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Aloha. I want to build my own wind electric generator. Question

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I want to build my own wind electric generator.
Question not exactly about "HOW build?", but about "WHAT build?"

When i googled my first question "how build wind electric generator" i see several different realization of wind electricy.
First have horizontal, second vertical axis of rotation wings. But here is mismatch. On different site vertical system described as ">9000/10, recomended to build for great justice", and horizontal as "piece of shit, dont use it under any pretext, even forget about existing". In another site vertical and horizontal system swap places, in another site they again swap places and so on...

So, question is "WHAT build?" I know math and can calculate infiniti series and rotor/gradient of vector field, but i cant use my knowledge to solve this objective.

And i have several question that directly related to building.
First of it, what use to make blade? I think make truss from aluminium, pass wire inside and glue/solder above wire cut plastic bottle in several layers.
Make the blades so they cant hurt someone on impact.

Allow for trim controls on blade and generator mount.

Allow for rotation of generator mount.

Allow blades to be taken out of the stream if necessary.

Consider a brake. Or 2.

Think "super strut" from Thomas and Betts when considering material.
They're all shit and it's only worth making really big turbines. Vertical are a meme, horizontal should be easier to make. Make a micro hydro power plant instead if you can, buy solar panels from China otherwise.
Go to fieldlines site and read for a few days.
as someone with some knowledge in the field the only real advise i can give you is "don't"
I never looked into the efficiency of different wind generator builds

The one in your pic looks like a good idea, or any that takes on a cylinder form. Generators are a complicated system, you really just want to figure out what you need and buy the parts. You would spend months trying to wire it all up to your magnet and do some real engineering for that increase in efficiency
get a squirrel cage fan wheel, mount to motor, stick on a pole or on roof
>buy solar panels from China otherwise
Sure, if you don't care about long term performance or price/performance ratios.
(read as: cheap and broken after 8 months < not cheap and functional for 20+ years)
Hold your horses
>Make the blades so they cant hurt someone on impact.
Support height that i already have ~21 mether/~68 feet. I dont know people with this monstrous height

Everything else
>Allow for trim controls on blade and generator mount.
>Allow for rotation of generator mount.
>Allow blades to be taken out of the stream if necessary.
>Consider a brake. Or 2.
>Think "super strut" from Thomas and Betts when considering material.
depends from type of wind turbine

>Vertical are a meme
>horizontal should be easier to make
i dont think so. I need to figure out how make them round to the wind
>Make a micro hydro power plant instead if you can
I cant. The only open pond next to me is sea at 64 km from my home.
>buy solar panels from China otherwise.
That would be a clever decision, but average salary in my country aprox. 400 dollars. So solar panel would cost me like pure gold in form of thin sheet.


I can use simple automobile direct current 12V generator from neighboring dump. I already found there my pole.

>squirrel cage fan wheel
This fan look like...well strange, to put it mildly.
>Buy cheap electric car
>rip out engine + transmission + brakes
Dont know how to from that point, anyways wind tubines need really good gearing and brakes so they dont explode the generators or break the blades during a storm.
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Got a really tall pole with guy wires? Make a HAWT. Want to make something fairly easy, low to the ground, and easily reached for repair? Make a VAWT. Both are tools and have their place and use. Neither is incorrect. HAWTs need more wind speed. VAWTs need less wind speed. HAWTs spin faster. VAWTs have more torque and allow easy use of a pulley system if needed.

The best way to design these is to know what you want to charge/power and scale your system from there. So, how much live power do you need and/or do you need trickle charge type power? Then you know what parts to salvage or buy for construction. If you are salvaging motors/alternators for this, keep in mind that some have permanent magnets and some have a powered field coil to make the magnetic force instead of using magnets.

GTFO /diy/ right now.

HAWTs can be made to turn out of the wind when the wind is too strong. VAWTs can use a centrifugal clutching system. Both can use an electrical shunt. All this stuff is pretty simple
Well, i need maximum 30 kv.
For now consume power for
2 freezer (2*900 watt)
3 fridge (3*700)
3 TV (3*700)
1 PC (500)
3 notebook (3*~300)
~ 15 60 watt light bulb (900)
1 boiler (~3000)
1 wash machine (~1500)
3 rangette (3*600)
2 oven (2*800)
Of course this all not work at same time, but sometimes i need welding machine, electric saw/scythe/pump/etc.

