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Have any of you guys here turned their life around and 'made

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Have any of you guys here turned their life around and 'made it' after the age of 25? Stories?
Once you pass 20 you're fucked never mind 25. just accept it like we all have
Not 25, but I was a pretty massive fuckup(overweight vidya neet) at 18 and 4 years later I am much better off even if I haven't fully made it yet.. There's nothing complicated about the process just realize you're going to progress at a slower pace than people who were basically perfect their whole lives
25 is peak age breh
Not at success point yet, but mad turn.

The key is not to give up hope and all that positivity bullshit folks throw at you, well you gotta believe it a little. And you need to pick one thing in life that is worth it to you. And put in the hard yards in order to move in the direction of making it.
This means you set your sights on that one special thing, the thing that can actually motivate you. And you put into action behaviours and habits that allow you to get closer to achieving the goal, while not entirely neglecting general life crap.

So you wanna be super ripped and muscley. Well then you need dedication. You have to put in hard work.
Probably need access to some equipment, weights, a gym, a pool, even just a pull up bar.
You need foods. Healthy foods take a little effort. So maybe you learn to cook.
Probably need a job too. Autismbucks only stretch so far.
Then you get into the good habits of doing the things you need to do. Once you are settled into this new habit filled life, you maybe pick up a new hobby. Less vidya. Learn a language, cooking classes, so your chicken and broccoli doesn't taste the same every fucking day.
Etc etc. it is about making small steps, which add up. It is a pity you didn't start earlier in life, sure, but what matters is that you start and stick with it.

> even if what you want to be is the worlds clopmaster supreme.
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at least you have good taste op

I'm 24 and trying to make it, I don't think it's too late. the important thing is to try your fucking best, your true best not some half ass attempt.

I've been sad as fuck for myself lately but somehow I still have hope things will get better.
idk honestly if I'd be able to continue if I didn't have that tiny shred of hope.

gl fămïłý.
Trying to make it at 22, while getting a CS degree. Gym three times a week with a gymbro, more if I can make it. Am fortunate enough to have found a sweet little gym with power cage, bench, pull-up bars, and the entire gym floor is rubberized. Working through StrongLifts, eating right, and have never felt better in my life. I know I'll never be as great as Arnold, but everyone on the planet can benefit from reading the sticky and trying to add a little more weight to the bar every week.

You can make it, anon. We're all gonna make it.
Pretty much this. Just don't make that "one thing " you strive for a bitch. You got to do it for yourself.
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Doing pretty good. 32. Kicked cigs and drugs.
Based Twin Pepes
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I just turned 27, been working out for about a month, i got a new boss and could very possibly be demoted soon, a girl just canceled a date on me tomorrow, a different girl canceled a date on me 2 weeks ago and stopped talking to me, and this is my current body.

I'm not giving up though. If i get promoted instead of demoted i'll be making like 20k more than what I do now. My dad didn't have my oldest sister until he was 32 with his 25 year old wife, and went on to have two more kids. So i'll just bang a qt when i've made it in a couple years.

I know I have some hurdles and a distance to go, but there is no fucking doubt in my mind that if I keep up my determination, that even I can make it. You will too.
define making it first
if i wanted to hear a 1rm id ask what your jokes are
Not bad son
good stuff
how do you overcome the social anxiety to start going to the gym. am especially worried about having bad form and people staring at me

homegym masterrace, worked for me
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Watch the Stonglifts videos, and remember that everyone is "new" at some time. Read up on basic gym etiquette, and follow it. Make your "newness" work for you. It's just like joining any social circle, everyone will know you are new so you need to show that you are willing to fit in and respect the sensible rules that keep the gym nice for everyone.

Beyond that, keep to yourself, ignore odd glances, and show that you are there to move heavy weights. Follow these guidelines, and if anyone actively messes with you, the fault is on them, not you.
just gotta keep focused on yourself. I like to just think I'm alone.

>no curling in the squat rack


>squat racks are for squats


>rack weights when you are done


>no dropping dumbbells

I wont risk injury to not make a noise. This isnt a fucking library.

>no chatting

lol autism

>no cell phones

because music and fitness apps dont belong in the gym

>stop staring at the ladies

I'll look where i want to look. especially at some semi naked cunt who's wearing skin-tight fabric to show off hear body

>smith machine

how about you worry about your own routine?

>clean sweat


>curling in squat rack meme again

That list is bait right?
mirin forehead hard
I can't give you advice

I was awkward as fuck before, had nervous tocs when I talked to people, couldn't look straight in the eyes

Then I failed college and had a pretty serious depression

And when I got better all the problems I used to have as a kid were gone

i fugg bitches left and right and have no inhibition whatsoever

I meant ocd
>I wont risk injury to not make a noise. This isnt a fucking library.

