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Ponies arouse to Anon's physique

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Last thread 404'd, so let's start a new one!

Since anon showed up in Equestria he's really built himself up, and his muscles can arouse across the species gap.
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>I came instantly
More of these comics, now.
Don't have any in that vein as that and the Rarara one are the only ones I've seen. Have this instead.
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Anon x Applejack.png
1MB, 900x3375px
And my favorite of these.
It's a shame the last one died. We need more writers.
With diskotek gone for 2 days, all we can do is hope some writefags write a consistent stream of one-shots to keep the thread alive until he returns
I'm working on it, it's just been stressful as fuck trying to find a place to live right now.
Why did her nosebleed? High blood pressure can't do that. Not even in arousal

No Fluttershy, Rainbow, or Applejack?

I know for damn sure this artist did something with Applejack.
Anon accidentally punched her in the face when he was ripping his clothes off.
Not as far as I'm aware. I'd love to see some of Margarine Mumble.

>It takes three panels for her to faint
This guy here. A small dosage that took me three days.

>One year, huh. One year in technicolor magic horse land, where you're the resident giant.
>You don't remember, or care, how you got here.
>It's not summer, cause that's just cliché. In fact, it's actually Fall.
>It's been a year, and you were still blown away by the fact that the weather, and not to
mention the sun and goddamn moon were controlled by the pegasi and princesses, respectively.
>While it's utterly fascinating trying to kick around the ramifications of the citizens fucking with the RULES OF NATURE, you had shit to do; more specifically, your job.
>Being a baker wasn't all bad, and your arrival was perfect timing. It seems the Cakes had underestimated the power of the pastries, and one employee wasn't cutting it. That, and two newborn foals just exasperated the short-handedness.
>Given, that employee made reality her bitch on a whim, but still.
>The usual morning ritual after a couple cups of coffee, and you were on your way to work.
>Once you got in, you were greeted with chaos.
>Orders were being picked up left and right, and you saw only Mr Cake was at the front.
>"Oh thank Celestia you're here, Anon. Pinkie's trying to keep up with the demand, but she's only one pony."
"I'll get right back there with her, boss."
>Of course, when the customers saw you being addressed, it became the Red Sea. Well, more like the paint-factory-ejaculated-everywhere-sea.
>As soon as you opened the door, a cupcake flew through the air your hips once occupied, and exploded into the wall with the force of 10 Chernobyls.
"You okay, Panko?"
>The party pony was covered in batter, and breathing heavily.
>"It's madness out there! Sorry anon, wasn't aiming for you!"
>force of 10 Chernobyls
I kek'd
i love this thread so much...
wish there were more writefags here though, this subject is golden!
Agreed, this thread makes me smile, especially discotek's story
Nice dubs.


"It's all good. Wait... Who WERE you aiming for?"
>"The next pony that came in here to yell at me for taking so long, DUH!"
"O...Kay then." You went over and retrieved your apron.


You held up a hand, this was all too common. "Pinkie. Repeat that please, and quarter speed."
>A knowing giggle was heard. "Sorry! Lyra and Bon Bon wanted three extra fudgie surprises each, Derpy wanted a dozen pumpkin carrot apple crumble, aaaand Vinyl wanted 4 red velvet rainbowrific chocolate fudge-cicle!"
>It's a start. There must have been two dozen order slips already queued still, obviously the

supply was being destroyed by the demand.
>With each slip that was read aloud by Pinkie, you were measuring, mixing, pouring, and tossing

in the tins, and she had begun frosting the cooled confections, running them out immediately afterwards.
>Thank goodness for hands, and the fact that the mixing bowls and the utensils were made for the ponies, so you could do twice the work.
>Before long, the last batch was in. Three dozen double bubble gummy yummies.
Fucking formatting. Forgot to check this time around.
Lovely, we await your next post with bated breath.

>You were mopping the sweat off your face with your apron, with all the ovens going and being

blasted by hot air nigh constantly, you were sweating like two rats fucking in a wool sock.
>"Hey Anon?"
>"Did you measure only two pieces of bubble gum, and twenty gummies per double bubble gummy

"I...Thought I did." Your brows furrowed in thought. "Why?"
>"I only ask cause that oven's about to blow."
"Oh, okay. Wait, what?!"
Your eyes travelled from her hoof, to the oven in question.
>In the next instant, everything before you went slow motion, to your own voice saying "Oh

shit", the thunderclap that roared through the bakery, and a scream of "MY LEG!"
>You, Pank, and about half the ovens were covered in bubblegum. Since the counters were waist

high, your lower half was spared.
>Good thing too, cause today is laundry day!
"Ugh...The Cakes are gonna kill me."
>"What happened back here? You two okay?!" Mr. Cake had managed to peel away some of the pink wall.
"Yeah, my fault boss. I'll pay for the damage." You were now trying to peel bubblegum off your face.
>Pinkie had already cleaned herself off and was now chewing on the bubblegum, blowing a bubble the size of a basketball.
>"It happens, more often than you think, and we'll just garnish it bit by bit until it's paid off."
"Sounds good to me. Yu~ck. Anybo-er,pony mind if I peel my shirt off?"
>"I don't see the harm."
>"Yeah nonny! You wear clothes all the time, what's the harm?"
I hope disco comes back...
Second time I forget. Goddamnit, sorry everyone.
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I'm a very very very new writefag, but I am writing something for tomorrow.

I'll post it in like 8 hours.
If y'all keep the thread alive that long, maybe I can give it a shot.
That is one cute applejack
Just got wasted while completing my 6 hours worth of new employee training via the internet (I get paid for it). I should be up for another 4 hours. Will continue bumping because I want to see the end to dicos story, but I'll read yours if you provide link or something.
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I'd post part of it now, but I don't wanna steal the other guy's thunder.

Here's another cute Applejack
File: 1407907578027.png (179KB, 931x859px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yey, I love cute AJ
I guess my apology wasn't found.

"Okay then." You peeled the gum off around your belt, and lifted your shirt and apron up and over your head.
>The year of having no internet and no TV had left you bored, with little to do outside of read, doodle, and write.
>Well, you couldn't really draw, or write.
>So what was the alternative?
>Work out.
>With a lot of fish, and plenty of vegetables, you were able to lose a pile of weight.
>Since you hadn't exactly memorized /fit/, you ended up with a svelte figure.
"I probably smell horrid too. Forgot my deodorant today."
>Pinkie's gum fell out of her mouth with a sticky 'splat', forgotten.
>...Did someone hear that splash as well?
>Must have been some uncooked batter falling from the ceiling or some such.
>"Uh, y-you can go ahead and take off early, A-Anon." Mr Cake was pulling at his collar. He's right, it's damn hot in here.
"...You sure?"
>"Y-y-yeah, yeah. Pinkie and I can finish up here."
"All right then, I appreciate it." You snap your fingers in front of the statuesque Pinkie to snap her out of her delirium.
"I'll see ya tomorrow?"
>"I'd like to see more of you right now..."
"...Uh sure, we can hang out after I get my laundry done."
>As soon as you stepped out, the commotion that had resumed post-explosion had immediately died.
>Mares, and quite a few stallions were staring at you, gaping much like Pinkie was.
>Jeez, you didn't have to stare. You know you looked bad, gum in hair and everything, but still.
>More splashing. Huh, the mess must have extended into here.
Oh go for it. I'm just doing this cause it's goofy, but I already know I'm posting glacially slow.
Okay. I'll just namefag to ensure people don't get confused.

>You feel the morning wind blowing through the open window in your miniature kitchen.
>Maybe it's still a little too early to wear the bathrobe
>You make your way to the calender
>Pretty sure you have an appointment with Twilight soon.
>Today's date is marked with a big circle, and words written in Pinkie Pie's mouth writing
> "One year anniversary of Anon moving to town!"
> Really? That long? Seems like so soon.
>Time moves fast here in the world of ponies. You can barely remember how you got here.
>As you stew in your nostalgia, you lazily check the clock
"Oh dicks."
>You've got work in ten minutes.
>You put on clothes as quickly as possible.
>Jeans? Check. T-shirt? Check. Some kind of flannel thing Rarity made you? Check.
> You run out the door like a bat-pony outta hell.
>As you run away, you realize you left your toast on the table.
>Coulda ran with that in your mouth.
>Missed opportunities.
>The spring air is crisp and refreshing. Winter wrap up was just a few weeks ago. You've still got the vest back home.
>Your main job is doing hooman jobs for the apple family.
>Fingers are like a farmer's best friend, you can just pick things up and put them down and still be able to talk through the whole thing.
>Ponies can't get enough of that.
>Especially that green one.

>Your day dreaming is interrupted by the front gate at Sweet Apple Acres. You made it with a minute to spare.
>You see Applejack wheeling out the carts for today's bucking. Or in your case, picking.
"Mornin' Ms.Applejack!"
>She turns with a smile. "Howdy Anon! Ah could use some help getting these carts outta the barn!"
"No problem"
>Your work day started quickly then got boring pretty fast.
>Picking apples isn't very fulfilling, but it isn't easy either.
>Ponies dont have picking machines or anything to really assist you. Which means you gotta climb the tree to get all the

good apples at the top.
>It used to be a lot more difficult, but these days it's not too hard to get to the top.
>Lunch time rolls around, and you're finishing up your last tree.
>Applejack yells from the base of the tree,"Hey Anon! Cmon down for some grub!"
>Finally break time. You just wanna grab this last apple and get outta the tree.
>That isn't what I think it is.
>The branch beneath you snaps under your weight, and you fall from the top of the tree.
>You hit the ground hard as hell.
>"Anon! You alright?" Applejack trots over to you.
"Y-yeah, yeah. I'm good."
>That fall probably would've hurt a lot more if the branches didn't catch on...
"Ah man. My shirt's been ripped to shreds!"
>That's an understatement. Your shirt has been more than ripped, it has be reduced to barely anything more than a potatoe

sack tied to your torso.
> "Well, it ain't too bad," Applejack says with a smirk,"Ah'm sure Rarity can fix it."
>Maybe she's right. You'll have to hope Rarity doesn't mind too much. But these are some of your only clothes.
"I guess I could go home and change..."
>"Ah pff. Just take it off. Y'all don't wanna miss lunch."
>You're unsure about this. You were always sensitive about your body.
>But she is just a pony. She probably doesn't know anything about human anatomy.
>And it's not like anybody else wears clothes around here.
"Eh, it's pretty warm out anyway. May as well."
>Applejack chuckles, "Atta boy. Cmon, let's get somethin' to eat."
>She turns and starts walking to the barn.
>In a half tear, half unbutton action, you remove what is left of your shirt and flannel.
>Dammit, it was a nice flannel too.
>Applejack turns around to see you as you removes your tattered garb
>"So what do you want for luuuuuhhh.. I-I, uh."
>Okay, maybe it was colder than you thought. Your nipples are mad hard. You hope Applejack doesn't see.
>"F-for uh, erm." She stutters with wide eyes.
>Yeah, she can probably see them. She hasn't taken her eyes off you chest since you removed your "shirt"
>Okay, maybe it was colder than you thought. Your nipples are mad hard. You hope Applejack doesn't see.

that line made me laugh waaaay harder than it should have
>You are Applejack
>Anon just ripped is clothes off his chest, revealing what can only be described as a Celestian body. You've never seen muscles like those on the stallions around here.
>His bare chest and stong abs. Nipples flared
>No, this isn't right, you're a pony, he's a human. That's not how any of this works.
>But he's so... incredible... and so strong!
>Is this really the Anon you hired a year ago?
>'Say something AJ, say something. You're just staring.' you think to yourself
"Uhhh.. S-so what do you want for lunch Anon~"
>Did that come out weird?
>That definitely came out weird.
>"Uhh. I guess we could get something from town? Hey listen, if you need me to grab a shirt you can-"
"NO NO. Uh, that ain't neccessary."
>Well that came out way too loud.
>Dangit AJ, get it together.

>Once again you are Anon.
>While you may be down a shirt, this won't stop you from getting something tasty from Sugar Cube Corner.
>Applejack seems a little distraught by your new fashion.
>Must be the nipples.
>It's gotta be the nipples.
>Do ponies even have nipples?
"Alright, lemme just grab my bitbag."
>You fondle around your waist to find nothing there.
"Hey Ms.Applejack, have you seen-"
>"Just call me Applejack, please." she interrupts you.
"Applejack have you seen my bitbag? It's usually just hanging from my belt but-"
>That's when you see a glimmer in the tree you fell from. Hanging from a branch halfway up is your bit bag.
"Ah! There it is."
>Applejack hasn't moved from her spot. She continues to stare.
>You grab onto a low hanging branch and pull yourself up.
>Hands. Love these things.
>Upon closer inspection you realize that the purse is harder to grab than you previously though, hanging deep within the brush of the tree.
>It's too far to grab with your hand, but you get an idea.
It's a bit nippley in here.
God dammit.
I'm gonna have to stop pretty soon, as my roommate is being a class A dill weed and wants to sleep. I'll sneak in a few more parts for you guys the wrap it up tomorrow.

