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Hey /diy/, I moved into a place where the closest outlet to my

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Hey /diy/, I moved into a place where the closest outlet to my desk is in the middle of fuckin nowhere on the wall. (pic related)

What's the best way to power my setup while still being safe? Extension cables aren't meant for permanent usage, etc.
>Extension cables aren't meant for permanent usage
thats retarded nigga

so i can plug a power bar into an extension cable and power my computer/monitor just fine?

i thought doing that like... caused house fires.
Extension cords are just fine to use.

The problem with them is people using a thin little $5 20foot long cord designed to run a single lamp or two, but plugging in three lights, a space heater, aquarium pumps and heater and seventeen strings of christmas lights.

All power cords that are listed or registered will have a load rating. Do not exceed it.

The other problem is extrnsion cords spanning traffic areas making a tripping hazard.

If this photo is your situation, I would find a cord with a flat profile plug, drop it straight down the wall to the baseboard and run along the edge of the floor underneath the heater panel

I have a power strip with a twelve foot cord and a low profil adapter which would fit the bill nicely here

How do I gauge how much each thing I'm plugging in will contribute to the max load?
if you plug power bars into each other and then fill every socket with heaters or toasters or something then it overloads the socket.
because american sockets are 3rd world tier they don't have protective fuses so you could burn down your house.

but it the total number of things plugged in doesn't exceed the rating of the socket or power bar then you are golden.

if its a pc and monitor or desk lamp these are usually pretty low power you will probably be fine.

then again america is silly tier 110v or something so the current required (which is the bit that causes fires) increases.
it also means you shouldn't use excessively long extension leads because of voltage drop but around a room won't cause an issue.
Its easiest to just match the circuits rating. Typically wall outlets are rated for 20 amps. But these cords are very thick and sturdy.

A 15 amp rated cord will be more than enough to run anything you plug into it that isnt a space heater

Before I made this thread I bought a cheap 13A extension cable and I'm trying to figure out how much I can afford to plug into it.

I guess I wasn't very clear on what I was asking.

Sorry for shitting up /diy/ with this thread, too. I'll delete it when I can.
This is a good question. I wouldnt delete it.

Remember that W=AV. A 13 amp rated cord would then support 13amps*110volts, or 1430 watts.

I always give myself a safety wiggle room when it comes to electricity of 20%. Therefore I would feel very safe running 1140watts continous on that cord.

I would make sure that the cord doesnt hang across the wall and over that baseboard heater.

Oh! Thank you kindly for being so pleasant. I was looking for the wrong information before your post.

People like you are what make /diy/ one of the best boards on 4chan.
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That's solid info. A few of the other posts I would disregard, especially the space heater comment. And the "most outlets are 20amp" bullshit.

There are many more electrical devices that are high wattage. Vacuum cleaners, microwaves, toaster ovens, hair dryers, air conditioners, some power tools... I've used all these items in a bedroom before (college dorm, shared house where I didn't feel like sharing cooking items). Especially the vacuum.

Also, disregard the nonsense about 110v being silly. Short out car battery with a flimsy wire. It will set shit on fire just as fast as any other voltage given enough amps.
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Wrong pic...
Over here it's easy. Basically every cord you buy is 2,5mm. Meaning that it's rated for 16A and that's what the max amperage is in your breaker anyway. Approx. 3,5kW.
2,5mm squared, before anyone starts whining....
They sell very long surge protector/power bars.

I would buy a long one and get some command strips for strain relief. Then drape it along the floor to your computer.
OP here, this is what I plan on plugging into the power bar attached to a 13A cord

40W - Lamp
620W - PSU (max)
240W - Monitor (max)
30W - HDD dock
30W - speaker system
960W total (max, may be lower)

if >>909589 is correct, I shouldn't be anywhere near surpassing 13A, right?
You're nowhere near the max.you'll be more than fine
Everything running, your drawing 9 amps. Your receptacle is most likely on a 20 amp breaker. You are not supposed to exceed 80% of your breaker=16 amps. You will be fine
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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