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>"Huh? Really? Nothing planned on a Saturday night?"

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>"Huh? Really? Nothing planned on a Saturday night?"
>"You truly are one of a kind, Anon."
>"Well, tell you what. In that case, how's it sound to you if we go to the bar for some drinks? My treat."
Sure. I feel tempted to writebut I probably won't
Okay, seriously considering writefagging a bit. If anyone's interested: would you prefer a story with Shining being male, and genderbent because of a spell, or do you want a story that's based off of Shining having always been a female?
Full R63, make it so this one was always female.
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i'm not sure about anyone else but id like one of male shiny .. hes so damn cute :3
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Everyone wants some Shiny, anon. You don't want to be left out, do you?
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Male Shiny does nothing for me. R63 Shiny however...

I'm with these guys.

Also, since I've seen this thread so many times with male Shining, it'd be nice to switch it up a bit.
Sorry, won't do male Shining
dubs confrim we must do female shining.

Give me that R63 ponut pls.
What the hell are you talking about? She only invited us out to a bar, she's married to a fucking prince for Celestia's sake.
>r63 Shining
You must be new here.
But anon, marriage is a sacred bond.
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I agree.

But this is a what-if scenario. She may not even be married yet.
pffft hahaha
Doesn't Shining have an r63 name?
Gleaming Shield.
For ease, let's just go with this
>How're you so cool, Shield? I mean your brothers a fuckin autistic sperg.

> Sure, why not.
> After all, not every day a pretty mare takes me out for a drink.
>these faggots actually wouldn't fuck male Shining

Holy shit, have I stepped into some kind of bizzaro world?
Sex when?
Didn't even notice it was r63 the first 3 times I saw this
>This is some bomb ass cock, anon.
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I want to play with Shiny's plushy behind before filling him with my cock
>Saying "for Celestias sake"
I hope you guys don't actually do this.
I shiggy diggy.
>"Come on, Anon. When was the last time you had a few with a friend?"
>You scan your memories for a few moments.
>"Don't tell me that it was when I last took you out."
"Okay, fine. It wasn't."
>"Good. Having a social life is important, ya--"
"But it really was, though."
>Shining presses her hoof against her face.
>"Why are you such a social shut in, Anon. I swear you have fewer friends than a rock."
>You can only shrug.
"No one wants to hang around with a scary, hairless, talking monkey. Big surprise."
>Shining gives you a rather rough nudge to your side, making you wince.
>"Aw, don't be so hard on yourself. Tell ya what. We're going to go to the bar, and we're going to get completely wrecked. Forget about all your little problems until tomorrow. What do you think?"
"And what if I say no?"
>"Then I'm going to force you to spend time with my little sis'."
"Not in a million years. Lead the way."
That's it. Thanks

Don't normally like to alter canon, but fuck it. I'm writing about a prince of an empire now being female, and asking my self insert if I wanted to go out for drinks. For this story, Gleaming will be single, and this will be around the time that Twilight is still studying in Canterlot

"You know what? That sounds nice. I really needed to get out of the house."
>Gleaming looks at you with a smile
>"That's the spirit."
"Give me take a couple minutes to get ready."
>"Sure thing."
>you step back into your house, leaving the door open. You head into your room, grab the first decent shirt and jeans, then step into the bathroom to give yourself a quick inspection
Okay, I don't stink...
Teeth are...
>you pull back your cheeks
You should probably do something
>you take just thirty seconds to give them the once-over
Good enough
>as you're putting on your jacket, heading to the front door, you notice Gleaming still standing outside
>you give her an inquisitive look
"You know, you could have come inside?"
>"Well, you didn't invite me."
"I would assume that leaving the door wide open would imply that I'm letting you in."
>she chuckles
>"I'll remember that next time."
>you shake your head
"Alright, let's go."
>you step out, closing the door behind you. You look up, and notice the night overtaking the sky. You stuff your hands in your pockets, and look over at Gleaming
"So, where we headed?"
>"Little hole in the wall bar a few blocks from here. Really cheap drinks."
"Oh, I see. I'm only good enough for cheap liquor?"
>"What? No! It's not like that at all!"
>you give her a smile, and give her a gentle bump with your waist
"Just giving you shit."
>"Oh ha-ha."

"Gotta ask. What's up? I was expecting you to have better things to do on a Saturday night."
>"Well. After graduating from the academy, everypony else went straight into the guard."
"You didn't? I thought you were shooting for Captain of the Royal Guard?"
>"I still am. I just, wanted to- you know- take a break, really make sure that's what I wanted."
"Gotcha. Well, I'm sure you'll do a hell of a lot better than I did."
>"I thought they were going to put you into a unique squadron."
>you bring your hands from your pockets and make air-quotes
"They were wanting me in 'special' forces."
>"Are you serious?"
"Yep. They weren't sure how to fit a human into the guard."
>"Then why even accept you?"
"Not even sure. I guess they'll take every able body they can."
>"So, what are they having you do now?"
"Well, after some talking with the brass, paperwork, dick-sucking, and more paperwork. I got put into reserves until they could find a suitable position."
"Yep. I'm a weekend warrior."
>"That was probably the right decision. They probably would have considered whatever low-level task given to you as being good enough, and just forgotten about you. What have you been doing in the mean time?"
"Looking for a job."
>"No luck?"
>"Well, shit."
"Eh, what are you going to do? So, what's been going on with you lately?"
>"Staying at home with the folks while my little brother is at school. They said they missed my while I was at academy, so I thought I'd jump on free housing while I can."
"Don't blame you. So, Dusk, how's he doing?"
>"He's getting really involved with his studies. I mean, I'm happy that he's taking magic seriously, but he spends so much time studying. He doesn't socialize much."
"He need some friends?"
"I'm sure he'll be fine."
>you take note that you still haven't arrived at your destination yet
"Hey, I thought you said the bar wasn't but a few blocks?"
>"It is, but I thought we'd take the long way around."
Alright, looks like we got two writefags. Should I put on a trip?
dubs confirm trip
Do it.
>It is turning dark as the two of you enter the bar and take your seats.
>The both of you start off with a shot of whiskey and a mug of hard cider, straight from a place called Sweet Apple Acres.
>You can feel that burning in your gut already.
"So...how's the training going?"
>Shining downs her cider and slams the mug down, causing an audible thump as wood hit the table.
>"Could be better. The instructor's always busting our balls, but that's his job. We're learning about defensive magic now. Pretty neat stuff."
>"We also did a spitroasting session today."
>You choke on your drink, coughing violently into your arm.
"You WHAT?"
>Shining tries her best to contain her laughter.
>"Just pulling your leg. The royal guard isn't that raunchy as the rumors claim."
"Ah. Hilarious."
>"The stallions are too selfish to not come inside anyways."
>You manage to contain your beverage a little better this time.
>A small silence passed.
>"Well, that's enough about me. How's your job?"
"Not too bad. Diplomacy's actually a lot tamer than I anticipated, so it's definitely a decent way to get paid. The issues are petty, to be honest. This one griffon ambassador wanted his land to have some more fishing rights, and no one else had a claim to the ocean they fished in, so I didn't really see why they couldn't have just do--"
>Familiar laughter meets your ear, causing you to pause mid-sentence and turn to your drinking buddy.
>Shining is clutching her sides, trying her best not to make a scene at the bar.
"Are you all right?"
>She takes a few moments to gather herself.
>"Do you actually think that being a diplomat involves actual diplomacy?"
>The question takes you off guard.
>"Anon, Equestria has had nothing but peace for a thousand years. Diplomacy is no longer needed. The only reason why diplomats still exist is because every now and then someone needs a good exotic fuck."
Drinking is degenerate. Also, don't you have a spouse to be with?
>a good exotic fuck
this could be interesting, but are you doing shining armor or gleaming shield? you say shining and she. is this about femanon?
r63 shining. I could change it to gleaming to prevent confusion.
You've said 'she' a few times, I doubt many would get confused, but it's your decision
just namefag, the other writefag is doing gleaming.
Your trips are compelling, but I think I'll stay anonymous for now. It should be fairly easy to distinguish between us two.
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"Tempting, but I have other plans."
>She lowers her head sadly.
"Actually, why don't you join me?"
>"J-Join you?"
"We're having a game of Oubliettes and Ogres at my place."
>"Are you telling me that for the entire time you were a 'diplomat,' you actually performed your duties and didn't get laid?"
>"What's wrong with you?"
"With me? Why are you horses so horny all the time?"
>"Why are you humans so dense? I swear Twilight's books get laid more than you do!"
"At least I don't fuck books!"
>"It's just as bad as what you do. Do you even ask your hand for consent before you rub one out?"
"I don't care what my hand thinks!"
>"You're a hand rapist! I should arrest you for your crimes, you sick fuck!"
"Fine. But first, how about another round? Hey, two more of those shots, please!"

>Outside, two generically shady figures watch the scene from the bar window.
>"You understand your instructions?"
>"Yes, Ma'am."
>"Then do it. Time is of the essence."
>One of the figures disappears, leaving the other to laugh in a low, sinister, typical fashion.
>"Soon, Anon. Soon..."
>You lost count of how much the two of you had to drink.
>Judging from your inability to think or see straight, the answer is probably a little too much.
>"Alright, be right back. I have to take a very ladylike piss. Pissssssssy pissssssssss."
"Gee, thanks for...for telling me, or something..."
>Shining gives you a playful shove before hopping off her stool and heading to the fillies' room, belching on the way there.
>If you didn't know any better you'd think that she was a very stallionly stallion in a mare's body.
>But you don't believe that kind of bullshit.