You're a fucking retard. It's not because it makes a sound, it's because they break.

And if you injure yourself by not dropping the dumbbells you're too weak for em
lol thx
>it's because they break.

maybe if your gym has cheap shitty dbs, in which case who cares if they break

>dumbbell surrounded by rubber
>falling onto rubber mat

>And if you injure yourself by not dropping the dumbbells you're too weak for em

wanna know how i can tell you dont lift?

i'm not sure what fucking titanium dumbbells your gym has but any normal dumbbell breaks if you drop it wrong
I lost my.virginity at 27 and started a new career at 28, now married at 32
Ask me.anything
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is this your gym?
What was your exact career path?
this was my post in another thread. 26 years old and still getting better every day. was a jobless recluse shut in several years ago
how old are you now? did you go back to college? do you have friends?
lol nice excuse
Chef. It is also.my.first career path
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>tfw 24 and haven't even started yet

I should just stick the fucking gun in my mouth
Can you greentext how you lost your virginity?
How did you put all your past failures behind you? How did you grew your balls and learned how to man up?
>tfw 18-22 were the worst years of my life in every possible aspect

I just turned 25 a couple months ago. While I haven't "made it" yet, my life has been constantly improving since I was 22, and I feel much better. As a matter of fact, I feel like things are just getting started in the best way.

Yep. Or at least I'm well on my way.

I had a good job (gov't prosecutor) and a wife at 27. I had played sports in college but really hadn't kept myself in shape.

By 30, I was the definition of skinnyfat. I'd taken a different, better-paying job, but it took a fair amount of time. Didn't eat bad, but didn't eat well.

At 31, the wife up and left. No real explanation at the time (found out later she was cheating, so to hell with her). But at that point, I was miserable, out of shape, and had no idea how to talk to girls.

Then I started hitting the gym gradually, once I got tired of wallowing. It took a while, but gains occurred. I got my old college athlete body back, and with it came a bunch of self-confidence.

I'm a 5'7" manlet (go ahead, lay it on) but by and large, girls in their late 20's and early 30's don't seem to care. I have decent face (6 or 7/10) so that, plus confidence, plus athletic build did the trick.

I was at a really low point but I picked myself back up and I'm better than ever.

Also the ex-wife got pudgy, judging from what my friends have shown me on Facebook so there's that too.

tl;dr - the gym got my body and confidence back late in the game when I was at my lowest point ever. If manlet me can do it at 32, then so can all of you.
Not him, but I'm in a similar situation. I haven't. I just keep going and see improvements in myself and my life situation every week. I still have no confidence and say really negative things all the time but I know inside how much I've overcome/how far I've gotten. You have to start with small stuff man. Change takes time.
basically did it with a random slut in a hostel
>random girl stays at hostel im staying
>we both acquainted with the receptionist so we just chat etc
>next day she asks me out
>we catch a movie and then go back to the hostel and mess around
>she clearly is into me so i put my head on her lap
>she likes that, basically says "ill do anything you like"
>we go to an empty hostel room and fuck
I got lucky i admit but it just means theres hope for everyone. You never know when that random slut is gonna want your dick.for some.reason
it must've been hard to break that eh anon?

anyways congrats. would you care to share your experience with us?
how do you deal with the whole ex-wife package thing? does it bother you when talking to other gals? does it bother them (i know most of those should be idiots or whores)?
were you not nervous being a 27yo version? What made you pull the trigger so easily after all that long time?
*virgin not version jej
In the year before i got my.life around i was depressed as fuck. It seemed as if i was already too old and hadnt achieved anything and life would just be playing catchup to everyone else.
So i got some.antidepressants. dunno what it was but i took it. At the same time i left home. I basically went and bunked in a hostel, and thay allowed me to.meet interesting people and also encouraged me to look for work on my.own. i stayed at the hostel.for a few months.
Then i got laid for the first time and got a job at a recruitment expo. i think after that my.life didnt seem.so terrible, and although working for a living still sucks, i dont feel.depressed anymore
Well we didn't have any kids, which makes things easier.

Basically, I bring it up fairly early on. Most girls within 6 or 7 years of my age (almost 34 now) don't seem to mind. I don't trash talk the ex (even though I want to) and I just show that I'm quite done with that part of my life. Only one or two girls I can think of didn't like it, and they were on the younger side.

It's amazing how much perspectives change even from age 25 to 28.