>You are Applejack again.
>Anon has rendered you useless. You can feel your marehood dripping.
>You shake your head and try to look away, but it's useless. His toned muscles flex as he pulls himself onto a low branch.
>Oh celestia is he good at climbing.
>He seems to be pondering how to get his bitbag
>You bite your lip
"Just keep climbing Anon. Just keep climbing..." you whisper under your breath.
>He grabs a branch with each hand parallel to eachother
>Suddenly, he uses his arms and core to lift his legs up and grab the bit bag between his feet.
>His muscles gleam of sweat as the pump to get his body up not once, not twice, but three times before finally grabbing the bag.
> Your hoof moves on it's own, and lightly brushes your throbbing clit.
>Immediately you feel like you're on the edge
"Oh Celestia"
>He contracts once more to heave his body onto the branches
>That did not just happen.
Other writefag here, I gotta go to bed so I'm wrapping up my own post as we speak. Anyone want the pastebin?
The most nippley

>You are Anon.
>Getting your damn bit bag was a workout, but it was worth it. Time to grab some cupcakes. Or maybe muffins.
>You land on the ground again.
>Applejack is sitting on the ground covered in sweat.
>She must have been nervous you'd fall again.
>What a sweet little pony.
>You should buy her a cupcake.
>Wait, what's that smell. It's kind of... musky.
"Hey Applejack, do you smell that?"
>AJ is just staring into space, with a bit of drool hanging out the side of her mouth.
>You crouch down in front of her.
"Oi, everything alright in there?"
>Man she must have been REALLY nervous about you climbing up there. She's petrified with worry.
>You snap your fingers in front of her face, breaking her gaze.
"You okay?" you ask in a reassuring tone.
"Ha. Alright then. Hey, you smell that?"
>"All ah can smell is you Anon~"
>That sounded odd.
>She blushes, "A-Ah mean, I can't smell anything."
>It's too late, you've already heard
>Sounds like you should take a bath later.
>Applejack obviously wanted to be polite and not say anything.
"Let's just head over to Sugar Cube Corner already! I'm starving!"
>Might want to cover up though, not having a shirt may be frowned upon in places of business..
>You grab the ripped Flannel from the base of the tree.
>If you wrap it in just the right way, it turns into a kind of tanktop.
"Alright, let's go!"
>Applejack seems to have regained her composure.
>She shakes her head and starts walking with you.
>"Uh, yeah. Heh. Let's get moving!"
>You are Applejack
>Anon just made you open up a can of orgasm all over the ground.
>What. The. Buck.
>Thank Celestia he covered up.
>You trot behind quietly.
>It's all so confusing. Why do you find him so irresistable? Why does he have this effect on you?
>Get a grip, it's just Anon. He's just a little stronger now, and a little more firm... and a little more toned.
>You feel a drip of drool drop out of your mouth.
>You shake your head.
>What the hay is wrong with you?
>He isn't any different than he was this morning.
>...but now that you think of it, did he always walk with such confidence?
>And was his butt ever so...
>You blush.
>But you don't care.
>You don't care. You just keep fantasizing what Anon could do to you, for you.
>With those big arms, and those hand things.
>You bet those can do a lot more than pick apples.
>You lick your lips.
>It's unnatural, so what? Who cares?

Alright, that's all for tonight. I'll post again in like 9 hours. I need sleeps. Gnight /mlp/, see you in the morning for more sauciness.
well keep this oven warm for ya!
>no rainbow
see: every instance of rainbro dash ever
Last post before bed. I was caught up in reading RiggyRag's story.

>Damn, does that air feel good!
>You sling your gum-stained shirt and apron under your arm, wondering if you should just take the old washboard to this, or just ask Twilight for a solvent; your kingdom for some Goof-Off.
>Picking impatiently at the pink mess, you decide on the latter.
>Treebrary, ahoy!
>You knock on the door, having to kneel down to get eye level with anybody, else you want to stare at the frame.
>And the door opened, being greeted by the tiny purple doormat, Spike.
>"Hey Anon, what happened to you??"
"Bubblegum-splosion at Sugarcube Corner."
>"Pinkie, huh?"
"No, this time it was me. Long story. Twilight here?"
>"Yeah, come on in!"
>You ducked your head as you went on in, your forehead thanking you.
>The first time you arrived here, you bonked your head on doors all the damn time.
>Sitting on two of the ridiculously small stools, you saw and heard Spike calling for Twilight, heading upstairs.
>While you waited, you were watching Owlowiscious catching a snooze, you forget he lives here too sometimes.
>The sound of hooves clopping downstairs had snatched your attention away, as you saw the bookhorse making her way down.
>"Oh hello Anon! What can I-aye-aye-yi-yi..."
That was entertaining.
yes, pastebin would be nice
>last post
>at the good part
damn you
pastebin? yes pls.

Sorry, if I didn't have work in 7 hours, I'd keep going.
Sorry guys, I refuse to write anon and pony stuff sexy stuff. I rather write comedy or sexy EQG stuff.
then write a comedy around the concept. having Pones walk into walls after Anon accidentally distracts them with Muh Abs could work. Just run with it, doesn't have to be full on sexy stuffs.
I don't think any of us are /fit/izens by any stretch, what about those of us with sloping shoulders, bad posture, and scrawny builds
File: 1362359738475.jpg (182KB, 817x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 817x768px
I definitely want to get /fit/. The dreaded skinnyfat is coming for me.
>implying I'm not /fit/
I mean I'm not obsessed with fitness like some people on /fit/, but I'm pretty good.
It's okay to come in when someone else is writing. More writers is usually better.

Also, you have a pastebin or a name or something? I'm pretty wasted ATM.
>Goddammit knock off that writing erotic comedy about horses from childrens cartoons, I am trying to sleep.
This amuses me.
You aren't the only one.
man this is one of my favorite threads at the moment, glad to see it back from the dead

bumping with Diskotek's pastebin
File: 1412569216249.png (220KB, 1200x975px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 1200x975px
Alright everybody. I'm back for more. I'll be here all day.
You know, I feel like this could be implemented pretty easily. Honestly I am actually a pretty active member on fit, but I think it would be pretty cool to have one where the ponies have an almost fetish-like attraction to Anon. Like, he could just be a skinny fat, but the mere fact he is hooman and nekkid is enough to spark sexual tension.

Muh roommate doesn't understand my craft. Then again, I don't understand my craft.

Here's my brand new Pastebin for those of you who asked. I'm uber new to this stuff, so sorry if my formatting is constructed primarily of autism


Also, i guess I'm name fagging from now on.

>You are Anon.
>Your stomach is growling just thinking about lunch.
>Your mind wanders from sweet to sweet. Cupcakes, cake cakes, pound cakes, muffins, cookies, mmm
>You're so caught up in your thoughts you smack your head directly into Sugar Cube Corner's door.
>You keep forgetting the doors are a lot shorter around here.
>Applejack didn't seem to notice, she's licking her lips and drooling a bit.
>Man, she must be just as hungry as you are.
>You open the door to Sugar Cube Corner to find all the lights are out.
>That's strange, usually they're open this time of day.
>You look to Appljack, but she seems just as lost as you.
>You take a couple steps inside.
>The door closes behind.
"Hello? Any...pony in here?"
>Saying 'anypony' still feels weird, even after a year.
>There is no response.
>You turn to Applejack and shrug
"I guess nobody is her-"
>Suddenly the lights turn on, blinding you with the fury of a thousand sunbutts
"Geez Panko, you scared me half to death," you say as you rub your eyes, "What's the occasion?"
>*giggle* silly Nonny! It's your superultrafantasmicsupreme-one-year-anniversary bananza! Didn't you see your calender?"
>Huh, now that she mentions it.
"Oh yeah, thanks Pinkie!"
File: 1412570307812.png (266KB, 1157x1144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266KB, 1157x1144px
>As you regain your vision you see the wonderful party shes prepared for you. With streamers hanging from the rafters, balloons hitting the cieling, all the chairs being decorated, the cannon in the middle of the room...
>There's a cannon in the middle of the room.
"Pinkie... what's with the-"
>"Cannon? It's a party cannon Nonny! I take it with everywhere I go!"
"Yeah but, why is it pointed at me?"
>"Because it's your party, duhh. I mean, could you imagine NOT getting blasted with the party cannon on your superultrafantasmicsupreme-one-year-anniversary bananza? I certainly can't! It's a very crucial part of any party!"
"I just dunno if it's, you know, a good idea."
>"Don't worry Nonny! I added more conffetti and increased the blast force to compensate for your size!"
>That doesn't sound good.
>"You're a little early to your own party though, you should come back later when all the guests-"
>Pinkie leans on the cannon the wrong way.
>The concussive force of the cannon knocks you on your ass.
>"AH! Sorry Nonny! That was supposed to be for l-l-l-laterrr....."
>Man did that blast knock the wind out of you.
>You sit up to find yourself 10ft behind your shoes, still standing in front of the cannon.
>You'll be damned. She knocked you right out of your shoes. And, apparently, your shirt.
>Seems the blast was too much for those poor flannel shreds that were once a shirt.
>"Oh Celestia" you hear Applejack squeak.
>You turn around to see her covered in your shirt fragments.
>"I-i'm sorry N-nonny. I didn't m-mean t-t-to."
>You stand up
"I'm alright, I'm alright. Though my shirt is not."

brb, gotta shower, brush my teeth, and get some goddamn cereal.
File: 1411073230202.png (200KB, 777x1027px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200KB, 777x1027px

>anon removes his pants, now standing buck naked in front of Pinkie
>Pinkie's fucking face when

>her tail shoots upright so that the dock is nearly vertical
>rivulets of ponkjuice are flowing down her hindlegs
>winking so frantically that loud little squelches can be heard from her rump
>these sounds are quickly drown out by the sound of party poppers and noisemakers exploding between her hind legs, showering her tail and the ground behind her in confetti, heralding an imminent climax

>Pinkie has to quickly make an excuse about leaving the oven on at Sugarcube corner and quickly absconds, before she has a loud, massive, embarrassing maregasm in front of Anon

>meanwhile Anon is just confused as hell
Believe I've been working on it for the past month. Definitely got some improvements in my calves and forearms.
I sure hope writefag didn't drown in his cereal
Nah. I'm back. Gold Grahams man, I get lost in their flavor.

>you smile reassuringly
"I'll just have to get a new..."
>You realize Pinkie Pie is now standing right next to you
>She stares up at you with big shining eyes, her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.
"...one... Hey is everything alright Pinkie?"
>"W-who? Me? Of course! Whywouldn'tIbealright?It'snotlikeI'mtheonewhojustlosttheirshirtandisstandinginthemiddleofmyshopallshirtlessandstuff."
>That came out at about a mile a minute. Couldn't really catch the last half.
"Uhh, okay! Well I could really use a cupcake."
"Yyyyeah, I didn't understand what you just said. But I really need a cupcake before I go home and grab a shirt."
>"O-oh! Well cmon into the kitchen! I have some, uh, fresh cupcakes coming right out of the oven!"
"Hey Applejack, you coming?"
>She didn't respond, she was holding the pieces of your shirt.
>Looks like she gathered them up for you.
>You swear, that pony is always looking out for you. What a pal.

Not gonna lie, Anon. I want more of this.

>You are Applejack
>You have Anon's shirt in your hooves after watching that muscular back head into the kitchen with Pinkie.
>You're covered with Anon's sweaty rags, his scent wafts to your nose.
>You lick your lips
>I suppose, if he isn't here, there's no reason...
>You shove your snout into a piece of flannel you are holding.
>His smell, oh Celestia his smell.
>It brings to mind images of him climbing the tree
>Glistening in the sun, his muscles shine with sweat.
>You feel your hoof heading south again as you inhale his scent deeply
>Suddenly, you feel a hoof on your shoulder.
>"Applejack?" said a tomboyish voice from behind
>The sudden hoof makes you jump, and you hide the flannel you were nose deep in.
>It's Rainbow Dash
>"Applejack! Haha, you look like you've seen a ghost."
"Muh-Maybe. Heheh."
>You are really bad at acting
>"Everything alright in there? You seem kind of..." Rainbow Dash drifts off as she smells the air
>She looks you up and down.
>"Applejack, what the buck?!"
>You tilt your head down.
"Ah know! Ah know! Ah'm sorry."
>"Applejack, what the buck is going on with you? Why are you doing... that... here?"
>You decide it's time to come clean.
"It ain't like Ah wanna do this. H-He just has this effect on me."
>There is a moment of pause as Rainbow Dash tries to register what you are saying.
>Suddenly she starts to giggle and snort
>"Nonny did this to you? The hooman?"
"Don'tcha laugh at me. I didn't know he was so..."
>You sigh deeply.
>"Yeah, okay AJ. This is Nonny we're talking about. He's a hooman, I don't see how he can be sexy to us. haha."
>She continues to giggle.
>"Cmon, let's go grab a cupcake from the kitchen.
I'd say shits gonna get good but it's already great
Aw thanks mang

