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Let's get a phone history thread going

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phone history.jpg
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Let's get a phone history thread going
Iphone all the way baby
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>2004: Nokia slider phone, advertised as being the same size as a pack of gum
>2006: RAZR phone, broke it in half
>2007: Another RAZR
>2008: Cheap Nokia flip phone
>2009: iPhone (original)
>2010: iPhone 3GS
>2011: iPhone 4
>2012: iPhone 4S
>2013: iPhone 5
>2014: iPhone 5S
>Soon: iPhone 6 Plus

> Not picking up the MX4 Pro
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>implying I'd switch to a generic chinese shitdroid after so many wonderful years with the iPhones
Not him, but you mean the Meizu? Shit has a terrible UI
>mitsubishi trium galaxy
>ericsson T28s
>ericsson T29s
>VK mobile VK1100 for about a week or so
>sony ericsson w910
>lg arena
>sony xperia sp
Is this not a car company
Its a zaibatsu they make whatever they can for a fuck ton of money
>is it an Asian company ?
>It only produces what it's known for
>Fucking everything
Never fails
>iPhones are so shit that you need to drop $800 on new one fucking year to have a functional phone
Fucking kek
No, he probably a faggot richboy with parents who have deep pockets and buy his affection
Why do you green text your responses? Is it your first time here from Reddit?
>nokia 3360
>lg chocolate
>env touch, broke this
>lg the V
>another env touch
>iphone 4s
>iphone 6
I've never had a smartphone before, and now that my shitty phone finally broke down, I'll probably get a Moto G. I can see how it'll improve my daily life and I am looking forward to getting it.

What I want to know is, why would I even want a phone with monster specs that costs more than 600$ ? What does it offer that my future Moto G doesn't?
>mfw people think mitsushitty only makes bad cars
they make a bunch of other bad things too, like bad tvs.
>rofl le reddit army XD
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I buy them used for cheap on craigslist and sell the previous model for some money back. I often get the new model during the time the rumor mills start getting new iPhone pictures from the factory.

If anything I spend around $100-300 per year to upgrade.

My parents are dead and the rest of my family hates me or molests me.
Mitsu TVs are quite nice tbh
File: phonez.jpg (1MB, 5627x682px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All smartphones basically do the same things. The extra money goes toward doing those same things better.
>4 different iphone 5s
what the actual fuck is wrong with you?
Wow that really went downhill after the Find5
>using le ebin reddit meemee on 4chan
>not buying beat up iPhones and swapping them into new cases
>not flipping phones on swappa for twice what you paid

>using le ebin reddit meemee on 4chan
Damn I miss my sidekick.
File: history.png (399KB, 692x481px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got the S5 recently
>the rest of my family hates me or molests me.
iktfb, sorry for being mean

hory fuck i forgot about the sidekick

i miss pretending i was paris hilton
Okay, but I imagine a budget martphone like the one I'm thinking of probably already does everything pretty smoothly. I can't justify spending an additional 400$ for a barely noticable improvement.
So don't
Mine is pretty fucking ridiculous considering I got the first one a year ago

iPhone 4 (ATT)
Galaxy Nexus 32gb (Verizon)
Nokia Lumia 635 (T-Mobile)
Galaxy Nexus 32gb (Verizon)
Nokia Lumia 635 (Cricket/ATT)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Cricket/ ATT) (IN THE MAIL)

Jesus christ
File: Eris_gnex_n6.png (321KB, 707x485px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 707x485px
>RAZR flip phone
>iPhone 3GS
>Samsung Galaxy S2
>Current: HTC One M8
>purchasing a galaxy s3

>Samsung Galaxy S3 (Cricket/ ATT) (IN THE MAIL)

Are you that faggot that posted that thread earlier today asking if already purchasing the S3 was a wise choice or some shit?

I want to cum inside of you out of spite.
File: history.jpg (241KB, 1692x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I only get a new one when the phone is stolen and when it suffers battery/structural damage and getting it repaired is no longer cost-effective versus getting a new one.
>LG Rumor 2
>LG G2
>LG Nexus 5
>Motorola Moto G (2013)
>LG Nexus 4
>HTC One M8
>Motorola Moto E
>Motorola Moto G (2014)
>OnePlus One (current)

fav was m8
forgot galaxy nexus too, after evo
>2010 - motorola rival
>later half of 2010 - another motorola rival
>2011-present lg cosmos
>no name flip phone
>LG enV Touch (god tier)
>Droid Incredible
>Moto Droid
>HTC Thunderbolt
>Razr Maxx
>Droid DNA
>Razr Maxx HD
>Droid DNA (again)
>Moto X
>LG G2
>iPhone 4 (loaner until upgrade date)
>Note 4