>Shining enters the restroom, stumbling a bit through the door.
>"I hope this is the right place."
>She accidentally bumps into another mare, or at least she thinks it's a mare.
>"Sorry there. Had a little too much. Heheh. Nice cloak. It covers your face enough to be a good disguise."
>Shining's drunken brain doesn't quite register the blow the back of her skull receives as she collapses onto the floor, slipping into unconsciousness.
>"Whuu de fuggg..."
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"You sure you're not just lost?"
>"Trust me, we're not lost, and it's not too much further, and besides, we're having a good conversation."
"Bitching about military life? I'm becoming the kind of person I got annoyed by in college."
>Gleaming gets in front of you, putting her front hooves on your chest, and speaks to you in a melodramatic voice
>"Oh, but Anon. You're such a strong, enduring, warrior! The things you've seen!"
"Trust me: I've seen some shit."
>Gleaming responds in a curious tone, with a hint of admiration
>"Oh, have you?"
"Yeah. Cleaning the latrines are no fun. Especially when ponies decide that they didn't feel like aiming for the toilet."
>Gleaming busts out in laughter
>"Oh gross!"
>you laugh along with her
"Trust me when I said you'll do a lot better than I did. You've gone to the academy, not that you needed to, but it certainly helps."
>Gleaming gets her laughter under control
>"Well, how about this: if I become Captain of the Royal Guard, I'll give you a good position that pays well."
"Oh yeah?"
>"Yeah. You can be the royal toilet scrubber. Comes with benefits."
"As long as they make it to the toilet."
>some more laughter comes from Gleaming
>you walk along silently when you feel wetness hit your cheek. You stop, and bring your hand up to your face. Gleaming looks over at you
>"What's up?"
"I think I felt rain."
>"Uh oh."
"Yeah, we better get inside."
>"Well, the bar's just at the corner."
"Oh, well then. I guess there's no need-"
>you see Gleaming trotting on ahead
"-to rush?"
>she makes it to the bar, opens the door, and stares back at you
>"Come on, Anon."
>you just shake your head and slowly jog over to her
>you catch the door as she heads inside. You inspect the place. The bar is somewhat confined and relatively low-lit. Only a hand full of booths and tables, all of which are made of what looks like mahogany. Despite it's dated look, everything was kept clean and polished
Alright. I'm actually going to stop for the night, and let the other Anon continue without interruption. Night, and good luck with your story, Anon

You got a pastebin? You might want to give the Rule 63 thread guys the link so they can archive it and/or dump it in their own thread (with attribution to you). Those guys are basically the Borg when it comes to absorbing R63 green.
Thanks, writefag. Sweet dreams.
>You rest your hands on your head as you wait for you drinking buddy to come back from the fillies' room.
"I think I've had a little too much."
>No shit sherlock.
>Please, make more insightful statements about your current predicament.
"Maybe I should go home...fuck."
>You raise your head to see Shining next to you at the bar again.
>It doesn't come to mind that she no longer seems piss drunk.
>Or that she came back so quickly.
>Good job, sherlock.
"Hey baby. How about we do it. Right here, right now."
>She seems taken aback.
"Just pulling your leg. How about another round?"
>You ask the bartender for another pair of shots.
>"Yeah, about that..."
>The shots arrive, and you hand one over to Shining.
>"How about we head back? It seems to be getting pretty late."
"Yeah, yeah, sure...But first, how about one for the road? You look like you're sobering up already."
>Well now you realize, dumbfuck.
>Shining hesitantly looks at the glass, then looks to the window where a shadowy figure was motioning her on.
>"Well, one couldn't hurt. But only one and we go."
"That's the spirit!"
>"And after that, Buffy was shitting tuna for days!"
>The two of you howl in drunken laughter at Shining's story.
"Shit, that's hilarious! I didn't know you spent time at Griffionia."
>"Born and raised."
"I thought you were born in Canterlot."
>"That too."
>"Let's have another."
"Okay, but first...first."
>You try to put together the words in your intoxicated state.
"Show me something you learned from the academy."
>"Something? Like what?"
"I dunno. Anything. Come on. Just once."
>"Well, okay. But just this oooooooooonnnnee time."
>Shining stumbles off of the stool and collapses onto the floor.
>She slowly gets up, finding her balance, and then concentrates.
>A green aura surrounded her horn, then spreads across her body.
>After a flash of light, where Shining Armor once stood is now occupied by a changeling.
>Your smile immediately drops as soon as you register what happened.
>The changeling is now frozen, albeit wobbly from the alcohol and unsure what to do.
>You get off your stool and point to the changeling.
"That's amazing! I didn't know unicorns could do that!"
File: 1404262048881.jpg (26KB, 300x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now every time writefag has a bar scene I'm going to expect changelings or some other bullshit for drunk anon to believe.
I like it.
>You are Shining Armor, and you are now waking up on the floor of a dirty bathroom.
"Ow, my head."
>The last thing you remember, you bumped into a very nice mare.
>Actually, come to think of it, she wasn't very nice.
>In fact, you think she knocked you out with a bar or something.
>Knocked out with a bar at a bar.
>Did you insult her cloak or something?
>You groan as you get to your hooves and concentrate.
>A purplish aura surrounds you as you reluctantly cast a spell that rids your body of alcohol.
>Goodbye happiness.
>Hello sobriety.
>Now to find that bitch who did this.
>You purposefully walk out of the restroom into the bar to find the culprit.
>Now where would a cunt like that be?
>Think, think...
>Your eyes go to the spot next to Anon to find...
>changeling literally just steals the identity of mare walking into the bathroom, whacks her over the head, and just leaves her there

I know it's pretty obvious at this point, but these are some pretty stupid changelings. Is this their first day or something?
>You cannot believe your eyes.
>In front of you are four Shining Armors.
>Well, actually only two, but alcohol does have a tendency to cause blurry, double vision.
"Shining? You didn't tell me you have a twin sister."
>The drunken changeling chimes in as well.
>"Oh yeah. I guess I do."
>It then lifts her mug, but is then put down by a purple beam from the other Shining.
>The changeling returns to normal form as it flies across the room and crashes against the wall, hitting its head with a loud thug.
>Other bargoes are frozen in shock as they witness this happen.
>It tries to get up, but instead empties its stomach and passes out in its own puke.
"What the fuck, Shining? Why would you hurt your twin sister like that?"
>She then aims her horn at you, the tip glowing.
"What the fuck? I thought you were my very best friiiiiiieeeeeennnnnddd."
>A purple bolt hit you before you could make any more shitty references.
>But instead of sending you back, it envelops you.
>A cold sensation fills your body as you feel yourself leaving your intoxicated state and once again reaching full awareness.
>Once again sober, you get off of your stool and do a quick assessment of the situation.
"Well, shit."
>The bartender goes up to you, a deadpan expression on his face.
>"I think it's best if the both of ya leave. You're scaring my customers."
>They were indeed scared.
>Some even spilled their drinks down their legs.
>Or at least that's what it seems.
"Let's bounce, Shining."
>"Sounds good."
>The two of you start to make your way toward the exit when the door bursts open.
>At the entrance is a familiar figure.
>A griffon from today's "diplomatic" event.
>Well fuck.
noice gets, keep up the work lad.
"Well fuck."
>"You know this griffon?"
>"She's from work."
"I'm sure you do. What do you want?"
>"You did?"
"I did?"
"Signals? What the fuck are you talking about?"
"No, seriously. I have no idea."
>"What? My intentions were made very clear, Anonymous! Do you not remember the conversation we had that day?"
>You go over today's events in your mind.
>Cue flashback.

>You are Anonymous.
>And you are at some boring, shitty convention.
>Almost all the other diplomats have gone for some reason.
>They left in pairs, sometimes groups.
>Some moans and slapping noises can be heard echoing across the halls.
>Probably some intense debates going on about trade regulations or something.
>From the sounds of it, someone's nation is about to be invaded.
>How unfortunate.
>The only people left in the room are you and that one griffon who won't stop looking at you.
>Looks like it's going to be a slow day from here on out.
>You idly scratch your itchy asshole and pull out a newspaper, going straight to the comics section.
>"My name's Hazel."
>You peer over your paper.
>That thing can talk?
"My name's Anonymous. Or Anon, for short."
>She repeats the name to herself.
Ooh, is there gonna be a catfight? Or a threeway?
I must know!
>Almost all the other diplomats have gone for some reason.
>They left in pairs, sometimes groups.
>Some moans and slapping noises can be heard echoing across the halls.
>Probably some intense debates going on about trade regulations or something.
>From the sounds of it, someone's nation is about to be invaded.
>How unfortunate.

Ladies and gentlemen, my sides have left the building. Thank you, and goodnight.
>More silence.
>You go back to reading your paper.
>However, her eyes keep staring into your soul.
>What the fuck does she want?
>Putting down the paper, you look back at her, staring into her deep, green eyes.
"Uh, can I help you? Does your nation need anything?"
>"Why, er, yes. My nation, um, could use some...fucking, I mean, fishing...rights?"
>You scratch your chin.
"Do you not own the area in which you fish?"
>"Well, yes."
"Then you are free to fish as you please. Nothing I can do there."
>What's-her-beak seems a bit put off by your response, but her resolve is unshaken.
>"It's not that. It's just that...I would like if it someone could...fish in my waters."
>She's an odd one.
"Well, it's your waters. Your rules."
>You go back to reading your paper.
>Suddenly, you feel a pair of claws on your legs, causing you to almost scream like a little girl who saw creepy Uncle Freddy in the bathroom.
>"The thing is...I would like YOU to fish in my waters."
>You do some quick mental math in your head.
"Isn't your land a long ways away."
>"Yes, but..."
>She gets on your lap and trails a claw down your chest.
>"We can do it together. Right here. Right now~"
"But there's no water here. Let alone fish."
>She grabs you forcefully by your shoulders, bringing her face close to yours.
>"Perhaps I wasn't being clear. I want you with me, Anon. I want you IN me."
>You're getting a little scared now.
>And why the fuck do you have a boner?
"Uhh, n-no thanks. I'm not the healthiest thing to eat...GUARDS! GUARDS! SHE WANTS TO EAT ME! SAVE ME! SHE'S EATING MY FACE RIGHT NOW GET HER OFF!"
>You idly scratch your itchy asshole and pull out a newspaper
Today, the Supreme Court reversed- ughh...
>going straight to the comics section.
>"Hey Jughead, did you hear? The Supreme Court reversed-" UGHHHH....
This guy is like the Gordon Frohman of Anon
>"Holy shit, Anon. I knew you were dense but are you kidding me?"
"No, I totally knew she was into me. I just wanted to fuck with her, not fuck her."
>You apologetically shrug.
"Sorry. Nothin' personal. Just bored is all. And your breath really stank."
>The angry griffon starts to make her way towards you.
>"You're going to rut me if it's the last thing you do."
"Sorry, not interested."
>"I wasn't asking."
"Then that's rape, which by the way, isn't exactly my fetish unless you have a nice ass. Like Shining's."
>"Aw, thanks Anon."
>"Well, what am I supposed to do if I want to have sex and you say no? Not fuck you? That's ridiculous. I came here to get tail even if it kills you."
"Shining? A little help?"
>"I dunno, dude. She has a fair point. Besides, if you don't rut her, you're putting international relations at risk. I'm afraid you're gonna have to fuck her for Equestria."
"I can't believe you're betraying me like this."
>"Oh, don't be such a drama queen. I think you'll even like it."
>You really fucking hate this matriarchy.
"There's no way I'm getting out of this, is there?"
>"Sorry dude."
"Well, if that's the case, then I'm going to need a drink first."
>"If it's any consolation, I'll buy this time."
"Gee, thanks."
>Anon being pressured into sex by the oppressive matriarchy
This triggers me
>You groggily wake up and take in your surroundings.
>Canterlot royalty always did have the best bedrooms.
>High ceilings, goose feather blankets.
>And a nice view of the silly little peasants below.
>It almost makes your hangover feel a little better.
>Looking back to your bed, you notice that it's unoccupied.
>Hazard, or whatever her name is, probably left soon after she had her fill.
>Well, you hope she was satisfied with what she got, because that was never going to happen again.
>Stumbling into the bathroom, you look into the mirror.
>It appears you have a crudely applied bandage on your right arm.
>Judging from the dried blood that bled through the fabric, your wound was the result of claws.
>Fucking griffons, man.
>Never again.
>At least your dick is still intact, you think.
>If Anon Jr. left you, you don't know what you'd do, other than probably be dead.
>You look down, and freeze at what meets your eyes.
>Your dick, it's...it's...GONE.
>Oh wait, you're wearing underwear...dumbfuck.
>This is going to be a long, long day.
"Fuck me."
>You stumble into the Royal Courtroom like a zombie, a bottle of tonic in your hand.
>By the looks of it, "diplomacy" is already in motion.
>Your foot almost slips on the tile floor as you make your way to your designated seat.
>To think the entire time you thought the wet floors were the result of a lazy janitor.
>The seat cushion makes a plopping noise as you collapse on top of it.
>A few other "diplomats" give you fist bumps for your first successful "negotiation" before heading into their own.
>"You should be proud, Anonymous. Not many can have diplomatic intercourse with a griffon and live to tell the tale."
>"Anytime. Now where did I put those whips of persuasion...?"
>You massage your temples, hoping that this awful hangover will eventually pass.
>Another figure, this time a mare, comes by your seat.
>"Good going, Anon."
>You look up.
"What are you doing here?"
>"Oh I'm representing the royal guard today. Isn't that great?"
>"Look, Anon. I'm sorry about pressuring you into doing something that you didn't want to do."
"It's fine. Part of the job, right?"
>"I guess. But I'll make it up to you."
"I don't think I want to drink for the next couple years."
>"No, it's not that. I'll make it up to you another way."
"How so?"
>She leans in close enough so that you can smell her breath.
>"Well, we're diplomats, you and I. Why don't we...negotiate it?"
"Fuck you."
>"Oh, Anon. So direct~"
"No, in the figurative sense."
>"Why not?"
"Well, because...reasons."
>"Come on, Anon. I need this."
"I can tell by the heavy breathing. Why me?"
>"Because that guy..."
>She points to some smug-looking pone across the hall.
>"Won't stop hitting on me. And I need a way out."
"So I'm your escape plan?"
"I dunno. Maybe I shouldn't. You know? For the sake of Equestria and all that?"
>"I'll get rid of your hangover. How about that?"
>"I'll even swallow."
"You are truly desperate, aren't you?"
>"Is that a yes?"
>Slowly, you rise from your seat.
"Whatever. I could use a good revenge fuck, anyways. Prepare to walk silly for days."
>"Great. Let's bounce."
>The two of you left the courtroom with Shining leading the way.
>You could even swear that she has the smallest hint of a smile on her face.
>she whispers softly into your ear.
>Ayy lmoa
>In a flash you open your eyes to see you're in a space shit highabove earth.
>you have been passed out inside of a alien space shit.
ayy lmao
File: 173.jpg (24KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 500x375px
File: 1409275919354.jpg (6KB, 230x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 230x242px
>inside of a alien space shit
>space shit
I was going to write a clop scene, but I'm tired, my eyes are tired, and my dick is tired. Sorry, guys. Hopefully that other anon will be back soon.
can I get a pastebin for this shit? I need to get to sleep and really want to read this
Unnecessarily rude.
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little rape apologist? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Social Justice 101, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on r/creepshots, and I have over 300 confirmed instances of saying "check your privilege". I am trained in being overly offended and I’m the top SRSer in the entire social justice blogosphere. You are nothing to me but just another shitlord. I will call you a neckbeard with persistence the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, cis-sexist pig. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of differently-abled, ethnic, transqueer womyn across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the AC360 investigation, *aggot. The investigation that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your erotic subreddit. You’re fucking privileged, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can complain about you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in arguing with shitlords, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Jezebel.com and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your privileged bigotry off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “sexist” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will passive-aggressively type fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, cis scum.
wait, is that it?
my dick demands a writefag to finish this, i was fucking throbbing
That's OK, maybe you can finish later today.
maybe we can help eachother out with our problems anon~
File: 413587854.png (248KB, 1280x951px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 1280x951px
That's some bullshit. Not going any further into this thread.
bump, anyone want me to continue my parrot anon and Octavia story?
Go on
Oh shit wrong thread.
File: shining_r63.png (133KB, 307x361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 307x361px
File: 1405328644058.jpg (49KB, 344x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 344x313px
at least tell us the name of this story first.

