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Hey /fit/, What is your showering routine? Mine is as follows:

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Hey /fit/,
What is your showering routine?
Mine is as follows:

-Get naked
-Put soap on face
-Turn on shower (cold)
-Rinse face
-Put shampoo in hair (and leave it)
-Use remaining shampoo (and more if necessary) to wash all body hair, mostly my pubes.
-Apply bodywash and rinse
-Rinse hair
-Dry off with two towels
-Get naked
-Shower with cold water
-No soap
-No shampoo
-Get out
-Walk around apartment naked until drip dry

That's how a man showers. And it's better for your gains and skin than all that snake oil.
>Shampoo lots left over cause I'm basically bald
>wash armpits and happy trail and gooch with shampoo
>apply face wash
>apply soap on body with face wash and shampoo still on
>clean dick cause mommy always told me not to forget
>rinse body gtfo
All within 5-7 mins cause ain't nobody got time fo dat
>Get Naked
---- Phase 1-----
>Rinse for 45 seconds.
>Facial Wash on face
>Use shower gel and wash cloth on body.

---Phase 2-----
>Take bar soap (Lever 3000) and wash balls directly.

--- Phase 3----
>Take bar soap, wrap it in wash cloth
>Place it between ass cheeks. Move them around until lathered.
>Rinse out ass.
>Throw away bar soap and wash cloth.

>Dry off
>Get dressed
>phase 3 avoid deep breaths
>In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now.
>After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion.
>In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub.
>Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine.
>I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older.
>Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.
get nekkid
get a hot water shower going
stand under water for 15 minutes because it feels good and no rush
soap my face, chest, and back
body wash the rest of my body
finish shower
blow-dry hair to make it stand up without gel or any of that shit
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>walk in
>turn shower on and point it to the wall
>get naked
>get my body wet
>get my dick and asshole wet
>start shampooing my penis and asshole
>clean my hands
>get my head wet
>shampoo my head
>Get that shit out
>shampoo again
>get it out
>try and get my armpit hair wet
>shampoo my arms
>under my arms
>my dick and pubes
>use that shampoo to clean my quads and inner thighs
>take shampoo to clean my stomach and boobs
>turn around to get my back wet
>get the sponge on a stick to clean my back
>rinse it all of me
>time to squat to spread ass cheeks to get rid of all shampoo
>hopefully decently clean
>get a towel
>do my weird routine to dry my self
>spread my legs/knees to rinse my ass again
>finally i can focus on drying and cleaning my ears/fix hair

Fuck my life, seriously.

>Cant even meme back because I'm on my phone
>turn on water (hot)
>washcloth no soap to scrub face
>lather washcloth, wash body legs whatever else
>shampoo depending when last time I shampood (lol pooed)

>get naked
>turn on warm water and get into the shower
>forget to take glasses off and they get water all over the lenses
>get back in shower annoyed
>(optional) pee or masturbate in the shower like a degenerate
>take body wash and soap up body
>use shampoo in hair
>use the remaining time to reflect on my poor life choices
>cry, and lie to myself that it's only the warm water and not tears
>get out and clean glasses off and get dressed
>family member's ask why my eyes look puffy
>tell them the water was hot
>walk 5 feet back into my room to shitpost on a taiwanese imageboard
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>7 wash clothes stained with shit per week
The only thing special about my routine is my ass cleaning regimen, which involves a thorough and vigorous scrubbing, a rinse, then a combination scrub and rinse. Leaves my asshole feeling fresh and fragrant. I've got large cheeks and a cavernous crack so it's quite a task, but dat clean feeling is so worth it.
>get in bathroom and take a poo
>get naked, turn on hot water and warm up tub with shower head
>change water to cool and get in
>rinse body, wash hair , rinse
>wash face with facewash, use leftover for armpits, pubes
>rinse, use more facewash for butthole since i'm a bottom i like to keep it extra clean
>slip finger in butt
>rinse, wash hands with soap
>dry off
>lotion entire body, extra lotion on ass and butt hole
>put sulfur on face, wait, put on moisturizer with drops of olive,castor, almond oil
>put on boxers, browse /fit/ ,sleep
why would u wash your face first then shampoo?

isn't all the dirty shampoo water draining down your face again?
-Turn water on
-Get naked
-Test temperature with hand and get in
-Rinse hair first
-Move on to face
-Move on to body
-Massage anus with only water and my fingers
-Bend over to get it nice and clean
-Use soap and shampoo every other shower session since i usually do 2 per day
-Dry off with one towel
>I've got large cheeks and a cavernous crack so it's quite a task
pls post glutes
You use facewash in your butt? I thought the best way to clean out your ass was plain warm water? Doesnt soap and stuff dry it out or something, like it's in the same vein as why it isnt a good idea to give yourself an enema every day.
>mostly my pubes.
>my lady bits and my armpits
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>not using conditioner
- Get up
- Dry brush body
- Quick shave
- Trim body hair depending what week it is (every 2nd week)
- Shower
- Never shampoo. ever. havnt touched the shit in well over 7 months now
>washing face

i haven't washed my face with soap in 3 years. I don't get acne, and i'm clear skin master race.
Do you need to wash bodyhair with shampoo?