Probably missing a couple. I've bought and sold a lot of phones on Craigslist
>2005 z300a
>2010 iphone phat (ded n 4gotten)
>2011 HTC surround
>2012 Lumia 900 (stolen)
>2014 Lumia 520
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1MB, 300x169px
>Started in 2005 or 6 or so: Nokia 3120
>Palm Centro
>Pantech C300 (Pretty much the Zoolander phone. Really good phone, too.)
>Motorola QA1 "Karma" (Piece of Shit)
>LG Optimus V
>Motorola Photon 4G (Another complete piece of shit, made me swear off of Moto forever.)
>Nokia Lumia 820 (great phone, but WP got no appz)
>Nexus 5 (great but battery and camera sucked)
>iPhone 6

It's been a helluva ride, but my iPhone has surprised the shit out of me.
Too lazy for pictures

> LG something. It was one of the first color flip phones back in 2003.
> RAZR phone ,about 2006
> LG Slide, about 2008, bought because previous phone was stolen
> iPhone 3GS, 2010, bought because I was bored at work and wanted a smart phone and I liked my iPod Touch
> iPhone 5, 2012, bought because previous phone was stolen
> Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 2014, bought because fuck iPhone
File: phone history.jpg (276KB, 2100x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
phone history.jpg
276KB, 2100x600px
>iPhone 3G
>Atrix 4g
>AT&T Galaxy S2
>Intl. Galaxy Note
>AT&T Galaxy Note
>One X
>Galaxy Nexus
>iPhone 5
>Galaxy S3
>Nexus 4
>Galaxy S4
>Nexus 5
>Z3 Compact

Least favorite was the windows phone
I'm posting from my iPhone 4 with ios6. Stay mad.
File: ok.jpg (98KB, 1380x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 1380x503px
Poorfag here.

Been waiting for a good deal on a smartphone but haven't seen anything impressive. Probably a case of not knowing what I'm missing.
File: LG-5350.jpg (45KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 500x500px
It was an LG 5350. I used to chew on the pop-out antenna.
That shit is a fucking tank. The 3310 couldn't hold a candle to how tough that thing is.
iphones have longer sw support than any android will. yeah I know you can boot fucking lollerpop on a shit 2011 phone but thats all its going to do is boot. id never buy an iphone but i respect the build quality and LTS they have
>nokios r strong!!!
shouldn't you be on reddit
>longer sw support

I remember having to downgrade from my 3GS to a 3 when my 3GS was stolen, and even that slight downgrade couldn't do half the shit the 3GS could do. Basically, if iPhone is no longer producing the phone, it probably won't support many new updates. I'm not sure if iPhone 4 or 4s supports the new software, but it probably can't handle some videos and pictures and shit like that if they were sent from a newer smartphone.
File: phones.jpg (94KB, 1001x430px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>changing your phone every year

>if iPhone
I meant to say Apple
They are though. Were you even in high school when those shit went out. I doubt. I was and we did all kinds of stupid shit with it.
As far as I'm aware that thing still works. It's in a drawer somewhere.
2006 - LG flip phone, forget the name of it. Could record video with it so I thought it was awesome.

2008 - LG ENV2, everyone in high school had this phone. It was a piece of shit that wore down extremely fast, front screen broke just from keeping it in my pocket.

2009 - Samsung Alias 2. Great phone, had magic buttons and worked great until the end. Only stopped using it cuz I wanted a smartphone.

2012 - Galaxy S3, great phone but lagged pretty badly towards the end. GPS wouldn't work sometimes too.

2014 - Galaxy Note 4, just got it a few days ago. In love with it, this thing is amazing. It's better than my laptop in a lot of ways.
Almost all bar phones during that era were durable.
my 4s can sure as shit handle everything it could the day I got it, no it doesnt support new hw features and shit but those are features I never planned to have when I bought it.

unless you're buying a nexus android your OEM will probably forget the shit out of you come next flagship, and since most android non-nexus variants have carrier specific changes, the updates will take even longer to land
It's a good thing you have the freedom to ignore your carrier and install whatever you wish then.
that depends on if your carrier isnt one of the 2 biggest carriers in the US, sadly.
But the 5510 was the most durable-est. The 5510 had thick as fuck plastic glass on top of its display as compared to the 3310 for example.
>Nokia 6010, 2004-2005ish
>Nokia 6030, 2005-2007ish
>Sony Ericsson Z500, 2007
>Sony Ericsson Z525, 2007
>Sony Ericsson C905, 2007-2011
>Samsung Sunburst, 2011, POS lagged typing a text
>Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, 2011-2012
>LG Nexus 4, 2012-2014
>LG G2, 2014
>LG Nexus 4 (again), 2014

I went through a few phones in early high school when family members upgraded on their contract. I would be using the G2 right now, but I recently dropped it and cracked the screen. I've been too lazy to repair it.
sorry to hear about the G2. That was the best phone of 2013 imo
Yeah. I love it, but I also love the Nexus 4 just as much, so that's contributing to me not replacing the screen.