As long as I'm honest, mature, and brief when talking about the ex, it's never a problem.
get it nigga
Somehow i wasnt nervous at all. Really.not at all. Maybe it was the anti depressant pills i was taking at the time, or maybe it was because she seemed more nervous
My first time was good too.i banged her for like 1/2 hr. Lifting definitely helped with stamina
nice to hear that progress in maturity and stuff. You are gonna make it, brother.
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1MB, 200x200px
I'm happy to hear you're better now.
>dat vascularity

mirin' dat natty
african genetics is god tier, except for that whole 'brown' thing.
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I'm 19 trying hard to make it.
Started because of grill (poor reason) but now it's for me and future grills. Just gotta wait until I move to uni for there to be the change I can't do on my own right now.
Hope over xmas I don't get fucked around with by my friend group.

and that whole 'face' and 'hair' and 'low average intelligence' thing :^)
fuck u say honkey?
28fag here, and yes. Started college late, graduating with a bachelor's next year, and currently juggling 3 women for shits and giggles. Job still sucks, but that's the point of college. Wrote three novels over the past 4 years, and currently having 2 of them published. Dropped video games and alcohol, which saved me enough money to start traveling abroad when I have a free week (which is only maybe 2 or 3 times a year due to work and school). Made gains all across the board.

The nice thing about being a little older is you stop giving a shit about the small things, and just take whatever it is you want no matter how long it takes. Also, while fitness is incredibly important, you'll realize that it's not the end to many means. Intelligence, skills, and social ability is much more useful and will get you much farther in life than benching 300 pounds. Not saying you should drop whatever weights you're doing, but recognize that you'll hit a point where there's diminishing returns (and the problem is those diminishing returns are the other areas of your life: financial, social, and intellectual).

Anyway, the point is that it really doesn't matter what your age is so long as you decide today and make a life-long commitment to improving yourself. Even if it's an extra lb of weight lifted or one extra book read that year, that's progress. The next step is using that progress to advance in tangible ways (again, money and people) or intangible ways (new experiences, greater memories, etc.).

Fuck everyone else who says otherwise, because people get pissed as shit when someone older than them becomes a threat (or not even about your age, just becoming a threat in general), and will do anything in their power to keep what they have, even if it means tearing someone else (i.e. you) down.

Never too late until you're in the grave.
>18-21 total neet fucking loser
>21-22 slave in a warehouse - kill me now
>22-23 slave in factory assembly line - i want to die sooner than later
>23-24 back up team leader in warehouse - life sucks
>24-25 super visor in large distrubution center - maybe one day life will suck less
>25-27 import export operations agent, nice raise, comfortable office - life is pretty ok

not made it yet but at least i feel i improved my situation a lot overall
I had a party at my house last night, and I blacked out really hard. I woke up in the morning next to my oneitis who was fully dressed, and she wouldn't talk to me or say anything. She left abruptly, and when I finally got up I noticed that there was blood on everything, on my pants, on my boxers, on my sheets. I thought she was on her period, but when I texted her she said I was too aggressive and hurt her.

I don't think she's gunna report me or anything, but what should I do /fit/? I'm so ashamed I'm literally sick. I'm usually the happiest drunk in the world, I don't know how this happened.

Help me
Good post and a good example.
tell her you are sorry and she never has to see you again. no need to even meet her. Cut your losses, man, you fucked up bad.

Being drunk always has the chance of fucking things upin your life. A call to an ex, being arrested for doing something stupid or the occasional beating up someone you care about. (considering if this is even true)

Just avoid getting shitfaced and you'll be fine. I'd avoid being drunk altogether but that's me.

where did the blood come from if not period?

ass bleeding ?

vagina bleeding ?

nose bleeding from beating her up?

details plz

>threat to ego

I never understood this but ive never really been the jealous type either. It does seems as though friends want you to do well but not better than them.

Im 30yo with my last final for bachelors on monday. I had to deal with depression and drug/alcohol problems and although i wish i had started the path im on earlier in life, i can honestly say that ive never been better.

persistence is key imo. start being who you want to be now and dont look back.
damn a bachelors at 30 ? does it really still even matter at that point?
>People unironically thinking 25 is too old

/fit/ never ceases to look pathetic
You all grew up so sheltered

>does it really still even matter at that point?

honestly i dont see eight years meaning all that much in the grand scheme of things. of course i would like to make more money but the age difference seems arbitrary to me now
>Fuck everyone else who says otherwise, because people get pissed as shit when someone older than them becomes a threat (or not even about your age, just becoming a threat in general), and will do anything in their power to keep what they have, even if it means tearing someone else (i.e. you) down.
Fucking this, I find myself tiptoeing around and being too nice and non-confrontational in every aspect of my life. The worst thing about it is that its stopping me from getting things that I want and is making me quit on everything and everyone. Including myself.
>bachelors at 30
Lel, I'll have one when I'm 21. Git gud.
>eight years
9 to be precise

at least it was free

doing whatever i wanted throughout my late teens and early 20s wasnt so bad either. you on the other hand chose to surrender your best years to the rat race.

gj friend
lol so bitter.........
>best years

Well, for most, sure, but provided you're male and sociable, your best years can be whenever the fuck you want. The age of 18-24 just kinda makes that happen organically, cause you're surrounded by people in the exact same mindset and pretty much any activity will have you meeting a bunch of them. Later on in life you have to create your own situations for that to happen, but it's really not that difficult.
Pls no bully on my pic anons, I'm trying to motivate OP.

