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in the wake of twitter / tumblr Raf clones, are photo collages

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in the wake of twitter / tumblr Raf clones, are photo collages like this played out? i really like this style and sometimes make my own out of photos ive taken, but if i ever sell or make clothes i'd rather it be original and interesting / unique.
i actually did a few designs for my projects in uni like this
obviously inspired by raf

but yeah these collages are definitely played out
and with clothing, you've gotta understand placement as well as the graphic design's cohesiveness
raf is the goat when it comes to graphic placements, but his graphics are sometimes hit or miss
honestly that looks like whoever made it grabbed random stock pictures off the internet and slapped the together on photoshop. just looks a little boring

raf's collages are achieving something completely different
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agreed. I mostly this pic because of the volcano / head in the center, i thought it was clever and well placed. the rest doesn't really make sense. and yeah absolutely, placement is one of the most important things with graphic design on clothing. i just feel like i wasted time on them because when i did it i had all these big plans to open a bigcartel with them and sell some shirts or something lol. i don't know what else to do with them now besides upload them to tumblr or something.
go back, master and improve on the design and placement of them
grow a following on social media and then release the product
that is if you really want to be a part of the industry and it's something you want people to have access to as both a product and an art form
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>I mostly this pic because of the volcano / head in the center, i thought it was clever and well placed

meh, just reminded me of this
i don't necessarily want to make my career out of fashion, but i've been studying graphic design in college and the art of spreading a message or idea through clothing is by far the most interesting to me. I think unique cuts mixed with photography and design, ie mixed media, is one of the best art forms available to us right now. I would love to do something really unique, like release a film and clothing that goes with it and a social media presence without it being all about "me", nor about it being a "brand." seeing people wearing my designs, without huge branding and logos all over, would be fucking awesome. I have a local printing / embroidery shop i was thinking about getting some prices from but they said they have to see all of the designs before i can get a price, so i'm still deciding how to begin.

i've never seen that before, but it's cool. Artist?
>I would love to do something really unique, like release a film and clothing that goes with it and a social media presence without it being all about "me", nor about it being a "brand." seeing people wearing my designs, without huge branding and logos all over, would be fucking awesome.

funny you mention that because i have a short film "screenplay" (really just a skeleton because i didn't want to write dialogue for it just yet) that i've been wanting to film since i started at fashion school
point of it would be to mix writing, film, and clothing into one art piece, and have the clothing/costumes in the film be available to consumers
and i wanted to do it all under my alias because i don't want my face on anything

that local printing shop does in fact need to see it, but only because they need to know how many colors are on it, how many screens would need to be made to print them, and then the cost of the blanks, minimums included
lmao wow, that sounds EXACTLY like what i have been planning. I even have the same skeleton of a script i've been working on for months. I can't seem to get something I'm really happy with. I've made so many versions of it at this point i don't remember which one i like best. main difference though is that i wanted to make it more along the lines of an ARG, where the consumers participate in the story too. and same, I don't want my name attached to it really at all, until / unless it gets popular enough to where i'd need to. but the idea of having a brand name irks me too, brand names just sound cheesy and tryhard.

and yeah, with the printing shop thing i figured. I was just hoping to get a rough estimate though and she couldnt even give me that so i was a little upset, but i understand why
my issues with getting it done are money, but also knowing people who can edit films as well as shoot and capture audio well
oh and i don't know how to code a website to react like i want

yeah i hate the idea of being the face of a company
i want to model my company based on margiela, but improve on it
he's been caught a few times
not only are brand names and branding cheesy, but coming up with one is insanely difficult hahaha

well i live in dtla
was going to get some tees printed for a family member in a frat, and this place (DTLA PRINT) gave me a rough estimate : film, screens, and set up for 5 colors is 220
pricing starts for a order of 25, you can print less but the per tee price goes higher than $10.45 based on the 25 tee model

didn't like the idea of printing on a gildan tee though
that pic is corny as fuck lol
it all boils down to taste
i dont think things can be played out if done tastefully
i've taken film classes, design classes, and taught myself some basics on web design, but i'm nowhere near good enough to handle any of it on my own. i have a friend in LA who's learning to code websites and a few friends with high end cameras for photography / film, so you just gotta use any resources you can get man. margiela is a good example to strive for, but every time i start to think about a goal company / brand to look up to i start to see the flaws in them and / or try to copy them, which i don't want to do. I want to be wholly original, (as much as possible anyways... there really isn't any original idea anymore) but yeah, coming up with a name for a brand is really difficult as well. And wow, that's pricey for some shitty generic gildan tees. I'd like to stray away from using those as well, so i was thinking about making jackets and knitwear and stuff, but that's even more expensive i'm sure. I also thought about buying my own equipment for basic screenprinting but i cant decide if i'm that dedicated yet, nor do i have the space to get one.