Diplomacy Inaction?
any porn of r63?
Hah, anon, you're so funny.
Okay, I'm back. Let me shower and eat and I'll try to please your boners, if they're still up.
Ready for expansion.
File: 1386368888807.jpg (6KB, 221x228px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 221x228px
Eh, middlekek, 6.5/10.
>Now that you think about it, these private room are a little too...unfitting for actual negotiations.
>The rooms were dimly lit, the room smelled of scented candles, and there was a fucking queen-sized bed in the end.
>You really hoped that the sheets are at least cleaned regularly.
>Shining whistles as the both of you enter the room.
>"They really know how to make you feel comfortable, huh?"
"Looks like it."
>"Well, now that we're here..."
>She gets on her hind legs and presses against you with your front hooves.
>"Why don't we get down to business?"
"I like the way you--"
>A sharp pain decides to hate fun and pound mercilessly into your head.
>"I-is something wrong?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. This hangover is just killing me."
>"Oh, you poor thing. Let me take care of that for you."
>She pushes you gently onto the bed, where your relatively large frame lands with a pompf.
>Then, she crawls up to you so that you are no more than a couple inches from her face, your breaths mixing in the heavy air.
"What are you--"
>"Shhh. Close your eyes."
>You do as she says, and soon a faint humming noise meets your ears.
>The familiar sensation of magic envelops your head and slowly flows across the rest of your body as your wounds heal and the headache welcomingly disappears.
>This feels fantastic.
>Suddenly, a pair of lips meet yours, taking you by surprise.
>The healing spell was so relaxing that you almost forgot why you were here.
>Immediately, you return the kiss, your tongues soon finding contact and wrestling with each other for precious territory.
>You try to raise a hand to cradle her head, but it won't budge.
>Neither could the rest of your limbs.
>Oh, she's a sneaky one.
>Encounter with changelings
>Close friend suddenly decides to get jiggy
>Has a spell to 'relieve your headache'

Oh shit
File: 1400345582576.jpg (304KB, 560x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304KB, 560x560px
>The kiss continues until something pokes Shining from behind.
>She stops and looks back.
>"Well, what do we have here? Oh hello there. We meet again."
"Wait, again?"
>The mare doesn't respond, instead turning around so that her lower lips were now facing you.
>Not long after a warm sensation surrounds your cock, Shining's wet, soft tongue swirling around the tip.
>Hungry, you reach up and stick your tongue inside her, causing an audible moan to come from the other end and send vibrations down your dick.
>No, this was too much.
>You can't lose so soon.
>With increased vigor, you perform your variation of the alphabet on your partner, greedily lapping up her juices.
>It doesn't take long for your face to be covered with her, but you don't care.
>Realizing that she might finish first at this rate, Shining takes the entirety of your length down her throat.
>She doesn't so much as gag as she starts to bob up and down on your rock hard member, flooding your mind with waves of pleasure.
>And that was enough to send you over the edge.
>You thrust your hips upward as you reach your peak, flooding Shining's mouth with your seed.
>She continues to suck as you orgasm, not letting a drop escape from her lips.
>After the waves subside, she turns around and faces you, her cheeks bulging.
>Shining looks you directly in the eyes as she swallows, making an audible gulping noise.
>She licks her lips, her eyes still hungry for more.
>"Told you I'd swallow."
>"But we're not done yet."
>She sits on top of you and starts to grind her crotch against your softening member.
>"I'm not stopping until I'm stuffed from both ends."
>This mare is crazy.
>Her juices soak your dick as she grinds her hips back and forth, causing your dick to once again reach maximum length.
>She presses her hooves against your chest as she gets up, allowing your cock to stand upright.
>Her marehood slowly descends upon you as she aligns it until your tip is barely touching her entrance.
>Fuck it.
>The two of you look directly into each other's eyes as you enter her, a wet, warm, silky feeling enveloping your member.
>You continue to enter her until your tip reaches the end, fully hilting her and causing her to gasp.
>Shining bites her lip as she tries to contain herself, then starts to move back up again.
>"Grab me."
>You notice that your arms are no longer bound, and waste no time in grabbing her shapely, firm flanks.
>Looks like the training definitely paid off.
>She moans as you give them a squeeze, guiding her up and down your length.
>Wet slaps echo across the room as she increases her pace, her marehood devouring you cock whole.
>Her vaginal muscles start to massage you as well, gripping and releasing at exactly the right spots as she drives you into her.
>Once again, you near your peak, your dick begging for release.
>The mare seems to take notice of this as she slams down on you one final time.
>"Now come."
>That was all it took to send you over the edge, the floodgates once again opening.
>You empty your seed deep inside your partner, her muscles making sure to milk you of everything you've got.
>The mare peaks as well, her fluids mixing with yours as she hugs you tightly and emits a groan.
>Eventually the bliss subsides, leaving the two of you panting each other's breaths.
>Your flaccid dick falls out of her, making a popping noise as some more cum falls out of her.
>She collapses onto the bed with you, her chest heaving.
>"Th-thanks, Anon. I really needed that."
"No, uh, problem."
>She giggles a bit as she gets closer to you, nuzzling into your neck.
>"So, are you going to quit your job?"
"Eh, maybe it's not so back after all. Maybe you should be a diplomat more often."
>Shining gives you a kiss on the cheek before drifting off to sleep, her hooves hugging you tightly.
>Getting tired as well, you pull up a blanket and cover the both of you before closing your own eyes and entering the world of dreams.
>The two of you will still hang out at the bar after this, right?

No surprise changeling ending. No drama, but yes happy ending. This is good. A+, writeanon!
File: 626.gif (802KB, 264x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
802KB, 264x264px
I think you forgot something
Gleaming Shield [R63-Shining Armour] and Princess Cadence, best-friends, fight and squabble over their mutual crush, Anonymous the Oblivious Human.

...And then a flirtatious, recently-returned Princess Luna returns.

Will they put aside their differences? Will Anonymous get laid?

Dunno: up to any write-fag that uses the premise.
Foursome? Yeah, foursome.
I do have a pastebin, but I'm going to refrain from posting it until I'm sure I'll get this one done. The last two stories I started are unfinished, and I don't need to add another one to the list.
Damn, man. You're quick. I'm excited to read through it
No. Not sure who that is
Love me some male shiny.
Fuck yourself. Go do it.
File: aegis_tongue.png (156KB, 289x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 289x273px

This is promising.
Maybe we will be graced with such a writefag.
We need you, tripfag.
>"Huh? Really? Nothing planned on a Saturday night?"
>"You truly are one of a kind..."
>"Well, tell you what. In that case, how's it sound to you if we go to the bar for some drinks? My treat."
>You pause for a minute, thinking.
"I'm... Not sure, Gleaming, it's been quite some time since I've been able to have some time off from my duties."
>She nods.
>"I know! That's exactly why I'm talking to you! I figured you'd want to, y'know, take some time, loosen up, and--"
"Yes, yes, I know. And that's all in good spirit, and all, but..."
>Gleaming looks concerned, an eyebrow raised.
>"But what?"
"I'm just... I think I want to be alone right now, for at least a while. I need to think, and have some time to myself," you say, struggling to find the words.
>"Don't think I don't know why you're saying this, Temporus."
>She gives you a blunt look.
>She knows exactly what's going on in your head.
"I know, I know, just... Please, I--"
>"Prince D'Amore Temporus," she says sternly.
>After she knows she has your attention, she continues.
>"You need someone to talk to. I know that," she says shamefully, looking down. "I know having Dusk Shine grow up was a little hard. He's been growing away from all of us, actually, and getting more and more tied into those dumb books of his."
>After a pause, Gleaming raises her head again, and gives you a hopeful look.
>"And, you know, he really did like you. A lot."
>"He even called you 'Uncle Tempie' every now and again."
>This catches you by surprise.
>Your ears perk, and you look up at Gleaming in surprise.
"...He did?"
>"Yeah! He did! One day, he even joked about us dating!"
>"I think that was the day I realized just how smart he was..."
Is her Shining, Aegis or fucking Gleaming?!
Pretty sure it is. It's all I've seen so far.
Same fags.

were within 1 minute of eachother

File: false.png (5KB, 352x123px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 352x123px
File: oh noes.png (7KB, 662x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh noes.png
7KB, 662x150px
And we are graced by Herr Writefag!
This can only end well.