>9 to be precise

bachelors is considered a four year degree

again, why should i give a fuck?
You both sound like insecure faggots, fucking stop. Adults are talking.

>trole'd hard

nope. i dont fret over the opinions of strangers and insignificant people.


fair point
"Making it" is much more than managing to look like a human in clothes, which is basically what you did. Good on you for the weight loss, but one month of lifting and no other listed achievements ain't shit.
How the fuck does one become more social? I had a pretty troubled childhood and I feel like I'm missing something important. I'm not really socially anxious, am able to make smalltalk, and occasionally I'm even able to make people laugh. Yet I have no real friends, let alone a girlfriend. I feel like I am unable to make the final emotional connection with people, the one that takes you from acquittance to friend.
What do I do? I feel like I have to fake a lot of things, is that really the way?
I assume your ability to make conversation extends as far as exchanging phone numbers with some of the people you meet? Pick something to do and invite people to do it with you. That's pretty much it. Eventually some will stick around more than others.

>im so fucking pathetic PLS HALP!!!!
>sounding insecure
>adult conversation

you're fucking dumb.
You can be as great as Arnold, just do steroids.
I don't think it really matters at what age you start lifting bro, Arnold was like 26 and he was still winning competitions.

Ofc post 25 it's going to be 10x harder to be the best, but you can still probably get to be the best in your town or area.
I guess that's good advice. I'm still worried about the future, how am I ever going to get and maintain a relationship with a girl when I'm unable to do so with my foster parents?
Your body is fine, sure it can be improved of course, but it's nothing to where a girl would dump you for it.
In fact, better than like 60% of guys I'd say.

Good job.
Don't give a fuck.
Also all the guys lifting heavy generally want to help you if they even notice you.
The only ones who laugh are the little shits who haven't made it.
But granted, I was only like 40 lbs overweight when I started, which is quite a bit but not as much as some.
I got this same problem brah. And I'm a big guy which in my opinion magnifies such behaviors even more. Currently working on being more assertive and not caring if I rub people the wrong way
Zyzz started at 18 bro.
Not that you should copy everything he did tho lol
Good fucking job bro.
Keep going.
He achieved more than 66% of Americans do. It's not amazing but it's the first step, and it's the hardest step as well.
>He achieved more than 66% of Americans do. It's not amazing but it's the first step, and it's the hardest step as well.

66% of Americans haven't "made it" either. I gave him props, but he has a looooong way to go. Also, I disagree it's the hardest step. This board is full of people who look like statues and still can't even hold a conversation. Being socially and professionally successful is a far cry harder than maintaining a half-decent diet.
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i'm fit as fuck now

problem is im 30 and everyone is either married or fucked up at this point. so my only option is dating young girls.

kinda regret not getting fit sooner but what can you do. I plan to enjoy what remains of my youth. a FWB with a 21 year old would be the perfect situation desu, although that isnt realistic. at least, not till I get more ripped. i'd estimate myself at 12-13% now, I can still get better.

dont lift for girls but hey, it's a perk.
But I don't want to leave her like that, I feel so awful I can't imagine what she's feeling. Just thinking about it makes me feel horrid. Food doesn't have taste, everything looks grey, I can't believe I did that.
getting more ripped wont really improve your chances
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>giving up

dude if i've learned anything at this point, it's how superficial people are.

noone gave a FUCK about me till I got fit. practically invisible. now everyone is nicer, female or male. which makes sense, I mean you cant SEE a personality. the best way to improve my odds, is to look better. i'll better myself in other ways too, but aesthetics is king.
>problem is im 30 and everyone is either married or fucked up at this point. so my only option is dating young girls.
I don't know about that. It's true that just walking up to random women your age is pretty much pointless (or seems that way anyway), but online dating still has a ton of women my age who're single.
>online dating
>not fucked up


