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post good mech designs you don't even have to like the show

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post good mech designs
you don't even have to like the show
I like eva though

>inb4 not a mech
I personally prefer the TV versions, but Evas are pretty sexy.
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posting my favs
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I like most of them in E7
so awesome
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Something about how simple it is just really gets to me.
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File: lanceshort_5.webm (3MB, 528x360px)
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liked eva
The directors cut had some fun animation.
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Nelly Brain is built for sex.
Dolores is love. Dolores is life.
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Solvernia 1.jpg
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Dumping muh mechfu.
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The one, the only, the mascot.
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Solvernia 2.jpg
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Solvernia puts fleshbags to shame.
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Solvernia 3.jpg
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That feel when 4chan doesn't allow three images to be uploaded in a single post...
Ishikawa designs get me rock hard.
They've shoved the Mauler, the Uziel, the Vulture, the Nova Cat, the Warhammer, and a whole lot of other mechs on the front of the box at some point or another.
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King Tiger.jpg
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I don't even like strike bitches, but fuck if this King Tiger striker ain't cool as fuck
I did put "only" before "mascot"
Where does that leave the Mad Cats II through IV, then?
nowhere near as good as the first timberwolf
Mad Cat.
>fucking inner sphere freebirths shitting up a perfectly good thread
Gunbuster is my favorite anime but I think the Gunbuster itself looks pretty bad
What don't ya like about it?
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Approximately 98% of the designs from AGE.

it's getter dragon with a zaku eye
I don't recall the bit with the Lance of Longinus morphing as it goes through the angel's AT field, is this some extended version?
Or have I just been watching an edited version
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>MFW clanners post on my Kuritan Holovid discussion forum
The Master was right
I like the head+shoulders but the rest is pretty meh to me
Be it Macross or in Battletech, I love destroid tomahawks.
Don't forget the Ideon shoulders.
I pity da fools who can't appreciate diversity in their mecha designs.
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TA Gasaraki.jpg
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Zaku II.jpg
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Pls. Get that weaksauce out of here.
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you have bad tastes, and she looks ugly as fuck...posting a real woman to hide your faggotry
any mech with a mouth like eva 01 cannot be a bad design. fuck i love that shit so much. Eva 01 and king j der. i cant think of any more but godamn those mouths.
Let's take a degree of realism into account. Which one is more effective in a scenario where the TT's are poised against each other and then how they each deal with infantry/special ops.
if the titans all looked like him I wouldn't have dropped SnK
The Nu Gundam
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Bonaparte eats ten of those for breakfast!
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balarant fatty.jpg
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Best votoms.
File: zgok.jpg (94KB, 640x735px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Best Zeon.
File: Zgundam-naochika-uc.jpg (338KB, 2418x3348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's completely perfect.
trips don't lie
Watching Shin Getter and seeing Getter just sprouting a cape and taking off into the sky like superman was actually really fucking cool.

I can't really explain why. I guess years of robots with "realistic" rockets and boosters to fly just made one jumping off into the sky seem much more super.
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Thread images: 41

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