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>go in a party >good friend's gf has a female friend

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>go in a party
>good friend's gf has a female friend
>they want to hook her up with me
>I meet her at the beginning with friend's gf, we have a nice chat all three
>friends think I'm not doing anything (I was just talking with someone else at this moment)
>they're literally forcing me and screaming to go see her while she's near us
>I start to be uncomfortable
>later they push me toward her and isolate us so I'm forced to have a fucking awkward convo with her
>I try my best but she's clearly uncomfortable
>another guy come in and speak she instantly turns toward him to listen and escape our shitty situation
>feel like shit
>friends later apologize

What the fuck is that? If I want to hook up a friend with a grill I'm not gonna act like a literal autist. I'm just gonna introduce both to each other if he's shy and let things go naturally.
I literally felt like a subhuman after that, I usually don't have any problem with grills but it was fucking humiliating.
What would you have done guys?
yea that sucks, i mean i hate it when i get forced to talk to people, much rather not have my friends advertising someone than meeting them naturally, it was nice of them but they didnt need to be so pushy
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would've stared at her completely silently without blinking until she goes away
I have friends like that too. If they notice a girl is kinda in to me they start visibly pushing me towards her and shout that I should go for it so she can hear.

Makes me even more nervous so I always fuck it up
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>friends do this at a club or whatever
>get really fucking annoyed, basically get away asap and avoid friends for a while
>meet new people and have fun without the pressure of "HEY ANON GO FUCK THAT GIRL SHES CUTE"
This happens every now and then
would instanly laugh for no reason but to enjoy the situation and hopefully make her laugh back just to start some convo and you know relief some stress and let myself go.

Your friends are clearly more socially awkward tha you are. It took good social sense to notice the discomfort in her and recognize why it wa awkward. Good on you, you're probably a normalfag.
When I was younger, my dad made me introduce myself to every girl near my age that got on the elevator at my beach place. If i didnt do it in the first 5 seconds, he would say "he likes you" and it would be super uncomfortable. Now that im older, if my friends did waht your friends did, id just something like "this is awkward" and walk away and grab a drink or something.
> what the fuck is that
I'll tell you

1 - Your friends are idiots
2 - Your friends are cockblockers
3 - Your friends have kid tier mentality
4 - You are even more pathetic than your friends
5 - You are the loser of the group

He's really not the loser here.
Yeah I tend to avoid them, I'm actually looking for more "clever" friends actually.
I like them, but with time I just understand they're fun in small events and night drinking but nothing more.

I'm not the most confident guy, but I have a lot of empathy so I read people "easily", it's not cool as my behaviour doesn't match my "reading skills" yet. So very often I can see the situation is awkward or why I'm fucking up but can't really do anything.
But yeah I'm mostly a normie, made out in parties, have had a gf etc...but I'm definitely not a slayer or a chad.
not that guy but he kind of is. If you feel trapped and dont know how to leave an awkward situation that your friends are putting you in, then you are weak.
Dude, I couldn't do anything. I didn't stand up like a retard though, I asked her about her hobbies, joked about the situation to make her relax, but she was very uncomfortable, my friends had literally turned their back on us to make sure we couldn't escape. Trust me, they were the dumb ones here.
Are you in high school? Fuck
set ups are for fucking highschoolers. Next time your douchebag friend tries to force some slut upon you, tell him he better worry about his own relationship because you heard his girl was getting nigger dicked.
No, this is why I don't like to see them anymore.
im not denying that theyre dumb too. but youre saying "we couldnt escape". yes you could. literally tell your friends they are making this super awkward and that you are walking somewhere else.
I didn't want to be bitchy about it and make the girl feels bad, I preferred to stay cool about it. But you're not entirely wrong, this would've been a thing to do. Some of them were half drunk though, they could have made the situation even more awkward for the girl if I'd have walked away.
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You could've just said that your friends pressuring you is not making the situation better and ask her to meet up for a coffee or some shit another time
Do you consider yourself a normie?
The main problem was she was acting as if she wasn't aware of the situation my friends was putting me in.
Your friends only want to appear to be in your corner because their lives are so bland. They call you to action to fulfill their promises and "check up" on you to see how you're doing. They must know they are forcing an awkward situation by being so direct, but you must also tell them to stop trying to mess with your flow and ignore them when appropriate.
You're probably right because most of them are good to give lessons but would have been sweating bullets in my situation.
Normies are fucking retards about this.

