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Hey DIY, how are you guys doing? I'm running into budget

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Hey DIY, how are you guys doing? I'm running into budget issues with my tools for work. I'm looking for wrenches, reasonably priced but better than HF quality. But I need sizes from 1-3/16 to 2 inches and 24mm to 40mm.

Also, I'm a mechanic for a prominent rental company while you suggest things for me, I might be able to help you find the right tool for your job.
What is your fucking budget dumbass. Kind of important information to provide. There is a big difference between saying you can spend $50 and you can spend $400.

How much can you spend per wrench or how much is the total you can spend? You need about 50 wrenches, right? Do you need them right now or can you do some digging first? Awaiting your response.
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Yeah I fucked up.
Probably around 200 for each set metric and SAE. I don't think I need every step in metric usually 32 34 36 40 are what I end up borrowing.
I'd also like to get a set of crows feet the same way.
Time wise, I have access to my coworker's boxes and unless their using it, its not an issue but I'm tired of asking.
As much as I would love to have a snap on set, I don't use them enough to justify having them in snap on wrench over 1-3/16 or 24-25mm. I'd still like American steel but I'm willing to flex a little for like Gear Wrench or some other quality imported tool.
Application is mostly for use on hydraulic lines and fittings. Occasionally on pullies I can't get a socket on. Seldom high torque applications.
And because I'm so rural Snappy is the only place I can reliably get warranty.
I have looked at blackhawk as that's what one of my coworkers has, but the black oxide finish on those tools is already rusting and he's only had them for less than a year and I'm in the high plains which is pretty arid.
pic semi-related one of the bigger pieces i work on.
>but better than HF quality.

stop with that bullshit. maybe their electrical tools suck, but their best quality sockets, both regular and impact are excellent and cost way less than elsewhere. also their open end, box end, and combination wrenches are fine if you buy their best.

I can't speak for their ratchets because I already had plenty.

buy a good Harbor Freight socket and try to break it. Post the pic here if you succeed without doing anything crazy like smashing it with a sledge hammer.
>I can reliably get warranty.

On a fucking wrench? Why? Good wrenches last a lifetime. Maybe you can abuse a ratchet and kill it, but you have to really fuck up to destroy a quality wrench.
Found people who don't wrench for a living. I have broken fingers because a harbor freight tool has failed a couple times. I have had one too many bad experiences with them. They may have improved in the last 15 years but I won't risk another injury.

Frequently on bolts under 1-1/4 I have to use a cheater pipe. I have snapped my craftsman off at the jaws and the boxes end.
>cheater pipe

Found the problem. You are using the wrong tool to loosen the fasteners. If you need a cheater pipe it means the handle is too short. That means you need to buy a larger tool. Also, WD-40, compressed air in a can, a hammer, and a blow torch are amazing things when it comes to loosening a bolt. You can actually buy long arm wrenches for small sizes too.

Never use cheater pipes, though some tools are made to be used with them of course. Those are usually oversized pipe cutters and pipe wrenches. Also, cheater pipes usually void a tool warranty. It is normally pretty easy to tell if someone used one or not.
Sounds great in theory, but I repair equipment in the field.
I do have long handled wrenches. I regularly use torches in the shop or if I'm near my service truck.
Sometimes that's a scissor lift in a school, or a half mile walk to equipment.
WD40 is not a penetration oil, I use areokroil for that.
I get what you're saying bigger tool, but they aren't always big enough.

Anyways now the thread is derailed any suggestions on manufacturers who make wrenches in the sizes O.O asked about.
Pic related, a type of penetration oil
Autocorrect meant to say in the OP.

Wright Tools is made in the USA, has a great warranty, and they make high-quality tools. They are still independently owned also. Might be out of your price range though.

S-K is still made in America and they are good tools. They are part of Ideal.

Proto is part of Stanley Black & Decker. Last I checked many of their tools are coming out of Taiwan but they are not bad tools and they are cheaper than the American made tools above. BlackHawk is also part of Proto these days and they are even cheaper if lesser quality.

If you really want to save some cash then go to estate sales, garage sales, eBay, pawn shops, etc. Any of the above used will be great. Especially old Proto and BlackHawk stuff from when they were still made in the USA. Craftsman wrenches stamped with the -V- or -VV- manufacture code are also high quality and common enough to find at very good prices.
> wrench
Depends what you mean op, Americans use the words wrench for literally hundreds of different tools.
Company I work for distributes proto and they are pricey at my cost at the moment.
Wright is made at the same place as snapon.
SK is what I used in the army, they were alright. If I can get the right price I might jump on them.
Craftsman chapped my ass last time I warrantied stuff, I sent out American iron and got Chinese steel for warranty on 3 sockets and 2 ratchets.
I like my coworkers Blackhawk but I can't find them chrome finished.
And the nearest sears is 2hours away, woohoo rural flyover state.
Open and boxed wrenches or spanners[i think they are called] if you are in Britan
I can do some digging, which is what I'm doing now, soonish is the idea.

Budget wise, looking around 400 for both sets
If you are taking about a ratchet or torque wrench then yeah you could probably damage it. A breaker bar or a spanner? Get that bar on it no problem, just use common sense. A200lb gorilla and a little girl will be able to apply varying range of force, if little girl wants to use a cheater let her, no big deal ain't going to break anything. Also maybe gorilla wants finer control? Much easier to apply pressure with precision, slowly of you need to sneak up on something. Work smarter not harder, just don't be stupid and jump on it of course you break it.
Spanners and breaker bars is what I'm talking about, I have a 48 and 60 in 3/4 drive breaker and still need a cheater pipe. Most of the time i need a wrench is on a hydraulic line, but others times I'm rebuilding hydraulic cylinders or new bearings in a chassis swivel. Places I can't get a socket on. And some of the torque specs are upwards of 2500ftlbs.
At somepoint I'm going to get a torque multiplier but that 5000 dollar investment is down the road

Ratchets and torque wrenches never get abused, all my ratchets are flex heads, I can't afford to break them on a jobsite.

I work on stuff as big as a D9 to stuff as small as a concrete saw.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 5

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