Been working here for six months and still don't know her name.
>"Anon it's ......., what do you need."
>You get nervous, no other pony could stand you but could she.
"Do you... do you want to go out for dinner or something."
>She starts to smile, well this is good... wait it's getting bigger, her mouth opens and
>"HAHHAHAHAHA, Anon just no.... I am not that desperate"
File: I feel fine.png (5KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I feel fine.png
5KB, 645x773px
Looking at my friend group, it's clear who would be the main character if our lives were a sitcom, and who everyone else would be. I would be the best friend/voice of reason, which I'm fine with.

It's good to know your place.
>The years pass, you have accepted that you will be alone forever.
>However you wonder if .... has.
>She is always behind that counter, you have even felt her eyes desperately on your ass.
>Not that it matters she refuses any advances.
>Trying to go to bed one night you hear her crying downstairs.
>Heading down you see her crying.
>"I am nearly thirty years old"
>She whimpers through her tears.
"Are you ok"
>Putting your hand on her shoulder she actually doesn't recoil.
>"Anon I... I will die alone. Do you know how that feels. I will never be a mother, a wife anything. I will die all alone and no one will ever know I even existed"
>She collapses into your arms crying
>>"Anon I... I will die alone. Do you know how that feels. I will never be a mother, a wife anything. I will die all alone and no one will ever know I even existed"
I should be feeling, but all I can do is laugh cause Anon doesn't even remember her name
>You kiss her neck.
"I am alone here as well, we could always be... We could be alone together."
>She stops crying for a second and is just quite.
>"Y-you mean you and me"
>She asks, you almost see a smile on her face.
>"thank you anon"
>She gets up and smiles.
"So um... when did you want to go out"
>She giggles a bit.
>"Oh anon, I meant thank you for helping me realize there are things worse then dying alone"
>Why couldn't he take a hint, you teased him enough but every time he would give up.
>I mean I guess that was a little mean but damn it anon, grow a spine.
>Things had been unconfortable around the shop the last couple days, if not for the fact that he was such a stranger here you were sure he would leave.
>Christmas is right around the corner, and though it would mean putting of expanding the store you hired Pinky for the party.
>Well kind of, you had to share it with the apple family, but it was still worth it.
>All you had to do was get him drunk, he would have no choice but to rape you for revenge against your insults.
"Maybe if I just told him I was joking"
>No you couldn't admit that, it would make him less desperete.
plz continue !!
>not posting the gif
i sure do hope you have it though
>Christmas day
>You are surprised when you are told to make a delivery to the Applefarm.
>Arriving early you hear noise in the barn.
"Apple Jack, Macintosh, is anyone home
>Opening the barn door you see old what's her face.
>"About time loser"
>She gives you a dirty look and turns.
>"I heard that these parties help synergy or something"
>She hands you a glass of cider.
>"Just drink this and go home ok. I know you have a full day of beating off ahead of you."
"What is your problem"
>You yell throwing down your glass.
>"My problem is that you are the most pathetic male in all of equestira. I knew I should have hired that diamond dog"
>Applejack gets between the two of us.
>"Anon, ma'am I don't know what ya'll fighting about but this is no way to treat friends.
"Friends, this bitch has been treating me like trash sense I moved here. I am so fucking alone and have to listen to her crying about being so lonely. Bitch don't you know what being alone really is. At least you can do something about it"
>Fire burns in the normally plain pony.
>"That's right you retard I can do something. You are going to be pathetic all your life."
>At this point the apples have left the barn, knowing they don't want to see the fight about to happen.
"I should just rape your plot you condescending cunt."
>You force her to the ground ripping off her dress, your instincts taking over.
>Her lips lock onto yours, the anger turned into sexual energy.
>You force her legs apart, grinding your crotch against hers then pull down your pants.
"Bitch you been asking for this for months now"
>You slide into her wet pussy.
>"Do-don't think I like this"
>She tries to say with a straight face.
>"This is nothing more then rape"
>She lies and then shivers she nearly pisses herself and screams as she cums.
>Laughing you don't slow down, if anything you go harder into her pussy, hitting her cervix.
"You want to be a bitch, fine then I will fill you like a real dog in heat"
>You awaken to find her asleep on your lap, dried cum smeared across her ass and pussy.
>Oh god did you actually rape her
>You think fast grabbing your shirt and pants.
>Fuck this you here the scariest cave in equestria is nice this time of year.
>She whispers waking up.
>"Oh crap did we get drunk or something"
>She pulls a old sheet off a haybail and cleans up.
>"Look Anon, you can take the next day off ok"
"About last night"
>You grab her shoulder.
>"Yeah hell of a party hu"
I'll go ahead and pitch in on this opinion, if Afterman's still writing:

I can see this much set-up if you're planning a long multi-day story, but it feels like a lot of wind-up for a relatively weak pitch as of yet. A few Chekov's guns is a good idea, but you're kind of tripping over them they're so dense in these posts.

Stories thrive on conflict, which I think is the root of the comment this Anon's making about "crazy random happenstance." If you want to write clop, unclutter it and assume all the "getting to know you" bits as happening before the first line of dialogue; if you want a romance story, give them a reason to be at least initially in conflict over what or who they want.

Anon with an OC (or background character, who character-wise is an OC) is tough, because lots of people tend to write Anon as themselves more or less, and it can be tough to direct an OC's actions to be separate from your own and still logical. I tend to borrow characters from other works and adapt them if I'm having trouble, but basing them on a friend or just a personality counter to your own works too.

Try to write with purpose, friend; ask yourself what every line does to build towards your payoff. That's my advice.
>Weeks pass and though you thought things would change but life continues
>As you continue your job there still seems to be frustration on both of you.
>It is near Hearts and hooves day that you consider what had happened that night.
"We need to talk boss"
>She turns putting down a box of chips.
>"Oh anon, is something the matter"
>Oh god she still looks so attractive.
"Yeah um.... about today"
>"Oh well business is slow you can have tonight off"
"But it's just I thought me and you."
>She laughs.
>"Anon you can't be serious. I mean yeah we had fun christmas but"
>God damn it, not this time.
"Look I want to take you out, please lets not do this"
>She stares at you and raises a hoof, you are worried that she will punch you but slowly lowers it.
>"Fine look I am only agreeing this because I am starving and want free food"
>She blurts out
"Well if I am taking you out can you look presentable"
>"I will be but not for you"
>She snorts but you can see her checks turning bright almost like she enjoys this.
Don't you dare to stop now m8.
It's not that I am bad, I was very tired and couldn't process thought. If I add more green, I'll probably start over again.
Honestly had considered it, Didn't think anyone was reading.

>You head out to pick her up, her hair dyed to look more shiny and bright.
>"Stop staring already. I just had this free salon ticket, and it expired tomorrow."
>She lied grabbing her purse.
>"So what dump are you wanting to go to anon, Let me guess that griffon eatery so you can pig out on that"
>She mocks vomiting just to get a rise out of you.
>"Meat, It's so gross you eat the remains of animals"
>You shake your head.
"Again it's not because I like you or anything but I want to go somewhere nice and not eat processed crap like here. I thought we could dine in the crystal train mealcar. Then I can leave this towns smell for the night."
>You feel her hoof on your hand, carefull not to look down you smile.
"And it will be here in half a hour, so if you are comming."
>You both head out to the train station bickering the whole way there.
If you write I'll read.
I love the story so far. She is such a tease!
thank you. At first I was thinking the rejection idea... Anon is so lame he can't even get a nobody... but it kind of grew from there.

>Aboard the train she seems to melt her icy exterior.
>Maybe the act if for everyone else.
"Mary I don't want any bull ok"
>You put your hand on her hoof.
"Do you enjoy this game we play."
>She looks you in the eye and smiles.
>"Anon I have to be honest I do lik..."
Suddenly Pinky out from goddamn nowhere.
"NONNY, MARI, funny meeting you here.. OHHH are you two special Some pony"
>She smiles big like she discovered the internet or sugar free sugar.
"Pinky you have to.."
>Mary opens her mouth.
>"this loser... No of course not. I just have business at Canterlot for a new shipment of Seapony cola"
>She lies but you can tell how she is rubbing your leg that she likes you
>Pinky sighs.
>"Oh I just thought because it was hearts and hooves day and you were with a stallion... well not a stallion but a monkey stallion thing that you were a couple..."
>She leaves, unfortunatly Mary never does let her defense down the rest of the night.
>Fuck the pink
>You think for the rest of the night.
>Anon nearly gives up as the train makes it's way back to the station.
>"Anon can I talk to you"
>Mary asks as she drags you behind a old train car
>"Anon I... I am sorry"
>She collapses into your arms.
"Mary... I think I under.."
>"No you don't you can't"
>She is in tears.
>"Anon I am scared. I am scared of what everypony would think... what they would say. I am scared that you will get tired of it and leave me"
>You whip away a tear
"Anon would never give up his Mary Jay. I will continue to be with you no mater what. If your insults haven't driven me away you think some noponys are going to stop me"
>She looks up at you and for a second you think she will kiss you.
>"No I can't"
>She jerks free of you and starts to run off.
>Screaming you chase her till she is out of sight, you look down at the leftover bag in your hand.
File: nook.png (46KB, 1237x114px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 1237x114px
Thank you based google image search
Ok changing her name to nook, I have no choice guys.
Sorry about the inconvinience, I just felt the urge to reverse search the image since no one else did.
No that is cool. I needed a name for her... Was calling her ... so nook will be much better.
>You look underneath the table to find a brew of spaghetti cooking underneath the counter
broke away from the norm and gave me a kek
File: a2a.png (624KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
624KB, 1920x1080px
>anon in equestria for more than a week
>never used candy to lure unsuspecting CMC's into bedroom
>never raped, killed and buried them
>never raped, killed and buried random background ponies
>never caught by the mane six
>never sent to the moon for his degenerate behavior

