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Why, I do believe it's time for obscure Curt Swan comics!

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Why, I do believe it's time for obscure Curt Swan comics!

But enough about me, what've you got planned for the weekend?
Sleep off a hangover.
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Yes, I've had to bid a fond - and temporary - farewell to George Tuska. Nothing wrong with the man, it's just that I'd gotten to the end of his Golden Age comics. We'll catch up with him when I've gotten through everyone else's Golden Age stuff.

As for ol' Curt, he drew a couple of Star Trek comics back when DC had the licence - my favourite was Star Trek Annual v2 #2 - so he gets the ol' Minifig treatment.
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The best cure is prevention... Then again, I am a smug teetotaller.
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There are other Swan stories preceding this one, but they're all Boy Commandos stories (I'm still kinda burnt out on those kids...) and Real fact Comics (good luck finding scans of that title - you can't even find them in the MTCDC-NMC torrents!) so I'll just post this stuff for now.
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That said, if you guys WANT me to post Curt Swan's old Boy Commandos/Newsboy Legion stories, I'll be happy to oblige.
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Gotta go, but I'll be back as soon as I can!
One of his lesser known powers, Super-pretending-to-be-retarded
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>Its a good thing I can hold my breath indefinitely

love the campy vibes, enjoy your story time OP

but this is really at the heart of why I'm not fond of Superman.
Boy, that Bob Kane sure could draw!

I will be doing final homework this weekend.
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I said I'd be back, and here I am!
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Swan didn't draw this story, but I'm a sucker for cover stories.
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Oh hey, I remember that issue! It's hard to top Golden Age Dick beating up Nazis. Do you happen to have the rest of those Star-Spangled Comics starring Robin? They seem to have disappeared from the internet, and I lost them with my old EHD.
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Okay, NOW we're getting into Curt Swan's stuff.
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Curt didn't draw this, but how could I NOT post this story?

C'mon, look at this glorious shit.
That's enough of Curt Swan for today...
... Wink Martindale is 82 today...
hey man, im not sure if its your thing, but do you know where i can torrent any golden age batman or wonder woman? I tried looking but for some reason its hsrd as shit to find.
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... Victor French, who directed parts of Rock-A-Doodle, would've been 81...
... Jeff Bridges is 66...
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Icon (YJ).png
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... Tony Todd is 61...
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... Julie Lemieux is 53...
... Fred Armisen is 49...
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... as is celebrated animator Chris Shepherd...
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... Jack Mercer died 31 years ago today...
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Cornelius Fillmore.jpg
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... Orlando Brown is 28...
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Gregg Hoffman.jpg
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... Gregg Hoffman, who produced George of The Jungle 2, died 10 years ago...
... and Charles Grigg died two years ago.

Well, I'm done for today. I'll be back over the weekend, knock on wood, to give you some classic Carmine Infantino, as well as the usual stuff.
Torrents, my fine man! They may be slow, they may be fickle, but by Gar a torrent shall always see you through in the end!

If you have enough seeders, that is.

MTCDC-NMC should be a good start.
You don't have to be a teetotaler for prevention to work, you just have to drink plenty of water.
Thanks, OP.
I love these old Robin comics. There's one where he sets off a nuke in an undersea base (because why the fuck not) and dislodges some underwater landmass that floats up and becomes his own private island. Fucking ridiculous.
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>That fucking face on Superman

This man is a master troll and he knows it.
The year I was born... huh.
bumping for others.
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