>You are Anon
>Shirtless, dirty, hungry, Anon
>Pinkie Pie escorts you to the kitchen in the back to get some cupcakes
>Aw yiss
>She stops suddenly, making you bump into her rear.
>She shudders.
>You guess she must not liked being touched.
>Wait, this is Pinkie Pie you're talking about.
>Maybe she just doesn't like being touched by humans.
>She seems to be sweating, because the crotch of your pants are suddenly a little damp.
"Uh, sorry."
>"Nuh-No problem Nonny~" she says with a slight squeak
"So where are the cupcakes at? I'm pretty hungry from work this morning."
>Pinkie slowly turns around an motions to a high shelf.
>"I just need that tub of frosting to put on the cupcakes when they come out of the oven."
"Oh, sure. I'll grab it."
>Ponies must have a hard time not having fingers.
>How did the frosting even get up there in the first place?
>Did they hire a pegasus to do it or something?
>Or did Pinkie Pie just break the law of physics and bend your already warped perception of reality as always?
>You put your fingers on the tub of frosting
>It's just barely out of reach to fully grab it.
>You reach as hard as possible, and finally get your hands around it.
>Something knocks your stability off.
>You fall on your ass
>Could have been worse honestly, it's not-
>The bucket of frosting lands on your head, blasting your body with sugary goodness.
File: 1403773496729.jpg (20KB, 214x236px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 214x236px
Ohshit, i can only imagine where this is going.
cupcakes? why not have applepie

File: 1412640784843.png (116KB, 655x598px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 655x598px
>You are Pinkie Pie
>You are drowning in your own fluids at this point
>You've done a good job at hiding it from Anon so far, but you really can't keep up the charade for much longer.
>While Anon was grabbing that frosting, you may have 'accidentally' bumped him.
>Now he is sitting in a puddle of frosting, covered from head to toe in a rose colored cream.
>"Pinkie? Are you there?" Anon says from within the bucket
"Y-yeah! ImeanwhereelesewouldIbe-"
>"Okay, Ponka, I need you to listen. I am pretty sure this bucket is stuck on my head. I need you to get it off."
"U-uh. Okay, but how?"
>"I dunno, just try to clean up some of the frosting around the bucket, then pull it off."
>Anon wants you to clean up the frosting, you should probably grab a towel.
>But... you wouldn't want to get the towels covered in frosting.
>Maybe there is a more... efficient way to do this.
"O-okay, let me clean off some of that frosting..."
>You can't believe you're about to do this.
>But you're definitely going to do it.
>You put your hooves on Anon's chest, and begin licking his chest.
>Your tongue passes over his chest and nipple, you start heading north.
>Oh Celestia, this is incredible.
>"Wow, that is a really good towel. Sorry you're ruining it with frosting."
>Your eyes roll further back in your head with every pass of the tongue.
"D-don't worry about it, m-my big cupcake.." you whisper.
>Did not mean to say that outloud. Did not mean to say that outloud.
>"Pinkie, whatever it is you just said, you'll have to speak up. I've got frosting in my ears."
>That was close
>You continue licking, moving up his neck now.
>This is too good to be true. His flavor, his scent, his feel. It's all so wonderful.
>You begin bucking your thighs out of instinct.
>Okay, maybe you should slow down, you don't want to-
>Anon suddenly shifts his body, bumping his knee into your marehood.
"Gwahhhhahha~" you sigh
>A torrent of Pink flavored juice flows out of your body onto the ground near Anon's legs.
>"Woah! Sorry Pinkie, I didn't meant to knock the water bucket over."
>tfw he still thinks you're using a wet towel.
>Looks like you'll get out of this scott free.
>Wait, where is this draft coming from.
>You turn to see Rainbow Dash and Applejack standing in the open door.
>Rainbow's wings are straight up, Applejack is staring and drooling.
>How long have they been there?
it begins

>You are Rainbow Dash
>You and Applejack just witnessed the single most sexual thing either of you have ever seen.
>When you came in, Pinkie was licking frosting off of Anon, and now she is laying in his lap after releasing the Pinkie Dam
>She runs to you shushing
>"SHHHHHHHUUUUSHHHH. He doesn't knooowwwww." she says in a hushed tone.
>"How does he not know?" Applejack responds, also hushed.
>"He doesn't hear too good with the bucket on his head."
>Anon shifts uncomfortably.
>"Hey, uh, you still there Pink? I still need help getting this bucket off."
>Anon stands up straight.
>Only now do you see what Applejack was talking about.
>Before, he was covered in frosting, but now as he stands tall you can see his full figure.
>Those arms and body. Oh gods, is this what he was hiding underneath those clothes?
>Your wings stand up hard as a pole.
"Th-That's not the A-Anon I knew..."
>Applejack nudges you.
>"Now do y'all get it? He's so-"
>"Tasty" Pinkie blurts out before giggling nervously
>"And strong..." Applejack continues
"...so... awesome..."
>Now you're starting to feel uncomfortable.
>No, you won't fall into whatever it is Applejack and Pinkie Pie have fallen for.
>You're stronger than that.

>Suddenly Anon pulls on the bucket.
>"Gyah. Almost got it"
>The bucket finally pops off.
>"Oh man was it hard to hear in there."
>Anon looks down at the three little ponies in front of him.
>"Is, uh, everything okay?"
>He looks at your wings.
>"Oh hey Rainbow Dash. You going flying soon or something?"
"Y-yeah bro. I was just about to, uh, do some flying."
>'Yeah bro'? Really?
>"Well alright then. I'm gonna go take a bath I think. Do you mind cleaning up?"
>Applejack answers before you can make a bigger fool of yourself.
>"Uh, nope! J-just go take your bath, we'll finish up in here!"
>"Okay thanks! You guys are the best!"
>Anon grabs a cupcake off the counter before walking outside.
>You keep staring at his ass as he walks away.
"Sweet baby Luna he is hot."
>Applejack grabs you by your face.
"We'll clean up in here, you follow him. We need to know how his bath goes."
>She didn't have to tell you twice
>You take off through the window and land on a fluffy cloud.
>Celestia flying is hard when your wings are stiff like this.
>You sneakily hover near Anon, quietly following him. Staring at his dirty body.
>His dirty, dirty body.
>Why weren't you allowed to lick him too?
Please, let Anon no longer be a dense plank of wood. Also, there's been enough splashing already.
I just want to find a story where mares find Anon highly attractive and want to either fuck him, carry out their fantasies or just start off with dates with him.
This has so far been 'Hot 'n' Bothered: The Motion Picture - Based on the Comics, Based on the Novel, Based on the Greentext: Blue-Ball'd, Special, Limited Edition'.
Every writefag so far whose come and gone left because they were essentially writing the same old skit, over and over again.

>Anon takes of clothing.
>"I want to have sex with you."
"What was that?"
>"I want to have sex with you."
"What was that?"
>"I want to have sex with you."
"What was that?"
>"I want to have sex with you."
"What was that?"
>"I want to have sex with you."
"What was that?"

Is this some new epic meme or something?
Sexy-but-deaf Anon in Equestria

But seriously, stop being turds.
"Ponies find Anon attractive then fuck him" is like, 80% of stories that exist now. Maybe some new variations on the current theme would work, but I doubt it would be as effective to abandon the entire concept.
It's haremitis
I disagree completely. This is the most fun I've had in a thread in ages.
When the only changes are 'Splooshing Mares' and 'Oblivious Anon', there are only so many scenarios you could do the same old dance around before you get bored and want to move on. I haven't felt any feels or any sense of arousal since the focus is all centered around a singular character; Anon, the guy, the human.
A lot of the greentext has been continually ramping up what the pone get away with without Anon noticing. Tis amusing.
But this isn't a thread about feels or arousal... It's about comedy and exploring just how dense can a single person be without breaking the fabric of reality.
To add on, the humour just doesn't last. Laughter is rare for good reason - we're just not suited for it - it wears thin.
When we find something funny, we'd like to feel it was a good laugh to have and not another 'eheheh'. If you're aiming for comedy, it must be either consistant or have a really good build-up.
File: 1412569144805.gif (835KB, 323x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
835KB, 323x500px
Actually I also dislike the denseness of Anon in most of these greentexts. In the one I've been working on, I avoid him just straight up not understanding what is going on.

Of course there is always going to be Anon being oblivious enough to find certain things to be out of good intentions, such as Applejack being petrified due to her "worry" surrounding Anon, but in this case Anon had no reason to assume otherwise. He didn't see the effect he had on Applejack, and on top of that he doesn't think ponies could feel attraction to humans.

In all the other scenarios he has either been incapacitated (bucket on head making him systematically deaf) or simply not educated to how ponies work (see Rainbow's wings)

I'm very new to the writefag game, but I assure you this story is not heading in the same direction as most others. I'm just trying to lay down a more detailed base line so it doesn't seem like I'm just going straight for the throat. I want there to be some hefty context before I shift into a different tone.

I won't spill too much, but what I will say is Anon is not as oblivious as you think.

As for now, I am tinkering the story in notepad a bit, but I'm going to be in class for a few hours. I'll be back soon.
Thank you, Rags.
The thread is about Anon being incredibly attractive to ponies for whatever reason.

Why that is, his degree of awareness to this fact, and how the story is played (Comedy, clop, blue winking) is up to the individual authors.
I believe this thread holds no form, honestly.
The only stipulation made was that ponies are falling all over themselves over Anon's hooman body. What you do with it is up to you.

The approach I have chosen is all about treading through familiar terrirtory, then using it as a spring board for something more. But the beauty of this thread is that you can write it any way you want. Maybe most ponies are not attracted to Anon, but one is. Like, a specific background pone.

Then you could write about the endeavors this pony goes through tackling this confusing cross species attraction. It doesn't need to be funny, it can be rich with emotion and be a real journey of the mind.

It's our thread, write what you want, any way you want to!
this is fucking great
a new legendary writefag is born!

>Behind it all
>Lyra has cast a gigantic spell over Ponyville so that everyone can understand the way she feels about Anon better, so she doesn't feel so left out of place.
>But now she's more out of place than ever before.
Dude, write that.Or make it into an action movie.

Haha, a fag like myself can dream.
i think we've had maybe 3-4 story's total in these threads, and there is yet to be Lyra...
it must be that she is too obvious a choice, or perhaps the writers avoid her because this is old territory for her character?
i can understand that, but there is still a lot of opportunity to make something REALLY good out of this.
mastermind Lyra like >>20502637, or even just have her be a whole new level of aroused, she could be the leader of a group (cult/ social movement); then we have Bonbon, who could either compliment Lyra or be the antithesis to Lyra's enthusiasm.
it would be a fine line to tread, of course.
Lyra would be kinda out of character if she isn't (at least a bit) more interested in Anon, but you don't want to go into full "rape-stalker" territory, that is for the flutterape threads...

just throwing some ideas out there!
> epic meme
Go fuck yourself back to reddit you damn faggot
>dat filename
I do like your idea regarding Lyra. Perhaps I shall make her the focal point of another entry in the future.

I'm back from class, with a couple new additions:

>You are Anon.
>Today has been rather unusual, you're down a shirt, you're on an extended lunch break, and you smell of god knows what.
>It's certainly different from home.
>You know, home home.
>Life before ponies is all a blur, but you do remember a few things.
>You had a family, and a few close friends.
>Life is a lot more simple here with the ponies. It's happier and healthier for sure.
>But it's also lonely.
>Sure, chatting with ponies and having their friendship is amazing, but you can't get close to them than that.
>You sigh as you scratch the back of your neck.
>Sometimes you wish you had more time with the human world.
>With your friends and family
>It's hard to remember, but you can still feel them.
>You are finally at the small pond near the edge of everfree forest.
>It's time to get a little bit cleaner, and maybe a bit more relaxed.
>You dive right in, not even bothering to take off your pants.
>Holy dicks that is refreshing.
>The water strips away all the filth and leaves you feeling new again.
>You start floating on your back, staring up at the clouds.
>Well, cloud.
>A pegasus must have left one behind by accident.
>You close your eyes as you float lazily.
>So much time, so little to do.
>See this writeguy gets it
Write more plox
>You're greeted by a light bump on the head.
>You must have hit the edge of the lake.
>You open your eyes to look up at the mortified expression of a Fluttershy
>That startled the tits off of you, and your yell seems to have scared her.
>You really don't know Fluttershy very well, she doesn't really talk much.
>However you do know about her job here in ponyville, taking care of animals and such.
"O-Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I was just startled."
>Fluttershy blushed and looked to the ground.
>You knew she was shy. Well, it's kind of obvious what with her name having 'shy' in it.
>Your mind wanders back to your friends from home.
>Maybe you could become better friends with her.
"Hey, don't feel bad. You're not the first to scare me."
>She just shakes her head.
"Is it about something else?"
>you stand up out of the water.
>She blushes more and her wings explode outwards
>You did something wrong here
"Woah, i-I'm sorry. Listen just tell me what is bothering you."
>Fluttershy whispers under her breath
"I-I couldn't quite understand that. Please say it again."
>you lean in close
>You can barely hear her, but you make out a few words.
>"B-body... lake.."
>Your body? You didn't think you looked too terrible.
>Wait, why would your body make her uncomfortable? She's a pony, not a human.
"My body makes you uncomfortable?"
>Fluttershy nods
"Why? Don't you care for different animals all the time? Just see me as one of those. You don't need to feel like this around me."
>Fluttershy suddenly seems to have calmed down. Something must have made sense to her.
"See? It's not that different is it."
>"I-I guess not."
>Those were first words you could clearly hear.
>Maybe most ponies are not attracted to Anon, but one is.
This immediately brings to mind Fleetfoot and Tealove's concussed behaviour toward Big Mac in the comic.
Thanks fella, I will continue. I hope I don't disappoint.
I love that story arc. Their fantasies of Big Mac always make me kek

