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I used to be fat. 6'4", 300lbs. Now I'm thin and

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I used to be fat. 6'4", 300lbs. Now I'm thin and /fit/ (in clothes) at 180lbs. I've been meeting girls regularly, whether it's through phone numbers, the bar, or at work/through friends. They all bore me.

At first getting a girls number was exciting. I thought I was making progress. I was never autistic or socially shy, but now that I'm not fat it's easier than ever. But holy hell, out of all 6 numbers that I've gotten over the past few weeks, every girl is boring as sin. Even the non-bar ones that I've met. I'm demotivated. I didn't get fit for girls in the first place, but now that I know I'll be the only one to love myself enough efficiently, what point is there?

I'm not going anywhere with this. Maybe I can just start a feels thread. Either way, I feel depressed and lonesome over the fact that most people I've begun to meet since getting fit are boring and shallow.
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Posting more feels stuff because I have nothing better to do at 1:30am on a Friday night while drunk.
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Might as well mix in some motivational stuff to keep it semi-fit related
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women are mostly vapid yes, but it's a numbers game. eventually you'll find one who stimulates you. keep at it m8
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I'm not concerned with finding a girl in particular, it's just friends that I want. Nobody I know is interesting in the least, they can barely hold a conversation. I've always felt somewhat smart, but never like I was smarter than everyone else. Lately that seems to be changing and I don't like it
How do you approach girls at the bar?
>Not losing your childlike wonder for the fairer sex, become depressed and contemplating suicide daily

u arent 1 of the boys till u do OP, grats on evolving to the final level of /fit/ i guess
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Most of them approach me, but when I do it I just walk up and ask how it's going. I feel more confident than I ever have and I have a good feeling about which girls seem somewhat open to conversation. So far it's worked 100%. I smile and act super casual, like I'm not trying to get laid. Which I'm not, so that makes it easy I guess.

The girls that seem somewhat intelligent and interesting at first soon revert so boring normal people through text or conversation on a second interaction. And I don't mean to toot my own horn whatsoever because I've never been very confident, but I'm somewhat interesting and I can converse about anything and I have a great imagination to come up with stuff to talk about
>special snowflake syndrome

time for a reality check-there are plenty of smart and interesting people out there (including females) you just don't happen to be one. that is why you find it difficult to find these "like" minded people.
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I used to be depressed and want to kill myself before I lost all the weight. I thought it would get better, but now I'm just in the same position I was a few years ago

final level of /fit/, woohoo
Well I know I'm above the normal people that patrol bars and local events, and I don't mean that in an "I'm better than them" way. I talk to people, bring up a topic, and they just look back blankly or answer with something that can't be responded too. I'm the first person to admit I'm not super smart, super attractive or particularly incredible in any way. But now that my doors are opened to every kind of interaction with any kind of person, I find myself let down.

Say what you will, I don't consider myself a special snowflake. I don't consider myself that intelligent. But it shouldn't be this hard to find people to just talk to about any given topic
Thank you.How do you continue the conversations after you introduced yourself?
Btw maybe you're approaching girls in the wrong place,try a library for example
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If my small, awful town had a place such as a library I'd probably attempt it. I live in a resort town that is just tourists and drunk locals

I continue conversations by bringing up whatever comes to mind. I ask what's up, they say not much, I say "so how do you like this band that's playing?" or "what brings you downtown tonight?". It's really quite easy, you talk to them just like you ran into an old friend. Atleast, that is how I do it. And I'm not talking to them with the objective to get sex, I just do it for social interaction

Although I have gotten laid twice with this method without any attempt on my part
>claims to be smart
>not smart enough to find new friends
>not smart enough to play the social game
I said I've always felt somewhat smart. I can find friends easily, no problem. It's finding interesting friends that is the problem.
>Well I know I'm above the normal people that patrol bars

damn you must be really intelligent
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That did sound extremely rude, I shouldn't assume I'm better than anyone in my town. I just don't know how to explain it, when you greet someone in a bar and they have nothing to contribute after asking "whatcha drinkin?", it's just... I don't know