I've seen all three, but only Aegis once.
It's usually Gleaming Shield.
Look what I found!
It was just a one-shot thing, for me. I don't want to juggle two big stories at once. Though, it'd be hard to top my magnum opus of a fapfic...

Hope y'all liked it.
But who is borrowing her?
You, silly.
File: unfunf.gif (192KB, 1036x654px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 1036x654px
>That pic
Why does this expand dong?
I enjoyed it.
Oh, so the rest of the image doesn't have another hoers.
>that file name
>nerdy gleaming shield
There needs to be more of this
Well you have my attention.
Hey, um, I don't wanna be that guy, but there is a rule 63 thread running at this very moment.
Can someone, like, link them over there? This is good material they'd be happy with.
I'd do it myself, but I'm low on time.
File: cute_r63_shining.jpg (337KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
337KB, 1024x1024px
There really does.
Actually, it's a legal bond.

File: 1384551155678.jpg (35KB, 499x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 499x345px
>no glorious Shiny cock or voluptuous horse balls
File: shining_r63_derp.jpg (154KB, 955x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 955x1024px
Do you really need them?
/ccg/ pls
This pic converted me to the joys of R63 shiny

>implying a good chunk of /mlp/ doesn't want Shiny's meaty horsecock and to fuck his tight little ponut
See: any thread ever that has had Shining as the OP image
Oh what joys indeed...

You sure you don't want a bit of change in your husband hoers? Surely you must be sore from Shining's cock after all this time.

You could return the favor.
If it were any other mare, I would, but R63 Shining just makes me wish I had the regular Shiny

Shining's the only pony I only want to fuck as a stallion 100% of the time. Everyone else could go either way.
Only Shining, eh?
Yup, I'll take a R63 of any other stallion.

I will never get enough of Shiny's balls and his beautiful cock

"Quite the cozy little place."
>"Isn't it great?"
"Not really the kind of bar I'd expect you to go to."
>"And what kind of bar would you expect?"
"I don't know. Maybe one a bit more...'hip,' and maybe filled with ponies your age."
>"Nah. That kind of place is too active for me."
>you arrive at the bar and take your seats. The bartender turns towards you
>>"What'll it be?"
"Uh, I guess I'll have whatever she takes."
>the tender looks over to Gleaming
>"I'll have a bloody marry."
"Okay, I take that back. I would much rather have a scotch instead."
>>"You got it."
"A bloody marry? Seriously?"
"The sun's set. A bloody marry is something you're supposed to drink in the morning."
"Because it's a restorative drink."
>"Well, it's like morning for me."
>you chuckle
"You are an odd one."
>"Coming from the creature that stands on two legs."
>you open your mouth to make a retort, but catch yourself. Gleaming gives a smug look of victory
"Yeah. I got nothing."
>Gleaming giggles, adjusting herself in her stool, inching it just a bit closer to you
>the bartender places the drinks on the table. Instinctively, you reach for your pocket when Gleaming stops you
>"Anon. I got this. I really meant it when I said it was my treat."
"Sorry. Just a habit, and kind of weird."
>you take a sip of your scotch
>"How so?"
"Well, where I'm from, the males always paid for drinks."
"Almost always."
>"What else did males have to pay for?"
>you take another sip
>"Your home seems very weird."
"That's just the way it was."
>you both take to your drinks and keep silent for a moment

>the crackle of lightning striking outside sends Gleaming up out of her stool. She nearly falls to the ground, but catches herself on the bar counter
>you bust out laughing
"Scared much?"
>Gleaming starts laughing along as well
>"No. Just startled me. That's all."
"Uh huh. Sure."
>as the laughter between you two calms down, Gleaming turns to view the city outside
>"Glad we got here when we did."
>you take a sip
>a brief moment of silence passes by before Gleaming speaks to you in a serious tone
>"You know, you don't talk much about your home."
"Not much to talk about."
>"Sure there is. I mean, what was it like? Were there a lot of others like you?"
"Humans? All over the place."
>"Did you have friends and family?"
>you pick up your drink, and give it a little swirl
>"Do you miss them."
>"Why'd you leave?"
>you slam your glass onto the counter and give her a stern look
"Okay, I'm drawing the line there."
>Gleaming dips her head down at her drink, ears drooping back
>"I'm sorry, Anon. Didn't realize it was a touchy subject."
>she starts sipping at her drink
It's not her fault, man. She's just taking an interest in you. A lot more than most people back home were
"It's really not a big deal. I over-reacted."
>you lean over, wrap your arm around her, and pull her into your body, stroking her side reassuringly. She looks up at you and smiles
Sorry, but that's all for tonight. I've actually had a very busy Sunday. Tomorrow should be more productive
this has potential, I can't wait for more
File: umfaegis.png (121KB, 277x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 277x274px
[spoilers]Dis gon be gud[/spoilers]
Dem eyes... that warning...

>Not having the best of both worlds and having trap Shining
>Specifically, Shining after a nasty divorce that has lead to him falling into a depression and letting himself go
>Losing all his muscle mass and getting a mare-ish figure from the fact that all the booze seems to go to his thighs, and he recently started drinking tea since it's cheaper than coffee
>not wanting to cheer him up by making him your mare
A mare-ish figure isn't going to do anything for that stallion face. Cute, but if you want a mare with dick, you're going to have to go full-on futa Shining.
>not wanting to bang sissy Shining
A little makeup goes a long way.
>Implying you don't want to see male shining get banged by futa shining
Is this while female shining sucks off male shining?
All the Shinings. All of them.
I don't. I want to see futa Shining fucking some boipussy.
>furry shit

What are you, casual?
Story involving Twi and her sister, Gleaming, vie for the monkey d.
And Twi fails because shes princess bookdork neverlaid
>Knowing it's temporary
Why does that make me want to fuck him more?
Because you know if you do a good enough job he'll secretly want to do it again but will be too embarrassed to tell anyone.
For me, it was always the whole Guy -> Girl thing, but holy shit, that DOES make it hotter.

Nice, can't wait.
Anyone know any good r63 Shining fics?
I kind of want to write this idea...
At least try.
I've never written on /mlp/ before. Only FimFiction. But the idea is fantastic.
Give it a shot. If people really hate it they'll speak up. If they like it, they may not speak up at all, either way just give it a shot, don't even have to tripfag. I'd be glad to read it.
me too
I suppose I could give it a try, I've never done greentext before though. Should be interesting.
Same writefag here, I would like to apologize in advance I take some time when I write.
Ok, so my first attempt at a greentext story. I actually have done my share of writing but never really like this before.
>You casually check your watch as you enter the bar, noting the still early hour you decide to wait for your friends by having a drink.
>Some hard cider really doesn't do much for you unless you have ton of the stuff, but this is all Equestria has got.
>You just sat down and began cradling your drink when you suddenly hear two familiar voices over the faint bar music.
"I told you we were going to be late."
"Nuh uh we fine, don't get your panties in a knot there princess."
>You see Princess Cadence and Gleaming Shield enter the bar and look around.
"My panties aren't in a knot Shield! And since when did you get so excited to see anonymous anyway?"
>Instead of answering Shield just scans the crowd, you see her face light up when she spots you.
"Over there at the bar, at the far end."
>You wave them over, and see Cadence pouting at Shield, and Shield almost bouncing over to you in a very Pinkie'ish way.
"Sup Shield, hello Princess."
>Shield pulls up onto the stoll on your left and grins, while Cadence takes the one to your right.
"How has your night been so far Anonymous?"

Improves, sustains, continue?
Keep going
Typically black text is used for the viewpoint character (Anon, in this case) only.

It doesn't make sense for ponies to talk about panties and the knottedness thereof because they don't normally wear clothes, and when they do they don't wear anything that would require undergarments.

You don't need to ask if we want you to continue; if we want you to stop we'll tell you so.
Ah, okay. I was trying to go off the previous writers formats. And underwear makes sense, my bad.
No worries. We're always hungry for more greentext. We'll be here, we're always here.
Can anything sate the thirst for r63 Shiny?
I don't know man.
I so want to cum inside male shining amor

...who in their right mind doesn't?
Get this faggotry out of our Female Shining Armor thread.
What about DPing Gleaming Shield with Shining Armor, then eating the cum out of her and snowballing it between the three of you?
The hell is snowballing?
File: shining_and_bm.png (699KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
699KB, 1280x1024px
You appear lost.
/ccg/ is that way.

>being this uncultured
File: 1409048889993.jpg (360KB, 710x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360KB, 710x508px
That's what I thought.
The only cure I know of is more greentext. Unfortunately I am unable to provide said cure. Apologies fellow anons, but there are those working to make more.

>you notice her body feels cold against your hand. You give her one last squeeze before letting her go, then take off your jacket
"Here. You seem to be getting cold."
>you wrap your jacket around her. She's a little surprised by the gesture
>"Oh. Thanks, Anon. It was starting to get cold in here."
"No problem."
>Gleaming adjusts the jacket around her, and slips her forelegs through the sleeves
>"You sure you'll be fine without it?"
"I will be with another scotch."
>she smiles
>"Fair enough."
>she turns to the tender
>"Another scotch, please."
>>"Sure thing. As long as you two behave yourselves."
"What? It was just a hug."
>>"It was disgusting."
>Gleaming leans over to you and speaks in a hushed tone
>"Don't mind him. He's just old-fashioned."
>you turn to Gleaming
"So, what's been going on with you? How have things been with you and your brother?"
>she shakes her head slowly
>"We've been drifting apart, more and more, lately. It's only going to get worse when he finally moves away."
"Where do you think he'll go? Think he'll land a job at the palace."
>"I wouldn't be fazed if he moves into a damn library."
>you chuckle
"Do they even have places for sleeping?"
>"Probably not. Wouldn't stop him. He'd make a bed out of books."
>your second scotch arrives, and you drink down what was left of your first one, and hand it to the tender
"Well, if he gets into trouble, he's always got you."
>"It's not him that I'm concerned about. Honestly, I'm more worried about my parents. Once I'm actually in the guard, and Dusk is gone, I don't know what they're going to do with their time."
"Probably fuck."
>Gleaming gives you a look of disappointment
>"Really, Anon?"
"Sorry. The alcohol's kicking in. Couldn't help myself."
>Gleaming punches you lightly on the shoulder
>"You're an ass, sometimes. You know that?"
"Yep. I take pride in that."
>another sip
You still there, Anon-kun?
Never been a fan of r63 before, but please continue this. It's great.
>please continue this. It's great.
Stop acting like such faggots and start caressing Shining's balls
There's tons of fic for that, that's why this thread is so good. Its unique

More, whenever you get the chance.
more story when?
bumping dubs mean thread shall resume stories soon
I hope so.