The bitch even got Luna's attention.
I'm sure he meant to say "ebin maymay."
Because this is 4chan, and being more obnoxious than the thing you're criticizing is ... better?
i require more half naked shenanigans

>You smile and sit down in the shallow water.
>She must have been taking a bath too.
"I'm sorry I made you feel weird Fluttershy. I didn't mean nothing by it."
>"Oh, i-it's quite alright. I-I just didn't expect it."
>She's pretty timid, but maybe now you can chat a bit more.
"How's your day been?"
>"I-it's been good. I was just relaxing here for a little while."
>You give a big smile.
"It certainly is a relaxing pond. It's quite warm for the season."
>She nods
>"How has your day been?"
>That is a very good question.
"Uh, rather odd really. Everypony is acting so strange today. They alway seem distraught."
>"Oh? Why is that?"
"I don't know. It all started when I fell out of that tree and worried Applejack half to death. I also lost..."
>Your shirt. You lost your shirt then.
>That must be it, you must be making other ponies uncomfortable. It doesn't make much sense, after all they are miniature equines and you are a heavily evolved ape.
>But that must be the reason.
"Oh geez. It's because I lost my shirt. My bare body is distracting others.:
>Fluttershy giggles a little bit.
>"Um, well, what did you expect?"
>Didn't think you were THAT gross. Even Fluttershy is pointing it out.
"I dunno. I guess I thought there would be a much larger species divide between ponies and humans."
>"I don't think it really matters if you feel attracted to somepony of a different species. I don't think it's very odd either."
"Yeah. Maybe it isn't that odd."
>Wait, what did she say about feeling? Attracted?
"Uhh, Fluttershy. Did you say you felt... attracted, to my physique?"
>Fluttershy blushed
>"W-Wasn't that what we were discussing? I-I'm sorry."

As long as it doesn't devolve into a generic clop fic
I'd be okay with it turning into subtly teasing the ponies.
File: animalteam.jpg (12KB, 340x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, gonna try to avoid that.

>You are still Anon, and you are completely shocked.
>You've never considered yourself an attractive person.
>Back in the human world, you played video games and browsed the internet far more than you went outside.
>But in this technologically inferior, magical place, you had nothing more to do than work on the farm, swim, climb, run, and party with Pinkie.
>Your body has changed, even if you stayed the same old Anon.
>It doesn't make much sense for one animal to find another attractive.
>Or maybe it does. You do know of one other pony that has a similar dilemma.
>You stand out of the water.
"Thank you Fluttershy. You really helped me out."
>Fluttershy seems confused, but she accept the thanks regardless.
>"Oh n-no problem Anon. "
>You pick her up and give her a hug. Her wings explode outwards again.
>That may or may not have something to do with the attraction thing.
>You put her back down and start heading towards the end of the small pond you hopped in from.
>You remember something before leaving her.
"Oh hey! You're coming to my super-something One year anniversary party, right?"
>Fluttershy is still blushing from the hug. She smiles and nods
"Alright! I'll see you there then!"
>You freestyle stroke back to the shore.
>With your newly realized attraction, you start to understand just how accidentally sexual you really are acting.
>You get out of the pond gracefully as the water drips from your body.
>Suddenly liquid splashes against your head
>You look up to see nothing but the cloud.
>Little asshole was waiting until you got out of the lake to rain on you.
>You dunk your head back into the pond water to clean it then walk to your house.
>Comes to a thread about ponies having unbearable human fetishes.
>Hopes for things to not head towards clop.
You've got strange expectations, friend.
File: mlfw2312_medium.jpg (32KB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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actually the previous threads have been completely clop free.
If they are considered clop free, then they certainly have HEAVY sexual content. After all, one of the main run on jokes is that they orgasm and ejaculate onto the ground.

>First things first: You need a shirt.
>Problem: You have no more shirts in one piece.
>Solution: ???
>You start to look around your house for something you can still wear in the spring. You are NOT going to Rarity's house wearing a winter jacket in the middle of April.
>None the less, you look through your winter clothing for something to wear.
>Something catches your eye.
>Your Winter Wrap Up vest!
>Rarity even added some sleeves, so it was more of a varsity jacket than a vest.
>It is brown with a little acorn on the corner, signifying the wilderness squad.
>You had to help animals get moved into their homes, and help revive the ecosystem.
>She even put a patch on with a hand designed on it.
>Yeah, it was a helluva lot easier for you to fix up nests than for ponies.
>Again: Fingers. Love those things.
>It may be a bit odd to wear with nothing underneath, but as long as you zip it, you should be able to conceal your bare body.
>You put it on, and it fits like a glove.
>One thing that can be said about Rarity, regardless the species she knows fashion.
>You zip it up and head out the door.
>It's a little warm out for this jacket, but apparently it's nothing compared to the heat you're putting mares into.
>It's all still very confusing to you, you need some advice before you do something you might regret.
>While you jog to Rarity's boutique, you are reminded of a story Twilight told you once.
>It was about the time she cast a charm on her stuffed animal, and everyone in Ponyville went mad trying to get it.
>Maybe you can talk to her after Rarity. I mean she is a princess these days.
>And princesses are pretty powerful.
>Like, really powerful.
>They usually get what they want.
>Note to self: do not remove jacket in front of Twilight.
My friends need my help. With some editing.
I'm bringing my laptop, so I'll still be posting, I'll probably just be updating a bit slower.

Don't worry friends, I'm not leaving you.

Also, because it was requested earlier, here is my pastebin again: http://pastebin.com/u/RiggyRag
File: 1338105381446.png (151KB, 370x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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time for rarity to take a gander at that bod
Well they weren't centred around the clop but I get your point
>double bubble gummy yummies.
I don't know what this would be. But I want it.
Just thought of some fuckin' goofy name for a cupcake and why Anon would be forced to strip in front of Pank.
bump for interest
File: 1412569559752.png (34KB, 1000x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh hey, are you the writer from before? I loved what you had written.
These story's pleases me.
I kek'd

>You arrive at the boutique.
>This jacket is a lot warmer when you're running around. You're drenched with sweat.
>You're dying.
>You knock on the door and hear a voice from the inside
>"I'm sorry, but the boutique has closed early today. You'll have to come back tomorrow."
"Does it have anything to do with my anniversary thing?"
>After a small pause, you hear the locks clicking.
>The door opens, revealing Rarity. Her mane is wrapped in a towel, obviously getting ready for the party later.
>"Anon! I wasn't expecting to see you until Pinkie's party!"
"Yeah, well, I need a little help. Do you mind if I come in?"
>"Oh Anon, always so polite. Come, come."
>You walk inside with the little pony and sit on a small chair.
>She hops onto her little red couch
>"So what is it that is bothering you, darling?"
"Well, it's kind of regarding, uh... I don't know how to put this."
>"Darling I cannot talk to you while you're still wearing that disgusting jacket."
"I actually don't have anything on underneath it...."
>"It doesn't matter. You should never walk around wearing a uniform out of its season. It's far too distracting.
"Well I mean-"
>"Anon please. We're all friends here. As much as I love the jacket I created, it's not the right time to wear it, and it is soaked with sweat!"
>"I insist Anon."
>When Rarity insists, it means her hoof has been put down.
>She's really twisting your arm with this, but it is probably better to comply.
>You stand up and start to remove the jacket.
>You remove it as quickly as possible to avoid coming off as erotic.
>"O-oh my." Rarity stutters
>Yeah, that was expected.
"Rarity, I'm gonna need you to stay with me here."
>"Wha-What?" Rarirty shakes her head and seems to have snapped out of it
>"My GOODNESS Anon, you have really filled out since I last saw you! You look very... exquisite."
"Uh, yeah. Thanks. This is what this whole thing is about. You're not the only pony that's been taken aback by my apperance."
>"I'm not surprised with a chest like that, and abs like those... and arms like those... and a-"
"Rarity, again, eyes up here. Stay with me."
>She shakes herself out of the trance again.
>You grab your jacket and put it on again.
>"My goodness. You really do have an effect, don't you? I've never had somepony's body have such... gravity. Such attraction. That's really quite the body you have there, Anon.
"See that's the thing. Everypony finds this body attractive. But you are all ponies, not humans. What do you think about the whole cross species thing? I mean you have Spike..."
>Rarity chuckles
>"Oh, my little Spikey Wikey and I are hardly romantically engaged... but even so. There is no reason that I see why two different animals can't love eachother."
"I just don't understand the attraction. We're such different creatures!"
>"What is there to understand? If somepony finds you attractive, then they find you attractive. Have you never felt attraction towards a pony before?"
"What? No! I've never-"
>Actually, now that I think about it... there were a couple times when I was staring.
>But, that's just because there are no humans around here. To have a relationship with a pony is weird, right?

brb, dinner
dat update speed
Bump for further realization!
please cont.
>yes it is weird
>/fit/anon isn't a horsefucker
>"sorry bro no homo- I mean beast"
>pony ends up resorting to forget fun time to get what she wants
This is my favorite too anon. You have good taste.
Not entirely my fault. I needed to edit my friend's paper. Have you ever tried writing quality Pony erotica/comedy/romance while editing a paper that is chock full of autism.

Anyway, I'm back and at my desk. So the updates should be a lot faster.
i was saying it was fast
Autocorrect is a harsh mistress. Forcey fun time is best fun time.
Yes I am, just had been lurking somewhat and had been apartment hunting again. Thank you, fellow writefriend
Maybe forced was the wrong word. Shenanigans that caused him to strip sounds much better.
File: 1411500793720.gif (811KB, 518x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
811KB, 518x528px
Oh. I was confused sorry. Here's a pony pic for understanding.

I hope your apartment search comes to an end soon buddy
>"Look Anon, you're just going to have to deal with what you have. This is a blessing, not a curse!"
"You think so?"
>"Anon, if I could have THAT effect on ponies, I would not hesitate to flaunt it."
>Flaunt it huh? That could be interesting.
>It would be all in good fun, after all. Maybe this party will be more fun than originally thought.
"Alright. I'll give it a shot."
>"Good. And by the way darling, if you start to feel something for a pony, don't hesitate to make a move. As I'm sure you are aware, we ponies think all forms of love and friendship are beautiful."
>Good advice, but irrelevant. You're not falling in love tonight. Tonight, you make some mischief.
"Got it. But I need something nice to wear. I can't just wear this jacket."
>"Ah, I've been working on something for just this occasion."
>She trots to the back of her closet and pulls out a black suit with a red tie.
>"I studied classy suits and tuxedoes for Stallions, but I believe I have been able to replicate it for humans too. I used the same kind of pattern on Spike's tux for the grand galloping gala."
>It looks just like the ones back in the human world.
"Rarity, this is incredible!"
>"Oh Anon~ please continue."
>You strip down and start putting on the suit like a child on Christmas morning.
>It is only after you buckle the pants that you realize Rarity is sitting on the floor with a face as red as a rose.
"Oh. Right. Sorry. I still haven't gotten used to this whole 'attractive' thing."
>Rarity doesn't respond. She is still staring.
>You smile and chuckle to yourself.
>Oh yeah. Tonight is gonna be good.
>You put on the pants, then the undershirt and suspenders. Then the tie, and lastly the jacket.
>It's a perfect fit, it clings to your figure perfectly.
>It's odd, actually. It feels almost familiar. As if you were designed to wear it.
"Rarity you are a miracle worker! This is amazing!"
>Rarity is still in the post-trance state
>"N-no problem."
>She shakes her head one more time
>"It fits so well! You look absolutely gallant!"
"So? Do I fit the gentleman role?"
>"Most definitely."
>You head towards the door.
"Alright, I'll be off for now, I'll see you at the party in a couple hours!"
>"See you then Anon!"
>You leave Rarity as you leave the boutique.
>There is just one place you need to go before this party really starts...
File: Gorgeous anon.png (1MB, 800x3600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Gorgeous anon.png
1MB, 800x3600px
Immediately thought of this.
File: 53456.gif (604KB, 420x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
604KB, 420x350px
Oh man that comic is great. It makes me d'aww.

