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http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015 /11/lumia-950-review-win

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how much they pay you to promote this clickbait?
>mods will never stop the ms shilling
honestly, where do you go for serious reporting on tech news?
>One carrier that won't get a say is Verizon, because the Lumia 950 and 950XL won't work on Verizon. Although the Snapdragon 808 and 810 chips support universal phones—ones supporting both Verizon and Sprint's CDMA/1x/EVDO 2G and 3G networks in addition to the GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA 2G and 3G networks used by AT&T and T-Mobile and the 4G LTE networks built by everyone—the Lumia 950 and 950XL are strictly GSM-family devices. They'll work fine on both AT&T and T-Mobile (modulo carrier locking, natch) but if you want to upgrade your Lumia Icon? You're either switching carriers or platforms, and so in practice, your next phone is going to be a Nexus, a Galaxy, or an iPhone.

>Lumia Icon

>Lumia 950

Yup, WinPhone's dead.
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Is that Moonman?
>Lumia 950 review: Windows Phone finally has a new flagship—will anyone care?

Looks like a really impartial review, OP.

Welp, I guess it's time to trash my Lumia and buy an iPhone.
I'm not going to read this article but here is what I think. WP is for delusional windows fanboys and nothing else.
>Not even 30FPS

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Moon man moon man don't you see?
why does anyone care about benchmarks for a fucking phone
gotta keep your kd ratio up senpai
Windows 10 Mobile looks good as fuck, far better than iOS and Android. Shame that it's still buggy.
Just had to set up a few iPhone 6's for people at work and a 6p for myself. The iPhones got a lot hotter than the 6p when running updates. The 6p barely got warm at any point and everything loads insanely fast. The animations on the iphone feel like they were designed for children, way too slow.

kill urself

Sent from my Huawei Nexus 6p™ on the AT&T™ network.
>Great screen
>Smooth as silk as always
>Great camera

That's pretty much all I care about in a phone.I can't wait for my dumb relatives to get one, get bored of it because no apps, and give it away to me for free.
I'm a Europoor and I will never understand this shit in America. You are one fucking country. Just get a standard and use it, holy shit. And it amazes my how phones there are carrier lock. That's why WP will never make it. They bet only on the US and the US is a piece of shit to sell phones. They should start prioritizing Europe instead of 3rd world countries like US, Brazil and India.

WP actually did much better in Europe when it was associated with Nokia.

Seems like the quality of the hardware has absolutely nose dived under Microsofts supervision though, and without the brand recognition of Nokia it still wouldn't take off.

>No apps
>No ecosystem of any kind
>Lackluster hardware

This is a vanity project, Microsoft cannot honestly expect to turn a profit on these devices - that would explain why they're just good, not great.
these phones feel like nokia leftovers and a stopgap before they put out a surface phone next year
Wait a second, these aren't Nokia anymore?

The first non-nokia Lumia was the 535. By far one of the worst phones ever made, 60% of them came out of the factory with major hw bugs
>ms in charge of quality control
Not even once

Nokia Lumias where miles ahead in terms of build quality
why has nobody mentioned that the 950 isn't even the flagship?

compare the nexus and iphone to the 950xl at least for fucks sake

what a ridiculous comparison

950 has a hexacore clocked @ 1.8
950 xl has an octacore clocked @ 2

you don't think 2 extra cores with higher clockrates would make any difference in a benchmark?
Lumia 920 is goat.

Kind of weird they wouldn't put the XL benchmark in there
They don't have an XL to test
Only an AT&T-locked 950 that they were provided
then they shouldn't call it a flagship
That's what Microsoft is calling both of them, bug them about it
It's not an unfair statement though. The review didn't come across particularly unfair either. I had a 920 at launch and moved to android after waiting over 2 years for something else to wow me. Windows phone is a distant 3rd in most aspects when it comes to mobile OS. I have no desire to go back to Windows and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
It's a nice enough OS
There's just no apps
It'd be nice if there were a third viable competitor in the market
fucken this

Capital of capitalism, people
Yeah that's what it comes down to in the end. They just cannot compete without the backing of apps. The first major thing I noticed when I moved to android was availability of first party apps.
ms doesn't care about the us (or black people) regarding wp. they've given up trying to win such a saturated market and just shit out whatever projects nokia had already begun.
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 4

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