you forgot
>mai keeds
> 20, go to college for technical degree
> friends think it's something special but i expect no great success (lower pay for job satisfaction)
> 22, find out this industry pays okay but the job is stressful while also occasionally rewarding
> late 22, chosen as a member of an organization that arrives in prestigious form at the world's largest convention for this industry
> holyfuck.jpg
> start on path to finishing Bachelor's degree that shows me what i love most about this career, attend industry conference for 5 days in Las Vegas (sponsored by the school)
> begin establishing a personal budget and savings/investment plan
> meet cute foreign girl online (5'2 and 115lbs), within 5 months she's coming to visit. she shows up and we bone pretty hard for 3 hours (lost my virginity) and then go to her first ever baseball game, she's actively engaged and home team wins with a walkoff
> spend 8 more days with her visiting, showing her as much of redneck America as I can (we go camping, hiking) and we're still together two years later LDR, with frequent visits to one another. family loves her, i love her, her sister may have a thing for me, her whole family loves me
> i have just been hired at a corporate position that is highly relevant to my previous field, at a company that makes $65 billion/yr, and the salary doubles what I was making by putting in 60hrs/wk+ at an industry hourly wage

It feels like "making it," but I know there's plenty more success left in my future.
>Be me
>Sucked in school, really sucked
>Shitty grades
>Get job cooking food in a school
>worst job ever, kids threw meatballs at me
>start reading up my shitty grades at free time
>get yoked
>get job at industry
>realise I want to become a physical therapist
>Industry shut down, i lose job
>me being yoked lands me a job at a mental asylum
>shit job, shit pay, patients spit on me and threatens to kill me
>keep working at grades when free
>keeps lifting getting more yoked
>finally fixed my shitty grades
>apply for university
>get accepted
>move from my small town to the other side of the country
>now 25, reading what I love, and can look forward to working with something I find intresting
>still no GF tho
>but still content
online dating has all kinds of people. it's pretty hard to meet single people when you're 30+ so going online is the only sensible option.


girls are going crazy at this point if they havent had kids. I DO NOT WANT TO SETTLE DOWN YET. so I have to go younger.

I want to have some fun while I can. i'm not an old man yet.
I just made 31 and this >>35149206 is basically spot on. I was pudgy and unremarkable in the looks/physique department until I started lifting and actually started to give a shit about how I looked. I got in pretty good shape, grew a beard (which was really hard to me to do since I used to suffer from Trichotillomania due to depression), took better care of my face, and took pride in the way I dressed. I went from being that invisible guy in a crowd, to being approached by women every now and then.

I've always had a great personality (a lot of people have told me this), but no one gives a fuck about your personality if you don't LOOK the part.
I'm 26 and I'm not really fit yet, but I'm losing weight consistently and can feel myself get into better shape. My older brother started lifting past 30 and now he's completely swole even though he started as a crossfit faggot.

Point is, age doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Really just comes down to willpower and the desire to change.
I thought we were just talking about weight loss and fitness, but he's right in a way, making it is a lot more. Over this time I've gone from not being able to run a mile to routinely running 5k. I also worked kinda hard during the 2000s and made some good choices regarding investments, so I'm spending most of my time working for poor people for free, publishing research, getting scholarships, things like that. Research I participated in last year will save thousands of lives in Australia.

Life is a process though, and the lessons I'm learning in the gym apply to every aspect of life. It's not about what books you read or which diet you follow, providing you're not participating in obvious fads or memes. It's about time, dedication, discipline, routine, and focus. It's about going in there and pushing your boundaries every time.

Mental toughness is the greatest lesson I've learned from weightlifting desu senpai. Learn that, and we're all gonna make it.
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You made it, brah. Congratulations.
bretty cool
no one judges you in the gym except for small dickheads

the big guys actually help you out.

spend some time doing whatever you like until you get comfotrable with the gym and then start setttling into a proper routine
You stupid shit how is someone supposed to get 30kg dumbbells down from a shoulder press (no spotter) without dropping them
>so OCD I had to clarify that I meant OCD
My cousin was fat ass fuck at 30 and he lost a bunch of weight and decided he didn't like the loose skin so he bulked up and he's fuckin jacked now. He's not natty tho.
gj m8, nice facial aesthetics
The more you learn about people in general the more interested in them you become. Becoming more social requires being social. Just put yourself out there and have fun, that's it. You'll learn as you go.

People think that they're the weirdest person that ever lived, but there are millions of people more awkward and degenerate than you.
MOVE faggot
Do people actually believe this? Most people still don't know what the fuck they're doing at 20; you have years to actually make something of yourself.
I honestly believe a significant percentage of people believe this. 20-30 percent if not higher. I feel bad for them.
You'd be surprised at how common of an idea it is. The shame is that you should be just beginning to tap into your potential, and it reveals a lot of immaturity on the person who holds that idea.

To me, it's a variation of the kids who peaked in high school without ever realizing how much more there is to themselves and to life. They simply gave up because of a number.
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I'm 19, I work as a lifeguard 14 hours a week and am at college this year (uni next year).
The nearest gym is a 10 minute moped drive from my house.