Pls come back writefags...
We love you.
I woulda Gleaming Shield. Continue please, good writefriend.
Love this, moar pls
File: ASS.png (337KB, 544x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
337KB, 544x1200px
The booty is supposed to be toned and athletic, you useless bug. Take that fat ass elsewhere.

"Seriously though, I wouldn't worry about your folks too much. I'm sure they'll be just fine."
>"Yeah, you're probably right."
>Gleaming takes her drink, and drinks it down. She calls over the bar tender to bring her another drink. When he comes back, you grab his attention
"Do you happen to know the time?"
>>"Quarter till one."
"Shoot. It's starting to get late."
>"You think we should be heading out?"
"That doesn't sound like too bad of an idea."
>you turn around in your stools, and notice that the outside is still pouring down rain. Another crackle of lightning strikes
"On second thought-"
>"Yeah, let's just wait a little while longer."
>you both turn around and face the bar again
>"How are we going to kill time?"
"I guess keep drinking until we forget what time it is."
>"Sounds like a plan."
>you sit silently for a few a while
You know, this wasn't actually that bad. Got to hang out with a friend and got some free drinks. Better than sitting at home fapping all day
>suddenly the silence is broken
>"Oh my."
>you notice that Gleaming is looking over in the corner of the bar. You try lifting your head to see what she's looking at
"What's up?"
>she looks back at you with a devilish grin
>"They have a karaoke machine!"
"Oh cool, no way."
>"Yeah. I've never noticed it before. It's been hidden in the corner."
>you try to pass it off and go back to your drink but she's not buying into it. She tilts her head downward while still maintaining eye contact with you
>her smile gets a bit wider
>"Come on..."
"Nonononono. No."
>she tries egging you on
>"Come on..."
"Not happening."
>"Oh why not?"
"I am not nearly drunk enough to even attempt that."
>"Oh yeah? How much liquor is it going to take for you to go up there?"
"About as much as it would take to give me alcohol poisoning."
>"Anon, come on!"
>"There's almost nopony here. It'll be fun!"
"Not. Gonna. Happen."
>she brings her face to yours so that your noses are touching
File: LESS ASS.png (261KB, 661x562px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
261KB, 661x562px
I'll be honest. I'm a bit stuck at the moment

You've made some bomb-ass green so far.
Take all the time you need.
File: 1391061711047.jpg (45KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 640x480px
dang it write fag just have them kiss already... doing a good job keep up the good work
Anon's singing can't top this.
Get unstuck, writefag.
You're doing great things; keep it up.
File: 1391690895410.png (678KB, 668x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
678KB, 668x667px
B-But then we'll miss Doctor Who.
It's Cybermen this week... and something about Clara never having been Clara...
Why have I never seen this much Gleaming Shield art before?
>Gleaming Shield
Agreed. This is a whole field full of throbbing boner fodder that I didn't know existed.
Because you never followed one of your desires.
I'd like to see a story in which Anon does it with Hazel, and she forms some sort of affection for him, etc. Maybe obsession could come into play.
Then she gets rejected and called a weirdo maybe. I mean hell, Anon could be going for some ponut.
I don't know, but it sure expands my folder.
This should be a thing more often than it is.
>but it sure expands my folder.
It does the same to my dong.
File: 1408335651771.jpg (45KB, 420x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 420x500px
>gleamings eyes
It's another way to bump a thread without saying "bump", get with it, anon.

>you let out a sigh
>you put your hand in between your faces, and push her head back a few inches. You then grab your scotch and gulp the entire glass down
>Gleaming pulls away from your hand, sitting upright in joy
>"Ha, yes! Trust me, Anon. It's going to be fun."
>you groan
>"One song. That's all I'm asking from you."
>she nods her head
>"Mhm. Just one."
"Alright, but this better not be awful."
>"It won't be."
>you walk up to the karaoke machine. You look around and notice nobody is really interested. Nobody except Gleaming. She's sitting at her stool with anticipation. You try to fiddle with the machine, but you can't seem to figure it out. Gleaming notices your struggle, and trots up to help
>"Anon, what's up?"
"I don't know how this thing works."
>"Uh huh. Sure. Alright, move over. What do you want?"
>you grab the microphone
You know some stuff by Jackson. You're drunk enough to attempt that. Right?
"Anything by Micheal Jackson?"
Okay. That's probably for the best. What about Don't Stop Believing? Surely to God they'll be okay with that
"Okay. Journey?"
>she fiddles around for a few seconds
>"Nope. Not on here."
"Fine. I guess I'll just sing Winter Wrap Up."
>"Winter...Wrap Up...Ah, here it is!"
"I was joki...Wait, that's actually fucking on there? Fucking ass-backwards, horse, karao-"
>lyrics pop on
"Three months of winter coolness, and awesome holidays..."
File: image.jpg (39KB, 404x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 404x189px
I can't stop loving this story. Keep it up!
This can only end one way.
>dat link
That kid has obviously never had a drink in his life.

>you hear snickering coming from the bar
God. Fucking. Dammit.
"We've kept our hoovsies warm at home. Time off from work to play. But the food we've stored is running out, and we can't grow in this cold. And even though I love my boots, this fashion's getting old..."
>you notice Gleaming trying to contain her laughter
"The time has come to welcome spring, and all things warm and green."
>you're giving her the best death glare you can muster
"But it's also time to say goodbye. It's winter we must clean."
>but sadly, you can only be taken so serious when singing about the wrapping up up winter
"How can I help? I'm new, you see. What does everypony do?"
>you notice the crowd is getting slightly invested in this
"How do I fit in without magic? I haven't got a clue."
>a coupe stallions join in with you at the chorus
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Let's finish our holiday cheer."
Oh God. Why?
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up."
"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
>>"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
It's like I'm really at Spaghetticon
"Bringing home the southern birds. A pegasus's job begins."
You are a sad man
"And clearing all the gloomy skies to let the sunshine in."
No, I'm not
"And we move the clouds, and melt the white snow."
Yes, you are
"When the sun comes up, its warmth and beauty will glow."
Oh yeah?
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap up. Let's finish our holiday cheer."
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
Prove it.
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
Okay, autist. During this entire song, how many times have you looked down at the screen for help with the lyrics?
>>"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
Fuck you, brain
>Okay, autist. During this entire song, how many times have you looked down at the screen for help with the lyrics?
>>>"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
>Fuck you, brain
Sir or madam, I allot you ration of keks. You ply your trade well.
>Not singing superior version
Whoops I was too tired and linked the wrong one.
Still applicable: >>20386674
We know, but we don't give a shit.

>no horsecock

>Not wanting horse pussy.
What are you, gay?
Fair enough. And this keeps the thread up while we wait for based writefriend get a fucking name to go with that trip! to come back and grace us with more green.

We haven't forgotten about you three either:

Feel free to keep the green rolling in. This Glimmer is some good shit.

>snorting intensifies
Anon's, please, we can love both.
Only faggots choose one over the other.
Ahhh, this is true. Forgive my ignorance, fellow cunt.
>Anon's, please, we can love both.
>Only faggots choose one over the other.
Wait, wait, wait. /D/id you just suggest what I think you suggeste/d/?
Maybe I /d/id.
Shit. Glimmer Shiel/d/. Welp, looks like someones going to have a sore rotator cuff in the morning.
You mean someone is gonna have a good night.
>implying that deep down all horsefuckers don't want to belong to a her/d/

"Little critters hibernate under the snow and ice. We wake up all their sleepy heads so quietly and nice."
>you see that the bar is having a good time. Most only come in during the chorus, but there are a couple that are drunkenly singing along, barely intelligible
"We help them gather up their food, fix their homes below. We welcome back the southern birds, so their families can grow."
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Let's finish our holiday cheer."
>more stallions walk into the bar
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
No, please...
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
Just go away
>by this point, the bar has gotten louder than you on the choruses
>>"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
"No easy task to clear the ground. Plant our tiny seeds. With proper care and sunshine, everyone it feeds."
>you look over to Gleaming, who has a prideful smile on her face
"Apples, carrots, celery stalks, colorful flowers too. We must work so very hard. It's just so much to do."
What's she so smug about?
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Let's finish our holiday cheer."
Wait. You're enjoying yourself up here, aren't you?
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
>>"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
Oh shit. The slow part
"Now that I know what they all do, I have to find my place. And help with all my heart. Tough task ahead I face. How will I do without my magic? Help the earth pony way."
Do you really think you're going to hit that high note?
"I wanna belong so I must do my best today. Do my best todaaaaaaaaaaay."
Nope. Not even close, but I'll give you an A for effort
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Let's finish our holiday cheer."
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
>>"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
>>"Cause tomorrow, spring is here!"
We be lurkin', gov'na. We be lovin' yo stor-ee.
Alright. Done for the night. Will continue tomorrow.
>get a fucking name to go with that trip!
Funny story. Before I could think of a name, someone called me the magical talking tripcode (or just MTT), so I sort of stuck with it. Putting on a name would defeat the purpose of the name given to me, though I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to not have my little inside joke with myself

I'm glad you guys are all enjoying the story so far. I'm happy to keep you guys entertained
Noice. Thank you again for the story!
File: 1406193174403.jpg (11KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 259x194px
Great work. I'll be awaiting your return.
I’m certainly enjoying the story, thank you based writefriend.
Keep it up, friend.
When did you get sex change operation m8?
About the same time you did m8
Bedtime bump.

Whar is writefriend?

I just thought of something.
Ok now here me out on this

What about them?
Well I don't know what do you think their like?
And more importantly would she let you suck on them?
>"Anon! I need your help!"
"What's the matter?"
>Gleaming turns around and spreads her hind legs
> Her teats are clearly swollen, almost painfully so
>"I need you to get some of the milk out of these," she says, shaking her rump at you
"W-what? Why?"
>"I can't get my armor on. They keep getting in the way," she whines.
>You continue to stare at the white mounds, your face heating up.
>"Come on, Anon. Be a stallion and help me out, will ya?" she asks, beginning to back up towards you.
>You can't look away from the swinging breasts
>"Hurry up, will you? I have inspection in twenty minutes, and if I'm late again, I have to do laps!"
keep going, this is how writefags are born.
File: 1406385975499.jpg (30KB, 653x786px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 653x786px
I like.
Keep going.