In future i plannin dig well and pump water from there.

And i dont know how to save "mining" electricy. Automobile battery sufficient capacity would cost more than all turbine.
you know this is gonna get expensive really fast?
you need a 3 Synchrone generator hooked up to a 3 Phase frequency converter with a big buffer circuit, all for your rated wattage + cooling for generator and semiconductors.
For 3 Phase generator it is, frequency depends on revolutions and if you cant hold the frequency your device use +/- 5% you fry your devices

Yeah, a battery array for that would be terribly expensive. You'd still need a small battery array to take care of some quick heavy loads from things like a welder. big motor, or heater. While you can do all this with turbines, it may be better for you to diversify the energy types a bit more. Though, that depends on your local area and what is available. Like for myself, I have the option of electric heat, gas heat, or wood heat.

You may be better off calculating what items you have turned on the most every day, instead of just everything. Like myself, I have over 200,000kw worth of electrical crap, but my entire electric bill for a month is around 200-300kwh (6.45-9.67kw a day). That's what you need to know for your setup. For me, I'd need a 10kw a day system, if I did not change anything I currently do.

For instance, due to your fridges/freezers, you'll need 3.9kw running almost all the time.

As for saving up energy without a chemical battery, you can make a water tower and use a standard windmill water pump to fill it. That won't even need electric and will cut out your need for an electric water pump.

He could just hook up a single small wind turbine to something like a fridge that will power it intermittently, but provide enough on-time to keep the food properly cool. Then expand from there. Small steps like that allow a person to gain a great deal of knowledge and experience before spending a ton of money. It also gives time for thought about design of the system or even using a different power generating method or conservation.
do you have an idea what disk area you'd need to get 4kW of power?
In a single wind turbine? Eh, about 3 meters/10 feet for a VAWT. It depends on a lot of factors of the blade style and generator used in the wind turbine. For a HAWT it'd be as small as 1.3meters/4.5 feet. If I were to buy/build one, I'd probably get a 4.5-5kw one if I needed 3.9kw, due to line loses and power conversions. The sizes are still fairly close though.
>ask for an area
>answers with meters
what did anon mean by this. And how did you arrive at those numbers?
They spin in a circle.


>And how did you arrive at those numbers?

Experience, but please google secondary info. It really depends on the generator type and blade design.
>2 freezer (2*900 watt)
>3 fridge (3*700)
For a family of 17 ?
what wind speed are you assuming? Because i think you need something quite a bit bigger than what you're suggesting
you were talking about the diameter right?
You can't assume wind speed. You calculate things based on how much the wind turbine can handle and when its breaking or turning out of the wind system starts at its spinning speed. Since blade design can be anything from some massive heavy 55-gallon plastic drums cut in half to state of the art aerodynamic $5k blades, you can't really calculate much if you are DIYing things. The same thing goes with the generators, electronics, wiring, etc. Previous numbers are base more on commercial designs than DIY ones.

Essentially, what you are asking needs to be done specifically on the wind turbine you make or buy. Only after testing would you know what your DIY wind turbine could handle as far as something like wind speed goes (either for starting up or getting destroyed.) There's really too many variables, hence commercial setups being used as examples.

What you can do, is google up a wind turbine design you think you want to make and check the statistics it has. Then when you make that design, you will have a guide you can go by for start up speeds, durability, and power generating.

>you were talking about the diameter right?

Correct. There's some pretty impressive tech now. 10 years ago, you'd get half that efficiency. Though, there's a limit to what you can get out of x amount of air and its speed over a given area. The ones I've worked with are really nice. I'd love to get one, but I'm not dropping $10k on something I don't really need unless the power company stops making power forever or my area does net metering to pay you money for putting power into the grid..
Hi, sorry 4 my bad language. You should read about "Qblade" program, which help u create blades.
make a huge array of tiny /diy/ VAWTs.

