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Tell me how shit my routine is /fit/. Monday and Tuesday: 3X10

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Tell me how shit my routine is /fit/.

Monday and Tuesday:
3X10 Dumbbell flies
3X10 Incline bench press
2X8 Farmers carries
3X10 Bent over barbell rows
5X10 Barbell squats
5X10 Romanian Dead lifts
3X10 Barbell Hip Thrusts
3X20 Cable Kickbacks
3X20 Cable Hip abductions
Wednesdays and Thursdays:
3X20 Dumbbell curls
3X10 Barbell curls
3X10 Close grip bench press
3x10 Tricep extensions
3X10 OHP
5X10 Barbell squats
5X10 Romanian deadlifts
5X10 Barbell hip thrusts
3X20 Cable kickbacks
3X20 Cable hip abductions
3X10 Barbell squats
3X10 Dead lifts
3X10 Romanian Dead lifts
3X10 Power cleans
3X10 Barbell hip thrusts
How long does that take?
3 days and a week
btw way too much volume of are not roiding
Each session is around two hours and I'm in the gym for about 5 days a week. I'm a little worried I'm overtraining as >>35196355
says. I'm natty btw and I've only been lifting for a few months now

OP, this routine is pretty retarded. For one, there is sheiko level volume in this shit, and there's no fucking way you're doing any of this at a decent weight unless you're on gear. Important exercises (e.g. heavy compounds; bench, squat, deadlifts) are heavily impeded by your excessive volume. You have 5x10 squats programmed just before 5x10 romanian deadlifts; even IF you somehow manage to do squats properly after all that volume, doing barbell rows and squats and then trying to deadlift will just make you do DYEL-tier weights.

I would knock the volume down heavily, stick to mostly heavier compounds, and tone down the isolation work.

Apart from that, at least it's got everything covered and seems pretty balanced. If you're on gear this actually looks like a sick routine if you have time and dedication for it.
Also one more thing; doing the same exact routine two days in a row is most likely a waste of time; it makes more sense to switch it up as you're not really going to benefit from doing much lower weights the next day after you're wrecked from the previous one. Give those muscles at least a day to recover.
So instead of 3X10 I should do 3X5? Gotcha. Also, I have a very shitty gym. The weight training area is like 3X2 metres big and the dumbbells and barbell weights only go up to 30KG (plus no squat or bench rack!). So I'm kind of limited to DYEL weights atm. I'm planning on moving to another gym possibly next year where the weights get a little more advanced
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Holy shit. How do you manage to do squats, dead lifts, more dead lifts, power cleans AND hip thrusts? What weights are you using? I couldn't do another compound exercise after deadlifting. What are your goals with this routine?
Refer to >>35196507
I have a limited selection of weights. The barbell weights only go up to 35KG so it ain't that hard but it gives me an opportunity to practice form and try out different exercises. As for goals? Having a chiselled upper body would be nice but I don't want to get too big (like wealthy organ big). As for lower body, the sky's the limit. The thought of having massive bulging thighs, hips, calves and glutes sounds awesome which is why I try to do them 5 days a week. Am I training too much?
Pic semi related
Well, you can do that; for the heavy compounds I would stick to 3x5 or so to begin with, but perhaps for accessory exercises 3x8 is fine.

The main point is to cut out some of the accessories, you simply don't need to be in the gym that long doing that much stuff in the beginning.

>dumbbell and barbell weights only go up to 30kg and no squat or bench rack
That's too bad man. Your routine isn't terrible if you can't do decent bench / deadlift / squat weights anyway. If it isn't possible to do high intensity in your gym then this routine or something comparable is fine. (Assuming you're already doing 30kg on all your lifts.) If you're maxed out try increasing reps, as that's all you can do for now. But seriously, find a new gym asap
>dont want to get too big

Are you memeing? Assuming you're not trolling, don't worry about "getting too big". Shit doesn't happen by accident. I have a 120kg bench at 80kg bodyweight and my upper body isn't really big by any stretch of the imagination.
>find a new gym asap
Amen to that buddy. I'm maxing out all my exercises (30kg bench press, 35kg squat, 35kg deadlift) so I'm aching to expand.
Also, how do I increase my OHP. I'm kind of stalling at 25Kg.
Shitty mate.

What I like to do is take one big lift (deads, squats, cleans), do that first and then do accessory work afterwards. I've also used BodyBuilding's exercise guide and calculated how each muscle is hit so I can see where any holes I have and how they compare to my goals and adjust accordingly. Pic related.
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