>You continue to stare at her mounds, almost hypnotized by their swaying glory
>"Anon, are you even listening to me?" Gleaming huffs, flicking her tail out and smacking you in the stomach with it
>That's enough to knock you out of your stupor
"I... uh, w-what?"
>"Suck. My. Teats," she says firmly, glaring at you from over her shoulders.
>You hesitate for too long, your brain trying to process what is happening before you
>Growling, Gleaming's horn begins to glow
>Immediately something knocks your legs out from beneath you and you collapse onto your back
>Before you have time to recover, she straddles you, her breasts hovering inches above your face
>"I don't have time for this," she growls from above you.
>You hear the sound of magic being used again, and your jaw is suddenly pried open by a rosy aura.
>Gleaming crouches down, lowering one of her swollen nubs into your open mouth.
>Once it was in position, she closed your mouth again, your lips forming a seal over the nipple
>You just lay there, shocked, unable to comprehend what's happening.
>"Suck," Gleaming orders, pushing a forehoof into your chest.
>Still to stunned to respond, you just stare up at her underbelly, a dumb look on your face.
>"God damn it, Anon," Gleaming growled. "If you don't start sucking right now, I'm going to plant my hoof someplace where Celestia's sun don't shine!"

pls moar
>"Suck. My. Teats," she says firmly, glaring at you from over her shoulders.

I didn't know this was my fetish, but apparently it really is.

>Well, that's enough incentive for you!
>You notice that it's different than that of a woman's. The breast is smaller, the nipple longer.
>Hoping that Gleaming doesn't notice the growing tent in your pants, you begin to suck tentatively on her teat
>You are surprise when almost immediately, milk begins to flow into your mouth.
>It was surprisingly sweet, as well as thick. Nothing at all like the milk you put on your cereal this morning.

>...you wouldn't mind putting this on breakfast instead, actually.

>As you continue to suck, Gleaming squirms above you, moaning softly.
>"Its about damn time," she sighs, her tail brushing the top of your head as it flicked back and forth
>You continue to suck, losing yourself in the sensation.
>You're so caught up in the taste of her milk, you weren't paying attention to what you were doing until—
>"Ouch," Gleaming yelps, lifting a back hoof instinctively. She glares down at you from between her front legs.
>"Watch the teeth, Anon."

>You mumble out an apology from around her tit, the vibration caused her to moan
>Her back legs begin to tremble, and her tail lifts itself higher into the air
>"It's fine," she says, sounding out of breath. "J-just... just hurry up."
>You oblige, and too soon, you've sucked the teat dry.

>Reluctantly, you open your mouth and release the nipple, giving it one last lick for good measure.
>You move to slid out from beneath her, but are stopped by a hoof being placed on your stomach.
>"Ah, ah, ah," Gleaming coos. "You still have one more to go, Anon~"
Keep it up writefriend, you're doing good.
Thank you. Tis our first time.


>"Come on, Anon," Gleaming huffs, annoyed. "You did one already, now do the second one!"
>Not giving you any time to respond, she stomps on your stomach with a hoof.
>You gasp, and she uses that opportunity to force the second teat into your open mouth.
>"Hurry up," she commands, grinding her breasts into your face. "There's ten minutes left until inspection!"
>Shrugging mentally, you proceed to begin to empty the second teat of its milk.

>You suck hard on the nipple, trying to get as much milk out as possible with each pull
>"C-careful, Anon," Gleaming stutters, flinching. "Not too hard, that hurts!"
>Reprimanding yourself, you slow down.
>Suckling at a more conserved pace, you take time to enjoy each mouthful.

>Gleaming moans again, hanging her head.
>By now, your arousal is obvious; Lil' Anon straining to burst free from the prison that was your pants
>There is no way that she couldn't see it.
>Blushing heavily in embarrassment, you tried to ignore how close her muzzle was getting to the straining bulge

>You continue to suck, the breast visibly reducing in size as you drink the milk from it.
>Gleaming's muzzle is now pressed into your crotch, her nostrils flaring as she inhales deeply.
>As you work on the teat, you begin to pick up a certain scent.
>A certain, musky scent.
>Suddenly, a drop of liquid lands on your head, causing you to glance up in confusion
>Your eyes widen at what you see.

>Gleaming is clearly aroused, her marehood glistening with moisture.
>Every few seconds or so, she would wink.
>The action causes fluids to gather near the bottom of her lions, where it would then drip onto your forehead.

>You stare up at it, so shocked that you stopped sucking for a moment.
>Gleaming takes notice and groans unhappily, rolling her hips in an incentive to get you to start again.
>You do so, all the while not taking your eyes off of her folds.
>Your eyes narrow, and you fight the smirk that is threatening to spread across your face.
Let's see if we can make this even more interesting...
>gleaming is then late due to your arrogance
>get's kicked out
Not for being late, but for being a homophile

This story made me look up "horse milk"

Just read....


>You move your arms slowly, as to not tip her off as to your intent.
>Bringing them up to your head, you snake them around her hind legs, careful to not touch her.
>Thankfully, her tail is flagging high enough that you don't have to deal with it.
>Unable to see very well from your position, one of your wrists accidentally bumps into her flank.
>Freezing, you hold your breath as you glance down your nose to see if you've been caught.

>Gleaming has her muzzle pressed firmly into your groin, breathing deeply.
>She is so distracted that she didn't even notice the bump, let alone what you're doing.
>Breathing a sigh of relief, you continue with your plan.

>Your hands sneak into your view, and you creep towards her glistening marehood carefully.
>You're basically sucking on autopilot now, to caught up in concentrating on what your hands are doing.
>You can feel the heating coming off of her folds now, your hands inches from their destination.
>You don't even realize that there is no more milk coming from the nipple in your mouth.

>Gleaming notices, however.

>You were just about to touch your fingertips to her slit when she suddenly pulls her teat from your mouth.
>Scrambling, she climbs off of you, grabbing her armor in her magic.
>"Thanks, Anon," she shouted back towards you as she dashed to the door, putting on her armor as she ran.
>"You're the best!"

>The door slams behind her, leaving you alone in the room.
>You stare up at the ceiling, a blank expression on your face as a few drops of milk roll down your cheek.
>Lil' Anon is straining in your pants, screaming in frustration at the lack of attention.

>You blink once before speaking
"What... the fuck?"
You fuckin' tease. Moar.

>You spend the rest of the day in your room.
>Gleaming Shield never came back, and you later learned that she had arrived five minutes late for inspection and had been forced to do laps around the training area.
>Serves her right, stupid cock-teasing pony.

>Night had fallen, and the moon was beginning to rise.
>You were thinking of just going to bed; it was clear you weren't going to do anything productive with your time
>You had just slipped into your pajamas and were in the process of getting into bed when there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping on your door.
>Confused, you moved to the door and, unlocking it, swung it open.
"Hello? Can I help you—"
>The words die on your lips as you see who is standing on the other side of the door.

>A dozen or so batponies stood there, staring up at you.
>They were all dressed in Lunar Guard armor, which, you noticed, none of them had fastened.
>You quickly realize that all of them were mares.
>You also notice another thing—well, another two things—hanging swollen between their hind legs.

>"Hi, Anon~" they all say at once, giving you large, fang-filled smiles.
>They suddenly swarm you, pushing you back into your room.
>The door closes behind them, and the lock slides into place.

>In your head, you're screaming in terror
>In your pants, Lil' Anon is crying with joy

The End
File: ARGHWARGLE.png (220KB, 667x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 667x397px
dont ruin this for me. I'm diamonds right now
File: 1352653834976.png (285KB, 700x663px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 700x663px

The pastebin, for anyone who's interested.
Might do a part 2 in a little bit, if people are still interested.
Everyone here is interested in crotchtits and Shiny.
Good trip from good green.
Keep talking. We love to listen.
I'm interested.
It's all good, man. It's all good.
Well...get to it anon. Start writing the next parts.

>the music ends
Is it finally over?
>you walk over to the karaoke machine and put the microphone back up. You head back over to your stool next to Gleaming. You notice you're a little shaky
>"See? That wasn't so bad, now was it?"
>you let out a groan
>"You had fun, and you know it."
"It was awful."
>"Lighten up, Anon. You did great."
"I need another drink."
>you grab the tender's attention
"Can I get a shot of vodka?"
>he nods
>"Alright, I know I said I'd pay for drinks, but that's the last one you're getting out of me."
"Fair enough."
>Gleaming leans over the bar and rests her head on her hooves
>"What should I sing?"
"Don't ask me. I have no clue."
>"Maybe something bluesy, like Neighing Hay Hawkins."
"Is that like Screaming Jay Hawkins?"
>Gleaming gives you a puzzled look
"Never mind."
>"You know. That's not a bad idea. I think I'll just go with that."
"You do whatever you want."
>Gleaming gets up from her stool and starts trotting over to the machine
>"Wish me luck."
"Yep. Break a leg."
>you hear a voice from over the counter
>your shot arrives. Your hands are still a bit shaky, so you take a deep breath in attempt to regain yourself
>you take the shot, and turn to Gleaming's direction just as the music starts up
>"I put a spell on you..."
>you drop your shot glass
"Holy shit."
>in the purest and most soulful tone, her voice caries throughout the bar
>"Because you're mine."
>from one side of the bar, you hear the crowd cheering and whistling, from the other side, you hear some voice nagging you. Something about paying for a new shot glass
>"Stop the things that you do. I ain't lying. Yeaaaaaaaaaah. I can't stand it, babe."
>the voice keeps nagging at you. You put your hand up and wave in the direction of the voice
"Yeah, yeah. Just hold on a second."
>"The way you're running around. I can't stand you putting me down."
>Gleaming looks over to you with a seductive smile
>"I put a spell on you, because you're mine."
File: 1413686996369.gif (968KB, 380x262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
968KB, 380x262px
You've returned!
File: 200percentlewd.png (136KB, 289x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 289x306px
Your writing continues to impress.

Get hype!
File: Uh oh.png (90KB, 1300x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Uh oh.png
90KB, 1300x713px
>I put a spell on you, because you're mine."
She probably did.
Here we go.

>You stare down at Gleaming, head tilted to the side and mouth hanging open.
>She looks back up at you, ears flattening against her head.
>Slowly, you lift a hand up and dig a finger into your ear
“Could you repeat that?”
>She scuffs a hoof against the ground, lowering her head.
>Mumbling something, she looks away, her cheeks reddening
“Im sorry, what?”
>You lean forward, placing a hand to your ear.
>”I said, can you help me out again,” she mutters, not looking you in the face.

>Straightening back up, you cross you arms over your chest, your face expressionless as you looked down at her.
>She chances a glance up at you, a hopeful look in her eyes.


>She reels, a look of shock on her face.
>”B-but why?” she cries. “You've done it before!”
>You look down at her, your arms remaining crossed.
“Ever since I 'helped' you, I've had all of the mares in the guard asking for my assistance!”
>”What's so bad about that?” Gleaming asks, returning the glare. “You're a male, aren't you? You should be enjoying all the attention! Any of the stallions in the guard would jump at the chance!”
“Do you even know how many females are in the guard?”
>Gleaming opens her mouth to answer—
“Both Solar AND Lunar?”
>—only to close it again with a 'click'.

>She lowers her head, an ashamed look on her face
>”Look,” she says, rubbing her foreleg. “I know I put you in an awkward position, but I need your help. I've been putting off doing this for a while because I knew you'd be mad at me, but they're beginning to hurt.”
>You continue to stare down at her, but your gaze begins to soften.
“Why can't you get one of the stallions to do it?”
>”Because they're all idiots,” she huffs, looking away from you.
>You cock an eyebrow, but other than that, you do nothing else.
>She fidgets under your gaze for a few seconds before sighing and lowering her head.
>”...and because I want you to do it,” she grumbles, ears splaying backwards.