Cuz your story lacks realism, we all know that my version is far more likely to happen if anon ends up in equestria.
Anon you will just have to suspend your disbelief on this one.
bump into NAZI territory
>On the way back to the shop, hoping she is home.
>"Um hello mr anon. Is misses Nook home"
>The mail mare is quite early, it's not even five in the morning yet.
"Um Nook"
>You ask curiously
"Do you mean Mary"
>Derpy nearly laughs.
>"Anon have you been calling her mary"
>She puts her hoof over her mouth laughing.
"Am I missing the joke"
>You are beet read from embarrassment.
>"And I was the one who didn't know what went wrong. Anon some ponies call her mary because she was caught as a filly smoking plants."
>She shakes her head.
>"As so few ponies knew her acutal name it kind of stuck."
>Oh god no, you had been insulting her this whole time.
"Derpy do you know where I can find her"
>Heading to the old treebary, you see Nook kicking up the ash's of the old building.
>She turns and gives you a dirty look as she begins to walk away.
>"Anon leave me alone already... It's not funny ok. The first time I thought I heard things but then you said it again... I get it, it was all a joke wasn't it"
>You don't know what to say, it was your fault forgetting her name, but you didn't mean to hurt her.
>"Anon look I give up ok, I am tired of being ignored tired of being laughed at... I am just tired."
>Tears in her eyes she looks off into the forest.
>"I think that I would do better there."
"Nook what about the wild animals"
>You hold her and she just shivers.
>"Anon that's the point... I am done."
What should anon do to save her...
Hold her and snuggle her against her will
>There is nothing you can say say that would stop here but....
>You grab her tight not letting her go
>She struggles a bit but allows you to hold her.
"I.... I need you."
>You tears now cover her mane, you realize that this pony is the only one who gave you a chance.
"I am sorry, I didn't know"
>The sun is now high in the sky and you just hold her, both of you bawling.
>implying depressed chemical addicted shitbags don't make for amazing TV
>You broke.
>You've had enough of this shit.
>Every single pony that you asked out rejected you.
>Well, it's time you show them.
>You grab ....... by the neck, causing her to shriek in suprise.
>You move your mouth closer to her ear, and you whisper
"Desperate? I'll fucking show you desperate, bitch."
>You drop your pants, and then your boxers.
>Letting go of ....., she looks at your dick, confused.
>She smiles.
>N-no, she isn't supposed to smile! This is rape!
>"So... you're gonna rape me? With that? Really? BAHAHAHAHAHA! Have fun trying to fit that twig inside me!"
Oh god... this.
damn, that is a fucking shitty-ass name.

Flora would have been better, or something similar
Not going to disagree but I have changed her name thrice now. It will not be changed again.
File: mgw.ser.jpg (15KB, 480x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 480x202px
>"Anon how can I stay in town, how do I know you aren't just making fun of me"
>She finally pulls off of you.
>"I think it would be best, I don't know but I don't want to be hurt and alone."
>You think quick, you have grown to love her, you have to admit and have lived with her for more then a year.
"Nook I don't have the money for a ring... but"
>Getting down on one knee you smile and look up.
"Would you be my Wife, will you marry me"
Does she accept, run away or laugh at anon, saying she played him the entire time.
She laughs in his face and then slowly breaks down into tears of joy as she realises that he's not screwing with her.
>You wince when you hear the all to famliure sound of her laughing
>refusing to get up you look her in the eye.
"Nook I am going to knell here until you give me a answer."
>Her laugh starts to die down.
>"Anon get up ponies will are looking"
>She reaches for your hand and you smile.
"So Nook I am waiting,"
>You kiss her hoof and you see her blush.
>"Anon you aren't messing with me"
>She is blushing deeply now.
"I would never do that to you"
>You hug her and you feel the cold tears on your neck.
"Are you ok"
"Yes anon, I am and I will"
File: image.jpg (22KB, 294x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 294x273px
The run away will make more conflict and you can extend your story's length
Alternate story path one, from nooks POV.
>She looks down at you on bended knees.
>Is it only cause he knows.
>Oh crap he does, he is only doing this out of some honor crap.
>He will never love me, he only wants to do the right thing.
"No... Anon I can't do that to you"
>You are crying as you slap his hand away.
"Just leave me alone"
>You run off into the everfree forest.
>Maybe you can find the zebra village to help you give birth.
>Your life in the zebra village is pretty boring, you now live your life as a librarian.
>Funny now you are more invisible then ever.
>You wonder what anon did with your store.
>You hope he at least found a nice job.
>You are just a month from going into labor when you heard the news.
"Zera are you sure that he is looking for me"
>She nods and hands you the letter.


>God you can't stop the tears from falling as you fold the paper.
>You start to write a letter back to anon, and crumble it up.
>He can never know.
And then Indiana Jones anon comes flying out of the jungle on a motorcycle built from the corpses of the many nazis he killed on the journey to the zebra village, ready to propose once again and raise that foal as his own. And also to steal all of the zebra artifacts he can find. Anon is kind of a kleptomaniac.
>You have moved to the pie family.
>Moving rocks all days keeps your mind off the loss
>At least when you are in the light of the sun.
>Tired and ready for bed you can't help but miss her.
>You curse Luna for the dreams she gives you, or more for letting you awaken.
>You know sending that letter to Zecora, but you had to try.
>You were surprised when you found a letter for you in the mail.
>opening it is was crinkled and covered in food.
>It smelled like trash but you recognized the handwriting.
You whisper
>You read how she didn't want you to feel guilty and even said she had lost the child.
>It dons on you that she was prego's.
>The christmas party must have been when it happened.
>No wonder she had opened up... but damn it you did love her.
>You didn't care where she was, you would find her now.
>Sneaking into the Pie's storage shed you find a old jeep.
>Not questioning why a horse would have a vehicle that would be nearly impossible to use, you hot wire it and drive through the shed... Next stop the everyfree forest.
night bump

>You've made it to the end of a very long week of work
>Customers were difficult and tips weren't excellent, but you've made it to your day off
>As you walk through the doors of the Ponyville Spa, you can't help but think this trip is going to be the perfect way to celebrate
>You never were the spa type of pony until your friend Lily started dragging you along
>It is always nice to catch up with her
>She has been a very good friend to you, and is usually the perfect pony to take your mind off of actually important things
>The two of you have made trips to the spa a monthly thing
>And while you feel there are better ways to spend your bits, admittedly, after a stressful week of work a spa visit can be incredibly relaxing
>Lily's silvery voice greets you from the front of the room, momentarily bringing your thoughts back to your surroundings
>“Nook! There you are, I was almost afraid you weren't going to show up. How are you? Oh it has been soooo long, I have so much to tell you, but here in the lobby simply isn't the place. Lotus and Aloe already have a hot tub ready for us. Come on.”
>You can't help but smile at Lily's enthusiastic display

>The feeling of the hot water around your sore body is pure bliss
>You've spent so many hours on your hooves this week
>You can practically feel your muscles loosening as you slouch further down into the tub
>Lily looks like she is enjoying herself just as much
>You see her close her eyes as she lets out a soft sigh
>Her moment of relaxation is short lived however, as she begins to talk to you at a mile a minute
>“So Nook, what have you been up to? Did you do anything exciting this week? Oh, and I'm guessing you've just started your herb garden up again, am I correct?”
“I've been keeping really busy with work lately. I was able to start my crops this week, I planted a bunch of different seeds and sprouts both in my outdoor garden and in pots inside. And nope, nothing exciting, unless you count switching soil brands as exciting.”
>Lily makes a small gasp before replying
>“Switching soil brands? That doesn't count as exciting, that counts as totally exhilarating.”
>You can't even tell if she is being sarcastic or not
>This mare is ridiculously serious about her gardening
>Either way, you can't help but giggle at her response
>“By the way, I am so jealous that you are able to get your plants to grow well indoors. I simply haven't figured out how to make my flowers grow well in a non-outdoor environments. I mean, they are still gorgeous, but definitely not my best work. I am so afraid that we are going to have a late freeze this year, the comfort of having at least some of my plants inside would really put my mind at ease right about now.”
>You nod your head in agreement, eventually letting it come to rest tilted back at the edge of the tub

>You've been drifting in and out of paying attention to all of the latest gossip that Lily has to offer
>While a lot of the information that Lily has is usually true, you simply find it difficult to whole-heartidly care all of the time
>Even if the information isn't in your best interest, you still try to be there to listen to Lily
>It is always nice to have someone to vent to
>“... and you know Davenport, right? Owner of the Sofas and Quills Shop? Well, you may not believe this, but I heard through the vine that he is 'batting for the other team' so to speak.”
>You barely know Davenport, but you know of him enough to humor Lily
“What? I would have never guessed.”
>“I know! Me neither, which is actually a shame cause I think he is pretty cute... Oh! I do have some less disappointing gossip though, you know that monkey creature Anonymous that has been living on the outskirts of Ponyville?”
>You're not quite sure if you like the direction that this is going
“Yes, of course.”
>“Well, turns out he might not be living on the outskirts of Ponyville for much I longer. I have it on good authority that he will be losing his home soon. And good riddance! The sooner that ape is out of our town, the better.”
>Lily's comment is definitely upsetting to hear, but you've known from the get go how she feels about Anonymous living in her town
>Unfortunately, from what you have picked up her views are fairly common
>You find it too difficult to contain yourself
“I still don't see what your problem with him is, he really hasn't caused any trouble since he has arrived. He deserves a chance as much as anypony else in this town.”
>Lily pauses for a moment before replying in a slightly harsh tone
>“No, he is a monster. Definitely someone that can't be trusted. I will feel much safer when he is gone.”

>Her views frustrate you, but arguing with her is just going to ruin an otherwise good mood
>You sigh lightly in defeat
“I can't say I agree with you on that one, but it isn't worth arguing with you over, any other topics you can think of?”
>Lily looks as if she is about to debate with you further, but it appears as if she remembers something else right before the words are about to leave her tongue
>“Oh my gosh! How in the world could I forget? Do you remember that bouquet competition in Fillydelphia I was considering entering?”
>You simply nod as you remember back to her discussing this with you during your last spa outing
>“Well, guess whose bouquet took first place out of 350 different contests.”
>Lily looks completely giddy
“No way.”
>“That's right! You're looking at the Eastern Equestria regional champion. Can you believe it? Oh, this could mean big things for me Nook, big things! I am now officially qualified to compete at the national level.”
>As a matter of fact you can't believe it
>This is a very impressive feat and could definitely mean huge things for Lily's career as a florist
“Congratulations Lily! I'm so happy for you, we have to celebrate sometime real soon.”
>“We do, we sure do. Let me be frank with you, I love Rose and all, but I've been looking forward to rubbing my first place ribbon in her face for about a week now. Maybe she will finally stop acting like top dog around here. Oh, and while we are talking about our flower friends, I heard the juiciest gossip about Daisy the other day, you won't even believe...”
>And with that your mind begins to wander back to other places, places that Lily's endless streams of gossip do not run to

>Your trot back home through town probably isn't as joyful as it should be
>Physically you feel great
>Mentally you are actually very happy for Lily's success
>But that is exactly the thing
>You know it is selfish, but you are tired of being happy for other ponies' success
>For once you wish you had your own success to be happy about
>Ponyville is a town full of winners
>Even looking around you right now you see tons of different ponies with incredible accomplishments to their names
>Bulk Biceps: world record holder for heaviest bench press
>Lyra Heartstrings: first chair lyre player for the Canterlot Royal Orchestra
>Twilight Sparkle: correction, Princess Twilight Sparkle: newest Equestrian princess, national hero, living and breathing embodiment of the element of magic.
>The list goes on and on
>A list that your best friend Lily is now a part of
>Why do you have to be so dull?
>A question that has haunted you before continues to haunt you throughout your restless night of sleep