it is a little corny lol, it was the first thing that i had in my folder and it was a collage so i used it. i need to clean my pc bad
yeah i've been trying to get myself to accept that i can't do it all alone
i agree, it's definitely easy to fall into a copycat mode while studying the structure of another company

where are you from? i would definitely try to get in contact with a CMT ( cut make trim) company where you can send your designs(silhouettes, not graphics) to

screenprinting equipment definitely is something you need to fully commit to
lmao that's another problem. I'm from a shitty, tiny town around bakersfield. There is literally nothing where I live. In fact, 99% of the time i'm in LA and people ask me where i'm from i just say "by santa barbara." we hardly have 3 dry cleaners / tailors. that's why i keep most of my ideas to myself and / or research everything online and shipped
i mean, i know a girl who commutes from SB just for school
start trying to communicate with people down here for production, or up in sf for design
the internet makes it easy to do everything
it's not hard to get any of this apparel stuff done, it's all just about money
yeah, it sucks hard. all 3 of the people who i plan on collaborating with have no interest or idea about art, they just happen to have the tools to do it. I do have some friends left over from my film classes that i could probably work well with, but they're all pretty basic and the shit they made in that class was all pseudo-intellectual garbage films. I've been trying to link up and get with others but since i don't want to show anyone else my ideas or designs yet it's hard. I just feel the need to fully complete something before i show it to anyone else, you know? but yeah, money is definitely the big factor in getting it done. it's a hefty investment that can easily bite you in the ass if the shit you made sucks and nobody wants it.
i know exactly what you mean
it took me so long to show other people my screenplay because i didn't feel it was ready

yeah, not linking up with people who are trying to approach the same set up as me has definitely been a factor to the stalling of my project

i'm in fucking fashion school and i can't find a design major who wants to create the clothes i want to produce, it's frustrating
yeah man, seeing all these people on social media with squads of like minded creatives makes me so upset. even if a lot of the stuff they make / do is mediocre, knowing you have friends to help you make your creative vision a reality sounds like it'd be fantastic. How's fashion school? i'm just in community college at the moment lmao
it's great
a lot of work
people dismiss it but damn there's so much more to clothing
don't go to fashion school if you want to enjoy shopping, looking at the construction of shit pisses me off now man hahaha
yeah i have a core group that i could create with, but it wouldn't be creating something that is my end goal, you know what i mean? it'd be good for my portfolio/resume, but it's not what i want to be.

yo man cc's are cool if you're trying to figure your shit out
i'm over here paying hella money hoping my love and obsession for clothes pays off hahaha
yeah people dismiss it because traditionally it doesn't pay as much as, say, coding, but if you hate coding, why would you do it just for the paycheck? i'm not gonna force myself to put up with a shitty job because it pays well. Good luck with everything in fashion school man. I already hate shopping partly because construction and partly because the material feels cheap on most of the stuff i see in stores, and online you can't really tell until it shows up at your door. and yeah i totally get you. my closest friends are in the whole mac demarco / surf punk scene and that's not something i'm into at all, but i just hang out with them and act like i like it because there's really nothing else where i live. i mean of course we have enough similarities to where we can be regular friends but there's a lot about me that i don't ever bother to tell them. and yeah cc is ok for now but i'm trying to get out of this town ASAP. either to oregon / washington, or santa barbara possibly. don't really know yet. main reason i'm in CC lol. definitely gonna be something like graphic design or literature, but i can't decide what would be the most beneficial / worth my time.
i think at this point if you do graphic design you should consider minoring in computer science
but also, people aren't even using their degrees
it's scary
if you can, try to go to school in a different area
sb would be cool, but it'd probably be too similar to where you're from
i have some regret of not going to school in a different area, i love la but i've been here my entire life, it caps out how much it can motivate you
and thanks man, i'm sure you'll figure your shit out
artists are so underrated currently, we need art as much as we need engineering/technological advances
yeah, i've been considering having something involving coding or computer science but i'm not great with all of that stuff, i mostly just do photoshop / illustrator work. I haven't gone too far into it yet. but yeah, i have a friend who's a college graduate working at taco bell. shit is depressing. I would love to get out of here as fast as possible but i don't have enough to live on my own rn nor do i know what i'd do out of state. it seems like a big jump and, like the clothing situation, big jumps and risks are not easy for me yet. I really need to, but i just can't. Being in the same place too long absolutely stunts motivation. and yeah i see it as kind of a yin / yang thing with art and science. all throughout history it was like that, with the romans and contrapposto, etc. Classical period is a big influence to me because of that.
I've been lurking this thread for a while and I just wanna say that this is one of the most interesting threads I've ever encountered on 4chan in general. It's like the closest thing I've seen to decent human interaction.

You two seem like some pretty cool dudes and I'd love to talk design and film with the both of you.
you'll figure it out
everyone always does
that's a pretty interesting influence, especially considering everyone is stuck on the muh 90s nostalgia shit right now

that would definitely be cool, though i doubt it could happen due to geographical issues
Yeah doesn't help I'm a lameo on the East Coast in the most insignificant state, fresh out of HS taking a semester off.

I wish I could fucking travel, I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future, cause finances.
financial troubles is definitely a reoccurring theme for people our age
Yeah especially with the senpai saying I have no choice and I HAVE to go to my local comm college, or just not go to school until I can could it independently.

Just gotta muscle through and persevere I suppose.
idk i just saw it on an slp tee
you two need to stop taking yourself down and re-invigorate your drive
Gaspard is one poster who does creative work for a living,same with Theo
good luck lads
oh no i'm working on this every day
i'm just trying to get the correct assets and perfect everything prior to launch
thanks bruv
yeah I thought it was a nice conversation as opposed to the usual stuff posted on this board. I actually thought this thread would either instantly 404 or get covered in trolls, so I was pleasantly surprised. I always like talking about this stuff but nobody I know irl is interested in it at all whatsoever, so I really have to rely on the Internet for that. >>10627339
Yeah man I understand, I'm stuck, basically forced into staying at community college as well. I'm trying to save up as much as I can to move out of state but I still need a new car, daily expenses, etc. I'm also weaning myself off the highschool anti social video game phase, so I just am not sure I'm personally ready yet


This is what I needed to hear, thank you
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Thread images: 3

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