>more and more stallions start entering the bar, and the moment they do, all their attention turns toward Gleaming. You hear your first statements echoed from somewhere in the crowd
>>"Holy shit."
>during the solo, Gleaming maintains eye contact with you, gently swaying her hips side to side. Occasionally a whistle from the crowd would grab her attention, or she would close her eyes for a moment, but almost immediately, she'd be looking back at you through the corners of her eyes
>"Stop the things you do."
>she closes her eyes
>"I ain't lying."
>the nagging returns. This time, it's intelligible. It's been coming from the bartender. He's now standing beside you
>>"Hey, you're lucky you didn't break this."
>he holds up the shot glass. After realizing why he was upset with you, you try apologizing
"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen."
>his anger starts to subside
>>"Yeah, well try not to let it happen again."
>he walks back to behind the counter, and you focus back on Gleaming
>"I love you...I love you."
There is no fucking way that this is happening.
>"Baby, I don't care if you don't know that I love you. I'm yours...right now."
>she looks to some of the stallions in the bar, to which they respond with more cheering and whistling
>"I put a spell on you."
>she brings her eyes back to you
>"Because you're mine. Mine!"
>as the song ends, the crowd breaks out in applause. She takes a bow, then puts the microphone back up before trotting back over to you
>"So, how'd I do?"
>she looks at you with anticipation
>"I mean, I know I didn't do as much neighing as Hay Hawkins, but I still think I did alright."
"Yeah. I think you did pretty alright."
>"You think so? Thanks, Anon! You're sweet!"
>Gleaming leans in and wraps her forelegs around your neck
>"I'm having so much fun
>you put your hands around her and caress her back. You happen to look out of the window, and see that the rain has stopped
File: Sweating.jpg (42KB, 413x434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 413x434px
>gently swaying her hips side to side.

>You sigh heavily, before uncrossing your arms and opening the door to your room wide.
>Gleaming 'squees' happily as she rushes by you, nearly taking out your legs in the process.
>You close the door, making sure to lock it tight. Don't want anymore of those batponies sneaking in. You've woken up with them standing over you too many times within the past week.
>They also tend to bite when you're... 'helping' them. The bandages on your legs are proof enough to that.

>Turning around, you blink, a bemused look crossing your face.
>Gleaming is sitting on your bed, bouncing like an overeager child.
>She looks at you, and gives you a wide smile.
>Due to her position, you can see her breasts fairly well. They're horribly swollen, and appear to be already leaking slightly.
>Despite your initial reluctance, you can already feel yourself beginning to become aroused at the sight.
>Lil' Anon is perking up, clearly sensing something that he likes
Don't get your hopes up, little buddy. It's probably just gonna be another dine and dash.

>”We gonna do this, Anon, or what?” Gleaming asks, her smile fading slightly.
>”You aren't getting cold hooves on me, are you?” she asks, glaring at you.

>Truthfully, you were. You remember what happened last time, and you weren't overly eager to get blueballed again.
>As if sensing your hesitation, Gleaming's eyes narrow.
>Her horn lights up, and you are instantly surrounded by a rosy glow.
>You yelp in surprise as she drags you across the room, until the both of you were nose to nose.
>”They hurt, Anon,” she growls. “I can't walk down the hall without them rubbing against each other.”
>She pushes her muzzle harder against your nose.
>”Fix. Them.”
Should I continue while other writefriend is doing his thing?
As long as you link your posts, yes.
continue the dong expansion, we can read two stories at once.
If you want to keep going, that's cool with me. I'm a really fucking slow writer, so you really won't be interfering with me
Cool, didn't want to steal any thunder.
please keep going.
BTW nice transition... from the first part to the second.
I really like this story. are you going to save it somewhere? cause I need this saved!!
Thank you.


>She releases you, and you drop, your face ending up inches from her swollen teats.
>This close, you can smell the sweet scent of her milk. There was also the underlying smell of her own scent: a mix of sweat, musk, and a touch of lilacs.
>She clearly didn't shower after her last training session.
>Not that Lil' Anon minds.

>Placing her hooves on your head, she pushes your face closer to her teats.
>”Hurry up,” she orders.
>You growl up at her.
“Pushy, much?”
>Regardless, you reach up and place your hands on her thighs, spreading them wider to allow you better access.
>She moans softly, a trickle of milk escaping one of the teats. It rolls down her breast and drips onto your bed sheet.
>Your mouth waters at the sight.
>She nudges your head with a hoof, whimpering softly.
>That's all the incentive you need.

>Leaning forward, you latch onto one of her breasts, lips locking around the nipple.
>It's so full that milk squirts onto your tongue just from the force of your mouth closing around it.
>The sweet taste fills your mouth, and you blink in surprise.
>Over the past week, you've probably done this with dozens of mares, to the point where the taste no longer held any excitement for you.
>In fact, it got to the point where you were eating your cereal dry in the morning, just because you were getting sick of milk.
>However, even after all of that, you found yourself enjoying it; Gleaming's milk noticeably sweeter than any of the others.
>You had forgotten how good it tasted.
Be sure to trip up, so People cant do this.
Trip? I'm kinda new here.
>>Placing her hooves on your head,
Is this the equivalent of "giving head" to a mare?
>Please read the Rules and FAQ before posting.
>How do I use a "tripcode"?
>Tripcodes can help verify a user's identity to others, and are a type of pseudo-registration. To use a normal tripcode, place a hash mark ("#") followed by a word or short phrase after what you've entered into the [Name] field (ex. "User#password"). Upon submission, the server will generate the hash unique to that particular word or phrase. The previous example would display "User !ozOtJW9BFA" after being posted.
Hurrah! Now we see the imposter is me!
Such an handsome impostor, though.

>Gleaming moans happily as you suck, her legs twitching beneath your hands.
>”Oh, baby, yes!” she groans. “I need this.”
>Unable to answer due to a mouthful of maremilk, you just hum in response.
>This causes her to giggle, rocking her hips.
>”Most parents tell their foals not to talk with their mouths full, but in your case, I'd say go for it,” she purrs.
>You grunt and, ignoring her, focus instead on the task at hand.

>The flow of milk from the teat was constant and steady, almost like a tap.
>You drink mouthful after mouthful, glad for once in your life that you didn't have lunch yet.
>Feeling a little playful, you nip at the teat with your teeth, causing Gleaming to gasp.
>”Careful, Anon,” she coos, her tail wrapping around your neck, pulling your face closer.
>You can smell the growing scent of musk in the air; she's clearly enjoying this.
>Lil' Anon twitches, happy with the way things were going.
>The poor thing didn't know that nothing was going to happen, just like last time.

>The breast you are currently working on has shrunk substantially.
>The stream of milk has died down to a mere trickle, and you know that it was going to be empty soon. Then, you'd have to move to the second breast and start all over again.
>You paused for a brief second, an idea entering your mind.
>You quickly resume drinking, trying to hide the small smirk that was now on your face.
Silly, Gleaming. Revenge will be ours!

>Soon enough, the milk stops flowing; the breast now empty.
>Gleaming sighs happily, closing her eyes.
>”Ah, that's better already,” she says. “Now for the other one.”

>You release the teat, a trail of drool linking it to your bottom lip.
>Licking your lips clean, you lean back, but don't move to the second breast.
>Instead, you stand up, Gleaming's tail sliding from around your neck.
>She looks up at you, confusion clear on her face.
>”What are you...” she asks, trailing off as she cocks her head to the side.
>Giving her a shit-eating grin, you point towards the door.
“Just remembered, I have something I need to get to.”
>”What?!” she cries, eyes widening. “B-but, you can't leave me like this!”
>You just chuckle.
“Sorry, but I don't want to be late. We'll finish this later.”
>Smiling at the dumbstruck expression on her face, you turn and head towards the door.

>You only manage to take a few steps before your entire body is surrounded in a rosy glow.
>You yelp as you're lifted suddenly into the air, only to be flung onto your back.
>As you lie there, dazed, Gleaming's face appears above yours, glaring down at you.
>”Oh no,” she growls, shaking her head. “You aren't going to leave me like this, Anon. I am not walking around the rest of the day with my breasts being different sizes. You are going to finish what you started, so help me Celestia!”
>a trail of drool linking it to your bottom lip.

>She moves to stand over you, and your eyes widen when you realize what she's about to do.
>Placing her hoof on your stomach, she pushes down hard, causing you to gasp in pain.
>As soon as your jaw is open, she lowers her rear down quickly, jamming the swollen teat into your mouth.
>Milk squirts from the nipple due to the pressure, and you nearly choke on it.
>”Now, suck,” Gleaming growls, her hoof digging harder into your stomach.
>You start to try and protest, but one look at her expression causes you to pussy out.
>Sighing in defeat, you begin to tend to the nipple in your mouth, a little more forcefully than was probably necessary.
>Despite your bitterness at the situation, you can't help but find it slightly hot; being force to drain Gleaming's breasts of their payload.

>Lil' Anon is practically pounding on the inside of your pants now, screaming to be set free.
>Regardless of the fact you didn't want to be blueballed, you didn't want Gleaming to see the bulge in your pants either.
>She'd probably start to tease you, only making the situation worse.
>If you could just drain her before she noticed it, then you'd be able to take care of it in private.

>Sucking harder on the nipple in your mouth, you gulped down great mouthfuls of her milk like a starving foal.
>From the looks of it, you were about halfway done. You just needed to finish of the second half before—
>”Oooh, what have we here~?” Gleaming giggles suddenly.
>You feel something press against the tent in your pants, rubbing it gently.
God damn it.
>From the looks of it, you were about halfway done. You just needed to finish of the second half before—
>”Oooh, what have we here~?” Gleaming giggles suddenly.

Anon needs an adult. He needs one immediately.
Gleaming Shield is an adult.
File: whoaoaoaoa.gif (457KB, 340x302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
457KB, 340x302px
I d-don't think he's going to get one...
File: 1396765035730.jpg (147KB, 750x1066px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 750x1066px
Seriously, why IS Shiny so universally based?

I can't work it out. Why do I want to suck that horsecock so?

>”Oh, Anon,” Gleaming coos, continuing to rub at the bulge in your pants. “I didn't know you found this so... exciting, you naughty human, you.”
>An involuntary shiver runs down your back at the tone of her voice.
>This is exactly what you were hoping to avoid.
>Although, Lil' Anon doesn't seem to mind the attention his getting. Stupid fool.
Sorry, little guy. I'll try and make this up to you later—
>”I'm still mad at you for trying to leave me hanging,” Gleaming smirks, “but I guess I can give you a... reward for your services.”

>You stop you ministrations of her breast, staring up at her underbelly in shock, unsure that you had heard her correctly.
>She giggles, apparently amused at your stupor.
>”That is, only if you continue,” she purrs.

>Slowly, you begin to suck again, pulling milk from the teat, unsure if she was being serious or not.
>A few seconds later, you got the answer as the button to your pants suddenly came undone.
>Unzipping them, Gleaming tugs them down with her magic. You can feel her hot breath on your member through your underwear.
>”You and your clothing fetish,” she grumbles, trying to get a hoof underneath the elastic band. She struggles for a moment before succeeding.
>Lil' Anon springs free as she pulls your underwear down.