Don't you hate it when you're following a story, go to check it, see tons of green, only to later realize it is the other writefag? Yeah sorry about that. Anyhow, this is all I was able to write cause I had weekend plans and shit. Let me know what you think.
Gud stuff. Eagerly awaiting the rest.
This thread needs a PurplesmartxNook story.
How would that work, throw out some ideas
>hurr hurr, I'll insult him, that 'll make him like me.

had a bitch pull this shit on me once back in uni, kept treating me like shit and talking about how other dudes were way better so I started giving her shit. when a friend of her came to play advocate for her I assumed it was a prank so I "agreed" to pick her up for a date, then sent for several different deliveries at her address, including a couple of strippers. then the hatred became real, which meant she stopped giving me shit at all.
So while it may be retarded this is how women actually think so it is realistic
Any bump in a storm am I right
>You are halfway to everfree forest when you hear something from the back seat.
>Stopping to look behind you, you notice a pony in the back seat.
>"where are we going anonymous?"
>She asks without emotion
>Pulling over the car you facepalm.
>You scream annoyed at another delay
>"I was playing hide the pebble with bolder."
>She pulls him out of her pocket.
>"haha boulder I found you."
>God damn it maud.
"Maud... I need to concentrate."
>She only nods, but those nearly nonblinking eyes on the back of your head nearly drive you mad.
>Finally you see the fabled zebra city.
>"Why are we heading to the zebra's city."
"Maud, there is someone I love that lives here"
>She looks at you...
>"But anonymous, I love you"
>Fucking to late now, you bail from the truck.
>Crashes into a tree.
>Next time make sure autistic pony knows how to drive
>Now time to find Nook
please keep going
>the explosion of the jeep brings the zebras running to check on what happened.
>The zebras and one very Pregnant pony.
>You run to her, she sees you and turns.
>Not this time
"Nook I love you, if you don't love me then say you hate me, say you never want to see me again"
>She looks at you, tears in her eyes.
>"Anon don't make me say that."
>You bite your lip.
"Just say it, tell me you hate me. Either break this confusion or accept me"
>"Anon... I"
>Just then Maud comes out of the wreckage and charges right at anon.
>"You are going to die anonymous"
"Damn it Maud at least show some emotions when you are going to kill someone,"
>Her hoof slams into your jaw sending you flying.
Should I go back and explain the maud hate or make it it's own story?
Uh... explain it, maybe? It would be nice to know why you just tried to murder a random mare in cold blood.
>As the hoof slams you back you think back on your hate to this bitch.
>It had all started when you were looking for a new job.
>At first you had assumed that she was a very nice mare
>It wasn't till that night a week after starting.
>pinky came over that you found out the truth.
>"So sister you were sure to ask Mary about anon, right."
>peeking in the doorway you saw pinky shake her head yeah.
"But sis, why did you insist on calling her Mary, shouldn't I call ponies by there names"
>"Let your big sister worry about that"
>You hide as pinky leaves but your curiousity had been raised.
>After she fell asleep you snuck into her room.
>Inside you witnessed photos of the christmas party,
>And there you were fucking Nook but she had cut off nooks head and replaced her head with it.
>As you plan on getting sleep, she sneaks into your room
>"Anon you saw that right. That should be us. I am far richer and better looking... It only makes sense."
>You shake your head.
"Maud I told you I had somepony."
>"Anon you know she will never come back. She doesn't understand the endurance you humans are capable of. She can only see your ugly face and small cock."
"Maud I am leaving"
>"Leave and I will tell sister you raped me. I will tell them that you are the monster they think you are."
>She looks in your eye.
>"Think of how powerful our children would be. your endurance and my strength, they would be the best form of labor."
>The idea that she would only love your kids if they were powerful infuriated.
>The week went on and you noticed that your pictures seemed to disappear.
>You discovered she had been burning anything that reminded you of her
>The final straw was when Pinky took you to a party and when you came home she was dressed up exactly like nook.
>You had threatened to kill her after that...
>Looking up you see the hoof bashing into your eye.
>Maybe Maud will beat you to it. `
File: THISGONBGUD.gif (1MB, 350x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 350x191px
>You feel the bone under your eye shatter like glass, the eye already swollen, but you know how to beat her.
>You dodge her next hit, and block the third... you know your arm is broke but the opening is there, she is slowing.
>Her punches are weakening, and she is standing on her hind legs, not letting her breath properly.
>You shoot a fast jab with your bad arm in her gut... Yep it's broke
>You scream in pain as she hits you again, but you see her gasping for breath
>You kick her hard in the chest, you see her collapse on the ground.
>there are cheers going up around you, the Zebras blood lust soaring.
>"Anon noo"
>You feel a hoof start to stop you.
>"Anon you can't do this."
>You look down through your blood filled eye, maud is trying to run away.
>Bending down you pick up a large tree limb
"Leave, never come back"
>You scream at her.
>She glances and runs off.
>Collapsing the world spins around you...
>The last thing you remember is hitting something soft.
were are you writefag?
I am running out of idea's, give me a few ok
>You awaken to the screams of nook.
>You struggle to get up but find yourself strapped down.
>You can not open your eyes but feel somepony putting there hooves on you.
>"You need to be calm and maybe just maybe,
you will be able to see your new born baby"
>If you could move you would be.
"Baby? but I thought..."
>"Ah the story was a farce
it was a ploy by this horse.
She didn't want for you to feel tricked
so in a way she gave you a way to get ticked."
>Your head pounds even more but you smile.
"So she lied because she didn't want me to feel trapped."
>The screams end and you take a deep breath when you hear the scream of a brand new foal .

(should the baby be all pony, a satyr, a human or something else?)
All pony.
anyone else?
In all seriousness though. It should be a satyr
I am, rather unfortunately, with the namefag. Satyr all the way.
Welp.. Somebody teach me how to draw Satyrs....

They look cool...
>The zebra herbs slowly heal your body, your eye already having the vision clear up.
>The nurse smiles seeing you open your eyes.
>"Anon your child is doing great... but I am afraid your wife."
>You gasp as you think of what she is going to say.
>"She will not be able to speak, for she is asleep."
>You let out a sigh.
"Thank celestia, I thought she was... Um wife."
>"Anon while you were knocked out, she told me all her thoughts. And while you are not yet, beautiful momma said yep."
>You jump up, your arm stinging from the bone still healing.
"May...may I see my child"
>She smiles
>"Of course you may, he is your bloke. But be careful your arm is broke."
>She leads you to the newborn ward.
>Among the zebras you see the most unique child you had ever saw.
"Is is he mine"
>She nods
>"This child I believe will be showered in fame. I do hope he has a beautiful name."

(Damn I hate rhyming zebra's. Next time the diamond dogs will discover anon)
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Thanks everyone, I didn't know I was popular... discover everyone has been wanting other writefag and I just don't get it...jk
>you pick the child up, his squirming and leg powers are already unbelievable for a newborn.
"Who is daddy's little one"
>Cradling him in your good arm he falls asleep in your arms.
>As you put him down a leg pops free from the blankets... A perfectly formed hoof.
(More in a bit, waking up)
>where did all this pasta come from
Snrk, nice one.
You're so close, Anon.
Ouch long day at work. will try to write more tonight
Yeah pulled my back, but lets see where we are... Oh, I wrote myself in a corner.
>Nook finally awoke, she looks sad.
>"Anon please forgive me"
'It's ok babe, our child is."
>"A abomination"
>She crys again.
>"If only I could have given you a normal pony child"
>You had heard of post partum depression. Your mom had it till you moved out at 30
>You just hold her
"Our child is beautiful, and I couldn't be happier"
>You promise and hand her a ring you had saved up for.
"I could only be happier if we raised this child as husband and wife.
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i'm ready for the feels
whenever you want writefag
>Her mood never improves, she never hates the child but cries after playing with them
>Soon her mood seems even darker, though she is never happier then when she is with you or the child, any moment she is alone you hear her crying.
"Nook we need to talk"
>You hold her hoof, your finger rubbing her ring.
"Nook tell me why you are so sad, why even now you refuse to go home"
>She whimpers and you feel her getting closer.
>"Anon I love you and I am sorry for bringing such a disgrace to you"
>You hold her tight, maybe a little too tight.
"You love him too, he is a great child. He is so playful and smart... Any parent should be proud of such a child, not disgraced."
>You feel a tear well up in your eye.
"What did he ever do to make you hate him"
>"He made sure you will never be accepted in ponyville"
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The thread is kil without a decent story.
Why don't you post your birth certificate as well, faggot?
>You look at her stroking her mane.
"If that is true we will live here, or even in the woods. I don't need anyone that doesn't accept us"
>I kiss her check.
"All I need is you"

Five years later.
>The stress and joy of marriage are something anon never expected.
>He had been out cutting wood for the fire
(Emergancy bump
>tfw main character with no supporting cast.
Guys I have no idea where to take this. If you can give a idea I will use it but otherwise this thread is dead
I'm not entirely sure, I would just say don't force anything. Take your time if you need to.

Also, other writefag here. Not kill, just taking forever because I'm an emotional unstable fuck. Expect some content later tonight. Thank you sweetieslut for the steady stream of content.
thanks, I know each post wasn't very big, but I am glad you liked it
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Maybe anon and his family go to the human world?
"If you hate being what you are, why not change?"
> She is confused, and says that doing shruberies is what her cutie mark is telling her.
> Tell her that she shouldn't let some marking on her hip tell her what to do.
> Convince her to experiment, and push her to get rid of her old life.