>You are Pinkie Pie
>You are laying in bed after a very weird day.
>Your cousin Applejack and you just got finished listening to Rainbow Dash's recon operation following Anon.
>It got all of you very heated, it was crazy!
>Stupid Sexy Anon.
>The party is all set to go, and you should probably get ready soon.
>All that's on your mind is Anon.
>Not just his nice body, but Anon in general.
>Why would you feel any, well, feelings for him.
>He's just a hooman.
>Even if he is a good listener.
>And he is patient.
>You sigh and hop out of bed and look out on your balcony.
>They sun is setting, and pretty soon will be dragging the moon out again.
>Gummy joins you at the window.
>You stroke his head while you look out over the town.
>Life is a party. Even when it's quiet.
>On the bright side, at least all your friends will be at your party.
>That always cheers you up.
>What were you sad about again?
>Oh well, doesn't matter. Lots of work to be done tonight.
>It's Anon's special day.
>Gotta make it work.
>Stupid Sexy Anon.
>You are Angel
>The buckin' bunny.
>Yeah you heard it, who's askin'?
>So this jocklecock 'Anoon' guy keeps trudgin' through the woods.
>He's done it a lot before, but Fluttershy came home with this story about how great he is.
> 'He's very nice Angel! I'm so relieved that we could become friends'
>Big hoppin' deal.
>What this Anoon guy doesn't know is he is messing with the wrong hare.
>No stupid hooman is gonna make a move on your territory.
>This time, you're following him into the everfree forest. It's time to get to the bottom of this.
>What is this big monkey doing in the woods so late at night?
>Nothin' good. You know that.
>Ah carrots, here he comes.
>Good he's walking, it won't be so hard to keep up.
>You keep your distance, but stay on top of him. He never leaves your sight.
>You hop from tree to tree, deeper and deeper into the woods.
>Alright, this place is gettin' creepy fast.
>Anoon walks out into a clearing.
>You follow behind.
>What's this? A bridge?
>He can't possibly be going to the castle.
>He's crossing the bridge though...
>Is this monkey really entering into this castle?
>You continue to follow him across the bridge.
>You can't believe you're goin' back in there.
>But you didn't come this far to leave without giving Anoon a piece of your mind.
>And your fist
>well... paw
>You stay close now, don't want to lose him.
>He goes into the front entrance, and walks down the large royal throne room.
>Suddenly he speaks.
>"I thought I'd find you here."
>Is he talking to you?
>No. No. There is a pony on the throne, wearing a cloak.
>It speaks as well.
>"Won't you run late for your own party?"
>Wait, you know that voice.
My mental image of that scene had Pinkie snapping back and forth from Pinkie to Pinkamena every third word.

That'd be pretty cool to see in show.
>You are Anon
>This castle holds a lot of nostalgia for you.
"I won't be late. I've got long legs. I can run."
>The pony is looking at tapestry.
>She giggles.
>Twilight turned around to face you.
>"What brings you to the castle?"
>She already knows what it is.
>She wants you to say it.
"One year ago... I woke up lying on the floor of this castle. And you, with the other princesses, greeted me."
>"That's right"
"I need to know."
>You pause.
>You don't why, but you pause.
"I need to know... how did I get here?"
>Twilight smiles as she trots towards you.
>"Why do you want to know? Aren't you happy here?"
"More than I ever was there. But... I feel like I don't belong here."
>"Do you not feel accepted?"
>You chuckle to yourself. After today, you feel more than accepted.
"Of course I do. But I am a human, and they are ponies. Doesn't that mean anything?"
>You crouch on the ground, you're eye level with Twilight now.
>"Do you want the truth?"
>You prepare yourself.
"Yeah, I want the truth."
>Twilight laughs a little.
>"If you're implying we brought you here, you're wrong. We didn't have any part in it."
>Your eyes widen a bit. That's not what you were expecting.
>"Celestia found there was a breach in the dimensional field that encases our universe."
>"We went to investigate, and found you, lying here on the ground. It was no magic we'd ever heard of. "
>You remain silent
>"And as for the human bit.. it doesn't mean anything at all."
>"If you feel something for another pony, person, dragon, or whatever, you should pursue it."
>Yeah yeah. That's what Rarity said.
>"...Honestly, you were never a human to us."
>You turn your head to face Twilight
>"You were always just, Nonny. Anon. You are part of us, and we are part of you. What you do with that information is up to you."
>Twilight gives you a peck on the cheek before walking to the door and spreading her wings.
>"I'll see you at the party. Okay?"
>You smile and stand.
>You are Angel
>Holy hoppin' buck.
>That exchange was not meant for your ears.
>There was more to this Anoon guy than you thought.
>Maybe you judged too quickly.
>He looks down and sees you.
>"Hey, you're Fluttershy's bunny aren'tcha?"
>You nod
>"What are you doing all the way out here? Were you following me?"
>This guy
>"Well hey, I'm heading to a party right now, and Fluttershy will be there. Wanna hitch a ride?"
>He holds his hands out to offer you a free ride.
>You guess he isn't too bad.
>From now on, things will be different between you and Anon.
AngelxAnon pls
File: 1350064320405.png (160KB, 460x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 460x480px

>Anon turns on everything and everyone in Equestria
File: 1365838332710.jpg (47KB, 368x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 368x360px
File: 96.jpg (52KB, 608x613px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 608x613px
"Oh drat."
>You scowl, glancing over the rolls of fabric that Cross-Stitch brought with her into town.
>Glancing at the unicorn, you pout and purse your lips.
"Dear, you wouldn't happen to have any of that gorgeous purple fabric from your last visit yet, would you?"
>The mare shakes her head and you sigh.
"Oh, very well."
>Tossing your mane, you pull out your bag and pay for the cloth that you had in your saddlebag already.
>The unicorn mare takes your bits and smiles.
>"A pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Rarity. I'll try and pick up some of that purple fabric for you on my next time through."
"Marvelous. Ta-ta dear, safe journeys!"
>You exchange pleasantries and trot off towards the Boutique.
>However, as you round the corner towards the building, a small herd of mares gallop by, giggling incessantly.
"What could have gotten them so riled?"
>So many mares in one place, certainly there would be some delightfully juicy commentary involved.
>Your gossip gauge flashes and a smile creeps across your lips as you scuttle off after them.
>Following them all the way down to the train station, you see that the mares have joined together with another, larger group, and are all gazing out at the tracks.
>How very droll.
>Sighing, you decide to at least take a look at what has caught their attention and trot down to join them.
>Your nose flares a little as an unusual mingling of scents assaults your nostrils, spattered sighs and giggles breaking up the monotony of silence.
>Pushing your way to the front, you gaze out at the tracks and scan for what has caught their interest.
>Ugh, day ponies.
>Filthy, dirty, uncouth creatures.
>Your lip curls as you sneer.
>Mares acting in such a manner over simple stallions is so very disgraceful.
>As you lift your hoof to turn and head back into town, one of the mares sighs.
>"Isn't he just gorgeous?"
>Your ear perks at that.
>Who on earth would say that about any of those stallions?
>Another pips up.
>Tom the rock starts flaking like he's made of talc whenever Anon rests against him after exercising.
File: 21256.png (164KB, 450x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 450x600px
>"Ooh, he's taking off his shirt!"
>A stallion with a sense of decorum?
>How very fascinating.
>Turning back you scan the crowd of dayponies again, searching for this mystery stallion.
>And yet still nothing.
>As you pout, you see a hoof lift from the crowd, pointing enthusiastically down the line.
>"Eee! He's going to use the hammer!"
>Finally, some headway.
>With a frustrated huff, you scan the crowd again and...
>Your eyes widen as they settle on a familiar, yet foreign form.
>Unable to stop yourself, you sputter out
>The girly gaggle groans, sighing and closing their eyes as one.
>Shifting your eyes from side to side, you wonder what strange hold the hominid holds over the flirty females.
>Settling back on the human, you purse your lips and stare.
>Two arms, two legs, certainly gangly and awkward, quite unlike your superior four hooves.
>Head bobbles strangely without proper spinal support.
>He's certainly not as pale as he used to be, and strangely far leaner than you remember.
>Though, the robust rise of his shoulders and chest are anything but slender...
>You gulp, watching as he hefts a hammer two-handed style and brings it down on a railroad spike, a loud, clear sound ringing out into the air.
>The muscles across his back quiver gently in response, and from behind you hear a weak sigh and an audible thud as one of the mares collapses against the ground.
>Had you been in your right mind, you may have done the same, but instead your hooves feel rooted to the ground.
>Your mouth is dry, aching for water, and so it hangs open to ease the shallow breaths escaping your body as you watch him heft his hammer again.
>The very sound sends shivers from your horn down to your tail, an unladylike quiver settling down in your nethers as you watch.
>Another mare collapses.
>You gulp and try to turn away, but your head refuses to move.
File: 1395973161017.png (227KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227KB, 800x600px
>The scent, once unfamiliar, suddenly strikes home as the mares around you sigh again.
>It's enough to pull you out of your reverie.
>At last you manage to work up the will to walk away, though your hind legs twitch uncomfortably.
>The heavy sound of Anonymous pounding the spikes into the rail follows you for several blocks, and even after the audible echoes fade, you can almost swear you feel it coming up through the ground and into your hooves.
>Slamming the door of the boutique, you hurriedly set your saddlebags aside and make your way for your room.
>It's terribly unladylike to paw at yourself with your hooves, but it's plainly apparent you shan't be able to get anything done if you continue to think of the sweaty, corded body of Ponyville's resident primate.
>Gritting your teeth, you begin to dig through your shelves for your old standby.
"I just hope this issue of Playmare is going to be enough."
>...It wasn't...
>Posting comics.
>Not posting sweaty ponies rubbing on Anon.
This was great, very well written.

And with Rarity as the main character, nice.

Ah, this is the one I was thinking of.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, there's one where Anon shows Pinkie how to make a drink that's chocolate milk?
Just go on Derpibooru and search "artist:Apples" next time.

Nosebleeds in animu n mango are actually based around Japanese having relatively high blood pressure to which the nose bleeding is attributed to.
>Ponies arouse to Anon's physique
>Anon is perfectly aware of it.
oh my
File: 1348802114930.gif (104KB, 176x211px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 176x211px

>That instant bond
He's just too nice and the ponies too cute to wave them off.
>You are Anon
>You are finally at peace with this whole thing.
>So there's no going back eh?
>This was never part of someone's big plan.
>It was never some kind of scheme.
>It just happened.
>You sigh.
>You're walking back through the woods to your party.
>With a little bunny on your shoulder.
>Life is so very peculiar.
>You reach the end of the woods, and now you're walking through a dark and empty ponyville.
>But tonight you don't feel quite as lonely.
>You approach the door to the party.
>You can already hear the music.
>Alright, let' have a little fun.
>You open the door and the party takes a deep breath
>"ANON!" the party erupts
>Ponies from all over town are there.
>You spot Fluttershy near the punch.
>You point Angel in her direction
>He gives you a little salute then hops down and runs to her.
>With that out of the way, it's time to make a show of yourself.
>They don't know that you know.
>Time to capitalize on the situation.
Dat's cute.
I love the idea that Discord is perma-trap.
Alright, time to wrap this up

