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so my friends and I are designing a video game for a class we're

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so my friends and I are designing a video game for a class we're in. Its a first person, paranormal detective thriller, choose your own adventure style set in the 1920s and we're trying to come up with a list of things to be in it (cars, clothes, music ect) they know I shoot guns so thats one of my jobs. What are some guns/features about them you'd personally like to see in a game in general? Im trying to go the opposite of COD where you get 30 guns that all do the same thing, I want each one to feel different and have things like recoil or power be realistic.
Inb4 not /k/ related, fuck off mods theres a dozen "9mm vs .45, VP9 killing the glawk" threads going on at any given time, I want to spice it up
here the list of guns we have on the drawing board so far (subject to change)
>m1911 of course
>smith and wesson model 10 M&P
>colt 1908
>luger po8
>colt pocket positive
>smith and wesson m1917
rifles/shot guns
>m1917 trench gun
>m1903 springfield
>browning auto 5
machine guns
>thomson with a stick magazine 9drums werent around yet)
again, we're trying to keep it accurate, simple, and fun at the same time. I obviosuly want shooting but i dont want to go overboard and have it be like an arcade shooter
>set in the 1920s
and youve already sold me. theres not enough games that feature that time period, whcih is such a damn shame
>the birth of organized crime
>birth of jazz music
>cars start getting better
>the clothes
so undrappreciated becuase its not muh modern tech warfare where you can have a compute-gun do all the work for you
whats a "choose you own adventure" game exactly? is it like a choose you own adventure book or do you get to design it or something?
I dont play much vidya anymore
yeah basically.
look up games like Heavy Rain. youre given a set of choices: "say this or dont say this. do that or dont do that" and it changes the story from what you pick
Id like a more open, sand box style game in first person. or as sandbox as a game like that can be. Id like to walk around and do what I want and go about the mission when I damn well please
fuck yeah.
I almost regret getting the last battlefield, I can only play it for an hour or so before I get bored and it gets too easy.
>b..but its not cowadooty
it fucking might as well be. Its a lot pretteier and much improved, ill give it that but thats not saying much
Hey OP...hate to break it to you, but this is coming out soon
Spanish Ruby in .32ACP, thousands of smiths made these, licensed and not, varying degrees of quality, often with parts that aren't interchangeable with other manufacturers.
Why should/would weapons feel different? unless you are talking about smg and shotgun, difference between guns is mainly aesthetics.
So ?
many will say thats just a rip off of the order 1886. its not like they own the monster hunter style of video games.
Op, just make sure yours has enough of pic related to stick out and not see like a rip off
a .32 revovler wouldnt have as much kick as a 1911, but that would make follow up shots easier vs having more power.
the player gets to pick what they use before each mission for a sidearm, back up and when needed a long gun
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>paranormal detective thriller
>mfw I get to junt donw skinwalkers in the 1920s with a browning auto 5
make it happen
heres what you want to do
>trademark this shit now, make sure your friends arent the kind to fuck you over ina few years
>save this idea, keep tweaking at it every couple of years
>wait for the occulus rift systems to take off, dont jump on the first models either. wait for them to redesign it after the first series gives people eye cancer or something
>try to start this off on kickstarter, advertise on pornhub so you know a lot of people will see it
>somehow try to get all of this a game designer company, showing how popular it is and all the work youve done
>be one of the first scary gmes for the occulus rift
Mark my words, if that thing ever takes off horror games will be more popular than ever before
this though
when I first saw the OR my first thought was playing the SWAT 4 law school lyncher level on it. How fucking cool would this be in a virtual reality setting
youre forgetting melee weapons. baseball bats, trenchknives, switchblades, brass knuckles would be fun
I second this. Driving around in a 1920s era car in chicago or atlantic city as I please would be fun
Here's the thing OP, most guns are functionally identical from the point of view of a videogame. The only real differences within weapons of the same class is caliber, rate of fire, reliability, and accuracy. None of which make a huge difference from the point of view of a non-sim video game. An AK-47 is going to shoot thirty rounds per magazine pretty much the same way an AR-15 will, and differences between a ruger revolver and a smith and wesson are in the feel of the trigger and the overall accuracy of the weapon. Not things that you're going to notice in a video game.

These threads become more and more retarded every time.
For you from /tg/. Hope it helps.

Receiver like gun mechanics, high damage with low HP. Unforgiving but still fun.

Is that the kind of gameplay you're trying to produce? Cause i'd totally play that. What year will it take place?
Are you going to include obvious dick bulges in the game as well?
Maybe one day, but its a proect for a buisness class. We have to come up with a product, create it from the ground up, research how it would sell, research the company we wsnt to sell it to and put together a presentation for sad company we're trying to sell it to.

We were thinking no later then 1925,
special collectors edition
thats what we're trying to avoid and partof the reason we chose this decade. You didnt have a shit ton of assault rifles that all more or less do the same thing in your average shooter. and the game isnt entirley focused on gunplay. Shooting wont be easy and youre limited to what you use
So it's going to be like X-Files: Prohibition Boogaloo?

Fuckin' sold. I'll take 3 copies.

Scully would totally be a Flapper.
whats the title called?
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I shit you know the title we were working with was "the hunted" or " the hunt" until we saw this shit one day>>23175404
I probably sound paranoid, but ive bought this idea up before on other boards and then I seen this. I legit think there were some game devs. scrolling around until they saw this and jacked me
just gve em the ol razzle dazzle OP
what kind of threads? this is the most interesting one ive seen all day. Like OP said, go to another one of the generic ones we see all the damn time
and what is the setting? Chicago, New York, LA?
startsout on the outskirts around Atlantic city and then you travel for each case
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 6

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