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You've been tasked with making a Gundam show set in late

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You've been tasked with making a Gundam show set in late U.C. You have pretty much free range apart from it mustn't fuck up canon and you can't just make it overly lewd

what do you do?
Gaia Gear
Make an F91 sequel that chronicles the Cosmo Babylonian Civil War and the secret weapons/war funding by a special covert Jupiter Organization designed to break coherent command over space colonies even further.
Crossbone anime all the way
The events that eventually led to G-Reco?
bit depressing

also that is what G-Savoir is which I wouldn't mind a good remake of
I actually thought G-Savior was a pretty fun movie. Cheesy and dumb as hell, but still fun for the most part.
How late UC we talking? Does it have to be pre-Victory so as to keep in line with the "not breaking continuity" stipulation, or can we go post Victory? How far post Victory is acceptable if so? 50 years? 500 years?

What I'm basically asking is if UC 600 with FTL drive units warping around in a struggle between settled systems, with the systems rebelling against the Sol System federation controlling them from afar or something akin to it would be acceptable? Or if should be kept to within the Solar System and vaguely similar events I guess.
It's problem isn't being bad but boring. I don't remember a single character

If it wasn't for the association with Gundam no one would remember it
>How late UC we talking?
Late as you want still in U.C. just don't fuck up the canon

FTL drives and other worlds kinda mess shit up. If you want to do about colonies leaving in there own place I guess that could work though

The picture I've gotten from G-Reco/Turn-A stuff is that humanity expanded out beyond the solar system in a new diaspora and eventually the solar system just became a kind of forgotten backwater, to the point that when it turned isolationist following some massive upheaval no-one outside the system noticed or cared.

Kind of like Africa being mostly ignored for thousands of years and being viewed as a backwater culturally and socially by Europeans once they became sufficiently advanced technologically and socially themselves I suppose.

You could do some interesting stuff with that I think, though I still have no idea if the newtypes are supposed to have fucked off out of the system entirely in all the colonies by G-Reco, or if it happens between G-Reco and Turn-A. I think it's pre G-Reco given that we haven't heard anything about colonies at Lagrange points yet, but the lack of mention of it kind of makes me think it might be post G-Reco.
Animate Crossbone(s). Do it kinda like FMP.
Original Crossbone = FMP S1 , light hearted but with a bit of war drama
Skull Heart = Fumoffu, full on comedy
Steel Seven = TSR, full on depressing
I'm never sure if it is meant to be that the colonies go by the end of U.C. or in it. I guess they can always build more so it isn't a problem

I'd make a show that bridges Victory, Gaia Gear, G-Savior. It'd be cool to show the return of bigger, heavier mobile suits.
>Animate Crossbone
How has this not happened yet?
Full F91 series. Don't change the events shown, just add the before, between, and after parts.
why not do it more like an ova of those bits but showing the events from different people's perspectives
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Put Kazuhisa Kondo in charge of the MS design, all the MS have huge armored skirts, the story is about a new faction of Zeon rising up and building a massive space station, but their main leader defects from seeing their plans they have to destroy the earth.
UC 0179, a hundred eyars after the original series. The main villains this time are Side 1: military extremists take over and want to bring back the "glory days" of the Federation and force Reunification with the space colonies, which have been more-o-less independant for 50 years now. Side 1 prime minister is assassinated because he opposes the army (based on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_15_Incident) which starts the plot. Hero is the PM's gardener, a descendant of the Apaches, who gets caughts in the whole mess despite himself, but turns out to be super Newtype. He ends up joining the rag-tag emrcenary army hired by the other Sides to resist the Side 1 Army. Conflict is pretty brutal, with lots of deaths on all side. In the end, the heroes "lose", with the Side 1-led Federation reuniting the colonies, but in the process they managed to kill most of the crazy extremists (final boss is crazy-old cyber-newtype who wants to blow up the moon) so things aren't as bad as they could have been. Hero retires with his love interest, a slightly older red-head cyber-newtype who doesn,t die because fuck Fukui, fuck you.

I don't know much about Gaia Gear, but I'm pretty sure there must be something in it incompatible with current continuity to say it was rendered non-canon several decades ago as far as I'm aware.

Anyway, I'd make a show that at least made some pass at moving the setting on a bit, even if only temporarily before the events that cause G-Reco's status quo fuck it all up. Have it open with a celebration of the colonies gaining independence (say one, two or even ten years prior) through peaceful protest, the leader assassinated mid-speech by unknown elements and the now independent colonies seeking retribution for the killing, but not knowing where to channel their vengeance since no-one is claiming responsibility. Have it speed up the already in progress fracturing of the colonies, and eventually causing a civil war between various colonies as evidence turns up it was an internal job or something, so that you have say...Side 2 against Side 5 or something, with each group courting various powers (Earth Fed, Jupiter, Anaheim, SNRI and so on) for support.