>You begin by speaking loud enough so that everyone can hear.
"Oh thanks everypony. Ya know, It's been a year since i showed up here, and I feel really accepted."
>Phase 1, remove jacket. Your dress shirt is already tight as it is,.
>You take the jacket off, showing off your shirt, sweat keeps it clinging close.
"I'd like to thank Rarity first and foremost for my suit. It's beyond nice, but it's a little too warm in here to wear the whole thing.
>Slowly the mares in the room start to stare.
"But really, it's been an odd year here in Ponyville, being the only human and all."
>Phase 2: Roll up sleeves and show off those forearms.
>You roll the sleeves of your dress shirt up.
"But you've all made my time here incredible. I truly feel like I'm part of a community. I suppose I don't feel as alone as I once did."
>When you say this, your plan stops in its boots.
>Is that true? You certainly feel like you're part of something more.
>You like your newfound family here.
>They keep you company.
>Maybe you'll never get anything more than that.
>But honestly, you don't really need anything more.
"Yeah... i don't feel as alone."
>Alright. Enough. You gotta finish this.
>Phase 3: Strike the pose
"And I have all of you to thank for it."
>you raise a cup of cider as you put your foot on a nearby chair
>At this point the whole room is silent.
>Now seal the deal.
"I don't need anypony but you bunch."
>Wink activated
>Annnnnd flex
>Your top buttons pop revealing your glistening chest.
>For a moment, there was nothing but the echo of your speech.
>Then it happened.
>A tidal wave, neigh, a TSUNAMI of mare-juices flooded the floor.
>A cocophany of groans echoed through the halls.
>Of all the mares, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are the only ones standing. And Dash has her wings straight up.
>You point your finger like a gun at Rainbow Dash with a smile.
>Got em.
File: 1406960552861.gif (2MB, 361x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 361x200px
File: 1414953179992.jpg (44KB, 500x558px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 500x558px
Forty keks!
File: 46346346.gif (2MB, 400x332px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x332px
This mare splashing technique has been passed down through the Armstrong family line for generations!
File: 1406822626559.gif (3MB, 190x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 190x200px
pfffft fuck you
At least she stopped breaking into his house.
File: Lifting_Pun_Spic.jpg (20KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 500x333px
I suppose you can say they all want a little Captain in them.
>It's been a couple hours since that beautiful moment.
>You're still laughing about it.
>These ponies sure are suckers for your body. You better give them a taste sparingly if you want it to have the same power in the future.
>All the mares were pretty embarrassed at first, but nopony really escaped it, so nopony really minded.
>Twilight later told you that she found it both inappropriate and funny at the seem time. She seemed flustered.
>She couldn't hide how stiff her wings were though.
>The party went on as planned. Everypony was having a great time.
>Even after all that craziness, these ponies just keep going on with their life.
>That's pretty admirable I suppose.
>You've had your fun.
>Now that you know you're attractive, maybe you can be a bit more responsible with it.
>You never did get that flannel back from AJ. Just gonna assume that is gone for good.
>That cannon didn't make it wearable anyway.
>Speaking of cannon, you really oughta keep Pinkie's cannon away from this nice suit.
>Wait, where is Pinkie?
>She hasn't been around since the begininng of the party.
>Come to think of it, she wasn't even in the orgasm tsunami.
>You turn to a couple tipsy mares you know.
"You seen Pinkie Pie anywhere?"
>"N-noooo. You lookin' fer her, ya studd? You lookin' to do something with her?"
>Okay, a little more than tipsy.
>You head upstairs to look for her. The floor is covered in passed out and relaxing ponies.
>There seems to be one door where nobody is at. It's open a crack.
>You walk through to find Pinkie Pie standing on her balcony.
>Her mane is flat, and she seems a little grey.
>This is new.
>You walk up and stand next to her, leaning on the railing of the balcony.
>She looks up and sees you, her hair poofs back up.
>"Oh Anon! H-hey! Did you enjoy your party?"
>You chuckle.
"Of course. You're a legend Pinkie."
>"Heh. Th-thanks."
>She's acting weird. But your shirt isn't undone.
>This is something different.
File: 1414181327569.png (13KB, 223x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 223x200px
>Pinkie has a long sigh
>"Have you ever felt out of place?"
>You laugh out loud at this. She seems a little flustered.
"You mean other than being the only human in equestria?"
>She doesn't laugh, but instead continues talking.
>This is a new development.
>"I mean, not as a beast but as a being, you know? Like, on the inside."
>When did Pinkie get philosophical?
"Uh. Yeah, that's kind of how I felt in my last world I think."
>Pinkie looks at you excitedly.
"Yeah. But I don't that's the reason I was sent out of it. I think the real reason is because, in some way, this world needed me more."
>This doesn't seem to help.
>"Nopony has the patience for me Anon." she says with a sigh.
"What do you mean?"
>"I love my friends, and I do everything with them! They make me super happy! But... I never get to talk to them."
"Well sure you do, you were talking to them earlier today!"
>"Not that kind of talking, I mean about bigger things. Like, why can't we ever talk about who we are? Why doesn't anypony ever help me figure myself out? I love spreading smiles, they make me happy, but when I'm alone, and I can't make any smiles, I get sad."
>You spot a tear roll down Pinkie's cheek. Her mane is completely deflated.
>This is really happening.
>She reminds you of yourself.
>Surrounded by all these caring ponies.
>Yet, never really feeling complete.
>Twilight's advice echos in your mind.
>Come to think of it, Pinkie cares a lot about you
>You look at the calender on her wall.
>Today has a big red X on it.
>"The Day Nonny Got Here!~"
>Pinkie was counting the days.
I command you to continue, I just have to know how panko can resist anon's juiciness but still get the full lenght of his dong
I like where this is going.
Five 4chan bucks says that she ignores his body and looks into his eyes.
I would rather keep my five 4chan bucks than throw them away on that bet
File: 1393384096836.png (68KB, 627x651px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 627x651px
>Not long ago you found a great spot to go relax on.
>No T.V. or games makes things boring.
>So napping like a lazy faggot became the next thing.
>The bolder shakes hard for a split second.
"I swear we live near a fault line or something.
>Your arms move on their own.
>You pull her in close as her tears stain your dress shirt.
>You have no idea what you're doing. You've never really had to comfort a girl, let alone a pony.
>Again Twilight's advice comes to mind.
>Twi is probably right.
"You know something?"
>Pinkie looks up at you
>You swallow hard
"Y-you are part of me, and I am part of you."
>She stares intently at you
"And I will listen to you when you talk, and help you when you need it."
>You don't know why, but you lift her.
>You carry her to her bed while talking.
"It isn't because you don't belong in this world. I think you belong right here."
>You sit her in her bed.
"Maybe you're the reason I was sent here."
>You sit on the side of her bed.
"One lonely soul, sent for another."
>You start to pet her mane while she lays in bed. It's been a long day for her.
>She doesn't seem like herself, but then again maybe you were wrong all along.
>You and here are a lot of alike.
>And maybe her attraction goes beyond skin.
>And species.
"Perhaps we can be lonely together"
>Pinkie Pie motions with her hoof for you to come close.
>As you lean down she kisses you
>It startles you.
>But you didn't pull away.
>You returned it.
>You returned it... huh.
>She releases her grip of you, and whispers in your ear.
>"Thank you Nonny. I worked extra-super-hard on your party, hoping you'd come over more."
>You're still shocked from the kiss, but you continue to listen.
>"You've always listened when I spoke..."
>She sniffs
>"And you never rolled your eyes, or shook your head. You really genuinely listened."
>She sobs a bit more.
>"You really listened. Th-thank you. Th-thank you Nonny."
>After about 10 minutes of petting her mane, she finally falls asleep.
>You're smiling, looking at Pinkie sleeping with her head on your lap.
>You look up to see your reflection in the mirror.
>Are you blushing?
and im glad I didn't take that bloody bet
This took a turn from silly into "aww". Well done.
>You are Anon
>You have been in a land of ponies for a year now.
>Everypony is attracted to your body, and you're not attracted to anypony.
>But kindred spirits can still collide out in the ether.
>Laying in your lap is Pinkie Pie, quietly breathing.
>She's one lonely pony, and you're one lonely human.
>If she can look past the species divide, there's no reason you can't.
>She's pretty cute isn't she?
>Maybe the species divide isn't as big as you think.
>The sun is starting to rise.
>One year came and went.
>But now, maybe you have a bit more of a purpose.
>The world seems to make a lot more sense.
>You scratch Pinkie behind the ear while she snoozes.

>You are Anon.
>You are part of her world.

And that concludes my first ever writefag attempt. If you want, my pastebin is here:

Thanks for reading everbody. I'm gonna stick on this thread for awhile longer.
Great story Riggy
File: 1408821851406.gif (169KB, 380x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 380x280px
Bravo, RiggyRag.
I thoroughly enjoyed this.
cap this shit NOW
I think I speak for everybody when I say that we all expected clop, but that ending is pretty damn sweet, I'm loving it so I'll get the whole pastebin and save it for future generations, thanks based RiggyRag
epilogue when?
That was cute shit man, good job.
The adventures of Ponka and Anon devising and executing vast, complicated traps in which various Equestrian mares are subjected to Anon's mighty body and cum uncontrollably as a result. Princesses are the final, most challenging targets. Pinky finds it hilarious. Synchronized Confetti is included
File: Twifags.png (317KB, 1280x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317KB, 1280x900px
>"We have to stop those two Ms Mayor! Townwide productivity is dropping, extra sanitation crews had to be hired for the.. fluids, and.. and...
"Tell me, do you really want to sabotage another chance to see that body?"
>"...I think everything is suddenly fine, productivity doesn't need to be that high anyway, and we can afford the expense."
"Good girl, carry on. Oh, and I have it on good authority their next 'prank' will be in the town square at about 5-ish."
>"Thank you."
Bravo! Oh, bravo, sir!

10/10 would read again. I can't wait for the next RiggyRag greetext. Bravo!
oh my
>Repeating Twilight's "part of me" line
Could have cut straight from there straight to Anon writing "Dear Princess Celestia", having learned a lesson about friendship.
File: large.png (115KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 1000x1000px
Jesus fuck those are awesome.
File: 1412570097698.jpg (65KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 640x960px
Thanks everybody. I think I'll keep the name. I'll keep posting greentext and create new adventures for all of you to enjoy. Thanks for the encouragement. I promise not to let you down.
I really like this idea. It's pretty great. Maybe I will write it in the future. Just so we can catch up with these two.
I kek'd. I just imagine the ending scene attempting to be all emotional, then it suddenly jumpcuts into the credits with 'My Little Pony' playing in the background.

/mlp/, yesterday was a hard day for me, but you guys really turned it all around.

Thanks for everything.
Wow, that was an awesome written journey, enjoyable to the last bit.

To other writefags - you're awesome too. Even "one shots" like the Tom one.
Thanks for making this thread pure gold
>been in a land of ponies for a year now.
>>Everypony is attracted to your body, and you're not attracted to anypony.
>>But kindred spirits can still collide out in the ether.
>>Laying in your lap is Pinkie Pie, quietly breathing.
>>She's one lonely pony, and you're one lonely human.
>>If she can look past the species divide, there's no reason you can't.
>>She's pretty cute isn't she?
>>Maybe the species divide isn't as big as you think.
>>The sun is starting to rise.
>>One year came and went.
>>But now, maybe you have a bit more of a purpose.
>>The world seems to make a lot more sense.
>>You scratch Pinkie behind the ear while she snoozes.
>>You are Anon.
>>You are part of her world.
Wow, from a silly story to a super special, soft fic. It came a little fast, but I like it
Beautiful story, RiggyRag! Thank you! Really made my day.
you must live
But I am le tired
File: image.jpg (8KB, 184x184px)
8KB, 184x184px
Thank you based riggyrag
For some reason the story really didn't do anything for me... Glad to see others liked it though.
File: 1341519638283.jpg (103KB, 954x800px)
103KB, 954x800px
which one
File: jWthTi4.gif (534KB, 724x540px)
534KB, 724x540px
Hey, everybody feels different things in different ways. Maybe the way this adventure went didn't strike a chord, but that's alright.

Perhaps my next story will make you feel more. After all, I'm still learning.
if you are going to kill someone, let it be derpy
Oh my. Such intense hatred.
Pretty good.
But why
File: 1405383930048.gif (507KB, 309x267px)
507KB, 309x267px
tfw this will never happen.
File: 1409244820266.jpg (257KB, 1500x1500px)
257KB, 1500x1500px
File: 1410392653363.gif (858KB, 240x228px)
858KB, 240x228px
>tfw Lyra will never lovingly obsess over you
>tfw you will never transition from feeling creeped out to feeling genuine emotion for Lyra
>tfw Lyra will never lie her head in your lap and tell you about her day.
>tfw you will never cuddle with Lyra after a rough day at work.
>tfw when you reciprocate one day and fuck Lyra
>tfw she'll never realize she was wrong about you
>tfw she'll never be unwilling to spend time together suddenly
>tfw you won't catch her with another stallion one day
>tfw when you'll never slaughter both of them
>tfw when you'll never destroy Equestria in it's entirety with the introduction of pure, vengeful murder
Sounds about right
Oh, by the way. For anyone interested I'm writing a story on another thread and you get to dictate the direction it goes if you roll lucky enough:

So that's a thing.
Careful with that edge, buddy.
> my face where lyra hello
>is there then we kiss
>"and baby?"
>sex under
>see Any pone off to bus
>"are loving momy very much but miss since ded"
>diamonds are forever
>jams bund
File: 1413327038046.jpg (17KB, 287x318px)
17KB, 287x318px
how are we for today's green beans?
Well I plucked the cloud feathers and kicked the sassafras so I'd say we're dicked for the shrimp.
I'm bored, so I doodled a thing
Forgot to put the signature
I really like that actually. What software are you using? Blender? Maya?
File: ponehouse4&5_2.png (457KB, 705x471px)
457KB, 705x471px
thanks for sharing your work with our little thread
really kind of you
this is what i am doing of my own work, although is not related to the thread
opsie, forgot the spoiler