Something just doesn't feel right
Get into a social group (like a paint class or a poker training or whatever YOU like). Meet the people there: boys and girls. This has the benefit (apart of not looking like a sperg) that the girls your meet may have more to say about something YOU like or are interested.
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your first mistake was not getting the number of an average korean gf #_________#

>put your left hand on your right hand and imagine an average korean gf holding you

>tfw no gf :(

>tfw no a v e r a g e korean gf to hold me :((((((((((((((((((((((((
Women have always been uninteresting. The Jew media has tricked you into thinking otherwise. Get a girlfriend for support and sex but keep friends around to talk to.
If only my town had such activities. It's too small to have anything actually happen in it besides small local bands playing at bars. Maybe I just need to move to a city or something and see things from a new perspective
you must follow rules 1 and 2
I still don't understand the average korean gf meme

I've met interesting girls before, just like guys, but when you meet them raw and in the wild they seem so... not interesting. I don't even want a gf in particular, I just want someone that talks about things and I can bounce ideas/conversation off of. Sex isn't even the problem at this point
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>being this much of a sperg

my point was that's no accomplishment or indication of intelligence. "normal people" who patrol bars are fucking dumb. congratulations you are smarter than the drunk slut who want a penis in her mouth.
That's a good first step.
I can relate to those feels. Hope it gets better for you senpai
yes, okay
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I think so too. Thank you anon

Likewise my friend. Let us feel together
I have a somewhat similar problem.
Femanon here, and I spent years in the borderline chubby category. Men weren't too interested in me, naturally.

I became a fit bunny and significantly enhanced my looks. Nowadays I have no trouble getting men's attention, but when I realize them trying to impress me and obviously flirting with me, I just get mad. I still remember what it felt like to be that girl who guys almost like avoided. I used to be totally invisible for men.

I know that nowadays I look way better and I can't blame men for not being turned on by my previous looks, but cause the person inside me haven't changed, I find it hard to deal with the current situation. Therefore I can't hold any interest towards men for a longer while.

At the same time I'd finally like to date someone, but being nothing but a punching bag and plan B for most of my life, I notice having these sweet bitter feelings of revenge when I reject men and do the exactly same for them which they did for me for years.

I recognize that behavior pattern, but I can't help it that rejecting and being nasty towards men feels better than dating them. Also, every guy feels boring and they all try to make a good impression in a similar way, bragging about theirselves. Everytime when a guy does that, I know that he likes me.

idk what you're talking about #__________#

you said you feel depressed and lonesome, iktf and I'm trying to help you brah

>write little notes from your average korean gf and leave them in places for you to find later, do this just before you sleep to enhance realism for the next day
No mannnn
Pls don't post sad shit I couldnt live if my mother died

Just keep meeting girls till you find waofu material
I see where you're coming from, OP here and like I said I was fat most my life but now that I'm not girls will talk to me willingly, but they have nothing to talk about. I don't enjoy rejecting them however, that seems like a personal issue but atleast you're aware of it. The act of trying to impress the opposite gender is just so overplayed at this point that it hardly matters, but nobody wants to be themselves because there's a 1/100000 chance you'll actually find someone that clicks

Fuck I don't know, I'm half drunk and just frustrated at life
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I honestly don't even know if you're memeing or trying to help, but I seriously don't understand the korean gf thing. I'm sorry

I don't want to post sad shit, I'd lose it if my mom died too. I just feel bummed out man, here's something sort of happy
Meet friends online, idk man.
I'm still fatasfatass and struggling a lot with weight loss because no discipline & depression. I can't eat well cuz I'm weak, but I go to the gym 3-4x week...

