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*** ALERT ** Inspirational message to all young people here!!

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*** ALERT **

Inspirational message to all young people here!!

If you are under 20 or in the 20-25 range you better not think about STOPPING.

Esp the under 20 ones. My god you guys have so much time. Sometimes i see anons here that are 16 and are depressed cause they are either too fat or too skinny.

Give me a fucking break. Start immediately and the sooner you start fucking doing something about it the better.

Who the fuck cares how much effort you had to put in when you were 16-19?

Nobody fucking does. Your life is insanely long and trust me there are many bitches to bang or awesome things to do once you made it.

The older you get the worse everything gets.

No you dont.

Everything around you becomes increasingly more depressive.

Stop wasting your time shit posting.

The benefits of starting as young as possible outweigh all negatives.

I was fit until like 25 then the wage slavery took over and i lost my gains. I will get them back no matter what even tho its a bit too late and i was a faggot for losing them.

I am sure other older anons can confirm what i just said.

The time goes by faster the older you get meme is true btw

When i was 16 or so i thought 1 year is long but now its almost 2016 and now it feels like NYE 2015 was just last week or something.

Also dont set yourself goals and think you will reach them.

Change your behavior and you will reach your goals.

The setting goal meme is one of the worst scams ever created.

Changing your behavior step by step is the foundation to reach your actual goal.

You can set yourself GOAL X but just setting it wont get you anywhere.
whats the fucking retards on this forum thinking they're an authority on anything other than masturbating to cartoon girls??

2nd thread in the last hour like this.
Fuck you. They are being constructive at least, instead of you.

what is constructive about this

its a vague and fucking arbitrary as anything else on this shit forum.

time goes fast .. so .. uhhh .. make sure you .. like .. do stuff .. because .. t-time .. it'll fly by!

ok, thanks for the fuckin message retard.

nigga just be yourself.
This is why I'm starting my little bro off right. He is 14 and loves going to the gym, got him on SL 5x5, currently at a 200 lb squat (That's the only stat I can remember). ATG too, like oly weightlifting atg. I've talked to him about oly lifting and he shows interest in it. Hopefully when he's older he can get a real coach so he can try it out.
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>still at uni
>still not fit
>still a virgin
Any tips for me, Mr. Smart Guy?
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wow inspirational man
any other 22 year old fags still living at home?
I read that in paulies voice
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>turned 18 last week
>been lifting since 16
>still look like shit because I get self conscious and stop lifting at all after a few months

best I ever got to was 80kg bench, then I bounced back into skeleton mode
>The time goes by faster the older you get meme is true btw
not true m8

if you look back it always seems like it all happened so fast

the only difference between youger and older People is that younger People tend to do a shitload more in f.e. a year and therefore they think a year is Long since they know how much they can do within it

older People just work day in day out and rarely do something new. thats why they say "time goes by faster" while what they mean is "i didnt do shit"
I'm 18 and depressed. Do you think i should stop smoking weed?
Jesus, the fucking facial aesthetics on that fucker.
I think it's both but what you said is true tbqh
>became a NEET last November
>feel like I've only been a NEET for a month
>my body is now shit, my life is shit, and my parents will probably kick me out soon

feels bad
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Brool story co.

Sure, I can lose weight, and I'm going at it slowly, but there are consequences. You can get back gains, there's nothing short of tens of thousands of dollars that will get rid of the disgusting extra skin I'm getting. It looks worse than the fat did. Whoopdy fucking do, I can wear nice clothes. At least when I was fat no one bothered me about not wanting to take my shirt off in the pool, or acted surprised when I lifted my arms and they could see my stomach. A whole new world of having to plan my whole life around avoiding even the off chance of taking my shirt off, or avoiding anything where I have to lift my arms above my head or wear shorts.

You want to be inspirational, that's great. But with this, fuck off. Really. If I had to work to regain muscle it'd suck but really, it's just a time deficit. Just a year or whatever where you fell behind. Oh no, you won't be Mr. Universe. I'm looking at saving enough money for a car so instead of saggy vomitous skin flaps I can have gigantic scars where they pieced me back together.
29 here
one thing to add to ops post is that i would recommend thinking about financial gainz as early as possible
you may not need much when you are young, but when real life mode kicks in, you will find that going to the gym you like and not to the cheapest one on the other side of town and buying food without looking at price tags means a lot when you have less time and more important stuff to think about (important stuff is not having problems, it is just that hobbies, work and social life will mean more than they take now)
start saving
even if it 10 dollars a month, just do it
you dont want to know what it feels like to waste a perfect opportunity because you lack capital, it is worse than seeing your oneitis sucking hitlers cock, trust me guise
its true you drongo, as you grow up your body gets used to being alive so your perception of time quickens. As a baby everythings new so a year would feel like an eternity
yes because you learn so many things
if you would Keep doing new stuff it would feel the same. but most stop doing new things at some time and just vegetate through time
>wage slavery took over
Would you recommend having your main life goal to be NOT being a wageslave?
chiming in to agree

started when I was 17, quite fat, very weak. I'm 20 now, one of the stronger people in my gym, have had many women say my body is amazing and most importantly I just feel so much better about myself. I thought I was starting too late even then but only 2-3 years and my life is just immeasurably better
I have literally never seen a more attractive man than prime Brando
I mean I'm not gay but if he came over to me looking like that, rolling his eyes all sexy at because I'm flustered about him getting his cock and wanting me to suck it but he knows that I do want to suck it. I'd suck it
No it IS true but not for the broscience that >>35202150 mentions.
You have something that is equivalent to a metronome in your body, it beats at a regular frequency. During your life, you associated 842 beats for what society calls "1 second", and 2182464000 beats with "one month". That's how you get a feeling of the passage of time.

But as you grow old, your metabolism slows down, as does this metronome in your body. So now during 1 second, your metronome can only beat 500 times instead of 842, and by the time you counted to 842, 1.5 seconds has passed or something. Or 1.5 months instead of 1 month. And that's why you get this "holy shit, where did time go?" feeling.

But that's only part of what is happening. There are also psychological factors at play.

tl;dr time will seem like it goes faster and faster as you grow older
Thank you anon.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 5

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