3ds, it just fits me right, but this render is using UE4, since this is meant to be a game
Is that Unity?
Why not Unreal Engine?
muh nigger
It's pretty kick ass. What are gonna do with it?
>You've spent all night studying, reading through books, writing notes, making simulations, all the while thinking about... him
>You've been thinking about him the entire time, which incidentally has make it harder to sit still and study
>Between reading through books, researching and...dealing with your bodily needs, you're unable to sleep
>But you can do it all for him
>You're trying to make a spell to make him even more unbearably attractive, don't know why you thought it was a good idea, but you're looking into it anyway
>To make him better than before, just for you
>Finally, something promising in your notes
>Yes, although it requires a surprising amount of magic... he probably won't mind being a guinea pig for a spell that can only make him better, right?
>Celestia is now finally raising the sun
>There's an annoying feeling telling you that this is a really bad idea, but you can ignore it
>Seriously, why did you think this was a good idea? What is realistically going to happen?
>Possibly massive orgies wherever he goes
>Perhaps that's why you thought it was a good idea
>The sun's light reaches the windows of the homes, and several minutes later, ponies begin to slowly wander from their homes
>You fix your mane and hair, along with your tail
>Quickly, you leave out the front door
>Anon is sitting on a bench, enjoying the day, being wonderful
>You stroll up to him
"Hey there, Anon"
>He turns with a smile
>"Hey there, Twi, how are you?"
"I'm fine... I was wondering, if I can test a spell on you real quick? I spent all night making it, it'd mean a lot to me if you did"
>He rolls his eyes and shrugs
>You charge the spell, and cast it on him with a slight flash
>His smile begins to disappear, his eyebrows coming together
>He brings a hand to his stomach, then up to his mouth, then his eyes widen
>A second hand whips up to further cover his mouth, and he begins to lean forward
>The spell shouldn't be doing this
>Now he looks like he might vomit
File: dicks.jpg (7KB, 480x360px)
7KB, 480x360px
A new writefriend has appeared
>That little voice wasn't so little now
>Now, it's more like a scream
>Especially now that blood is flowing from Anon's nose
>He falls off the bench, he moves his hand to catch himself
>More blood flows from around his hand onto the ground in front of him
>He removes both of his hands to instead be on all fours
>Blood continues to freely flow from his nose and mouth, though now he makes awful blood curdling retching sounds
>Wide-eyed and bleeding, all he can do is vomit and try not to drown in his own blood
>But you can help, why haven't you? You damn fool, he can hardly breathe with all that blood blocking his breathing
>You try to search through his body with magic, prodding it for what your magic could have done to him in the first place
>Now that you think about it, when was the last time he ever had a spell cast on him? Ever?
>It's worse than you thought, plenty of inexplicable internal bleeding is occurring
>Many of his organs have suffered lacerations, or massive holes torn in them
>You can't just drain him of his blood
>Maybe you can collect the blood that he has lost, and later put it back into him
>You recently acquired several large jars, you reach out with your magic, and teleport them here
>Six in total, each can hold about a gallon of liquids in them
>You put one underneath Anon, so that maybe you can save some of that blood
>Now you begin to "drain" anon of the blood that flows from his organs, the jars now have a small red layer at the bottom
>Repairing the inner tissue is difficult, not knowing if what you're doing will help or not
>Closing the cuts, filling the holes
>His brain, heart, and liver are luckily undamaged
>Stomach, luckily only had blood flowing into it, rather than being cut open so that his stomach acids could spill out
>A small crowd of ponies has gathered, and you notice just how much blood is on the ground near Anon
File: 1410293023507.jpg (125KB, 1366x768px)
125KB, 1366x768px
File: 1414569917854.gif (1014KB, 640x526px)
1014KB, 640x526px
File: 1415226154526.png (393KB, 619x473px)
393KB, 619x473px
oh lord...
please continue
>At last, you closed the last hole
>Turning your attention to the jars, you levitated a thick stream of blood and began feeding it into Anon's rectum
>That's the safest place to put it back in, right?
>Well, he's starting to sound like he's feeling better.
>With a visceral *ssssccchhhllllllup*, the last of the blood tendrils disappears into his bowel.
"Are you alright, Anon? I'm so sorry, I just wanted some dick, I didn't think this would happen."
>Anon places a hand on your shoulder, strikes a pose, point a finger at you and winks.
>"It's black history month, every month."

I thought you were going for an Adventure Time sort of thing for a bit. Make him horribly mangled but he's somehow more attractive than before.
Vid related, I dunno.
File: 1405903195923.gif (2MB, 615x413px)
2MB, 615x413px
10/10 i dont know whats going on anymore
>Not the Same Guy
How doth one segway into proper greentexting? How awkward
just do it faggot
Go for it ASAP.
Except - prewrite. Otherwise you'll get situations like this >>20520605 where the story cuts off at exactly the wrong point and everyone's just left sitting there like "Hey, what's the deal?"
this is a good idea
Yeah basically. I have to get around to writing some more so I can post instead of doing shit on the fly again.
This thread is slowing down, so I submit one more doodle before I hit the hay.

gnight /mlp/, and incase the thread 404's: I had a great time creating with you guys. I'll be greentexting all over /mlp/, just look for the name.
>implying anons would make another thread for this

atleast i would
we enjoyed popping your cherry, writefag
Kill yourself
Why do I have the feeling that Aj and Twi are acting all flirty to prove a bet?
>It's estrus.
>Anon is one of few things in Ponyville that can fuck them raw without any chance of pregnancy
>Rarity and Pinkie already called dibs on Spike.

Why Pinkie?
File: Blues_Feels.png (22KB, 530x444px)
22KB, 530x444px
>Anon is one of few things in Ponyville that can fuck them raw without any chance of pregnancy.
Is that supposed to be good?
File: ;_;.png (80KB, 533x454px)
80KB, 533x454px
pls no be kill
>Rarity and Pinkie already called dibs on Spike

I'd like to hear more about this ... dragonpedothreesome situation.
im sorry, teasing and denial are not my fetish
File: 1412262722364.png (180KB, 968x1000px)
180KB, 968x1000px
I'd like to explore this a bit more too...

If I find time I might be able to write a little something something.
pinkie wouldnt resist anons hot body
I-I'm not crying...
File: mlfw6113_small.jpg (19KB, 320x263px)
19KB, 320x263px
>You are the tight bodied, sexual Anon that continual manual laboring in Equestria has molded you into
>What was once an uninspiring piece of shit to his fellow human beings is now a beacon of lust and appeal to a race of strange little ponies
>Or at least you were
>Now you’re old news
>after a solid year of flaunting your apparently desirable physique to the equine masses you’ve worn out the nuance of it all
>You’re certain you can still get the occasional mare to hoof herself with a well-timed, glistening pose, but the enthusiasm just isn’t there the way it used to be
>You suppose this is just how it is now

At least until I get back from work tonight and shit up the place with the actual greentext following this
>post realization Anon
>Sexy body doesn't have an effect anymore.

BDA, you had my intrigue
but now you have my attention
Rump bump
>The wind rattled my window in the storm.
>A little rain drips through the unsealed bottom.
>As I sit in this chair I can only ask one thing:
>Why is the world the way it is?
>Why do humans rip each other apart at every turn?
>It doesn't matter, humans will destroy them.
>Why can't our world be like the world I see behind my screen.
>So vibrant, so colorful, so full of life.
>There is room for everyone there.
>A utopia populated by ponies.
>Why can't we be like this place?
>Why must we make our selves suffer?
>But most of all
>MOST OF ALL I ask myself:

>You stand, shirtless, in Twilight’s study flexing your arms or back every time she faces you
>You feel yourself deflate as she yawns in your direction and scribbles onto a clipboard with a magic-assisted quill
“I’m sorry Anon but I don’t really see any anomalies here. I’m not exactly a physician you know. Redheart might be the one to see for your health concerns…”
>Dammit all this used to be fun
>Watching the mares get flustered and stumble over their words
>Eyes searching your body meticulously before they’d gallop off to the nearest nook or cranny to nook their crannies
>”I’ve already seen Redheart. No help.”
“I guess it’s true you’re not a pony. Maybe Fluttershy?”
>That one stung a bit
>You’ve been demoted to stray dog
>Howling with false ailments and then flashing your dog nipples at ponies’ faces
>It may be time to pick up a new hobby
>Maybe you could take up collecting Wonderbolt cards and morph back into the same race of fucking goofball you were in the world before this one
“Well if that’s all Anon…”
>”Oh yeah. Sorry, I should get going.”
“I don’t mean to chase you away, I just need to do some reading for Princess related ceremonies in the future.”
>We both know you’ve read the shit thrice already just tell me to bug off because this is getting awkward
>On that thought you get it in your head to make the experience slightly more bothersome for her somehow
>You’ve brought along your Rarity-spun work uniform so you can pick up a shift at Sugarcube Corner after this DEBACLE of a visit…
>”Hey Twilight. Is it alright if I change for work here? It’s always a little strange doing it in the bathroom at work.”
>You catch her rolling her eyes as she turns away, clearing wanting to be rid of you already
“I suppose that’s fine. Be sure to say hello to the Cakes for me when you go.”
>She leaves, emphasis landing on the word “go”.
>at least the other horses humor you
I was working my dude. Cobbling shit together now. Here's hoping it goes well
>Twilight stalks off to her kitchen leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth
>mad plots start to form in your head on how you might really stick it to her
>If you can’t get her to soak the nearest bookshelf in unicorn sauce anymore then you may as well move on to good old-fashioned pranks
>something involving like… like peanut butter!
>what bothers horses?
>you strip down to your underwear when you hear a knock at the front door
>your body-baring escapades have become so commonplace that you answer the door without concern for your pantless nature
>Nobody there.
>’NoPONY’ the weeb inside of you cries
>Welp. Wind?
>Who gives a shit, it’s the librarians problem
>You slam the door shut and spin around to finish changing, yanking your undies to the floor
>The sound of a brief expelled breath makes you look up
>Twilight is standing stock still at the entrance joining this room to the kitchen
>Eyes locked on your free swinging glory
>Red as a tomato, which is impressive considering the shade of her coat
>She laughs
>Just one quick laugh before she slaps a hoof over her mouth and flees the room
>But it was enough
>You are overcome with such shame that you doubt it’ll ever get hard again
>She fucking laughed
>You change into your work uniform at impossible speeds, glancing around nervously all the while
>One chuckle from purple smart has just guaranteed you’ll never bare your skin in Ponyville again
>You are Twilight Sparkle
>and you have just been treated to very special
>Anon has been acting a bit strange lately, requesting numerous experiments and check-ups
>His wonderful, strange monkey body was once a source of great interest for you
>in fact all the girls have agreed that Anonymous was something work looking at when he wasn’t wearing his odd bits of clothing
>After so long, however, the fawning became too commonplace
>Observing his form was too easy
>Too regular
>You no longer stole away to your bedroom for private time with private thoughts about Ponyvilles resident otherworldly being
>Until today
>Your breathing is rough and irregular
>Your hooves are practically shaking
>Your wings have gone so rigid it’s painful (a phenomenon you’ll have to discuss with Rainbow Dash as some point)
>For all your fantasies you realize you’ve never been very imaginative
>Even with all the uniqueness of Anon’s hyooman body, you inevitably endowed his mental representative with a stallions equipment and made due
>Now you understand
>Even the most outlandish, exaggerated books about powerfully equipped stallions hold nothing to Anonymous
>Given his body scale relative to your own…
>He could…
>He could…
>Your whinnies are heard for miles this day
>Spike breaks a toe slipping on your mess in the kitchen
I thought this was going into a Cuckold type thing and I was about to abandon thread but then you posted this and now i'm interested again.
I'm playing as risky hand, it seems
I like this so far.
Poor Anon. Once on top of the world, now crashing head first back to Earth. He finds himself unable to feed his addiction to attention, while also unable to live as a normal person again. His pride has, to his knowledge, been destroyed.
Will he make it out of this situation with his sanity and life intact? Will he ruin things again thanks to his lack of moderation?

Well, hopefully we will find out soon enough.
>Your trudge to Sugarcube Corner takes 1000 mental hours and about 6 actual minutes
>You play and replay conversations in your head
>they feature you either attempting to explain your ‘situation’ away to Twilight or begging her to be discrete with her newfound knowledge of your anatomy
>nothing sounds good enough
>misplaced anger seems like a good fallback
>who the hell is she to judge?
>for all she knows this thing is MASSIVE in human land
>____________yeah, no___
>then a new, stranger thought comes to mind
>causing ponygasms was always little more than a fun time to you
>the attention was cool and their reactions ranged from shocking to hilarious
>but fun is all it was, right?
>how they view your actual trouser business shouldn’t matter all that much
>unless you’ve had something else in the back of your mind all this time
>”Hey there Mrs. Cake. Mr. Cake.”
>The older ponies smile in your direction as you step into the shop
“Oh, hi there Anonymous, dear. I think we actually forgot you’d be in. It’s a slow one today.”
>Mrs. Cake has always been pretty cool
>She coddled you like a worried mother during your uncertain first days having been dropped into this world
“You can have the day off if you like, dear. We’ll be alright just the two of us.”
>Only two?
>”Pinkie’s not here?”
“Actually she ran off not long before you got in. She seemed awfully excited about something. Well, more so than her usual way, seemed like.”
>That’s… weird.
>The Cakes normally play hell trying to get Pinkie out the door
>”Did she say what was going on?”
“I think she saw something interesting at miss Twilight Sparkle’s house? I don’t know the specifics, dear, but she was intent on telling somepony about it. Who was she wanting to tell, sweety?”
>Mr. Cake perks up at his wife’s address
“Think it was ‘Everypony’s got to know!’, hon.”
>The Cakes turn their grins on you in the hopes that their recount was useful
>You allow the last of the color to drain from your face before turning on your heel to leave
>She could be throwing a Small Dick party in the next five minutes if you’re not swift
>Pinkie has to be stopped

it gets late quick when you're doing jack. gotta sleep but i'll be around tomorrow sometime to kick this thing into high gear already. hope it's enjoyable enough
File: herewego.gif (257KB, 200x200px)
257KB, 200x200px
I like were this is going. Reminds me of the "Anon has a massive dick" thread a few months back
It IS enjoyable. I like it pretty much

please continue when you have time for it

Post more!

I want to see Anon destroy mares with it.
id just like to say, im really enjoying this story so far.
please ,do go on
Retarded headcanons.
pls no die
Anyone still here?
bump again
I'm here. BDA might be working or something.
File: Pong.gif (2MB, 350x185px)
2MB, 350x185px
I've been seeing your name around a lot lately
File: 1410285114955.png (8KB, 408x286px)
8KB, 408x286px
What threads have you been on? I've been writing greentexts for a few of them, and I tend to hang around even after I complete them.
Broke foot at work today. Obviously got some stuff going on as a result but later this evening I'll be stranded in front of a computer so I'll probably put some stuff up in a few hours
>Breaks foot
>Still wants to write for us
BDA you are one hardcore guy, I hope your foot gets better quickly.

What happened at work?
Scrambling out of path of rogue skydiver. Was less than graceful.