And that is how the next Daring Doo was made.
nice, continue?
>Anon had drawn a circle with silly string and laid the six pony dolls on the points of a star.
>Finally he set the VHS tapes of star trek and set them on fire.
"Oh great discord, master of chaos I wish for your presence."
>The silence of the mc donalds parking lot is broken by the mocking laugh of the staff and customers.
>"Loser play with your ponies off the parking lot"
>the crowd screams throwing food at anon.
>Walking home disapointed he pulls a fry out of his hair and begins to eat it.
>"Ahhhh please don't eat me you monster."
>You look down in shock and see discord.
>"Anon right, I believe you are the worm that summoned me"
>He teleports into a chalk drawing.
>"Let me guess, portal to equestira... Ok here you go"
>A drawing of a portal is on the sidewalk
>Anon leaps face first and lands face down in the concrete.
>" Oh there is a condition though. You get 3 months in equestira to find a pure Waifu.... If you fail you become Flashes newest waifu..."
>You open your eyes and find yourself in equestria.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious.
please keep going
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>You smile, thinking of how easy this deal is.
>You run to the sugarcube corner, looking for the pink pony.
>She sees you first and runs to you.
>"Ghaaaa, you must be new hu, because I know every pony in ponyville."
>She lifts up your arms and looks at your shoes. you swear it's five minutes to figure it out.
>"Wait your not a pony are you... Ahh"
>She grabs a book that she had under the counter
>"Lets see hands feet, face... Oh here. Are you a Gizmonk."
>Look at the book.
"Oh god no, do I look anything like that horrid creature"
>Of course the pony nods.
>"Don't worry mr monkey thing, Pinky will still be your friend."
"You know you can be a good friend if"
>A ring at the door draws pinky away.
>"Sorry new guy."
>"Sorry Nonny but I have another customer. So what can I get you Nook, that wedding cake yet."
>She nearly crys but just shakes her head.
>"Pinky you know that isn't funny. No stallion even knows I exi..."
>You leave, maybe you can have more luck at the post office.
>Heading into the post office you feel a pony bump into you,
>Turning you see she knocked over her letters, you help her pick them up.
"Sometimes these hands come in handy"
>Realize that there is no carlos in this universe.
>"Um hands?"
>She looks over your hands and smiles.
"Yeah they are helpful, but you seem to do pretty well with your mouth"
>She blushes and turns,
>"Oh you I bet you say that to all the mares"
>She turns to see no-one.
>You leave to try to find the mail mare Derpy.
>The mail pony warps her hand around your waist.
>God how does she know who I am.
"Um ouch."
>You feel one of your ribs crack from her hug.
>"Sorry mr"
>Letting you go she smiles
>"So um... Who are you."
"Um you just called me. I am Anon"
>She looks at you cockeyed.
>"No Mr I call everyone anon that I don't know"
>Of course you dont
>You sigh
"So um Derpy how would you like to go out tonight"
>"Oh anon that would be great. I have a few more deliveries... OH ONE FOR NOOK, she always has cookies ready for me"
>You follow her to the background ponies house.
>"Nooky, you got a letter... Oh and one for me too"

"So um... You, did you get your mail all handled ok"
>Nook knods.
>"Yeah just sending out letters to let every pony know that I am not mad they missed my birthday"
>Derpy gasps.
>"Oh no, did I forget to get you a muffin again."
>Nook smiles and pets Derpy.
>"No that's ok, you at least talk to me... I just wish I could afford to at least eat out on my birthday but what are you going to do."
>Derpy smiles and jumps up.
>She nudges you to her.
>"Anon asked me for dinner but you can eat instead."
>Great now I get the dull pony.
>"Anon if you do I will pay you back... I might let you play with my muffin.
"I would love for Nook to go out with me for dinner"
oh sorry this is my new story. I ran out of ideas for the old one.
WOW guys this thread is just three posters short of having 100 unique posters.
bump me till morning
Apparently I'm a filthy liar. Anyhow, actually content.


>Another day, another bit
>Seriously, ponies here tip like shit
>Work sucks
>Walking home from work sucks
>Your hooves are sore
>It is amazing how one tiny existential crisis can negate an entire day of relaxation
>Come on, pony up Nook
>Just walk home, cook, eat, sleep, start over again tomorrow, repeat until death
>You groan to yourself
>“Nook. Nook!”
>Great, now Anonymous is trying to talk to you
>That is actually a good thing!
>You perk up a little bit and begin making your way towards him
>“There's the exact spice pony that I've been looking for.”
>He actually does seem excited to see you
“Looking for me?”
>“Yeah, I dropped by the restaurant yesterday but the hostess said you weren't around. I've even been looking around to find your stand in the market area somewhere, but have yet to spot it.”
>You can't help but let out a snort at that statement
>Rub salt in the wounds a little why dontcha?
>The reminder makes you scowl
“It's alright, I've never been that good at spotting non-existent things either”
>Damn it, you just couldn't contain your inner smartass, could you?
>Anon gives your remark what you assume to be a courtesy laugh
>“Well, aren't you feisty when you're off the clock. It's alright, I don't blame ya.”
>You can tell he is teasing you a little from the smirk on his face, but he does have a point
“Sorry, it's been a long day. I really hope I didn't come off as too rude.”
>“Nah, you didn't, don't worry. We all have bad days, don't sweat it.”

>For how painfully simple that statement is, it is surprisingly reassuring
>It's relieving to know you didn't buck up the one good thing that has happened to you all day
“Thanks, I'm glad you understand.”
>You pause for a moment before continuing
“Although, what I don't understand, is why you'd invest so much of your time tracking down some random waitress, over what? Some discounted oregano?
>Anon gives what sounds to be more genuine laughter
>“One, you're clearly overestimating the value of my time. Two, I wouldn't call it 'tracking down' I'd call it 'keeping an eye peeled for', and three, we're talking about what could very well be the best discounted oregano in all of Equestria.”
>His compliment is finally enough to bring a smile to your face
“Well, unfortunately I don't carry my herbs around, but if you want some that bad you can walk home with me, I'm on my way there now.”
>He simply nods his head in agreement
>“Lead the way spice pony.”

>The walk back to your house will probably take about 20 minutes
>That means you have 20 minutes to make the best impression that you can
>This is the first opportunity that you've had to genuinely converse with Anon
>No pressure Nook
“So... uh... You're an alien, huh?”
>Wow, eloquent and original
>“Yeah, crazy isn't it? I still have trouble believing it."
>That response makes you pause for a second
“What do you mean by that?”
>“Well, this is definitely not the life I envisioned myself living, no I was not expecting anything this out of the ordinary.”
>That statement just raises further questions
“I'm sorry, I'm confused. What were you expecting when you came to Equestria in that case?”
>Anon looks forward and continues walking at your side
>“I guess the problem was that I wasn't planning on coming to Equestria at all.”
>You must be more tired than you initially thought, because none of this is making much sense to you
“Alright, I think I'm starting to get what you mean, in that case, what was your original mission? Or is that classified?”
>“Classified? Mission? I didn't have any kind of mission, showing up here was entirely unexpected.”
>This new information just gave you a whole different insight into Anon's life in Equestria
>It is frankly something that never occurred to you
>The newspapers honestly never did give too more info on Anonymous when he first arrived
>The things it did bring up where pretty trivial or stuff that was almost entirely up for interpretation
>You always visualized him as some ambassador of his kind, an alien on a mission to explore the universe
>This definitely is making you view Anon in a new light, an almost relate-able light
“Let me just get this straight then, so you were basically living your everyday life and then just woke up in Equestria?”
>“Pretty much exactly that, I do have an idea of what may have sent me here, but I prefer not to talk about it.”

>The two of you continue walking in silence for several more moments
>Eventually your curiosity gets the best of you and you continue to question Anon
“What exactly is your world like Anon?”
>By looking at the expression he is making you can tell he is trying to choose his next words carefully
>“Completely different from Equestria, yet surprisingly the same in a lot of ways.”
>That really doesn't do much to satisfy your curiosity
>Anon apparently knows what you are thinking
>“I really need to stop speaking in riddles, I know it sounds lame but it is something that is difficult to describe if you haven't experienced both worlds. There are things in my world that would absolutely boggle your mind, just like there are things here in Equestria that I can't even begin to understand. Ultimately though, our societies are comprised of people and ponies that behavior very similarly. We experience very similar emotions, preform very similar tasks and all together, live very similar lives. Hell, our languages are even the same.”
>That answer is much more satisfactory
>It still leaves a lot of questions to be asked, but you figure it really would be difficult for you to understand
“Thank you for sharing that with me. I know it was a stupid question.”
>He chuckles for a second before responding
>“No, definitely not a stupid question. I know I would be asking the same thing if I was in your shoes.”
>You're starting to think that you and Anon are a lot more similar than you would have ever thought

And that is all that I have written for tonight. I kinda stopped in the middle of an idea cause I'm tired as hell. Sorry for the delay, I'll write more as soon as I can.
FINALLY! The good writefag is back!

No offense Afterman, but anything I wanted to say in terms of critique was already written much better in >>20921568 >>20903926
THE GOOD WRITEFAG... I CAN DIE IN PEACE NOW... Will write more in about a hour and a half.
>Arriving at nooks a little early you hand her a cupcake with happy birthday on it.
>It wasn't much but if you can be a good friend maybe you can get in the derp's panties...Not that she wore any.
>Arriving at the Hey hay square family dinner you bump into Pinky.
>"Nonny right, Oh you got yourself a little marefriend tonight hu..."
>Oh god not this.
"Look Pinky I am trying to be nice to her, tonight is her birthday and..."
>The music stops and it is silent for a couple seconds
>"Why didn't you tell me Nook, Gustov make the bestest most delicious cake, IT'S NOOK'S BIRTHDAY"
>Well now everyone knows, faster then a speeding bullet Pinky puts of ballons and streamers.
>After finishing she pulls you aside.
"So Nonny, maybe I can help you relive stress so you don't cum before tonight. I mean you are being such a good friend and all to nook, I would hate for a bedroom disaster... If you know what I mean"
>Did pinky just offer me a freebe.
>You head to the bathroom, pinky following.
Naw dawg, she's got the Gnawed Leaf item! Standing still makes her impervious to damage from tears and melee!
>Pinky smiles and locks the door.
>"Not every pony is ok with this... So don't tell"
>She looks at your pants thinking you have a retractable cock.
>"Nonny do you not have a penis"
"Pinky I am wearing pants."
>Ohhh. All the time"
>She scratches her head confused.
>"Okey dokey loki. Now remember this is just so you can last a full 30 seconds with Nook"
>God you don't have the heart to explain you can go for 30 min.
>Unzipping your pants she nearly breaks out laughing.
>"Nonny is that all, it's so tiny."
>Comidiac fall to the ground.
"It's not even hard yet"
>strocking your cock it starts to grow.
>"I bet if I lick it, it will grow faster"
>She licks it and is amazed how it grows on her tongue.
So glad you're back. I like your green.
>"Still not as big as a stallion but"
>She takes the entire thing in her mouth, her tongue rolling over it,
>She licks her lips.
"Your tongue is fantastic"
>You moan out causing Pinky to stop.
>"Anon remember this is for Nook, don't compliment my skills just be sure to make her smile tonight."
>Mood killer but you still enjoy her mouthworks until you shoot a wad down her throat.
>"Nonny maybe you didn't need my help"
>She rubs her jaw.
>"I never heard of any Stallion lasting more than a minute. For a second I thought you couldn't cum"
>A huge smile comes across your face, you mission accomplished.
>Standing up on a Stool like a idiot you scream.
"Discord I win, Bwahaha."
>Pinky looks at you like you went full retard.
>"Um nonny I think I got to go"
>She zooms out the door afraid of what you are going to do.

