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Let's play a game, /fa/.
Generate an aesthetic. Describe your new fashion.
capitalism femme

Pantsuits with powerful shoulder pads. Also conservative knee length skirts (for men and women)

Pretty much anything Hillary has worn in the last ~20 years.
Kill yourself core

Where you delete this shitty thread and wear the hot new must have item of f/w 14, a noose
obama punk

tailored suits with converse and vans

lil b x obama
4chan memecore
quoted tshirts ">tfw no gf" "FUCKING GAMESTOP" ":^)"
picture hoodies like pic related except the hood face design could be Constanza and Pepe Frog or whatever its name is
fashion memecore

Rick owens and raf simons
underrated post of the day
soccer wave

everyone was doing it like 2 weeks ago.
you know.
I like it, it gives you a challenge to create a fit for. Think of it as a weekly photography assignment, but with clothes.
church wave

long flowing cassocks
slim black suits with priest collars
mitre hat if you've got the balls to pull it off
grandpa emo
pasta scene

people wear bowtie pasta as accessories and fashion garments out of different pastas

new meaning is given to the term 'spaghetti straps'
I could see this being pretty cool
>consumerism retro
the shit people wear in Idiocracy, but even more early 90s.
Milk core
>all shades of white
>shades are named after fat percentages
>bird wave
something out of Amano Yoshitaka's concept art. Skeletonmode, colorful drapes, and feathers everywhere as accessories or incorporated in the outfits. Big collar ornaments. Mohawks and messy hairstyles are mandatory.
Goth variations in all black or grey are possible, based on vultures and ravens.

I dunno it could catch on in Shibuya or some shit
mom grunge

high waist acid wash jeans with torn knees
bandana around the head
alternate between doc martins and all white keds
gardening/dish washing gloves
star farmer,

A more agrarian take on Lunarcore with more traditional knitwear and wool pieces mixed with dirtied up lunarcore.

If the Mori boy style and Poet banged they'd make star farmer.

Shit I really want this to be real
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Sea scene

-Color palette: Teal, blue, navy, black, seafoam green, magenta leaning purple, and coral.
-Mermaid dresses for women, fishermen and huarache sandals, leggings with scale patterns, seashell bra tops, seaweed pants, those loose drapey wide leg pants.
abyss dad

dadcore except everything is black

i love these. especially star farmer and milk core
Beach retro.

Everyone looks like they're from an 80s/90s commercial set in Miami.
Feathered hair and wifebeaters with stupid slogans on them for me, also flip-flops and jellos. Cropped tees and colorful high-cut bikinis for women, also fluffy hair. Everyone wears big shades, works out and is perfectly tanned. Hawaiian shirts and palm tree prints are good too. Everyone drinks sports drinks and fancy cocktails in ridiculously overdecorated cups, drives a red Ferrari and plays volleyball or surfs.

As an alternative, you can rock the Magnum look if you're older and hairier, but for that, very short shorts are required. Plus the hawaiian shirt obviously.

God damn I'm getting a boner just from describing that.

I've seen some shit from Demobaza that could qualify if it wasn't more post-apocalyptic and goof than lunar. Good concept either way

>for me
I mean for men
That's just seapunk but even worse
>medieval core

there's just so much potential with this I won't be able to stop myself and I will end up coming up with completely unwearable stuff.

So imma let you guys come up with cool ideas. I know a few designers did, mostly as a joke.

But fuck, the most basic idea would be exploiting chainmail.
Chainmail is cool.
>gore mom
80s porno vhs slasher film aesthetic combined with momcore fashion and music. tobacco/fleetwood mac mashups.

>moss punk
/out/ /k/ innawoods mgs3 core. heavily-worn techwear combined with flannels, furs, and leathers, all of it covered in dirt and smelling like the woods.

>eldritch punk
unironic fedora neckbeard hp lovecraft worship.
Gordon Ramsey goth
>the capitalist system is a scourge on earth deity


uh, I guess that means "dress like a fat vegan wiccan"
dam I don't think I've seen any inspo that would resemble star farmer at all, Lunarcore itself probably needs to be more established before we can start building off it
this Demobaza stuff is pretty cool, If only it wasn't all black, light browns and off white colorways of these pieces would be perfect
>snail rave
obviously just very, very slow rave. not paulstretched or slowed-down, just like imagine 90s prodigy stuff but done by earth.

>bug jock
80s douche jock aesthetic combined with insect/arachnid inspirations. like letterman jackets with six arms.

>pasta lolita
>church queer
>anime hippie
>storm jock
>political jock
self explanatory
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>cumberbatch mom
This is the new face of effay everyone
church core

Cheap billowy dress shirts and thick synthetic fabrics with tassels.
>starbucks wave
nostalgia for 2000s-era mockery of hipsters

>gay core

>soap farmer
fuck yeah nigga
File: Manhunter 1.jpg (26KB, 489x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Manhunter 1.jpg
26KB, 489x360px
>lizard deity

Y'all cowards don't even eat William Blake original ink paintings.
>sea goth
witch house + seapunk

>golf vintage
retro vintage scottish golf shit. dexter's-dad-core. lots of tartan, flannel, plaid, furry wool, neppy denim. weird dadcore shoes.