>You try and focus on the milk still flowing into your mouth, but you are becoming distracted by what's happening below.
>Gleaming places her hoof at the base of your member, earning a groan from you and a twitch.
>”Remember, Anon,” she says, glancing at you from between her forelegs. “You suck, I suck. Got it?”
>You nodded with some difficulty, not releasing your grip on her nibble.
>She smirks before returning her attention to your twitching dick.
>There is a brief moment when nothing happens, before she leans forward suddenly and your member is engulfed within her maw.
We've been over this several times now, anon.
/ccg/ is over here >>20379146

This is a Gleaming Shield thread.
Not that you aren't in good company here.
Yeah yeah whatever you shit. Why do I want to pound that plot then?

>Her mouth feels amazing, the wet and warm texture sending you mind reeling.
>You're so dazed that you forget what you're suppose to be doing for a second, but a quick thrust from Gleaming's hips soon reminds you.
>Trying to clear your mind, you start sucking on her teat again. There was still a considerable amount of milk within.

>As you drink, Gleaming tends to Lil' Anon.
>Suckling upon your member like a nursing foal, she laps at the underside with her tongue. The rough organ causes you to shiver, your dick twitching in her mouth.

>You notice quickly that the harder you suck, the faster she goes.
>Overeager to get her to finish you, you take a long draw on her nipple. Milk floods your mouth, and Gleaming moans around your member, sending vibrations down its length.
>You misjudge, however, and nearly choke, gagging slightly as the sweet liquid flows into your stomach.
>After that, you decide to go at a more conserved pace.

>As Gleaming continues to slurp away at your cock, you notice with some disappointment that her breast was nearly empty.
>Your eyes slowly drift to the unattended nipple, and you hum thoughtfully, something Gleaming seems to like, judging by her moans.
>Reaching your hand up, you gently grab ahold of her other breast, rolling the nipple around between your fingers.
>Gleaming gasps, her body stiffening in surprise.
>She relaxes quickly, groaning around your member as you continue to play with both nipples: one with your hand, and one with your mouth.
File: r63_shiny_and_cady.png (678KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
678KB, 960x720px
Woah, woah, woah, I was merely directing you to a more like-minded audience.

>implying you have a reason to not want that plot
Yeah.. But I swear *everyone* loves that shield and wants to lick it.
No other cartoon horse can match that approval rating.
Oh the joys of shield pone.

>She lays down suddenly, trapping you beneath her with her body weight.
>She clenches your head between her thighs, rolling her hips as she groans lightly.
>Your hand is trapped beside your head, her nipple still between your fingers.
>Wrapping your free arm around her back, you hug her close as you continue working away at her mounds.
>This causes her to work harder on your shaft, and in one swift movement, she swallows your entire length.

>You buck your hips uselessly, her weight keeping you pinned.
>The feeling of the head of your member resting in the back of her mouth is amazing. You can feel her throat tug on it every time she swallows, the pulling sensation bringing you closer and closer to sweet release.

>Her breast is now completely empty, no more milk flowing forth as you suck. That doesn't stop you however, and you run your tongue over the sensitive nipple, causing her to shiver.

>You groan, your hips twitching sporadically now as you near your climax.
>Sensing that your reaching your peak, Gleaming doubles her efforts, pulling your entire length out of her mouth, only to engulf it all a second later.
>You can only take a few seconds of her deepthroating before it becomes too much.
>You push your hips forward as far as they could go, releasing your seed deep into her muzzle.
>She hums happily as your spunk floods her mouth, and begins to swallow it greedily.
>You provide her with several more bursts of cum before you run dry.
This shit is awesome.
>>”They hurt, Anon,” she growls. “I can't walk down the hall without them rubbing against each other.”
>>She pushes her muzzle harder against your nose.
>>”Fix. Them.”
Shit. Lactation and a strong mare? And it ISN'T femdom? Looks like I'll be raw in the morning.

>Breathing heavily, you release her nipple from your mouth with an audible 'pop'
>Gleaming pulls her mouth from your member, making sure to clean up any fluids left behind.
>She giggles, licking her lips.
>”Not bad, Anon. Not bad at all.”
“Sorry, can't brain. Think not working.”
>She giggles again before getting up off of you.

>Turning around, she leans down and plants a quick kiss on your cheek.
“Thanks for the help, Anon,” she says, leaning back. You just groan, unable to articulate clearly yet.
>A smile touches her lips, and she lights up her horn.
>You feel yourself being lifted into the air as she maneuvers you over to your bed.
>Not bothering to fix your pants, she slides you into bed and pulls the covers up to your chest.
>”Thanks again for the help, Anon,” she chirps happily as she trots to the door. “I feel a lot better now.”
>She pauses at the door, glancing back at you with a small smirk on her face.
>”See you next week, big boy.”
>With that, she unlocks the door, opens it, and steps out into the hall.
>The door closes behind her, and you hear your lock engage.

>You can only lay there, too shocked and exhausted to do anything but stare at the ceiling.
>Lil' Anon, having already done his duty to society, is calling it a night.
>You have to agree with him on that.
>You eyes slowly close, and you begin to drift off to sleep.
>Your eyes suddenly snap open as your bed shifts slightly, something crawling out from beneath it.
>Turning your head to the side, your stare at the edge of your bed in trepidation.
>Your eyes widen in horror as, slowly, a pair of yellow, cat-like eyes peer over the edge of the bed, tufted ears twitching excitedly.

Fucking hell, that is wonderful
Welp, I'm calling it a night. Here's the pastebin for anybody who wants it.


Might work on a part three if the thread is still here tomorrow. For now, cheers!
I will gladly wait for you, writefriend!
Thank you for the green. Definitely enjoyed it, and loved how anon tried to dick over Shield, but was prevented from doing so.
Keep it up, friend. We're loving this.
please keep going, I'm loving this.
That gif is creepy, and beautiful.

"Hey, it's stopped storming."
>Gleaming turns her head to look out. Her cheek is pressed against yours
>"Huh. Would you look at that. I guess that means it's time to head out."
"Seems so."
>the two of you just sit silently as she rests her self against you
>>"Excuse me."
>a stallion from the bar comes up to Gleaming
>>"I thought your singing was amazing."
>Gleaming blushes a little
>>"I know this might be an odd request, but can I get your autograph?"
>"Really? I mean, I'm not famous or anything like that, but okay."
>she looks at you and giggles. Not sure how to respond, you just shrug your shoulders
>>"Here. I've got a pen and napkin."
>another voice from the back chimes in
>>"Hey, can I get one too?"
>Gleaming starts to get flustered
>"Uh, sure. I guess there's no harm in that."
"Looks like you've got a fanbase going on there."
>she giggles
>"I guess so."
>a few more stallions line up. You turn around to the bar for one last request
"Can I get a water? As in: a lot."
>within seconds, the tender brings you a large glass filled with water
>you start downing the water, frequently taking breaths in between gulps
I am going to need to race like a piss horse when I get home
>as your taking another big drink, you hear a shriek followed by a body scurrying in between you and the counter, causing you to choke on the water and spill some of it onto your body
"What the-"
>you let out a couple coughs
>another cough, followed by a deep breath, and then another cough
"What are you doing?"
>Gleaming is in your lap peaking her head over your shoulder to the crowd
>"Sorry guys."
>her ears are drooped back
>"I don't do photos...like ever."
>some of them groan. Gleaming tries responding in a consoling manner
>"I can still do autographs. Just no photos, okay?"
"You okay there?"
>"Yeah. I just don't like taking pictures. That's all."
>Gleaming looks up at you with an apologetic smile and chuckles
>"Sorry, Anon."
yes yes yes
Alright. That's all for tonight. In the home stretch, as far as I can tell. I've got to thank you all for being this patient so far. Let's hope tomorrow that I won't spend four hours straight fapping back to back to back to back
I'll put it in a pastebin. Just give me a minute. I was waiting until I was fairly sure I was going to be able to finish it. Which, I think I will

>Gleaming is in your lap peaking her head over your shoulder to the crowd

Awwww, that's a cute mental image.
>In the home stretch, as far as I can tell.
Gotta be honest, for as much as I hate it when a story goes on longer than it needs to, I could read the hell out of a longfic of AnonxGleaming.
By all means, continue, man. I'm sure this thread will be here for a while
yes, this story is flowing naturally and I'm pretty curious on how their romance will blossom. Keep it up write friend.
(will bump this thread forever)
I love both of these stories and would love to read more.
Bedtime Bump
Bumping for milkfag!
Do whatever you think is needed, writefriend.
You have graced us with amazing green, and I trust you for more.

But I wouldn't be against a longer story.
Bumpedy bump bump, badump bada bump, bada badum bump badada bumpppp
bumping for moar!
Where are writefags? Are they dead?
they come out at a certain time.
Guys. We don't need to bump the thread every hour.
They're probably just excite over the good greens, and previous lack of a Gleaming thread.
But I do agree with you.
Hey, everyone. Gleaming-Milkfag here. You guys up for part 3?
Go for it, man
>You can hear her coming; she’s practically skipping down the hall towards your room.
>You can’t help the smirk that works its way across your face.
>You were ready for her this time.
>If Gleaming thought you were sucking her teats today, she was in for a little surprise.

>Not that you mind “helping” her out. There was something about her milk that made it so it never got old.
>You could spend hours drinking it with no fuss.
>And Lil’ Anon was sure enjoying the attention he was getting now too.
>But all that aside, today you would have the upper hand.

>The door to your room bursts open, and Gleaming trots in, a big grin on her face.
>”Hello, Anon~!” she chirps. “Are you ready for—”
>She pauses, blinking in surprise when she catches sight of what’s sitting beside you.
>”What is that?” she asks curiously, tilting her head to the side.
>You smile and pat the device beside you.
“This… is a milking machine!”

>Gleaming stares up at you, a blank look on her face
>”A milking machine? What’s that for…”
>She trails off, her eyes widening as she puts two and two together.
>”Oh, no,” she says, shaking her head. “I’m not letting that anywhere near me.”
>Taking a step back, she winces as her swollen breasts rub together.
>You were banking on this; she likes coming to you with them painfully full.

>Smiling, you just hold up one of the teat cups
>”B-but, this…” She paws at the ground, her ears splaying backwards. “I don’t want a machine. I want you to do it… personally.” She adds that last part in a whisper, her face turning a lovely shade of pink.
>You wiggle the cup in her face.
“Come on, you’ll love it~! I had it custom made!”
>She opens her mouth to protest some more, but stops and gives you an incredulous look.
>”Custom made?”
>You nod your head, still smiling.
>”Where did you get the money for it?”
>You roll your eyes.
“What do you think I do with all the bits Celestia gives me? It’s not like I have any bills to pay.”
>She nibbles on her lip, staring at the cup in your hand with a mixture of nervousness and concern.

>You replace your smirk with a warm smile.
“Come on, just give it a try. If you really don’t like it, I’ll get rid of the machine. Deal?”
>She stares at the cup for a few more seconds before lowering her head and sighing.
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