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It's time for alt /his/story earth. Claim parts of the map

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It's time for alt /his/story earth. Claim parts of the map and colour them in, naming areas as you like. Give interesting and even vaguely possible backstory to how your land came to be owned by whoever owns it.

Try limit yourself in how much you claim to make it interesting for everyone.

Hardmode: No Germanyblob.
I'm glad someone is using the map I posted
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Grand peidmont.png
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The Grand Piedmont Empire- They originally tried to unify Italy but the temptations of imperial expansion overtook their foreign policy, thus causing them to be a formidable power in the Mediterranean.
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Fúsāng Guó

Millennia of Chinese and Japanese shipwrecks, carried drastically off-course by the storms of the North Pacific Current, established a series of ad hoc colonies along the Pacific coast of North America. Cut-off from their motherland, most of the settlements quickly assimilated with the native peoples or died off – only in the deltas of Suisun Bay, where cultivation of salvaged rice took hold, did a lasting civilization emerge. Merging with native tribes, the Chinese settlement of Fusang became the foundation for a number of city-states, petty kingdoms and principalities in the environs of the fertile central valley. Though clearly Sinic in origin, many cultures of Fusang retain their indigenous character, some even introducing innovations of their own, such as the domestication of the Tule Elk.

Although superficially similar to its progenitor in the Old World, centuries of independent development and native influence have created a unique composite culture. Although traditional characters are still used by the elite, provincial developments have reduced and simplified the character set into a demotic-esque syllabary – similar changes have occurred in the languages of the peoples, though the lingua franca remains a relatively conservative dialect termed Fúsānghuà. Cultural differences are too numerous to list, though the Fusang generally recognize their common heritage.

Disposition of Fusang states, Wúzǔni 12 (~1500 AD), by their English names:
>RED – Independent city-states and principalities
>BLUE – Da Fusang (joint kingdom of Bei and Nan Fusang)
>BROWN – Tule Confederacy (Sinified native states)
>GREEN – Tsumas Iyaanga (semi-Sinified native states)
>YELLOW – Wintu Kingdoms (Sinified)
>PURPLE – Sasti Province (semi-Sinified)
>PINK – minor states of the Willamette (lately semi-Sinified)
>GREY – area of cultural influence (var. "barbarian" tribes)

>also added Lake Tulare because it should exist before the 20th century
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europe circa 2017.png
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New France
Enough said.
Surely with a large EU running everything, smaller states like this could theoretically work better?
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>Ireland is at some point unified to a point where it can competently defend itself
>Without the influence of Protestantism to fuck up the north, it prospers and plans to settle overseas are put in place
>One of the better known families is denied rule over the new settled land in would-be Scotland, and revolts against the High King of Ireland
>Result is Ireland is split once more between the Kingdoms of the North and South which enter an uneasy truce in order to fend off invaders
>Settled land overseas is under almost constant attack, leaving it open to attack but also providing an opportunity for the High King of the North to expand his kingdom
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Pulunid Republic.png
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Unlike other places of the Indian cultural continent, the relative isolation of Sri Lanka allowed it to develop an unique style. This can be seen in the strong hold and survival of Buddhism. But also in the fact that, unlike most indian rulers, the Pulunid Dynasty of Sri Lanka opened his mind to outside revolutionary ideas and rejected the old established tradition of not pooing in the loo. In fact, Pulu I the conqueror ordered the construction of several loos in all Sri Lanka and established the death penalty for those who don't use them. This allowed the Pulunids to become more advanced than anyone else on the area and, after conquering all the island, expand themselves as a tecnologically advanced thalassocratic empire that bases his power on the control of key holdings for trade on the indian ocean. Soon after the first expansion wave, the merchant local class overthrowed the corrupt kings, and now Sri Lanka is a mercantile republic. However, they do not reject their past and still venerate Pulun I, accepting the Pulunid identity as something beyond dynastic blood that unites all the inhabitants (or at least it's elites) of this diverse merchant empire.
Smaller states yes but not like this, the map is a bit of a mess.
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Fúsāng Guó, modern disposition

During the tumultuous post-contact centuries, the nations of the central valley coalesced into a single, short-lived empire, expanding past their traditional areas of influence. Briefly holding the territories of the Pacific Northwest, the Great Basin, and the Baja Peninsula, the Fusang Empire rapidly settled, assimilated, and lost these provinces to the expanding colonial empires of the European states.

The colonial powers, though depriving the nation of its newfound lands, were unable to penetrate into the densely populated and geographically isolated Fusang homelands. Lasting treaties and trade agreements were drawn, and the nation settled into its modern borders.

Its location along the Pacific seaboard has allowed the nation of Fusang an enviable position in American trade routes, though high tariffs from its neighbors to the East have encouraged its policy of self-reliance. Though revanchism continues to be a political stumbling block, more pressing is the increasing desires of independence by the Northern Provinces, which have long scorned governance by the capitol on account of their historic autonomy and independently forged identity.

>BLUE – Fusang Guo (core territories)
>NAVY – Northern Provinces
>LIGHT BLUE – maximum extent of colonial territory (non-contiguous)
What time period is this alt /his/ suposed to be OP?
In what year are we supposed to be, anyways?
Any year.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 8

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