Also just realized I wrote i Spike breaking a toe earlier. Had a bit of a laugh
>rouge Skydiver
You work for a skydiving company? Or maybe in the airforce or something?
File: 1414370766581.jpg (9KB, 225x225px)
9KB, 225x225px
Diskotek please come back! We love you!
what in the world is your job? how bad of a break is it?
>Your tear through town asking every pony you come across if they’ve seen the bouncing Pink mare with the big mouth
>Every one of them thus far has answered “yes”
>So, you know, shit
>She gets around quick
>At first ponies are smiley and helpful, as is usually the case
>but as you progress attitudes begin to change
>you hear whispering and hushed laughter just around corners or behind nearby carts
>none of the citizens will meet your eyes after a while
>To capitalize on your waning hopes, it begins to rain
>You must have missed a scheduled shower announcement earlier in the day
>Dark clouds obscure the sun and lightning begins streaking across the sky
>you’re soaked to the bone before long and thoroughly discouraged where Pinkie hunting is concerned
>You duck into the nearest overhang for temporary shelter, uncertain of where you even are at this point
>The door looks familiar even in his newly fallen darkness, however
Work for/with recreational skydivers. Reckless potheads, all of them.

Break actually isn't too bad it seems. Just gotta stay off the foot a little while and it should heal up fine.
>You step tentatively into the foyer of Carousel Boutique, doing your best not to drip onto everything
>Your Sugarcube Corner uniform clings to your frame, ensuring maximum physical contact with the cold rain water that it’s soaked in
“Welcome to- oh! Anonymous! You’re soaked, darling. Let me fetch you a towel.”
>The resident white unicorn addresses you from some unseen corner, the rustle of shifting fabrics closely following suit.
>She appears completely a moment later, levitating a nice buff towel toward your hands
>You ship off your hat and give your head a quick rub down
>You run a single hand through your hair in a slow, sensual fashion that has become an unintended habit from earlier days
>Realizing this you turn a quick glance to Rarity, hoping for some form of reaction as a pick-me-up
>She looks as eager to assist and entirely unphased as she did from the start
>”Thanks for the towel, Rarity. Sorry for stopping in out of the blue. Just wanted out of the rain.”
“Yes yes it was curiously abrupt, wasn’t it? Those Pegasi could do with some proper organization, I’d say.”
>A row of pony mannequins tumbles over nearby
>Rarity’s eye twitches and you get the sensation that you’ve interrupted her working on something
>She used to invite you over to ‘model’…
>Always shirtless fashion, too
>She would claim monkey shirts were terribly blasé in the fashion world these days
“So Anon, darling, you’ll need some dry clothing. You’ll catch a death of cold if you continue on in those rags.”
>You made these you bitch
>You consent to an impromptu fashion advisory session and allow Rarity to babble on while giving nods and one words answers to each question
>You could not be a dick and humor her a bit but you’re in a troubled mood at the moment
“So what has you about town if you’re in a workmans uniform, darling? Surely the Cakes aren’t making deliveries in this weather.”
>”Nah, I got the day off. Was actually looking for Pinkie Pie before the rain.”
>You hear Rarity mumble something to herself but can’t quite make it out
“o-OH. Oh. Oh! I can make you a.. er.. reversible coat. Yes that’s it. A reversible coat for unpredictable weather such as this.”
>The weather is actually supposed to be predictable
>That’s literally a thing that you talking animals do
>Is this somebodies fuck up that has you soaking wet, then?
>”You uhh, don’t need to go too crazy. Anything dry is great.”
“I-Oof. Do you mind?”
>She sounds pissed and you have no fucking idea why
>You immediately check your feet to see if you stepped on anything that looks valuable
>”I’m sorry?”
“Oh no, my head is elsewhere. Apologies, darling. Do you mind fetching me a needle from the pincushion to your left there?”
>”I don’t mind but I’m afraid to get anything wet.”
>Actually you’re afraid that you’ve lost the ability
“Oh you can take off those silly old clothes any time. You’ll warm up much faster without them.”
>She sounds eager
>The spark
>The uniform practically melts off of your body
>She wasn’t lying. It’s actually much warmer out of the wet clothes. Though the underwear are freezing cold against your more sensitive bits
>Your thoughts are pulled back to today’s mishap
>You hear more mumbling from Rarity, but you catch a bit this time around
“I am if you would stop interrupting.”
>She turns vast blue eyes onto you
>You watch her gaze float down your midsection
“Those as well, darling, or you’ll never warm up.”
>You kick your wet pants in her direction like a grumpy child
>”Y-You wouldn’t know what to DO with this! You wouldn’t walk straight for DAYS!”
>You spin around and march out the door, into the rain and the coming evening
>You hear a delighted squeal from inside as you leave, followed by a new voice
“That was pointless! Why are you so excited if we couldn’t even get his leg cover..thingies off? If you were as cool as me they’d be off as soon as he walked in.”
>That’s you
>The punchline to Ponyville’s newest joke
>Maybe Rainbow Dash dumped cold rain on you to see if shrinkage would actually turn you into a female
>You’d like to unleash some newly pent-up aggression but the center of town isn’t exactly the place to do so
>Actually just having someone to vent to at this point would be a plus
>And there is one pony whose sincerely down-to-earth
>One you were never able to sway with your bodily whiles to being with
>A no-nonsense gal with a good head on her shoulders
>you know, sort of
>Using your keen direction sense you combat the rain with an arm shielding your face and make muddy tracks for Sweet Apple Acres
I shall not let this thread die

And I shall help you
bump a roo
hurry up BDA! football games and alcohol are getting my mindset out of balance.
I'll be back soon I hope. I got all my stuff moved in but no internet service. I thought things would be of simple nature. Stupid phone that doesn't get tethering.
You better hurry your sexy ass up
Ah yes, the man the myth the legend. Pleasure to finally meet you in-thread.

Hey if you don't mind, can you give me some pointers on my greentext later? It'd be a real help.

I guess I've missed diskotek's story or whatever made him so famous. Mind posting his pastebin?
its really amusing
So, to cut the story short; ponies ridicule Anon for his shrunken weiner, thus getting revenge on him.
Little do they know they brought up one of the nagging issues of Anon's past life which led him to his second one.
They get carried away with the joke and Anon is forced to move without notice.
Ponies keep the rumour alive and spreading for a while, not realising that Anon was missing.
Somebody finally notices (Fluttershy [neighbour]/Pinkie [invitation to a party]) and the search begins.
Turns out his weiner was the least of Anon's worries as his body is found outside of Manehatten, in a ditch.
The story now becomes ponies coping with the loss and feelings of remorse and self-hatred.
There's a severe lack of these stories.
I think you've fundamentally misunderstood the intention of this story, the ponies think Anon has a massive fucking cock because they're tiny fuckers compared to him.
>There's a severe lack of these stories.
Gee, I wonder why.

But actually, I do know one like that, kinda, almost, not exactly,
>Gee, I wonder why
seriously though, why?
so close to dubs and quads. Couldn't have waited a second more?
Seen it already.
It's the only one and it's a good one.
Still - need more.
What the hell job do you have?

Also, please continue writing when you can
I would love to help. Though Im inexperienced in writing myself, I do read a lot so I like to believe I have technical knowledge
Oh god, not Video Memory.

No, not that again.

Please not again.
Still waiting for stories..... so BUMP, I guess
File: 1412571664171.png (95KB, 334x377px)
95KB, 334x377px
We gotta keep this thread alive with some hardcore bippity bumps.

Tell you what, I'll make an extremely shitty drawing of any pony doing anything (within reason)
Dubs gets to choose the pony and the thing they're doing.
trips gets to have two ponies doing it
Quads gets the whole mane 6
Fit anon doing pushups and any one of the ponies (preferable Pinkie) mirin
File: EDN-00048-1.jpg (101KB, 1600x1600px)
101KB, 1600x1600px
rolling for pinkie 'mirin
Rollin/bumping for this
Dis shit tho
dubs achieved
Pinkie Mirin' a fit anon doing pushups coming right up
File: Pinkie mirin Anon.png (422KB, 2000x1500px)
Pinkie mirin Anon.png
422KB, 2000x1500px
It's shitty,
But it is Pinkie Mirin' Anon
Riggity, dat be sum good sheet nigga
Thanks guys
Hopefully this will keep the thread alive for a little while longer while we wait for BDA

I can doodle some more if you guys want.
The dubs didn't take long enough for there to be a large scale bump
Well then let's go for another round yeah? Same rules as last time.
Rarity mirin' Anon's ass.
Anon doing squats while Twilight's 'mirin dat bulge
Anon lifting Rainbow and perhaps another pony like weights
I kek'd
rolling for
Dubs get
So close

rollin fo this
Wow my ideas are popular
Both times, I gave an idea, rerolled, and got dubs
I'm on a roll.
Also winrar
Are you a wizard?

Fuck it. I'm counting that shit as Quads.
You're getting the mane 6

Jesus Christ
File: pinkmirincolor.png (499KB, 2000x1500px)
499KB, 2000x1500px
>'it's shitty"

Oh stop that you.
ooo! Nice coloring job! I love it!
Pinkies tongue should be orange
Other than that, good job
Thanks. Are you working on something right now? I'll color that too when you're done.
File: pinkmirin1.png (499KB, 2000x1500px)
499KB, 2000x1500px
I'm currently drawing the entire mane 6 acting as weights for Anon because
>>20564966 this guy rolled doubles for both lottos, then rolled doubles again commenting on how he got doubles.

It'll take a little longer due to the amount of ponies though
Looking forward to it.
File: pony tongue.png (484KB, 2000x1500px)
pony tongue.png
484KB, 2000x1500px
updated with better(?) tongue
Yeah that's it
Never noticed why pinkies tongue was THAT orange. Weird.
This is taking awhile, so to keep the thread rollin' I'll post progress pics
I've got an Anon and a Fluttershy done-ish so far
Lookin good
Keep that ass fat, if you'd be so kind.
On Anon or Fluttershy? haha.
Eheheh, the rest of the ponies. Anon is good.
>"Another set, Macho 'Non Savage?"
I'M THE CREAM OF THE CRRROP, yeah that's right, the CREAM OF THE CROPPP *spit everywhere*
gotta keep the thread alive.
Anonliftinmares patch 2.0
New Features:
>Added Rainbow Dash
>Anon Sweat intensified
>Resizing of Fluttbutt

I think RD came out better anatomy wise.
>Rainbow missing part of foreleg
Will be fixed in next patch
Their wings seem kind of high up
Good call, I'll move those down. There was some key stuff happening behind her mane, and with the mane in the way it looks funky.
hm if you plan to have one with Twilight, maybe you can have Anon be doing crunches, and to encourage him, she decided to sit in his lap. kind of like pic related?

Really enjoyed your story btw, had a good laugh over the captain morgans pose.
Oh god, that comic serious always makes me kek

I might do the twilight crunches one after this ridiculous one. And thanks for the compliment!
Really? I get rock hard, thinking about Butterscotch filling her with his creamy load and getting her pregnant.
Throughout said pregnancy, Butterscotch would continue to paste her inner walls and coat her womb with his baby batter. Rainbow would diet off of his splooge alone to keep herself extra fit.
oh.. my

Patch 3.0 up
>Made minor touch ups
>Added Princess Twiglitt

Shit must be gettin' heavy now.
Shit man, how you gunna fit everyone on there?
Wasn't planning on it. Anon is strong, but balancing 6 ponies on your back is probably hell.

So the other three will be mirin/cheering him on
There's room for two more on the bar, and Pinkie can do a handstand on Twilight or something.
Patch 4.0
Added Applepone

Good idea
I don't know why, but I somehow envision Rarity on the side levitating a tray with a towel and a water bottle on it.
Pinkie can be resting on Twilight with her hind legs spread over the beam, nuzzling a bit in to Twilight.
Rarity can be leaning on Anon's shoulders; head over his left shoulder, smiling.
Applejack can be sitting in front of him with her firm, rounded plot squashed against the ground as a pool starts to seep out from behind. Perhaps a bit of puckered angus.
>puckering angus
My sides have transcended to another state of being
Damn, you beat me to the punch.
Patch 5.0
Added Ponk
Had her dick around on top of twilight
Seems like her style
>Still no rararara
anon pls
Jesus fuck that's unbalanced. Unless Rainbow's a fatty fat fat-fat. Just saying.
>that story
I think I'm gonna go feel for a while
RD is bigger and stronger than Fluts, and Pinkie has Cartoon Physics.
File: oink.jpg (26KB, 379x278px)
26KB, 379x278px
Here ya go
Final Patch
Added Rarity

I think it came out nicely

The bar is leaning a bit to the left, this is because flutts is on one end, and twilight is pretty much center. Pinkie is actually crawling from the left side to the center, so it's balancing out
Well 2 sticks of gum and 20 gummi bears per cupcake seemed to be involved
Rarity and Applejack seem to suffer from ToiletRollitus.
Look at their body shapes.

So long as they're not Haribo sugar-free bears, probably bretty gud.
Rarity and AJ look like sausage dogs. Bring their rears forward a bit and curve the fronts to fit the characters; AJ is more barrelled towards the middle whilst Rarity is like a chicken with the curve dipping inwards towards the top.