I wish it hadn't killed the digitizer on the bottom third, otherwise I'd probably just slap a new screen protector on and keep using it.
>a fucking tank
>what is the xperia active
>Nokia 3530 (2002): mom finally lets me get a phone, mostly cause she's overprotective and wants to call me wherever I am
>LG G4015 I think... won it in a bet, my Nokia was probably four years old at this point
>Razr with a fucking dragon on it. Free from T-Mobile, felt like getting a Razr finally
>iPhone 3G: I actually paid for a phone for the first and only time in my life and switched off my family's T-Mobile plan

Then I got a new position at my company and they took over my cell phone plan. I was already friends with IT so they always let me get the new model for free.99 whenever it drops (other people have to pay the upgrade fee, but we get free upgrades every two years per account).

>iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S

Now the new iPhone is out and it's fuckhuge and I don't like it. Seriously considering jumping ship to Android sometime, iTunes sucks anyway.
File: original.jpg (10KB, 250x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 250x349px
>BT cellnet

>Nokia 3330
Fucking loved that phone. All the cool kids had it or the 3310 at school.

>Some Motorola flip-bottom
Only had it for a few months, was my first colour phone, got it from my Auntie

>Sony Ericsson T300
First camera phone, was one of the first people in my school to get one. People thought I was a God or something.

>Nokia 7600
Leaf-shaped phone. Looked cool as fuck. Really unique and obscure
>Nokia 7650
Was really expensive. Mine was second hand and about a year old but still cost about $600. Insane when I think about it. But was a Christmas present so whatever lel.

>Motorola Krzr
Like the Razr, only smaller and sleeker. Loved that phone. Was really well built.

>Motorola Droid/Milestone
One of the first Android phones I think. This was a really good buy. Had a keyboard, touchscreen, everything. I remember showing it to my friends who had bought the first iPhones and they couldn't believe how superior it was in basically every way. I was playing SNES games on my phone in 2008 or 2009. Had this for about 4 years. Still works perfectly.
>Sony Ericsson S Lt26ii
Current phone. Had it 3 years now and it's just starting to slow down and the battery is now running out fast so I need to upgrade soon.

I'm thinking Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact.
>Sony Ericsson S

I meant Xperia S
>Go to all this effort of googling model numbers and looking out old phone boxes etc. etc.
>Thread dies instantly

Fuck you /g/, that post took about 30 minutes.
File: Phone History.png (657KB, 1500x588px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Phone History.png
657KB, 1500x588px
I'll get higher res pics and label with names/networks later, this was just what I threw together on my tablet in MS Paint
Samsung SGH T619 (Washed, still works) - 2 years owned
Verizon Razzle (Washed, still works) - 1 year
Motorola Droid 2 Global (Washed, still works) - 2 years
HTC Incredible 2 (Dropped in pond, still works, though can't get calls) - 1/2 year
iPhone 4S (Dropped in pool, dead) - 3 years
HTC One M8 (Current) - 1/2 year

Every phone I have owned except my current has been exposed to a lot of water.
I just bought an s3 in perfect condition for $150 on ebay. What's the problem?
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Very exciting, I know
Z3 compact breh. Or wait for six months and see if the Z4 is a better buy.

>6-month product cycle
pick one
Samsung slider > Samsung Sidekick 4G> Galaxy Nexus > LG low end brick looking thing > HTC One M7
If the Z4 brings a 1440p screen then I'll be happy with the 3. This is the first time I'm saying moar pixelz is stupid past this point.
n900 anyone? what the fuck /g/?
Golden State nokia bar phone
moto bar phone
Tmo samsung d809
Cingular samsung d800
nokia e71
nokia n900
Moto Atrix
Samsung Galaxy note
sony z2
>Some kind of LG flip phone
>flip Sony Ericsson
>KRZR flip phone
>Iphone 3g
>Iphone 4
>Galaxy S3
>Galaxy S5

Every year is excessive. You can though buy it on 2 year contract, sell it for still quite a bit, and buy the next iPhone after 2 years and probably still make some money.
I'd hold for the Z5 personally. Hopefully by then the battery tech has already caught up or the phones themselves become more efficient

>or kinetic charging
>some shit dumb phone
>another slightly less shit dumphone
>iPhone 3GS
>LG Optimus
>HTC Desire Z
>iPhone 4
>Galaxy Nexus
>iPhone 5
>Galaxy S4
>iPhone 5
>Nexus 5
>iPhone 5C
>Galaxy S5
>Nexus 5
oshit, there's a HTC p3600 and a e72 in there and I almost bought a Samsung Innov8 in fucking Manila
> not selling your iPhone for almost full retail value every year and paying only one hundred dollars to have the best phone available.
Thread posts: 85
Thread images: 17

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