>"Oh Anon you really are a fool aren't you. What do you think you have won"
>The stool water becomes a little discord.
"No games discord you promised me I could stay here forever if I banged a pony"
>"No no no anon, you have acomplished nothing that every stallion and half the mares in ponyville have"
>He laughs at anon's pathetic attempt.
"I said"
>Grabs a tape recorder from thin air.
" You get 3 months in equestira to find a pure Waifu"
>He laughs.
"Pinky is a pure as a yellow snow and about half as tasty"
>He puffs behind you
"Wrong, sir! Wrong! Under section 37B of the contract, it states quite clearly that all offers shall become null and void if -- and you can read it for yourself in this photostatic copy -- "I, the undersigned, shall forfeit all rights, privileges, and licenses herein and herein contained," et cetera, et cetera... "Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum," et cetera, et cetera... "Memo bis punitor delicatum"! It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal!"
>Oh fuck you get down on your knees.
"Please mr discord, give me another chance. I won't fail again."
>"Of course you will, but you amuse me. You still have the three months but don't be so foolish next time"
>He puffs out of existance

>"Anon are you ok"
>Nook knocks on the door.
>"Is someone in there with you"
Hello, is anyone here.
>Jumping out of the stall you meet Nook.
"Nothing, nothing at all"
>You lie through your teeth.
"Just you know... Singing. It helps the digestion I hear"
>She shakes her head and smiles.
>"Well hurry up slowpoke they have a cake ready and I want to share it with yooouu"
"Oh sounds good"
>You mind is elsewhere, Pinkie might be the town bicycle but you know at least one pony pure... and more then likely to break your back.
"So um.... Nook right, how long have you lived here"
>She smiles.
>"Oh I have been...
"Good good, and you know Applejack right"
>She looks down, trying to will you to love her.
>"Um yeah she owns that farm up towards the forest. I actually need to get some apples for my house."
"How about you let me get those for you"
>Smiling you look down trying to cover your tracks. You don't know if this pony can keep a secret.
"I need to consider getting a job if I am going to be in town."
>She puts her hoof on the table trying to get you to touch it.
>"I bet you would look good in coveralls"
>Licking her lips you just ignore her.
"Sure yeah. Well I will get you the apples and maybe make me a pie or something."
>"Anon I will let you eat all my pie"
"Naw one slice would be enough."
>She slams her head on the table out of frustration.
Good night bump
innuendos, and anon doesn't catch
i love it
>The meal is great but that pony sure had restless leg syndrome or something, she kept trying to rub her leg on yours.
>Getting the ticket you smile, at least day one wasn't a total failure.
"Well Nook it was pretty good meal, though I don't know how well my stomach can handle hay...Later"
>As you leave the dumbfounded Nook you hear a bunch of plates shatter in back.
>Sonic the Pinkie pie out of nowhere drags you out to the bathroom.
>"Nonny what the hay. Why are you leaving nook I thought you were going to get her a 'Birthday present'
"Oh of course but I don't have a bit to me now. Need to get a job first."
>She smiles and lets out a sigh.
"Well as long as she gets a present... And I am proud of you nonny, making sure you can provide before you get committed."
>You shrug.
"I am just that kind of guy... I am not crazy"
>Damn Pinkie why do you want to put me in a mental ward.
>Leaving the bathroom Nook leans in and tries to kiss you.
>You gently bop her on the nose
>Pinkie face hooves,
>poni poni waifu
why do I find that expression so cute and funny?
Coming up guys finishing my homework.
>doesn't list any actual faults
>Shitposts to all replies
>Continues with the thread even though it's, "boring"

If something bores you, move on and let it die.
If you still see it later then clearly others were not as bored with it.

Fucking deal with it faggot.

I don't even really like the story much, but holy shit.
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Nah my other half is definitely the main character.

not even joking, there is something about him. Everyone likes and trusts him, he makes new friends so easily and without trying, like literally puts no effort in, and all these fuckers just show up at our house wanting to hang out.

Obviously a good few of these people become my friend too, and a lot of them we have to drop cuz they creepy as shit, but have you ever tried to drop friends / acquaintances, its really fucking hard, they are so persistent.

I am totally different than him, I take a while to get used to I think, since I rarely leave the house and am quite reserved etc people probably see me as standoffish / uninterested when in reality I am trying so hard to think of something relevant to say. At least when I do, I seem to make people laugh or whatever but they may just be being nice to me.

I am really worried I am seen as retarded though, you know the way we treat disabled humans like real people, I always wonder if people do that to me over my shyness.

I still see my positive traits though, and at least I am naturally good looking due to being a porn baby, which I think helps alot, people like good looking people.
>Morning you wake up on a bench...
>Maybe you should have save your money for a bed
>Thank god no one seemed to mind.
>After what seems like 30 min you make it to the apple farm, this city layout is terrible.
"Ms Apple"
>You knock on the farm door, and are greeted by Granny apple.
>"EH yes monkey do you want a banana."
>She shoves a banana in your mouth
>"Applejack another of your friends pets got free."

>"Again, I got tha leash. When is Fluttershy going to cage all dem critters."
>You smile awkwardly as apple makes it to the door.
"Um Apple is it? I heard you might have a job"
>She looks you over.
>"Ya ain't a Minotaur are you ?"
>She snarls,
>"Da almost as good as dem useless Ziggers...:"
>She looks around to see if anyone heard her.
>Oh great a racist pony to boot.
>"I guess we need someone to dig the root cellar on the cherry fields."
>Well digging wasn't your first choice but whatever.
"I can do that, so about the tools"
>"Tools? No tools needed, now get to work"
>She leads you to the cherry field and begins to dig with her hoof.
>"Anon you have better get to work"
>Somewhere you swear you hear Discord laughing at you.
Bumping. I'll try to post some more green later tonight.
>After a hour of backbreaking work you quickly realize that this is going to take forever.
>Evidently hard horseshoes work a lot better then hands.
>Sneaking into the tool shed you hear noise in the back.
>"Unnn umm"
"Applejack are you in here"
>Silence not even the sound of her breathing.
>You pretend to leave and slam the door.
>"Finallie, I thought we all might a got caught."
>Peeking over a hay bale you see the CMC all masturbating to a Playcolt magazine...

(Decision time. What should anon do? I want to hear your ideas )
Decide to join them. You need a break.
>Sneaking up on the trio you snap a picture on your cellphone.
"You three are being awful naughty aren't you"
>They look up at you, steetiebells is nearly as red as big mac.
>"Mr you won't tell my sis will you? She already won't leave us alone in the treehouse"
>You smile cruelly.
"That really depends on what you will do for me. I mean I guess if you were real nice to me I could forget about the in-fracture"
>Scootaloo steps up.
"So what you want us to do, your work or something"
>That's not a bad idea.
"Well if you three could help me with the little job I could leave you gals to masturbate in peace."
>Appleblookme looks at you.
"Anon how do we all ya won't tell after we do your work. We need something ta make us even."
>She goes to the other girls and whisper for a bit.
"Ok what would make us even."
>Scootaloo speaks up first.
"Here is the deal, we will help you but then you have to make us women. That way if you try anything we can call rape."
>Damn they are trying to blackmail you and your cock makes it hard to refuse.
"Look if we do this I won't be gentle."
>They all laugh.
"Well lets get to work on that cellar"
File: image.jpg (25KB, 264x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 264x264px
>doesn't want to be charged with rape
>consensually sexes children
>With three fillies the job is done in no time.
>Soon they are covered with dirt,
"You girls are a mess"
>You laugh but Sweetie looks in shock.
>"Sis'ter is going to kill me if she sees the mess I am in"
>She whines looking at herself.
>"Anon you can't let me go ho'me like this."
>Oh you like where this is going.
"Sweetie follow me to the bathroom. You girls make sure no one comes in"
>Oh this will be fun
It's only rape if they don't want it. Besides if you were offered sex with the CMC would you say no... Ok yes, but if you noticed this anon I kind of wrote him like a idiot.
>if you were offered sex with the CMC would you say no
...there might be a momentary pause of consideration.
>The hot water hits her fur, causing her to clinch you tight.
"Shh, you need it warm to clean out all of it."
>"Anon it's so warm though"
>Such a crybaby will get you caught to quicky"
>You decide to take her mind off of it and rub a finger against her plot.
>She stops whining surprised but receptive to it.
"I guess the water isn't to warm"
>You tease slowly sliding against her wet pussy.
>"annon no"
>She whispers as you slowly slide it into her.
"You were the one to suggest that I make you a mare"
>She neighs as you stuff your finger deeper into her now wet slit.
Is anyone reading this thread anymore
There is always somebody reading.
>She lets out a huge scream and you feel her pussy pull your finger in.
>Covering her mouth she shivers and nearly collapses.
>Well your a pedofilly now
>Realizing if you are caught now you can't be fucked any more you decide it's time to get your cock wet.
"You liked that right sweetie"
>She only moans, still lost in her euphoric state.
>You lift her up above your penis and slide her down over it.
>You slide your cock easily into her hot mare pussy
>Moaning she bites your neck as you fuck her hard, your balls bouncing against her underage ass.
>You continue to wash her as you grind deep into her
>Unlike pinkie it's so tight you feel like cumming right away.
>You hear footsteps from outside and the girls trying to stall.
>Well you won't cum but you put your dick in underage pussy, not a bad day.
>Drag out all the towels under the sink and hide underneath as Applejack kicks the door open.
>"Where is that no good"
>She stops covering her eyes at a sopping wet Sweetie.
>"Shuck I sure am sorry, I heard you crying up here and I thought... I do't know but I am glad you are alright"
>She closes the door and you let out exhale,
>Sweetie begs you for a second round but you decide that was to close.
>Leaving out the back door you forget to get paid.
>All that work and grass squares and benches... What a life.
>Night comes but you can't fall asleep
>You shiver badly and feel something hit your nose.
>"Hey you, ya might want to find a place to stay. I have to make sure the whole town is covered with snow"
>Rainbow dash's yelling alerts you quickly what is happening.
>Winter didn't come in stages here but all at once.
>Shivering you head over to the sugarcube hoping that you can find a place for the night, unfortunately it is locked. A sign saying they are going to the pies for the holidays.
>Well fuck who else do you know.
>What's her face, the leaf unicorn.
>At least she lives nearby.
>Making it to her house you barely make a knock before passing out, frozen.
>Waking up you find yourself in a bed, your head covered with a washcloth.
>You try to move but find yourself extremely weak.
>Looking down you see Nook laying on the ground with a thermometer nearby.
"Thank you"
>You whisper not to wake her up.
>Least you can do is make her something for breakfast
>You hobble to the kitchen and start to make pancakes.