I'm hairy as fuck
>that feel when christian bale got veneers

I have 30,000 dollars in the bank of inheritance money and my teeth are fairly crooked. Should I get veneers?
>Using body wash, soap, shampoo, or conditioner

It's like it's your life goal to be a good consuming effeminate goy
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> get water warm
> get in shower
> use shampoo to lube up handle of back brush
> put back brush handle in butt and fap with other hand
> cum buckets
> take shower

I like being fresh and clean after sex.
I miss that one guy who always talked about not wearing deodorant and how he could smell how wet girls get when they get a whiff of his ripe pits.
>Turn shower on
>Test water and get in
>Wash body with bar soap
>Apply shampoo
>Wash body with body wash for extra freshness
>Rinse everything off
>Dry myself
>sleep naked, so there's no need to get undressed
>turn shower on, warm/hot
>30-60 second rinse
>(every day save for tuesday/thursday) shampoo in hair, then rinse hair
>(monday, tuesday, thursday, friday)conditioner in hair, rinse after scrubbing face
>wet cloth, scrub face
>soap on cloth, wash face
>(monday and friday) use exfoliating scrub on face, then rinse face
>rinse face and cloth
>soap on body
>rinse soap off

I used to shampoo my beard, but I feel it's a waste of time.
>Get naked
>Turn on shower (scalding)
>Wet hair
>Apply shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.
>Apply conditioner
>Scrub muh body with body wash, end with armpits, crotch, and ass (in that order)
>Rinse hair and body
>Towel-dry hair
>Apply Morrocanoil to hair and style it

Takes about 10 minutes at most

I don't wash my face with anything but water, I get one or two pimples if I do. Otherwise I have 100% clear skin
>Get naked
>put on warm water
>hop in the shower
>put soap everywhere except head
>keep head down and think about life for about 10 minutes as the warm water runs down my body.
>get out and dry off
>get naked
>turn water all the way to hot
>quickly back away before water comes down
>turn cold faucet to desires temp before hot water gets too hot
>get in water, body first
>bar soap on everything
>no shampoo
>turn off water
Nice dubssphosth nigger
>shower every 1-3 days
>warm water
>soap up body nice and good
>shampoo + conditioner
>get out and towel dry
>takes ~5 min
>get in shower
>wet hair
>shampoo then rinse
>face wash then rinse
>body wash then rinse
>forgot to say get naked in the beginning of my routine like everyone else
>just showered with clothes on
>try again

Life is suffering
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30 min swim in the ocean
>turn on shower
>get naked
>use the toilet
>put shampoo/conditioner in hair
>put s/c on pubes
>soap arm pits
>soap legs
>shave legs
>more s/c on pubes
>shave armpits
>more s/c on p
>shave pubes
>wash off hands
>face wash on face
>rinse face and hair
>get out of shower
>wash hands
>brush teeth
>hair up in towel
>wash cloth to dry body
>lay on bed in front of the fan until I'm bored/dry
Obviously wash hands after using the toilet
M-ma nigga
my facewash is simple with no active ingredients, basically baby shampoo

plus i moisturize it afterwards with vitamin E oil lotion
>not activating your facewash
not gonna make it brah
>Turn cold water on
>Jump in shower gritting teeth for the initial shock
>Mint oil shampoo all over body, face, etc
>Reflect on life
>Try not to cry
>Apply acne wash on face and back, rinse off
>Brush teeth, let it froth all over me and pretend to be an animal
>Shampoo, condition beard
>Jump out and dry off and get ready for a day of shitposting
>turn shower on to warm
>get in shower
>wash body
>shampoo again
>bask in warm water to heart's content
step in
throw on shampoo
rub soap on my genitals and armpits

rinse off
step out

do you not wash your ass???
What does the vitamin E oil lotion do, like anything particularly helpful. I wanna take care of my boipussy as best i can.
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Those are some nice dubs friend. Mind sharing?
>turn on shower
>get out of shower
>inb4 did you shower
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Thread images: 10

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