Try making online friends, especially if you play video games. You're bound to find interesting people sometime!
Yeah, with the rejection thins I meant that now when I get the attention and approval from the opposite sex, my self-esteem has gone through the roof and it's kinda enough. I don't crave for more than just knowing that they want me.

But you are right, dating sucks. It's hard to find interesting people. And when I use that word, I'm not even sure what I meant. I've dated great guys who had had the looks, career and everything but I just feel nothing and I don't enjoy their company too much. Also, many guys just try to impress and be nice which makes me feel like they have no personality what so ever but that they agree with me with everything. I haven't had any feelings towards anyone since I was like 16. (which was 5+ years ago for me.)
No discipline is the hardest obstacle to overcome, my friend. Once I jumped that hurdle the fat just started dropping off my body. You can do it.

I get what you mean. Now that I know I'm somewhat attractive to girls, the whole game has changed. The whole "yes man" thing is a big problem too, I'll try and have a conversation with a girl about anything in particular and they just answer "haha yeah!!!" to each question or comment. It's very odd and there is nothing to continue the topic with

I miss all my old friends whom I had bonds with already that moved away. Time for me to move on as well I suppose. We'll both make it, I'm sure. Just keep your chin up and I'll do the same

Teach them how to be the exciting and adventurous girl, then dump their ass.
Why would I take the time to better them, then dump them?
Left a long term relationship somewhat recently and realised the same thing, OP. I'm not as confident and charismatic, but I'm informed to some level on a lot of topics and have my own hobbies and interests. I'd like to think that if I sat down and talked to myself over a pint that I'd find myself engaging and interesting. A lot of the women I talk to, even the ones that are interested in me, haven't much to say. If I was to analyse the situation, I'd say it comes with the territory of women being the "recipient" for dating interaction, they haven't had to practise the act of proactive conversation so much.

Get the sexual urges out of your system and focus on yourself. It's what I've been doing the past few months and the focus on my improving strength, improving knowledge and career has been a comfort to the cold reality. I know I'm making myself who I want to be, fuck anyone who can't appreciate that. Our time will come.
This is so unbearably accurate to how I feel and what I think is happening. I'm the only person that truly cares about myself, no matter what girl or friends I find in the future, they could all prove false but I always have myself.

Gonna screencap your post just for future motivation so I know I'm not a retard or think I'm insane
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Tell your mom you love her Anon
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Damn... I wonder what the show was
Thank you bro.
I'm a kissless virgin and I feel so empty sometimes.It's hard when you know that even the ugliest niggas like some of my friends had sex at least one time.Be grateful for your talent of picking up girls and keep trying,I'm sure you will find the right one
You're probably a boring cunt as well if you keep meeting boring people, maybe try finding a hobby.
Damn I guess I should be grateful I'm not a kissless virgin, but shit son it really isn't hard. Just fake the confidence until it becomes real and put yourself out there. You need to pull the trigger

I have multiple hobbies. The problem is most girls do not have hobbies whatsoever. Unless you consider texting and browsing facebook a hobby

I know not every girl is boring and hobbyless. But it certainly is beginning to feel like it, despite my firm belief my whole life that women aren't as shallow as people say
And also I know for a fact I'm not boring, which is why I seem to attract so many people from work/the bars. I always have to lead the plans, think of the stuff to do, all that nonsense. I end up being the leader even though I'm totally content being a follower of the group. It's like they find me to be an interesting specimen but they don't know how to interact
well, you definitely don't have a confidence issue - I don't think it's an issue of most girls being boring and having no hobby's, I think it's more along the lines of most people generally being shit at selling themselves which leaves you with a shit first impression of them.
You too, you sound like a great lad. You'll find some smart chick sooner or later
delusional or idiot? the vast majority of women have no personality and have no intention of developing one. this isn't opinion, it's a fact.
Proud of youuu
To find the right girl, look for friends who happen to be girls, not for hookups or girls you think would be good girlfriends. You want to be with someone who's your best friend, and also your lover
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