Or an extra-solar space race between Jupiter and the now peaceful Earth Sphere during a new Cold War, each side trying to be the first to send a ship to another system as a show of superiority, with border skirmishes along the lines of Turn-A peppering the show, before Earth eventually succeeds in one-upping the previously leading Jupiter by attracting Jupetirian scientists using the lure of more freedoms and better quality of life and so on, along with propoganda about how Earth is best because it's joining the two sides while Jupiter is very exclusionary or something.
MC Gundam progression: Starts with the Plato Gundam, stolen from the industrialist, a strong armored machine with psychoframe. About a third to midway throguh the series, there's the usual fall to Earth, in which the hero wrecks the machien and gets lost in the american desert. Using his newtype abilities, he patches his suit together into the Apache Gundam: an extremely fast but very lightly armed and armored machine (kind of like the Exia Repair). His Newtype abilities get a lot stronger aroudn that time, compensating for the loss of power. He also gives it an Apache headband, because it looks cool. Finally, he gets hsi final machine from the Wanderer: the Gundam F-108 Wanderer. Stolen from SNRI before it became Bespa, and slowly modified into the ultimate Newtype machine by the Wanderer with all kinds of crazy shit fitting for late UC. It's final attack is the Great Ghost Dance: by tapping in the "Akashic Record", the memories of those who lived before, it can "manifest" the ghosts of heroes of the past to fight alognside it. Mostly, it's a evolution of how Kamille used his friends ghosts to kill Scirocco.

I thoguht way too much about this.
I'd make a series about MS racing. There time period between Unicorn and F91 didn't have too many armed conflicts, right? I was thinking that maybe some ex-pilots (both Federation and Zeon) got together and modified their old suits (and maybe even some Mobile Armors), putting together a rudimentary racing/mock battle league. The "tracks" are portions of space often filled with debris fields, in which pilots either try to reach the finish line first or shoot all of their opponents with paint rounds.

Keep in mind that it's fairly easy to reinstall the old weapons on these Mobile Suits.
Few centuries into the future after the ftl drive is discovered a few colonies that sought independence suddenly seceded and left for the fringes of the solar system.

They were chased by zeon and the earth federation and a small unknown miniwar took place.
Some things happened with the drive and they dissapeared.
Cue a few centuries later and a ship, one of abnormal size enters the solar system.
The colonies have become independent and have moved on to a colonized and completely terraformed mars.

Earth and the moon(what's left of it) are slowly repairing itself after the BIG WAR.

Gundams are used less as war but as search and rescue finding lost ships and fighting space pirates and the few rogue colonies here and there.
Remanants of the old war. Like that one sniper who thought the war was still going on 40 years after it was over.
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We need a series that shows the Omega War that cluster fucked the Sol system.
Bridge the gap between ZZ and CCA. Retcon Unicorn out of existence while we're at it. And make so that Gaia Gear will never ever happen either.

> gap between ZZ and CCA

That time frame doesn't count as late UC. Late UC is F91 onward. Or post-Zeon to put it another way, while ZZ, CCA and Unicorn are all Zeon centered.
Forgive me, being awake at half past six and doing 3 times at the same time makes me unable to read.

You're doing it wrong
Sunrise is tsundere for money.

Because the only really marketable models have already been on the market for years and sold quite a bit as is. Why spend the money to animate what is essentially an ad campaign for something that already sells on it's own?

Also because the original manga has been wrapped up with two decades and not many people care more than likely. They've essentially never animated a previously manga only series, and they're not going to start with Crossbone because it's just not that big a deal by the looks of things, despite how high a regard some here hold it in.

And no, Unicorn doesn't count. Fukui was hired with the express purpose of writing a novel series that would be turned in to an animation, even before one word had been written of the overall. He may have even been given a vague outlline of what they wanted him to write. It's really no different than CCA or something in that regard.
Crossbone still remains very popular and marketable though, it even still gets put in games. Plus being a sort of sequel there is more justification than most of the mangas

The gunpla thing is the only sort of problem but only the X-1 and 2 have recent(ish) kits and the X-2 will set you back a lot. So while they have done kits there are still a load to go at including the X-3
On that note, the X-1 even made it into Dynasty Warriors Gundam, of all things, despite being a game series that's otherwise adverse to non-animated side material.

It's all really a matter of timing, depending on what Bandai/Sunrise can possibly do after the current shows end with sucess, failure, or what have you.
The best chance it will have right now is when G-Reco is done

You have a load of execs who don't give a fuck about Gundam in a office looking to sign off on a new show. So a story that is already written and is fairly popular despite the number of years it has been out seems like the best option.

