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Does /g/ know anything about tablets? What's a good upgrade

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Does /g/ know anything about tablets?
What's a good upgrade from monoprice/huion?
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Yeah but which
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>Wacom is expensive as shit
>nobody else can give equivalent products because muh patents
so you're stuck paying out your rear end if you want anything better than a cheap piece of shit
get intuos 3 on ebay used
Get a refurb wacom
Thankfully those patents are going to expire soon, just like the final mp3 patent next year.
Yiynova is pretty nice. I have a 1080p 20" tablet monitor and it works great.
They use UC logic digitizers.
How does it compare to the monoprice
Aside from less shitty drivers
intuos 3 is garbage. huion h610 pro walks circles around it in every category aside from pen tilt.

half of wacom's patents have already been expired for years.
doesn't really matter much, as a wireless pen's advatange is mostly nil---or even becomes a disadvantage---now that small lithium-ion batteries are plentiful
Wacom's patent is already expired.

Fucking Chinese company Hanvon has a Intuos 4 copy called the ArtMasterIII you dumb fuck.
I have a Huehueon 610 pro

Does it shit anyone else how 'loose' the nib feels in the pen? How much travel should there be when you press down?
it only shits me when the nib fucking falls out
tablet monitor or go home
I picked up a Wacom Intuos Draw for about 70 bucks at best buy a few weeks ago.
I like it.
In 3 weeks I'm dropping $800 and getting this for my girlfriend.

I probably wouldn't get anything other than wacom as far as drawing tablets go, but that's just me.
Huion H610pro owner here, it's good.

yeah, it's pretty soft, that's why I got the battery-powered pen which is a bit stiffer for 16 bucks.
i got one of these with a newegg $10 off anything coupon last month

it seems pretty nice
If you get a Wacom, for the love of god, be careful with the pen.

Don't drop it on anything hard, or it can snap the little iron coil inside that tells it when the nib makes contact with the tablet.
ptk640 medium is good and less than 100 used. i just bought one and it's really nice. has tilt pressure and orientation sensing and came with a five button mouse
Technically that could happen to any pen that has pressure sensitivity
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I suppose that is true.
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What programs are good for drawing on a tablet?
I got mine, and it came with ArtRage Lite, which I find to be absolute junk.
As somebody said before, Wacom. Is a pretty good brand. Start with a medium size. If you want to draw seriously, try with a (Wacom) Intuos Pro medium.
Depends on the use...
>Adobe Photoshop.
>Paint Tool SAI (This one is for manga).
>Autodesk SketchBook Pro.
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Sin título-2.jpg
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Btw, pic related is a old test with my Intuos 4 M.
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I made this the other day on /i/
My current masterpiece...
dat eyes, so expressive!
I "borrowed" SAI and Sketchbook Pro a while back.
I like Sketchbook Pro a lot more. My curves seem to come out a lot smoother.
I haven't gotten CS6 again, since I did a clean install of Windows 10.
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>I haven't gotten CS6 again
Personally, I still using Photoshop CS5.1
i like Krita
One of these bad boys.
Lovely. You just created a new meme.
You should frame it, mate.
Nah, it's from
Ipad Pro
Im looking to buy a Yiynova because Wacoms are ass-tastically expensive. What are your thoughts on their monitor tablets?
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>intuos 3 is garbage. huion h610 pro walks circles around it in every category aside from pen tilt.
huion and monoprice use pretty similar hardware. both are fine. a good upgrade from a huion/monoprice is a better huion/monoprice.

the only reason to spend money on a wacom is if you dont have to care about money, or MAYBE if you absolutely need some specific feature offered by wacom that huion doesnt have.

wacoms are the macbooks of the tablet world -- yes they're 5% better than the competition, but they're also 40% more expensive and you probably don't really need one.

blowing cash on a tablet won't make you draw better. practice more. read some loomis.

t. someone who actually does this shit for a living
I only have a Huion 420...

Just for osu, but as I'm getting accustomed to using a graphic tablet, I'm thinking of learning some amateur drawing (I know about the loomis guide for beginners)

Will it good enough or should I switch to another model/brand?
>I'm thinking of learning some amateur drawing
>Will it good enough?
- get a pencil
- get some paper
- study ten thousand hours
- learn anatomy
- learn color theory, shading, hues and values
- perspective
- composition
- posture, expression, storytelling
- study art history
- work in the industry a little
- take some more classes or do some internships
and now, MAYBE now, you will benefit from blowing cash on another tablet. not before.
>>Will it good enough?
the short answer is yes kek
buy a larger wacom cintiq
build something like this
The Japanese have moved on to Clip Studio Paint Pro or EX.

64bit and support for 600DPI and absured resolutions without shitting the bed like SAI.
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ex-cintiq 13HD user here, it's not really worth it imo. 16:9 ratio, 1080p, noticable delay, bad colors, heavy AG-coating. Not even shilling but the iPad Pro + Procreate blows out wacom atm. That is if you can part with photoshop or whatever else you might be using.
I tried the iPad Pro in an apple store and it has lag up the fucking ass
Nice setup anon!
(I'm super jelly)
The 13HD is pretty bad and the one Wacom to avoid.

>iPad pro
Enjoy your subpar drawing apps, no file management, and clunky, limited interface.

Also, the pencil's got way more lag than a Wacom and real spotty pressure tracking.
What tablet? Like a Wacom or an android?

I like Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio 5. Literally the same program. Long story). It's got fantastic brush tracking, nice color mixing, and great tools for making things like comics, screen/halftones, etc. It's made by the dudes who made Sai, but with a better interface and way more tools.

Pic related.
File: IMG_20151122_165838.jpg (170KB, 1024x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shit, forgot my pic. Playing with watercolor and pencil brushes. Got some really lovely curves and color mixing
File: IMG_20151122_165744.jpg (571KB, 1024x1755px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here's something smoother without texture. Nice fine tips and steady pressure control.
Thread posts: 53
Thread images: 16

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