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So I installed Debian on my t400 >wireless drivers don't

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So I installed Debian on my t400
>wireless drivers don't work
>gotta go sit down next to modem with Ethernet
>doesn't read phone when connected with USB
Start looking for solutions
>start terminal
>enter commands an shit (leet hacker)
>doesn't work
>finally works after much attempts
>now on to fix mtp issues
>guide is using Nautilus to ssh into phone
>I have Thunar no *connect to server* option
>terminal... here we go
>shit not working
>still not working
>search different solution
>not working
>...not working
Fuck this shit senpai!!!!
How the fuck you guys like doing this shit? I can't imagine the people that actually install Gentoo and other shit from the ground up.

Wow you're a fucking retard. Nice blog.

welcome to linux.
been like that from day one.
Sorry you're retarded. Worked fine on my t400.
add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ jessie main contrib non-free

then run
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install iwlwifi

then just delete your debian partition and go back to windows, because you're clearly too stupid to use linux
He's got a point with the shit documentation though. It can take more skill to figure out which docs are uselessly old and/or irrelevant than to just lrn2lunix yourself.
sorry i meant firmware-iwlwifi

all the relevant documentation is updated often enough, you're just a retard
>all the relevant documentation
He's not going to have a good time sifting past all the _irrelevant_ crap with near zero domain knowledge.
Just use adb
>leet hacker
>still doesn't know debian ships without any non FOSS drivers

kek you're a retard faggot
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Add this after main
non-free contrib

I have no idea what wifi hardware is in the T400, but I know I had to download Centrino firmware from Intel for my T420. Toss that in /lib/firmware

I use ifuse to access my iPhone.

Debian is great. It's pretty solid, but their goal is to provide 100% open source software out of the gate. If you want to taint her with Steam, Skype, Netflix (needs Chrome), or proprietary firmware, you have to do it yourself.
I get that but it is a lot of trouble to go through. Especially when you do exactly what the guide says but it doesn't work.
>he fell for the linux meme
this. Linux is absolutely useless for anyone. There isnt a thing on it you couldnt do on windows a lot more comfortable and stable
i wonder why billions of devices around the globe run linux...?
Billions of servers, embedded devices, set top boxes, car computers, monitors, routers, switches, satellites, and god knows what else?
don't take the b8
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If you want to learn linux, learn to use it properly, as a server that can be stripped down to the kernel + a few services for maximum stability and simplicity.

Linux desktop is a joke and most likely always will be because autist maintainers' real goals are not a stable usable OS, but a checkmark on their resume or for ePeen.
That sounds like a Windows fag. Keep your trojans safe, and enjoy Edge.
>installed Gentoo
>heard rumors of Wifi being "3hard5me"
>edit kernel config, activate the right wifi module
>compile kernel
>it just works

You're gonna need to be a lot more specific with things in the future if you want useful help. If a device isn't working use lspci or lsusb to get a listing and paste the output for that particular piece of hardware into Google. dmesg can also be very useful for diagnosing problems. Your hand isn't going to be held for any distribution when the SHTF. You have to realize things work differently than Windows. Linus isn't going to get out of his basement, hop in his car, and drive over to some company to threaten their livelihood because they didn't do some or any legwork in making sure everything just werks. You're going to run into the hardware support issue with OSX as well for that matter.
Why Debian?

Its a freetard distro.

Ubuntu has a wider acceptance for a lot of devices. BEcause is not autistic enough to not include nonfree software in their main repos (optional)
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linux desktop.png
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it just werks™.png
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debian is best used on servers and well supported ancient-tier hardware
Debian 8 here
wireless drivers required a proprietary driver
ez fix just find the name of the card with lspci
everything else just werked™
Is this what all gaymen like you believe?
same here, debian is the most based distro

literally just install and enjoy, no bloatware shit like ubuntu and no broken shit like arch

literally everything you google about linux you can use because debian is the basis of almost every distro

no worries about companies like canonical randomly fucking it up at any given time

>There isnt a thing on it you couldnt do on windows a lot more comfortable and stable
You will have a hard time administrating unix/linux servers from within Windows. Sure it works, but its really experience shitty in general.

I can't imagine how Posix programming on Windows is supposed to be "much more comfortable" than on an actual Posix system. The same applies to web development and basically any other form of development that doesn't target Windows itself.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 4

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