>"Anon where are you"
>She screams running to the kitchen.
"I wanted to (Cough) make you something as a thank you"
>You serve her breakfast and crash on the couch.
night bump

>After a few more minutes of chatting with Anon you arrive at your house
>By now your mood has improve tenfold
>There is a spring in your step as you walk up and unlock the door to your home
>You hold the door open behind you, only to look over your shoulder and see Anonymous patiently waiting outside
>He must be waiting for a formal invitation, too well mannered
“Uh, Anon, you're more than welcome to come inside.”
>Yep, in fact you'd love for him to come inside
>Mind out of the gutter, it's time for spices
>Anon follows you through your front door, around the corner and into your kitchen
“So, are you looking for anything in particular? I have a pretty wide variety of herbs and spices here that I have a surplus of. Let me know what you want and I can find it for you.”
>Anon takes a moment to consider his selection
>“I'm gonna be honest with you here Nook, my culinary knowledge is pure shit. Uh, just give me what you'd recommend. The more easily I can put it on any dish, the better.”
>That is so terribly vague!
>What does he mean “put on any dish”
>Different spices compliment completely different flavors
>Is he expecting the best you have to offer?
>How much does he need?
>You need to ask him to be more specific, all the pressure is on you, you're going to buck up and embarrass yourself Nook!
“Yeah, I can definitely do that for you Anon, let me see what exactly I got.”
>Damn it

>You are now buried face deep in your spice cabinet trying to find flavors that will impress Anon
>No, can't put that on everyday cooking
>Oh Celestia, your last harvest was impressively bland
>Can't go wrong with black pepper
>tfw out of rosemary
>The panicked clinking of jar is the only thing drowning out the silence of your kitchen
>Your calculative spice picking is interrupted by Anon trying to rekindle your conversation
>“Ya know, I feel bad for coming into the home of a pony I know so little about... What else do you like to do besides garden?”
>What do you like to do?
>Can you phone a friend for that one?
“Breathing, blinking, sleeping, I'm really big on all that kind of stuff.”
>You keep sorting through your cabinet hoping that you'll be able to avoid his question using lame humor
>Why couldn't he have asked a question that played towards your strength of being uninteresting?
>“If you don't want me prying into your personal life, just tell me now and I'll shut up.”
>You sigh and pull your head out of the cabinet so you can meet Anon's gaze
“No, it definitely isn't that. It's just that honestly, I don't do a whole lot. Outside of waiting tables and gardening, I don't have much free time. Even if I did, I really don't do much with myself, it's something that I am not proud of.”
>Anon's face takes on a sympathetic look
>“I'm sure there are plenty of things that you like to do, and I intend on finding them out at some point. I get what your saying though, sometimes we get so caught up in a couple of different aspects of our lives that we lose sight of other things that we enjoy. Do I have the right idea?”
“Yeah, I suppose you do.”

>After several more minutes of making careful selections, you have six different small jars of herbs and spices set out on your table for Anonymous
“Do these look good to you? I tried to grab stuff that can be applied pretty universally, and some of the stuff that is on the pasta that you like at my work.”
>Anon takes a minute to look over your selections
>He picks up one of the jars and reads the label
>“What the hell is 'Marjoram'?”
>You can't help but giggle a little
“Marjoram is like oregano but a tad bit sweeter. Trust me, you'll love it.”
>“You're the professional. It's not like my cooking is going to get any worse.”
>Well, that probably depends on if he has the common sense not to use like half a jar on one meal, but you decide to hold your tongue
>“So, what do I owe you?”
>It doesn't take you long to respond
>You've had your price all figured out for several minutes now
“Oh, these are on the house.”
>Anon definitely looks surprised
>“Alright, what's the catch spice horse? Is this like a first time is free kinda of deal? What are you trying to get me hooked on?”
>You find yourself laughing at Anon's antics again
“The 'catch' is that I don't feel right charging you for trivial amounts of garden surplus when you've completely cheered me up. Consider this as a thank you for making my day.”
>You're response is met with Anon picking you up and bring you into a tight hug
>Oh my gosh this is actually happening
>It takes you a second before you can process your surroundings and return the hug
>This feels way nicer than it probably should
>He even smells nice
>Before you can fully enjoy the embrace, Anon sets you back down
>“You made my day too Nook, I'm glad I could return the favor.”
>His remark brings a blush to your face

>Anon has gathered up his new culinary products and is walking with you to your front door
>“Tonight was really great, when can we see each-other again?”
>He wants to see you again?
“You want to see me again?”
>Anon chuckles at your response
>“Uh, yeah. You're definitely one of the nicest and most enjoyable ponies I've met so far, of course I want to see you again. I'd hope the feeling is mutual.”
>Anon thinks you are enjoyable!
“Oh, of course, uh, when are you free?”
>His facial expression falters a little bit
>“Pretty much anytime works for me actually, you?”
>Loading work schedule...
“I'm free all day Tuesdays and anytime after 5.”
>“Nice. I'll stop by here Tuesday afternoon if that works for you.”
>Yes. So much yes. What a perfect way to spend your day off
“Totally! I can't wait.”
>“Well in that case, I'll see you then. Goodnight, thanks again for the spices”
“You're welcome, bye Anon.”
>You close the door smiling
>This day really did turn itself around

Another small update. I'll try to start writing more frequently so that the other writefag doesn't have to do all the work keeping this thread alive.

Who all is still reading? Let me know what you guys think so far.
This is cute as fuck, that's what I think. Looking forward to more.
Dubs and bump, up to 106 uniqe individuals
>You can just hear the spaghetti...
Anything you guys want to see in my story?
>Falling asleep your dreams shake you to your core.
>You had failed your mission, and were forced to live with Flash.
>Screaming as he forces his hard cock against you ass.
"Please no,"
>You beg as you try to run away.
> "Oh no little one, you are mine"
>He laughs and forces his cock all the way in, you feel your ass tear.
Discord appears and laughs
>"You could have stopped this anon, but you just wanted pussy, you will at least not be forever alone"
>Everyone busy at work today I see
Well we got to 320 on post, not bad. Good bye my old friend.
last bump ok
Is the story over?
I'm sure the writefag will be back eventually. We just need to wait.
Back, no the story is ongoing, just not felt like writing yesterday.
>at work

>Anon awakens in a cold sweat, his fever at least had broke.
>He see's nook in the kitchen doing the dishes, so it hadn't been to long hopefully.
>Thinking back maybe it was time for him to settle down.
"Nook, I am sorry for taking advantage of your kindness"
>She smiles.
>"Anon you could never do that. It was a pleasure taking care of you while you were sick."
>She blushes.
>"You made me so happy when you called for your unicorn to save you."
"And...and you didn't mind'
>You gulp hard
>"Of course not, Why would I be mad"
>Looking at the clock you realize the time.
>"You had better get to work if you are healthy enough. maybe you should buy your unicorn something nice to show her you love. Not that I need it"
>You leave, nearly whistling.
>You stop for a second thinking of what nook said.
"Why would she care if I bought Sweetie belle anything"
>Stupid pony logic you guess and head off.
>Today was a easy day at the farm
>Feeding animals was so much easier when you didn't have to unload the bag with your mouth like the apples
>"Anon after yesterday I was surprised you showed back up. I got to test the lazy workers with a impossible job"
>You both laugh.
"I guess it wasn't too impossible"
>"Well anon if ya want you can rent a room here. Unless you been wantin to spend more time with that special unicorn."
>You turn beet red.
"Y-you know about me and"
>She laughs
>"Anon I don't know where ya come from but us ponies don't care if you ain't married. I mean we all go inta heat eventually"
>"Anyway ya headed out without your bits last night. Bet ya heard about the winter storm comin an wanted to get home"
>Handing you the bad you find it a little heavy.
>"Ah shucks, ya did the impossible, least I could do was give you overtime"
>Anon makes it to the clubhouse where the CMC are waiting.
>Applebloom speaks up first.
>"Anon I know we asked some silly things but ya got to realize we were in da heat."
>Scootaloo stands up next.
>"Yeah we kind of went overboard"
>She blushes, her face turning so red.
>"I would have let a diamond dog knot me yesturday"
>The three all nod.
>"So no hard feelings"
>Sweetie refuses to look you in the eye.
"Is... is this true Sweetiebelle ?
> She nods.
>"You were ok anon but... I don't want to see you anymore"
>They all three turn as you feel your heart break.
bump... anon's are quite lately
>You return to nook's home, considering begging her to be a room mate.
>Deciding that a treat might make her happier about staying you take the shopkeepers advice about roses.
>Arriving to nook's home you see her dressed up in socks and something that you can only call a nighty.
>"Anon do you like my new outfit."
>You are flabbergasted
"G-got a date tonight"
>She sees the roses and takes them.
>"Actually I thought your favorite unicorn could serve you tonight."
>Heart shattering.
"N-no she won't make it tonight, she said it was... it was just a fling"
Should nook get pissed finding he wasn't talking about her, or just Rapemake sweet love to him
Anyone want to help me come up with how Nook should react?
Make her still oblivious ?
Her oblivious? I think that has been anon having the problem but I guess we can.
Reminds me of this song.

Perhaps she has a slip of the tongue? Like, say, she replies with 'you think this is a fling', or something? idk, I don't really have any good ideas.
File: 1416103650266.jpg (96KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Best waifu greentext. I always hated how every anon assumes that their waifu will care about them when they go to Equestria. The Mane 6 are famous. How would you know them? They'd probably be untouchable to you. I guess that's why lesser-known background ponies are best in my mind. You could realistically know them and develop a relationship with them. That, and they might actually love you as well.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for more realistic, less idealistic love.

No I love this, Great idea.

