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Pitch an episode based off the pairing of the last two digits of the post above you
Lamp and the bitchy twin, eh?
Well, I imagine you could do a lot with the most high-strung sister playing off of the most chill, especially if they were like, doing some kind of project together and Lamp kept sitting back and strumming her guitar while Lola tried to make everything perfect.
Hell, maybe their putting on some sort of show and things keep going wrong and Lola keeps freaking out and trying to fix them but Lamp just tells her to go with the flow
Lamp is still a thing in /trash/?
Eh who cares that place sucks. Left after a 5-6 month addiction

The show is really nothing more than a genetic slice of life and it shows. The only real good episodes so far were Lola episodes. What a funny character
Leni and Lynn? Now that's interesting...
Lamp and Lana, i guess Luna want a stage built and uses Lana to do it while taking advantage of her,
is that really in character?
also, Lola and Lucy...I imagine an episode where Lola gets upset and goes "dark" for a bit
Eh i could see Luna forsaking her sister for a moment to try and pt on a good show.

Also Lori tries to control Luna after her parents tell her to try and stop her cfrom coming home late at night.
>Lana and Lori
I don't even watch the show, but you could have a Dewey and Francis type relationship episode or some shit, involving the park and lots of ice cream.

Yeah, it's shit.
It isn't a thing.
>this false flagging Lolafag in every single TLH thread
How much does Turner Broadcasting pay you, can't be much since you only know how to pretend to be one person, the higher paid shills tend to switch things up a bit

>During a family outing to the bookstore Lucy and Lana unknowingly face off against each other over the last unicorn book in the store. Each keeps trying to get the book to the register without letting the rest of the family see it while wondering just who is the mystery antagonist who keeps finding the book and moving it from shelf to shelf. There's also lots of hijinks with the rest of the family and all of their books. It ends with the two of them reading the book together while hiding from the family under Lincoln's bed.

Also Clyde is torn apart by wild dogs.
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I'm just displeased with how Lola stands out from everyone else

But I'm glad you noticed!
What if dubs?

Hardmode: Add Clyde and make him be non-shit.
> Fancy dinner party coming up for parents anniversary dinner. Lori is trying to arrange it.
> Everyone in their fanciest clothes. Lincoln is in a suit, Lucy has a tasteful but still classy gothic dress, Leni has made Lily a cute little dress.
> But Luna and Lynn are just their usual scruffy tomboy selves and are refusing to dress up
> Lori orders Lincoln and Lola to get the two slobs dressed up.
> Lincoln and Lola come up with a plan. Lincoln tells Lynn that Luna thinks she will be better dressed than her to make it into a contest, while Lola tricks Luna into dressing up nice because the "violinist" cancelled and they need a replacement
> Lynn's taunting gets out of hand so Luna starts getting competitive too. Soon, they are both trying to "out-posh" each other to be the daintiest of them all, and the dinner party becomes way too intense. Eventually, the Louds get thrown out of the restaurant.
> The parents eventually calm the feuding girls down and tell them that while they appreciate the effort they've put in, that they would never want them to do something that makes them unhappy and that they should just be themselves.
> Eventually, they go eat at a fast food restaurant and Luna and Lynn make peace, likely with a comment with how nice the others dress was before they wrecked them in a fight.

Extra running gag in this episode is that Lana actually does dress up nice because she's being polite and following Lori's simple request, but everybody keeps thinking she's Lola because of it. She gets increasingly annoyed that people keep being weird about her putting in the effort for once.

>Lily and Luna

Luna spends the whole episode trying to get Lily into hard rock at a young age. Lily hates the loud noise and at some point, some other music; let's say classical music, plays and Lily responds well. This broadens Luna's horizons and makes here learn to appreciate more music.
Episode based on a character who isn't a family member,
Lola and Leni, huh? well, a few interesting directions we could go with that.
I think maybe something where Lola's mad everyon loves Leni so much, even though :Lola puts so much more effort into being perfect, maybe Leni has to babysit Lola, and after some hijinks teachers her a lesson about being nice or some shit
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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