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Even though it's a bit bloated, I enjoy unity. Why is there

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Even though it's a bit bloated, I enjoy unity. Why is there so much hate for it? Mainstream-ness? I've used KDE, XFCE, No DE just WM's and I still say unity holds up fairly well.
Its ugly.
Kind of looks like what would happen if windows 8 and mac os started giving the hanky panky with each other and then decided to bring the bull over to finish the orgy off. Thus Ubuntu Unity was born.
Because stock Debian with XFCE is good enough for GNU/Linux considering all other endeavors by developers for the modernity of any desktop environment usually is fucking ugly. It's gotten so bad that I actually begin to like the looks of GNU/Linux in the early days of KDE because it looks as if it could be nostalgic.
sounds good to me to be honest family
I agree desu senpai, I just prefer MATE because I refuse to accept change. Really nothing wrong with Unity.

>Amazon botnet hurr durr
Just disable it then, the option is right there.
It's clunkier and runs slower compared to gnome 3. And you can't put the unity dock at the bottom like you can with gnome 3's dock
The whole botnet thing on this board get a really old really quick. Here are your options.
1.Don't give a shit
2.Disable it if possible
3.Stop whining and go to a different os
4.Don't download cheese pizza and stop worrying
5.Be an annoying faggot and post a meme nobody really cares about
Indeed. Privacy is an easy thing to moan about I guess. Something for this generation to fight for because we haven't got a nice morally unambiguous war to wage.
unity runs better than gnome3 on my PC

you're argument is invalid
That's the thing, fighting is too much work. If everyone I've ever heard bitching about Facebook or Google or Microsoft or whatever the fuck else actually made an effort towards putting an end to it instead of whining like a little bitch and then continuing to use those apps and services then maybe something would get done. Obviously there are people out there who are trying to make a difference but not as many as those who just whine and complain. Granted this is 4chan and shitposting is always going to be present so I can't get too butthurt about it, it's just annoying at times.

Same here as well. I find gnome 3 to be shit.
Saying something is "ugly" on linux is a joke. There are millions of ways to customize your OS to your liking.
I would have rather had canonical stuck with gnome 2 and improved it instead of making unity. However after several years have passed unity has improved enough to not be totally useless. I still hate the app drawer and think its unintuitive.
lack of customisability, stock ubuntu is just a free consumer os now

What? You can remove unity entirely and customize as much as you want.
Heartily agreed.
it does the job
Linux noob here, used gnome for a bit but it fucking sucks
They should redesign it. Fuck the top panel, fuck unified menubar. Just keep the dock, move it movable, show clock and notifications on the bottom or right side of it. Also drop Dash, its an unorganized bullshit, make a simpler category based menu with a searchbar. Oh, and make it flat. Ta daa!
I use Unity and find it to be pleasant coming off of Windows. Haven't heard great things about gnome3 only gnome2.
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>wanting more flat design
that's because they're garbage.
I wouldn't say hate is a correct word.
There are several things I personally dislike though.
I dislike the way it does hotkeys.
You set most things through the "keyboard" setting and some of it will be changed through the tweak tool.
The whole thing is inconsistent and you can't really force a specific hotkey and you have to double check everything and some times it doesn't work.

The HUD is really bad.
It doesn't do search well.
I don't think lenses work as well as they have hyped it to.
It is more focused on internet content than useful stuff.

I am a bit mixed on the dock.
I like to have the iconic ubuntu look and keep the dock when I use ubuntu even though I rarely want to click on a thing to launch something.
A nice thing is that it automatically adds hotkeys and automatically adds icons like when you plug in a flash drive so that's cool.

In the end it is very rigid. You have to love it the way it is or you will run into so many walls.
I don't like the HUD.
And you can't properly replace the HUD with something else as the hotkeys are too frozen to let you have something else with alt+f2.
Mate is the most consistent, classic desktop experience you'll find.

Unity is a solution to an non-existing problem, concocted by Canocial in a desperate attempt for winning over the hipster audience.

The main reason peole prefer Unity is because Ubuntu is usually their first Linux experience and Unity comes by default with the vanilla installation. Liking Unity is a matter of lazyness and/or lack of technical comprehension, not personal preference
>matter of laziness* and/or technical comprehension, not personal preference
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yeah, you keep telling yourself that sonny boy...
Linux is Linux. Who cares how one prefers to work/navigate through it. I love working with Tile window managers and distros such as Arch, but I do have a laptop with ubuntu on it just because of the ease of use.
Thread posts: 26
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