>" A fling"
>She pushes anon to the ground.
>"Do you think I am such a slut or so desperate that I would do all this for you because you are a fling."
>She blushes and backs off.
>"Anon I didn't mean that"
"Y-you like me... You want to be with me"
>You are stunned, she never had given you any sign before that she was interested.
>Sitting down you try to collect yourself.
>"Anon are you ok with liking me. I know I am plane and my talents aren't very good"
>Sitting there in shock you don't know what to say.
>She comes and gives you a hug... You aren't sure if you should return it.
File: image.jpg (68KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First comes hugging... second comes cumming inside

Or just hug her, whatever.
>Your arms seem to be moving on there own.
>Searching for someone to love you had not even considered it finding you.
>You hug her back.
"Nook why. I have been such a idiot. I didn't even know you liked me"
>You ignore her hugging her tighter.
"I overlooked you because you weren't famous, but look at me."
>You are crying but so is nook.
>"Anon get off"
>She screams pushing you off with all her might.
>She is whezzing and in pain holding her side.
>"Anon that hurt"
>Rubbing her side she winces
"Nook I am sorry"
>Reaching out to pet her she turns and walks away to her bed.
>Fuck the first mare to like you and you crush her
>Waiting for a bit you go to check on her,
>She is bandage up but not in as much pain.
>"So is that a custom where you are from, breaking your GF ribs"
>She teases, but still looks in pain.
"Nook... I didn't mean to"
>laughing she limps to you and kisses you.
>"It's ok, I guess humans are stronger then they look."
>She motions you over to the bed.
>"I would offer but"
>She smiles
>"Maybe a cuddle and a IOU will be good for tonight"
Nightly bump
Lovely story. Waiting for more!
Morning bump, and preview on my story. One can get pregnant without cumming. precum is sometimes enough ;)
>Falling asleep next to nook felt so good, you didn't even mind her not having sex.
>Awakening nook already has your clothes set out and a lunch packed for you.
>It feels so right to have someone care for you.
>Work seems to zoom by as you can't wait to get home.
>Applejack sees the new spark in you and you can hear her giggles but you could care less.
>Finally the day is finished, and you can make it home.
"All of these bits can make a huge change in this old shack"
>You hand nook the bag of bits and kiss her
"I hope you are feeling better... I am so"
>Laughing she removes the bandages
>"You just bruised them, now about the rain check"
>She gives you a wiseguy smirk.
>"Because you can be dense it means I want you to fuck me"
>Oh happy days, you kiss her neck and grope her plot.
">Using her teeth she pulls down your pants.
>"Doing pretty good there hu slugger.
>Looking down your cock is now discord.
"Oh come on"
>Nook gives you a strange look.
>"No one can see me you nut... or maybe I don't exist and you really are nuts"
"One second dear"
>Running to the bathroom you have your cock discord in your hand chocking him.
>"That is no way to greet me. I am just here to say you won... kind of. "
"What do you mean kind of"
>"I just wonder how well Nook will take it if she finds out bout your past. about little unicorns."
"Don't you dare."
>He laughs
>"I won't but that doesn't mean you won't be found out"
this shit is great faggot
this story fills the void in my dark eternal heart
bump, how long has this thread been alive.
Not long enough.
Been alive 13 days lol
God, it seems like it has been way longer than that. Anyhow, bump. I'll try to put out some green tonight.
night all
morning bump
Where are you writefig?
We miss you.
>The sight of Nook in thigh high socks and a lacy g-string takes your mind off of Discord.
>You whisper looking up and down the mare.
"You look... Wow."
>She crawls across the bed.
>"So articulate tonight"
>She lets her hoof trace down your belly and onto your cock.
>"I hope you don't cum to soon"
>Smiling you shake your head.
"I don't think it will be to big a problem."
>Kissing her hoof she motions you under the blankets.
>Under the blankets you decide to show her something stallions had no skills in.
>"Anon what are you ;"D
>Letting out a loan moan you insert another finger and rub her clit with your thumb.
>"Wow anon"
>She shivers as her she already cums.
"And I thought I was going to be in trouble"
>She grabs you by the hair with magic.
>"Fuck me hard"
>She orders you spreading her legs.
>You aim to please you press your cock against her pussy.
>Teasing her a bit you grind against her pussy not entering right away.
>"Anon please, I am so close" She whines, it is so sexy.
"Oh, you want me to fuck you" You push the head of your cock in
"You want me to fuck my little slut"
>She shakes her head.
>"Please anon please fuck your sl-lut"
>Pushing in the entire way you see her bitting her bottom lip and feel her clamping down.
>"An--nnon are you clo-ose"
>She asks trying to catch her breath.
>You shake your head.
"Nook if you can take it... I am going all night"
>You see the look of excitement and fear in her eyes as you kiss her lips.

> Hours pass as she falls asleep top of you
> Her pussy dripping out your three loads of your cum.
"I love you nook"
>You kiss her forehead and fall asleep yourself.
Nightly bump
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been contemplating where to take the story next and haven't been making a lot of progress. I'll try to make it worth the wait.
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It's fine. Take your time, mate.
Been working on raricow. sorry about that.
bump, is all writfags ded
So sad. :(
pootis BUMP
Where are you?
Oh where, oh where can my writefag be?
RL took him away from me,
Now he's got a pastebin so I've got to watch it,
So when he comes back I can read that shit.

Yes, I realise this guy doesn't have a pastebin. Shut.
>my life is shut
Dust Devil is superior mare
Your opinion is shit, Anon.
You are shit, Anon.
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That isn't the case for me, I'm dragged into and forced into a leadership position in every single damn clique or group I enter, and in some groups I'm one of the only few people actually planning anything. No matter what I do it's never fucking enough, and when anything goes wrong I'm the first to blame even if I do nothing wrong.

I wish I was a background character.
LOL you are hte twilight in you own life.
>The weeks pass by fairly quickly,
>Everyone knows you are now a official couple, in more ways then one.
>You still wonder if you should take things to the next level, I mean you are going to be a father might as well be a husband as well.
>You had saved enough bits to finally afford a gold Earring, you figure it was the only one you could both wear.
>It was so precious, even though in your mind so cheap.
>Handing the shopkeeper flim and flam your bits you head back to your house.
>You look up from the ground, Ms Rarity looking at you with hatred in her eyes.
>"Anon you Ruffian, how dare you..."
>Her hoof slaps you across the face.
Darn where is other writefag.
He's busy being based somewhere else
>"How could you, how could you do it to a FILLY"
>You cover her mouth.
"Damn't girl do you want the whole town to hear you "
>She nods.
"Well knock it off. What do you want me to do."
>You slowly remove your hand.
>"Personally I should tell you to kill yourself."
>You grit your teeth.
"Look I am sorry but your sister was coming on to me."
>"She is 10 years old. She can't legally tell you anything. I can't kill you ruffian, but because of sweetie I am demanding you make a honest women out of her"
>Your eyes go wide.
"Rarity I promise I will be good to my child but"
>"But nothing anon, You either marry Sweetie or I will have my good friend Twilight get all three princess out here."
>Oh god this is bad. You are really falling in love with nook, this would destroy everything... not that anything could save you now... Nothing but a portal back to earth.
Kill her. Hide the body. If Sweetie Belle asks about her, kill her too. If anyone asks about Sweetie Belle, kill them. Sooner or later, everyone is going to stop asking you about where everyone else has gone. Then, we can be together with Nook forever.
Back to the top

I'm back from the motherfucking dead with a shit load of green. I hope it was worth the wait guys. I always love to hear your thoughts.

>It's Tuesday!
>Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!
>You are Nook and today is gonna be great, that is, if Anonymous decides to show up
>He never really specified a time that he'd show up except “afternoon”
>You're honestly a little anxious
>You really do want to impress him, even if this is just a casual meet up
>Is it casual?
>Oh Celestia you don't even know
>It's 12:01, technically after noon, he could be here any second
>Relax, everything is going to go fine
>You even have this planned out
>You're going to take Anon on a picnic, who doesn't like picnics?
>No reason to panic, you've got everything prepared, now it's just time to play the waiting game
>Just find a nice cozy spot on your couch and wait...

>You are woken up by knocking on your door
>Woken up?
>Shit! You fell asleep
>You figure that makes sense, it was hard to get too much sleep last night
>Maybe you've been more excited to see Anon than you'd like to admit to yourself
>Whatever, the important thing is that he is here now
>You take a quick glance in the mirror to make sure your mane didn't get messed up doing your improvisational nap
>All clear, now answer the damn door already
>Anon is waiting in front of your door in his usual getup, being... well, his usual self
>Upon actually seeing him any traces of anxiety you had are washed away
>This is just normal old Anon, understanding and conversable, you really don't have anything to worry about
>You're pretty sure he just smiled at you
>“There's the pony of the hour, I was afraid you weren't home.”
“Nope. I'm here, you're not getting out of this that easy. How've you been, Anon?”
>“Same old, same old, how's your day off going?”
“Well, pretty much perfect now that you're here! You always seem to do a good job at making my day.”
>Getting a little creepy there, hold yourself together Nook
>Anon laughs
>“Well, I'm glad to hear that, I really am. The feeling is mutual.”
>You're blushing way too hard for small talk
>Move this along
“Well, I would invite you inside with me, but inside is the last place I want to be on a gorgeous day like today. I was thinking we'd go on a picnic, I know the perfect spot and have everything all packed up for us.”
>You pick up your basket and are about to trot out the door before Anon stops you
>“Uh, Nook, I hate to rain on your picnic, but uh, if you go out there it is gonna rain on your picnic.”
>You look up to the dark gray sky that Anon is pointing at and swear

>You are sitting at your kitchen table with Anonymous and you feel like a total bucking idiot
>Why didn't you check the weather calender?
>Right there, “Tuesday, heavy rain, 3pm – 6pm”
>Luckily Anon seems to be alright with just 'picnicing' indoors as he describes it
>That's pretty much a direct contradiction, but if you wanted to whine you shouldn't have made stupid plans
“I'm still sorry about the whole picnic thing, I hope you're not too bummed out. Totally my bad...”
>“Nah, it's completely fine. Nature is overrated anyways, this way we don't have to deal with ants.”
>You can't help but giggle at his optimism
“Well, anyhow, I wasn't sure exactly what your diet is like, so I prepared fruit salad, garden salad, and a couple daffodil daisy sandwiches. If none of that sounds good, I can always cook up something else for you.”
>“Either of the salads sound great, you're way too kind. For the record, I'm good with about everything in a typical pony diet except most flowers and hay.”
>No flowers? Pfft, he doesn't know what he is missing
>You slide the salad containers across the table to Anon

“So, I know I'm always bombarding you with questions, but what kind of work do you do?”
>“Well, currently I'm not working unfortunately. I'm basically getting a royal stipend until I'm adapted to Equestrian society. I'm on my last month though, so I'll have to find something to do here soon.”
>You wish him luck, finding work can be hard if you don't have a marketable cutie mark
>Speaking of which, you've never even seen Anon's cutie mark
>He's always wearing clothes
“What kind of job are you going to try to get? I just realized I don't even know what your cutie mark is.”
>Anon's gaze drifts from you to his now half eaten fruit salad
>“Makes sense, I thought we already established that non-existent things are hard to find.”
>Ugh, you can't believe he went there, but you are much more interested in the implications of his statement
“You mean you haven't got your cutie mark yet? No offense, but are you a child for your species?”
>There is no way Anon isn't fully grown, he cannot possibly get any taller
>“No, I am an adult. Humans just don't get cutie marks.”
>Once again, trying to comprehend Anon and his world becomes difficult for you
>Cutie marks are so integrated into Equestrian society, you couldn't imagine life without them
“That's ridiculous! How do you know what your special talent is then?”
>“Humans don't have special talents they are destined to pursue, people can live their whole lives out without finding something they are great at.”