Use PVP or steel pipe and a pipe bender and put tons of sockets to add the VAWTs at a later date. Then use a 3d printer to print out VAWTs one by one filling every socket in your tree/array.
This one in pic is 3.5kw but costs $67,000!!!! Seems like the perfect thing to /diy/ on the cheap.

PVC? If you meant that, always remember to paint it to prevent quick sun damage and brittleness.

Looks neat, but damn, no wonder it is $67k.


That does look nice.
>67k to produce a mere 3,5kW on a good day
'greens' will defend this

>Seems like the perfect thing to /diy/ on the cheap.
lol no
>>67k to produce a mere 3,5kW on a good day
>'greens' will defend this

It's not a horrible idea, with the obvious caveat being it's only cost-effective if you're using recycled motors as generators. Everyone else would be better off just building something less like a tree with a bunch of miniature one in favor of just one, big, chode-like turbine.

Besides, you know as well as I do that the $67k pricetag includes at least $60k of artfag tax.
If you are DIYing something like that cost wouldn't be that much of course. The ones in >>1238216 are 36 feet tall and 26 feet in diameter. Personally, I'd rather do something different with more torque.
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10kw VAWT.jpg
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>36' x 26'

Or this.
If this is to power your whole village, there are other options to consider
and changing up some of the devices to not need ac, be more efficient, etc would also help

Try to not go DC/AC/DC conversions. Change more things to dc
Cheap led ropes or strips would do better

You don't be able to run half of that stuff directly from a generator, without battery bank, car batteries would die fast.

Consider using water tower to store your electricity as gravity/hydro electric.
Use mechanical windmill well pump, the ones that have worked the same for hundreds of years.

use solar ovens or biomass, not wind and batteries to cook.

Try and keep food cool in an underground cellar.

you are trying to put together enough capacity to match a $200,000 generator/battery system out of junk and scraps?

You are no Tony Stark. You will not built that from a box of parts in a cave.

You need to look at how they did things before electricity

What other sources do you have near by? garbage, biomass, geothermal, hydro, etc?
"aloha"= near a volcano? drill a hole for electricity or run pipes with a pump circulating water close to some lava flow, or just go walk over to one when you need to cook your food
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>placed near tall buildings for extra efficiency
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I have small farm, and live there only 3 human. HUMAN! All other is chickens, ducks, 2 cows and 3 pigs.
And fresh, and not so fresh, meat dont saved more than 3 day without meat fly maggot.

I think use something like flywheel. There much cheaper than battery and easy to increase stockpiled energy.

>you are trying to put together enough capacity to match a $200,000 generator/battery system out of junk and scraps?
>You are no Tony Stark.
Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto
It is designed to be placed in low wind city areas.
Vertical axis turbines are fine for small scale residential use, and may even have an advantage in that application, they have less moving parts so less shit to break. When you get to industrial scale, vertical axis turbines are shit, and usually end up tearing themselves apart from side loading and good ole centrifugal force. The one thing to remember when building a residential turbine is wind shear. The taller you build your tower, the better your turbine will work. Height is literally everything, a shit turbine on a tall tower will give you more output than a top of the line turbine on a short tower.

Source: i worked in both residential and industrial wind for a short period of time. Also went to tech school for wind turbine tech.
How small?
Where line betwen residental and industrial?

What shape of blades best for vertical turbine? Hyperbolic cylinder?
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There's not much of a fine line between them. In fact that line is pretty thick. This is what an industrial one looks like.
If you know so much about wind turbin say, what diamether and height i need for vertical turbine for output, say 10 kw*h?

And how high i must place it? In my area almost all building has tall ~5.5-6 methers/16-20 feets, one floor and attic. Of course here exist tree with hieight 10 mether/33 feet, in extremely low count. So I need pole minimum 6 mether, right!?
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There's more than one person replying to you, fyi.

Remember that you need to know your wind turbine's output in order to know how it will function in various wind speeds in regard to how much power you'll get from it. You also need to know your local area's general wind speeds at varying heights. Obviously, the best is to have your wind turbine above everything else near it. The best way to do this is with a cheap kite (pic). It is actually pretty interesting, learning the air currents above your location using a kite.


Read the link. It should help a lot for HAWT style.
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