What should I do over the next 10 years?
Where do I start?

How do I avoid the pitfalls?
Currently attempting to make it at 24. So far I'm just glad I didn't leave it any longer. The lifestyle change has been pretty difficult to get used to, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

Step 1: Lower them to your sides

Step 2: Don't let go of the dumbbells
Step one - lower from top extension to bottom position
Step two - rotate wrists
Step three - use biceps to fight gravity as dumbbells go from chin to thigh
Step four - bend knees until dumb-ass in on the ground in a safe and controlled movement
Step five - let go of dumbbell
Step six - drive to highest point in town
Step seven - jump off for being so retarded to ask this question.
It's like they get stuck in that mentality
>well this is it

It's weird when people just stop doing shit and just follow their routine till they die
Well, I've stopped going to work drunk, only think about suicide like every other day and I've only called her 3 times in the last 6 months to tell her I want her back so I guess I'm sort of moving forward.
when did 30kg become heavy? Maybe actually lift before you talk faggit.
>music and fitness apps

fucking normie

you won't win any comp in your life by being this casual
I am 25 now with a 100k a year job as a project manager for a tier 3 construction company. $55 an hour so at the moment I'm on target to earn roughly 120k.

>Age 14-18
>Super WoW nerd
>24/7 WoW playing. Wake up at 2pm sleep at 8am
>Skipped school to play arenas even called people around the world and harassed their parents to let their kids get on and play with me
>Around 130 kilos of pure lard
>Look in the mirror one day and wonder if this is really how I want to live my life
>Next day start running at 2am-3am, quit all my gaming nerd teams
>Do this every single night
>Find /fit/ from crossing over from /v/
>See goal body of Rain and find Frank Yang
>I now have motivation
>Never achieve rain body because I found the SS troll but regardless, I am now 90 kilos with medium lifts
>Start a GED program because I failed school due to WoW
>Meet my first qt latino girl who mirin
>I spaghetti it up and accidentally flirt with a 50 year old man
>Finish GED and enroll into university back in my home country
>At 24 I changed to part time because I found job
>Now 25 with one year to go part time while working as project manager
>met a QT chinese girl from a client and we are engaged
>Client is one of the richest men in their home city

Life is good anon and it is all because of you /fit/
File: 1423231278652.jpg (46KB, 465x465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 465x465px
I'm 31 and wish I could go back in time and talk to myself from when I was 19. Here's what I'd say:

>Lift you faggot. Set a goal, and lift.
>Don't chase girls. Chase money, girls come with that shit.
>Don't get married before 35
>Don't have kids before 35
>Set up a savings account and DON'T TOUCH THAT SHIT
>Be responsible with your credit. You'll have to pay that shit back; so pay it back ON TIME
If you are still here.

I am this anon>>35152437
My girlfriend wants married next year and kids by 30.


I will be earning plenty but I have told her I want to at least be paying off 3 properties by 30.

I am at 1 at the moment about to purchase my 2nd.
>My girlfriend wants married next year and kids by 30.

If you need to ask for advice, you're not ready
Asking for opinion not advice.

Very different.
>didnt skip forehead day

File: magic bitches.jpg (59KB, 379x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
magic bitches.jpg
59KB, 379x500px
Is 23 ok?

>be 23 yrs old, 130kg lardlord just got booted from medschool because I was too fat to care
>walking more than 100m gave me back pain, had to take breaks when going to the store
>sleeping was hard because of moonbelly
>feel like shit, enough self pity to fuel r9k for a 1000 year reign

Fuck this.

>started doing shit in the gym for a year
>down to 96kg
>got reaccepted into medschool
>one of the best students in class, not fucking around anymore
>approaching 4/3/2/1, but still need to cut some more, I stalled a bit on the weightloss when I made gains (it was so fucking fun feeling stronger brehs), but I'm back on the train now until I can see my abs, steady diet, hard training, disciplined studying

Oh and no pain whatsoever, posture and everything got fixed with training.

If I can turn around so can you.

love you /fit/, no homo
>turned 18 yesterday
>escaped loserland right before becoming an adult

lost all that weight and gained so much motivation

i credit it to you /fit/, thanks for saving my life
Your describing a situation I'd like to be in myself but I'm an older and less accomplished.

What genre are the books?

How did you get the books published?

Are you able to live solely from your writing?