>What an insane world
>You can't imagine how Anon has been able to adopt to Equestria so well
>Finding any kind of work without a cutie mark has probably been extremely difficult
>It was next to impossible to find a job just waiting tables with such a non-applicable and boring special talent like your own
“Well, do you have a special talent then? Or do you not know?”
>And with that question, your conversation with Anon about his home world just goes deeper and deeper into the confusing world of human society
>Apparently he was something called a “programmer”
>The field of work he was best at doesn't even exist in Equestria
>He tries to explain things like 'the internet', 'cars' and 'cell phones' with little success
>It is hard to visualize the things he is describing, but your conversation with him definitely expands your mind
>It really puts everything around you in an entirely different and less certain light

>You and Anon have long since finished your picnic
>You're both sitting on your living room couch enjoying a rare moment of silence
>You had no idea you could talk to someone for such a long time
>There are just too many questions to be answered about an entirely different world
>Eventually Anon breaks the silence
>“Nook, I'm curious, what are your dreams?”
>Your dreams?
>That question really came out of left field
“What do you mean by that?”
>Sure he can't mean literal dreams
>If he does, you might have to make something less lewd up
>“I mean like what do you want to make of your life?”
>You take a moment to contemplate the question
>“I've talked about myself so much, but you interest me too you know.”
“Right now, I really want to save up enough money to buy a lot for a spice cart in the Ponyville market, that way I can finally stop waiting tables.”
>“That sounds like more of a goal than a dream. Think bigger.”
>Think bigger?
>Being able to stop waiting tables would mean the world to you right now
“I'm sorry, I'm having trouble seeing the difference here.”
>You can tell Anon is trying to break down what he means in the simplest way possible
>“I'd say a goal is something you plan to achieve as a step in reaching a dream, if that makes any sense. I guess I'm trying to ask, what do you want more than anything?”
>Deep down you do have an idea
>Your answer comes out very naturally
“I guess I just want to accomplish something. I'd love to be known for my herbs and spices. I've always felt like such a nopony, it'd be so awesome for people to love the things that I grow on a large scale. But it is going to take meeting a lot of goals before I can get to that point.”
>Anon takes a moment to reply
>What he says is quiet, short and simple but it holds a lot of meaning to you
>“You are a real talent Nook, never give up on that dream, no matter how many goals it takes to get there.”

>After a couple more minutes of lighter chit chat, you and Anon both realize it is getting pretty late
>“I really should be getting going here soon.”
>You simply nod
“Yeah, I have to work tomorrow. Ugh.”
>“It has been really good seeing you though.”
“Y-you too”
>Anon is about to get up from the couch and leave
>You can't let such a perfect day end like this Nook, come on
>Do something quick
>An idea comes to your mind, it might be bold but it's the best option you can think of on the spot
“Hey Anon, one more thing.”
>He turns his head to face you
>Now or never
>You lean in and kiss him right on the lips
>The look of surprise on his face is priceless
>Come on Anon, reciprocate the kiss please please please
>He actually does it!
>This is heaven
>Your quick innocent kiss rapidly turns into the two of you making out

>You'd never have thought that this moment would come
>Anon is holding you in his arms
>Your tongues are wrestling for dominance in each others' mouths
>And boy is it arousing
>You can feel the fur between your legs starting to get wet
>You are short of breath
>Anon begins to move his grip on you further south until his hand is resting directly on your plot
>He gives you a soft squeeze
>Oh wow!
>You can't help but let out a soft moan into his mouth
>You break the kiss
“Finding anything you like down there?”
>You ask with a giggle
>Anon smirks at your comment
>Oh Celestia is he actually planning to...
>He slowily runs a single finger across your marehood
>You gasp
>And you thought a soft kiss was heaven
>If you weren't wet enough before that certainly did the trick
>“Maybe I am.”
>You look him directly in the eyes
>Anon continues to finger you
>Tracing his dextrous fingers in and out of your marehood
>You've never felt something so... soo... precise inside you
>He begins working himself into a rhyming of pumping two fingers in and out of you while massaging your now soaking wet entrance with his thumb
>It's too much
>You erupt with a wave of pleasure as you orgasm, releasing your juices all over Anon's hand, and to a lesser extent your couch
>Anon removes his fingers from your marehood, brings them within your field of vision and licks them clean
>You've been reducing to a panting puddle of pony at this point
>You catch your breath
“You. Me. Bed. Now.”

>You're laying down, legs spread, gazing up at a now naked Anonymous
>You can't help but find him incredibly hot
>Maybe not as long as other stallions, but definitely... writefag describing dick is pretty gay, come on
>“What do you think Nooky?”
>You can't into thought
“Amazing. Now please, I need you.”
>Anon just smirks at you
>“Need me to what?”
>Is he serious right now?
“Are you really gonna make me say it?”
>You sigh in defeat, blushing heavily at the thought of what you're about to say
>You need to at least make him as horny as you are
“I need you to come over here, put that delicious cock in me, and fuck me senseless. Happy?”
>Ha! Even Anon turns a little red at hearing that one
>“Sounds like a plan to me.”
>Anon does not hesitate to position himself on top of you
>You feel the tip of his length prodding your entrance before he forces himself into your marehood
>He starts to work into a rhythm
>You are moaning
“YES, oh Celestia, Anon!”
>You can feel every contour of his length deep inside you
>It doesn't take long before you cum for a second time
>Your marehood clenches around Anon's rock hard cock as you erupt in another wave of pleasure
>He just keeps pumping in and out
>Why hasn't he finished yet?
>Are you doing something wrong?
“Anon! That was amazing. Are you getting close?”
>He laughs while continuing to build up his pace
>“Nook, we've been at it for like 45 seconds.”
“Yeah, I know, owwwww that is nice, but I know stallions only last 30 seconds to a minute, are you not enjoying this?”
>“30 seconds to a minute? Looks like you might be in for a long ride then.”
>You just reply by moaning

>Anon clearly took you seriously when you told him to fuck you senseless
>You can barely think
>Everything just feels amazing
>You've lost count of how many times you've came
>All you know is Anon owes you new bedsheets
>You really wanted to be more involved, but you've resigned to just letting Anon rut you into next week
>“Nook, I'm going to cum, where do you want it?”
>Everywhere oh Celestia
“Fill me. Inside, all of it Anon. Fuck me harder.”
>He continues to thrust into you harder and faster
>More moaning, the neighbors must hate you
>Anon sends you over the edge by slapping your plot
>You feel his length twitch inside you before he unloads into you
>You've never felt better
>His seed is so warm
>You can feel it so vividly inside you, it is filling
>You're eager marehood milks him for every drop as you cum together
>The waves of pleasure eventually die back down
>You lay on your bed with Anon completely spent
“So, did you enjoy that as much as I did?”
>Anon simply grins at you
>“I'm not sure anyone can enjoy anything that much, but that was absolutely incredible.”
>And with that you and Anon drift off to sleep in each-others embrace

And that's all I got for now. Hope everyone enjoyed, writing is hard. I'll try to update sooner this time, but no promises.
You did a pretty good job, writefag. Though tbh, I expected more relationship building before we got to the actual sexytimes.
Bump, I will have more tonight. I can't right now... Busy. Have more planed.
bumping story in 2 hours.
This >>21102585 was kinda my feelings on it too.
File: 28d.jpg (90KB, 724x844px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 724x844px
>A dark thought crossed your mind, but you realize you could never.
>Except there was no other choice now...
"Rarity I refuse to marry your sister..."
>You slowly approach her.
>"Anon what are you... Don't make me use my magic"
>You laugh as you take another step.
>"I mean it..."
"Are you going to levitate me"
>You pull out some rope.
"You know us humans are immune to magic"
>Bluffing false courage you tackle her and tie her up.
"But did you know that unicorn magic will work on other unicorns. Nook is no twilight but I bet she can use some kind of spell to shut you up"
>She whines but you stuff a apple into her mouth and tie it in place.
"And if she doesn't I could leave you in the everfree forest... I wonder how a tied up pony would do there."

(Yeah It got dark... blame this guy. >>21098562)
>arriving home nook rushes to you.
>"Anon what are you doing"
>You explain your story she looking more and more upset and rarity is giggling through the apple.
>"Anon I can't believe you never told me"
>She bends down to grab rarity and removes the apple.
>>"Oh thank you thank you thank you."
>Rarity is nearly crying from joy.
"Nook I am so sorry."
>Nook looks back at you.
>"You should be, this bitch would have blackmailed you forever"
>Nook drops the pony to the ground.
>"So I guess we need to find a way to silence her for good"
>>"No please you can't... I won't tell... I promise on the name of fashion"
>She tries to worm her way out but is stuck.
>Nook laughs.
>"I am afraid that this is the worst possible thing for you."
>Her horn begins to glow.
should she kill rarity, turn her into a rainless cow, or hypnotize her into being a sex slave.
If we have to choose from thos options, I'm going to say kill, seeing as it's the least disturbing of the options presented.

If we are capable of suggesting something else, I'm going to say that Sweetie Belle or the cmc show up looking for Rarity before the deed can be done.
Ok sweetibelle showing up has been added. I will leave this open for about 30 min... OH and Raricow I decided to alter, she isn't brainless just can't speak.
can't stay awake, will save for morning sorry guys
Knock her out and drop her somewhere knowing that if she speaks, she's a dead pony ...
I doubt that an average unicorn has the power to kill someone just by magic ...

but thats just me ...
>I doubt that an average unicorn has the power to kill someone just by magic ...

What is a levitating knife?

Amnesia her.

Really? Against what would end up being Celestia, Luna and the rest of the M6 and maybe even Discord and pretty much everyone else?
Bump for decent writefag
Bumping morning
Random question time. How would you all go about petting Nook up there? The one in the op.
>Go there
>Say hi
>Start petting
>Compliment her adorableness
She;s fucking hot.
I's hit that.
>Hello, may I pet you- not that I'm objectifying you as a cute non sentient pony. I'm uh..I'm sure you-
>"Pet me already, faggot."
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