>bitcoin core
idk, some sort of harsh grainy death grips look.
>capitalism hippie
actual hippies

>Yuri jock
typical 70s japanese schoolgirl female gang leader uniform (long skirt, long black hair, rolled-up sleeves) but sluttier and who bullies younger girls into lesbian sex. Same thing for men.

>Yaoi vintage
Young Bowie aesthetics, #menswear clothes but always with the top three buttons of the shirt opened, very form-fitting, and flowing hair. No facial hair, obviously. Chain necklaces and slight makeup are a plus. Using women's silk shirts from the 70s is also a good idea. Guys only.
Nature Emo

Uhh fuck

Emos with dark/muted earth tone colors that do no poo
>Assimilationist lolita

this is fucking creepy, I don't even want to think about it.
capitalism mom

>expensive mom type fashion with ironic twist
>Yaoi vintage
was literally about to type the exact same shit, wow man

sounds like a shitty novel one of the authors from something awful would write
werewolf vintage

its like witch house but with distorted samples from werewolf movies
Eldritch memecore

Your puny mind wouldn't even be able to comprehend how nxtlvl it is
Meadow Core

Spring colors at all times.

Outfits done with different shades of green.

Cave Core

Idk but sounds cool.
>Space goth
Brometheus up in this bitch.
I guess it also basically counts as Niheicore.

Fuck I need a Niheicore fit.
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>90's grunge

We already described Cave Core in a previous thread and even started a feels in the corner for it.

>Rahan Simmons, Rock Owens usually what I'm dressed in
>I hope my paleobaskets arrive soon
>Y'all berrypickers don't even wear mammoth pelts
>Why is everyone knitting plant fibers together instead of wearing pelts? fuck your techwear shit it'll never catch on.

i'm ashamed to say i kek'd
>90s lolita

Fashion based off of tween/teen 90's fashion, staples of the aesthetic are:

>baby blue/pink denim bucket hats
>floral pattern blouses with optional open flannel
>tie dye t shirts or brightly colored obnoxious designs
>light blue baggy jeans and cargo pants, rode high of course
>patterned or solid tights
>white keds/black boots
>Business goth
instead of wearing pelts? fuck your techwear shit it'll never catch on.
>gay emo
So basically 80% of /fa/
File: flintstones-fred1.gif (10KB, 212x406px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>cave dad
File: omega.jpg (17KB, 279x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>alien vintage
retro as fuck spacecore combined with Rick ss 15's aesthetic: full-body grey makeup, bald, moon boots, chrome jumpsuits or tunics, rubber gloves and fake antennae. Using goggles to imitate bug eyes is also good.

>space queer
Basically Ziggy Stardust and Omega. Same as above but more gender-ambiguous and weirdly erotic.

>Snail punk
hair coagulated into horrible shapes with mucus, huge backpack filled with supplies, vegetarian, only listens to the sludgiest, dirtiest crust punk and stoner metal, too stoned to close lips or run.
There was a thread about this a few days ago, it turned out horrible
how horrible?
File: BeenTrill_1.jpg (98KB, 920x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>slime memecore
I just typed scrunchies in GIS and ooohhh boy
File: Selection_123.png (200KB, 577x257px)
200KB, 577x257px
fuck yeah

grimy shiny crystal shit
damn sounds good
tacky retro

ayy lmao
Lots of good ideas ITT
>sloth punk
>4chan deity

However moot dresses, I guess
"the capitalist system is a scourge on the earth dad "
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mom 3.png
404KB, 806x408px
>Werewolf mom
>virus witch
Shit, like, science labcoats infused with witch house aesthetic (aka hipster shit you find in UO)

Or Yohji shit mixed with faded green, light brown, and black mixed into the color scheme instead of just black.
>>lizard deity
>not wearing a Fez with an eye on it, a red robe, and working for the Illuminati
Also being j00
>>Business goth
Rick's business attire obvs
>4chan rave
A blend of skinny hipster twats wearing retro clothes or real shitty lunarcore fits and questionably large (aka fat) dorks wearing retro cyberpunk fashion.
Think /fa//g/.
Filled with several chants of "lel".
>storm dad
whatever /pol/ dresses as kek
>moon mom

oh my god im dying

spacecore but with a mom jean fit, all around

>abyss dad

Holy fuck

uhhh shit, like dadcore but made out of Vantablack

>Pirate Furry


>Hipster Vintage


crab deity

I wear shirts with 4 sleeves made of recycled lil b mixtapes
>snail queer

>monolith mom
like pastel moms from 1960, but with colder colors, lenses that make eyes white, and cold-color-dyed hair

>church lolita
>lizard deity
>not bibi
bog witch

OP's mom
dad mom

op's dad
>meme mom

I don't even know what this would be it just made me laugh
>fashion dad

/fa/ when they have kids

this could be cool
>retro wave
aka twee goth

>cave vintage
furr coats and wooden accesories everywhere

>bog wave
long drapey clothes in earth tones. Think "swamp thing"

>hetero queer
wow, I guess it's metrosexual-in-reverse?
>tacky memecore
How everyone on /fa/ dresses
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Thread images: 17

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