Really it's more surprising that it hasn't been made yet
It is surprising. It's short so it leaves next to no room for them to fuck up or change anything for time constraints either. All you need is a decent director behind it and a bit of budget and it'll be fine.

> marketable

It isn't though. The Crossbone units themselves might be, but nothing else from the show is mechanically speaking. The entire rest of the line up is basically charmingly weird stuff that only a small percentage of people are going to like. And I say that as someone who does like a couple of those suits, like the Batara, Pez Batara and Erabado. Just because I like them doesn't mean I'm under any illusion a lot of other people will though.

And while it's only circumstantial proof of a small section of Gunpla fans, take a look through the archives of favorite mecha and gunpla wishlists threads: I've never once seen any Crossbone kits pop up in any of those threads. They may have done so very, very occasionally that I haven't seen, but no-one is asking for anything outside the Crossbones at the end of the day.

There's very little to gain from animating it because the only units that have a high probability of selling already sell as is.


> It's all a matter of timing

Not really. Crossbone is never getting animated. If they wanted to animate they've had plenty of chances over the last two decades and not done so. They could have done it after X failed, but didn't. They could have done it after Turn-A failed, but didn't. They could have done it after Destiny when they realized that the fans it brought weren't the ones they really wanted. They didn't. Same after AGE flopped. They haven't done so because they have no desire to do so, not because the timing has never been right or they've thought they need to wait for a gap in the failed/successful shows.
>The Crossbone units themselves might be, but nothing else from the show is mechanically speaking.
Well that is the big thing and if it wasn't marketable they wouldn't keep putting it in games, as dlc no less so they are counting on people liking it so much they will pay extra

>The entire rest of the line up is basically charmingly weird stuff that only a small percentage of people are going to like
Tell that to G-reco kit good sales despite very odd designs

>And while it's only circumstantial proof of a small section of Gunpla fans, take a look through the archives of favorite mecha and gunpla wishlists threads:
That is hardly good evidence and to counter it you could look at this thread right now. People do want it

>There's very little to gain
More kits which would sell in greater number, blu ray sales and reprint of manga sales. Plus it would cost way less than producing a new show from scratch. Hell you could even use it to sell F91 with a new release of it
>f91 sequel
>not remaking it into a 52 episode tv show
>if it wasn't marketable they wouldn't keep putting it in games
Not that guy but do crossbone grunt suits and other jovian suits really get that much appearances in games? Like outside of SRW if they even show up there at all.
No but can you think of another manga only Gundam to be in any Gundam game?

And really getting in SRW isn't bad either

> If it wasn't marketable they wouldn't keep putting it in games

You seem to be missing that I'm not denying that the Crossbone Gundams themselves are marketable - I'm saying that nothing else in the show's mechanical line up is.

> Tell that to G-Reco

G-Reco's kits are far, far less weird looking than something like the Nautilus, the Pez Batara, the Erabado, the Divinidad and so on. Most of G-Reco's kits follow a human form for one thing, where at least of Crossbones are odd mobile armor like designs.

> That his hardly good evidence

I never said it was good, I said it was circumstantial proof and only covering this site's residents, which make up a tiny, tiny section of overall Gundam sales but is basically the only one I can speak to.

> you could look at this thread right now. People do want it.

There is literally no-one else in this thread, you included, who has asked for any gunpla of units other than the Crossbones or said you'd like to see them. I'm the only person who said any different, and only to make a point. Nor has anyone here in this thread listed any of the units from the manga outside of the Crossobnes as being among their favorites. Which is what I was saying, not that I think there is no-one who wants a Crossbone animation. I know there's a good few here who want such an animation.

> More kits which would sell in greater number, blu ray sales and reprint of manga sales

And any other new series will more than likely garner better sales of gunpla kits, blu rays and side story manga sales. Which is the point. Crossbone already sells the only marketable things it has without an animation so they have literally no reason to make one instead of making other new animations instead.


Yes, the Musha Gundams. Which are also in all the Dynasty Warriors games. There are also plenty of MSV and side story units that have made it in to games over the last 3 decades, which is essentially what Crossbone is. An F91 side-story manga.
A small, poorly equipped independent contractor team using hopelessly outdated equipment.

Like, Zakus during the early Zeta era, fighting to protect colonies before getting pulled into a larger story.

Basically a rag tag group on a modified civilian ship using patched up outdated suits, to show a gritty used future setting and a small unit combat group without one clear main character but an ensemble cast.

And an excuse to re-animate classic UC suits in glorious high definition.
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