What is your degree in?
>drinking despite you know shit like this can happen

Goddamn, you almost deserve this
>5'6" manlet
>graduate from my masters at the worst possible time (2011)
>get a job I hate
>getting older and depressed
>start lifting seriously
>get ripped
>get more confident
>start getting laid - I was living in San Antonio so most of the girls here are 5'3" and below
>tell work to fuck off
>get into grad school at one of the top schools for my program
>turn 30
>stay in great shape
>pulling tail extremely easily because of my confidence, degree program, and the fact that single women over 27 are more down to earth and less shallow
You only give up when you decide to
>4pl8 ohp
>3pl8 bench
>2pl8 squat
>1pl8 deadlift

uh senpai i think you fugged up tbqh
Maybe he's Johnny Bravo?
That is a possibility
shut the fuck up HUURRR DURRR I DID IT B4 U grow the fuck up
>Been doing SL for far too long, lifts stagnating
>Been gaining too much weight, fat again
>Too lazy to research macros and make myself a food plan
>Too lazy to cook
>Too lazy to research new routine, don't know where to look

/fit/ I have lost my way, my lifts are alright but they have not been improving as much as I would like them to

I don't know what to do, I am going to cut soon but I need a new routine and don't know where to look
File: 1426942247905.jpg (19KB, 256x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 256x384px
How do you guys define [making it]?
No one has their shit together before 25. You're fine.
5/4/3/2 sub 12% bf
Graduate with my MBA
Qtgf who I truly connect with
For me I will know that I have made it when I can responsibly own a dog
>no chatting
>lol autism

>prepping for 1rm pr
>just about to approach the bar
File: 7.5 months.jpg (359KB, 1927x794px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7.5 months.jpg
359KB, 1927x794px
i'm 27

i haven't made it yet, but i'm getting there. i only started working on getting in shape a couple months after my 27th birthday. education and occupation-wise i'm successful, but my body is still a work in progress. i know i don't look great, but i look better than i did and that's what matters to me. plus i now think in terms of "when i make it" instead of "if i make it"
File: palin.gif (823KB, 260x173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
823KB, 260x173px
M A N D A T O R Y W A T C H I N G:

Seeing all these people making it in the thread is filling me with motivation and determination
Cant wait to hit the gym in half an hour
>29 and a kissless virgin with absolutely zero friends
i'm trying to make it, but i can't make friends or get a gf when socially retarded
actually its 21-23
shame about the loose skin, otherwise spot on progress brah, im proud
>graduate with BS in civil engineeting at 23
>go to grad school
>get fucked with my thesis
>26 and still trying to get a masters
>funding gets cut
>am NEET for an entire year
>get insanely depressed
>anxiety is so bad i take vodka shots before going out in public
>living off of student loans and money from my parents
>120 lbs at 6'1 because never eat
>snap out of it
>get a job at a consulting company
>make lots of friends and good money
>start lifting and eating big (#cmon)
>weigh 55 lbs more and stayed lean
>gained a shit ton of strength from lifting for strength for 1.5 years
>make really good money today
>at 30, basically have zero social anxiety

The anxiety was the worst. I used to just feel physically sick all of the time. Was on anti depressants at 19, but fuck that (side effects of paxil and lexapro were TERRIBLE). Looking back, still should have seen a counselor.

Don't have too much pride when it comes to that shit brehs.
My story:
>25 and fat
>Sit in hospital for 2 months, lose 20kg, no diagnosis
>dying, emergency heart op
>"oh found some cansur lolz"
>Dizzyness and low energy
>Get up to 130kg
>pretty much a fat loser, but do get laid, occasionally

>4 years later, 30 years old
>come to 4chan for the pol maymays
>decide to get fit and realise I don't know how
>"doesn't that 4chan shithole have a fitness board? Maybe the noble autistes there can learn me something?"
>Read sticky
>Start running, eating less, lifting, drop to 79kg in 8 months, gain muscle, actually get female attention, though I never get laid
>do have lose skin, but it's not as bad as you might think

>31 now
>Being socially and professionally successful is a far cry harder than maintaining a half-decent diet.

Have you ever been fat? As an ex-fatty I can tell you that statement is absolutely not true. May be for some people, but that's a hell of a generalization. Took me more than five years of failure and starting again to start eating right consistently.
And I was a cocoon mode autist too, but the socializing came way earlier and easier than that.
For fatties who are into comfort eating, living in society is like being an ex-heroin addict except everywhere you go sells heroin, everyone around you is doing it, and it's advertised everywhere, in addition to being an integral part of "culture".
>18 retail wage slave
>19-24 student and retail wage slave
>24-present factory production line wage slave

going back to school at 27 for a 2 year masters degree. cant wait to finally start my career at age 29, a full 6-7 years behind normal people! kill me now.
good work Anon
>18 almost 19
>need money to land a spot in my career
>no money
>don't want to work shitty jobs as I'm Autismus Maximus

I know I shouldn't blame others, but having a single mother with 3 other kids doesn't set you up well for life
>hit gym 4-5 times a week
>do some BJJ and kickboxing classes on the side
>always had some strange delusion that society would collapse
>no career/future
>at least I was fucking ready for this survival of the fittest crap if collapse happened

>27-30 should try something
>got a job at large consultancy firm
>project manager
>travel all over europe weekly
>hit gym almost never
>bank account is filling up nicely

Probably not the "made it" story you wanted.
This guy gets it. I know that feel anon. Skeletons do not understand.
im weak, but even i can lift and lower 30kg bud come on
Me. Lived a life of seclusion at mom and pop's most of my 20's, while studying. Then things got better.

