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>buy laptop >never take it out of the house >just end

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>buy laptop
>never take it out of the house
>just end up using it around the house
>eventually sits in one spot and becomes desktop
I'm sure that's happened to a lot of us here, myself included. At least if you ever do need to take it out for whatever reason you can.
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>tfw 2 1/2 laptop's in your household
>tfw none of them ever leave the house
>tfw you bought them way before the tablet era blew up
wow, me too. Is this common?
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Tehmeena Afzal_78.jpg
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2 1/2 laptops?
Try taking it to a coffee shop for a few hours.

A real person might even start a conversation with you.
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>buy Tablet
>dell venue pro 8
>have it in jacket pocket
>it stays there 95% of the day/time
>use mostly my note 2 for everything
>have to tether 4G to the tablet when using it

why did I buy this/carry this shit around with me ?
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>buy laptop
>never leave the house
>it doesn't have better specs than my desktop
>never use it

I occasionally install a Linux distro on it out of boredom but I can't find a good use for it.

Making it some sort of server is not an option because I'm not rich enough to waste electricity.
1/2 for a netbook i bought last year with Win 8 and touch screen. I let my sibling have it. Shit was a waste.
>hipsters faggots
>unemployed middle aged men

Who the fuck wants to talk with this trash?
>implying we don't just hide our power levels in public
>wanting to live a double life
I don't want to, I have to, anon.
So you're using fag coffee shop WiFi right now to post?
That's also happened to me.I even connected external monitors, a mouse and keyboard to it...

I don't remember the last time I've even moved it an inch.
Geez, dude, it's just a joke.
>implying I ever leave my house.
> Buy laptop
>Start travelling
>2years later still travelling with laptop bro

Why even buy a portable computer if your only reason to leave the house is work?
Cus if i ever ran into you i'd bash your damn head in.
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I'd like to see you try.
>Spend hundreds of dollars on placebo iPod with Rockbox and portable amp
>I only use it to listen to music on the porch glider
>Would really be afraid to take that investment out in public

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>buy laptop
>never take it out of the house
>just end up using it around the house
>eventually sits on my lap and becomes laptop
>have an x201
>is always in my backpack no matter where I go
>9 cell battery so never dead when I need it

Good feels.
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>Buy pair of Latitudes
>Only intention was to use them to play some LAN Yugioh with friends
>Realize I have no friends
>Purpose still goes unfulfilled to this day
>Just leave it my recliner to look up Final jeopardy questions and checking email

Similarly, but a year or so earlier

>Turn pic related into giant vinyl playing mat
>Intend to play drinking game with friends
>Realize 1, I have only a few friends I would drink with
>Realize 2, Almost none of them would give a shit about pokemon anyways
>Purpose still goes unfulfilled to this day

How often must reality hurt me like this?
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>>Only intention was to use them to play some LAN Yugioh with friends
I had a W520 as my pseudo-desktop for years but the mobo is fried and I'm putting together a new tower to replace my old one from like 2007, so I'm shelving it for now. At some point I'm gonna pick up a mobo from some third party and ressurect it though, I loved that computer.
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>new mobo
please post a picture of the full size mat
>buy laptop
>take it with me in case I need it
>never need it
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>buy laptop
>never need it when i take it with me
>never have it with me when i need it
>stop taking laptop
holy shit stealing this for later.
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You have to make your NEET cocoon, that will turn you into social butterfly, so you can fly, flitter, and twinkle all the way too the coffee shops in your town.
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for what3.jpg
3MB, 8890x10000px
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>buy laptop
>collects dust

>buy tablet
>spend all day drawing on it
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My camera is shit.
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Reminder that these are the people telling you smartphones are useless plastic toys.
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>bought ultraportable, not chunky thinkpads for basement neckbeards
>take it everywhere
>type on it every day on the public transport
Laptops should all be less than 3lbs/1.4kg.
My laptop is 1/4 inch thick, 19 inch screen, and only weighs 2.2 ounces. Get on my fucking level.
Dude this is awesome. How did you print that out though?

I think I used Poster Print Shop. Chose the vinyl print option not really knowing what it was. Turned out to be perfect.

I also wanted little Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle figures to use as play pieces but I couldn't for the life of me find something appropriate as impossible to believe as that is.
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>buy ipad mini retina in 2013
>fyeah now i can do stuff without carrying a brick in my bag
>december 2014
>ipad is still new in box with shrink wrap sitting on my book shelf
>tfw i have still have the original receipt too
why did i believe for a moment i'd use that garbage.

anon i would party with you
...but you're probably not in cali.
>use that garbage.
You haven't even fucking USED it if it's still in the box dumbshit.
>believe for a moment i'd use
commentary was on the idea of using it, not actually using it. that being said, i developed on an ipad mini at work, so get off my dick.
You're still an idiot for wasting money.
It's a Thinkpad, you can fieldstrip them and put them back together for shits and giggles if you want
Do you have the image you used for that? Or is it just the one you posted above and you added some shit?

I think I'm going to play this with my friends tomorrow
>But Antlion mod mic 4 over a month ago
>Fuck yeah, this sounds good as shit
>I play no online multiplayer games at all
>Have not used it even once since
>Too shy to talk to stupid kids half my age because they'll say all sorts of high pitched shit about fucking my mother

What's a good multiplayer that basically requires a mic but doesn't require a lot to get into?

I think I used this one. I didn't even remember which one I had used until I just took a picture of it.

>>Too shy to talk to stupid kids half my age
>being this much of a beta faggot
>probably got it from your dad

lol no wonder ur mum slobbers all over my dick
Isn't that the point of this thread?

M...My father was never in my life...
a lot of tech is a waste of money, but shit happens and we learn from our mistakes.
You could also make coasters for each Pokemon and as for playing pieces, use whatever or find little figurines on Ali Baba or something. The kind used in those little machines that give you random toys.
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Are you one of those new age single-mom raised brats? Depending on your answer I may have to pop a cap in your ass.

Well, she's 60 years old now so she's no some silly free spirited hippie.

She does do this silly tarot card bullshit in the morning though...

Am I gonna die?!
To watch your chinese cartoons on, of course.
Also because I'm 90% sure your phone doesn't have an SD card
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Thread images: 19

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