>Have friend who did not have a girlfriend in his 20 years of existence
>Turns into some kind of pseudo deity of wisdom or some bullshit
>Hit the beach with him and his girlfriend and meet up with like 10 other friends of ours
>Later one of their female friends comes along
>They try to set us up despite me not having any interest in her
>Even drag her to BurgerKing(tm) with us so they can force a conversation between us two

The actual annoying part is that unlike him who never had female contact in his 20 years of existence I was chatting with several thots at the time and actually came out of a 2 week long FwB which drained all the fluids out of me and he still somehow decided with his girlfriend they need to get me into a relationship.
I'm bad for 1 on 1, particularly when you're getting 'setup' because you're basically forced to clearly be trying to impress the girl

If I impress a girls its when I end up knowing her a little first but I can't meet the expectation to fire off a bunch of good lines to make a girl interested or be witty right out the gate.
>most of my friends are in relationships with girls that are also in our friend group
>always trying to hook me up with their gf's friends
>told them multiple times im not interested in them
>friends call me a pussy or their gf's get mad at me when i turn their friends down
>mfw ive been happily single for 3 years and have had multiple fwb in that time but they clearly know what i want
i should seek new friends
you should seek new friends
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>american, going to small uni in europe, 400 people
>had an easy time making friends with the right wing chads at my larger uni
>my new one will be full of liberals and leftists

Im really opposed to holding your peace and not saying what you think. Now will I make friends bros?
What are you going to study ? If it's science, computers or some shit, most people will be right-winged

thats them exercising authority/dominance over you WHILE trying to make it seem like they are a good friend. Not only does it humiliate you but it sabotages any chances you DID have.

Seriously a DICK MOVE. Do NOT allow them to do it.

If you confront them about it they will say they were just trying to help. And they might even tell themselves that. But its bullshit. Its them going on a mini powertrip.

Take them aside quietly and tell them to mind their own fucking business

> Ive been with about 70 girls now. Most of those were at uni.
> on mini vacation with friends
> friend's gf's best friend comes
> the entire vacation every single person is trying to set me and her up
> I'm used to dating very attractive girls. even when I was skinny and 6/10 I dated 9/10s as I had very tight game
> this girl they are trying to set me up with has a frying pan for a face
> people put huge social pressure on me to hook up with her, including locking us in a room together
> EXTREMELY awkward
> holiday ends
> nobody really apologises. people are actually pissed off at me
> Im no longer allowed to go to any of their social events
> I hear the girls one time (at a festival in a tent) talking about me and saying stuff like "who the FUCK does he THINK he is?!"

I just wanted a holiday with friends, i dont have many left these days :_(
>i dont have many left these days :_(
It's better that way. In fact you should have done this:

>Kick down the door (any healthy male can do this)
>Go on a rampage and tell them how fucking deluded and retarded they are for doing shit like this
>Actually try to sabotage something that they have atleast such a shit time like you do
Id probably react the same way to a 6/10 girl who wouldnt date me for being a 9/10
Maybe they weren't trying to set you up, maybe they were trying to set her up.

Then again, I wouldn't figure an autist would notice social cues.
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OP, listen to >>42294368, it's the truth. Your "friends" are fucking with you for fun while convincing themselves they're being nice.
Let me guess, all the gf's friends are landwhales? A great way to see how your friends really think of you is by who they try and set you up with in a situation like this.
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Thread images: 7

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