>first real job at 28, first real girlfriend too
>moved out of family home at 31
>got driver's license at 32
>now 33, still with female partner, we both work out, we both improve, gonna get married

You can do so much more than you commonly think, when you get there, it makes you upset nobody told you this before.
Never give up retardo.
Dont get married retard
Just dont
>27yo virgin

am I too far gone?
Never really "made it" but I bring in pretty good amount of money each month, while working and going to college.

>be me
>in college, studying for mechanical engineering degree
>want toys
>atv/snomobile/jet ski/AR15/AK47 etc..
>working at a grocery store
>start doing small engine repairs on the side
>lawn mower/riding lawn mowers, and atv
>can make range of 1000-2000 profit each month

With winter coming up/here I am hoping to flip sno mobiles pretty quick.
No. Lift and work on your life
No, you can always fuck a hooker.
>enlisted at 18 because I thought I'd be a fuck up if I hadn't
>now wish I hadn't because it is so easy to be successful and I didn't need to give up so much
>it is so easy to be successful
and how did you come to that conclusion
>started my career early July after struggling to find a job for 1.5 years with a STEM degree
>job comes with free gym membership, been lifting for ~3 months
>gains starting to show
>biometric machine in gym tells me I'm somehow at 12.3% bf at 5'9" 184lbs
>got really good feedback at my performance review at work
>confidence never been higher
>mfw still no qt 3.14 gf
when will the ride end f.a.m?
absolutely pissed myself christ

Truth right here
>20 years old
>Work at a gas station, play games non-stop in my downtime
>Get into reading about science
>Decide to pursue a career in science
>Start Biomedical Science degree
>Halfway through four year degree 'I should get fit'
>Great grades
>Graduate top of the class, now 180lbs and pretty toned
>Now work in a hospital lab
>Earn $75,000
>Banging loads of girls
File: 1422387739389s.jpg (7KB, 250x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 250x188px
>If you are still here.
Still here. Had a busy night last night. The next door neighbor kept ringing my doorbell asking for help because her husband was beating her ass...

Anyway, my opinion is that it's entirely up to you whether you get married. Here's the deal though. Women change A LOT from their 20's to their 30's, mostly for the worst (both physically and mentally). I married my wife when we were 24. Things were goo until she started pressuring me with kids. I went ahead and gave her the kids, and after that she became a complete bitch because she basically got what she wanted, so fuck me. Something similar happened to my brother, 2 of my friends, and one of my cousins (we're all in the same age group and got married early for some reason).

As much as they hate to admit it, and cry sexism over it, MOST women's goal in life is to have kids. Their second goal is to find (and trap) a man into helping her take care of the kids. Once she has her kids, you're kind of fucked because not only are you trapped with alimony if you're married, child support scares a lot of men away from actually getting the divorce if their wife turns out to be a complete bitch after she gets what she wants.

The issue lies in how your (now) girlfriend acts when she gets what she wants. Does she have the "fuck you, I got what I wanted" attitude? Or is she more of a "Thank you for finally giving me this" kind of girl? I think that kind of determines it.

Finances are another thing that plays a huge role in whether or not you should have kids. When my wife and I had our first kid, we were doing decent financially. Then some shit when down and her asshole dad kind of fucked us up financially, so we took a hit there. Of course, my wife being the type of person she is didn't give a shit about whether or not we were financially stable, and he dream was to have TWO kids; so she stopped taking her BC behind my back and here we are.
Story of me making it, happened before 25 though (23 now)

>loser in high school
>loser in sixth form
>had an alright time at uni, nothing special though, got laid once and lost virginity in freshers week, had no social life other than housemates, and when I finished I still never had a gf
>got extremely depressed about my life, felt like I completely missed out on my youth and wasnt achieving what everyone else around me was having effortlessly (gf, social life, etc)

Fast forward a few months

>get a semi-decent job
>coworkers are hilarious, hit it off straight away, become part of their social groups
>meet gf, she's absolutely perfect
>for the first time in my life, I am truly happy
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