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Pick a /co/ character. Any character from any franchise. The

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Pick a /co/ character. Any character from any franchise.

The character you picked never existed. What happens?
Somehow Gotham is a nice place no villains created because of him his parents were never shot cause they didn't have a kid to take out to the theater
All seems good

Aladdin and Abuu die in the Cave of Wonders and Jafar marries Jasmine

Bender dies in a suicide booth and Brain Spawn take over the Earth

Seriously, isn't kind of uber-redundant?
So they only tried to have a baby once?
Lazy rich folk.
Assuming of course, the avatar cycle is broken, and he doesn't reincarnate as a different air nomad
>katara and sokka stay in the southern water tribe, never travelling the world and never having adventures, until, eventually they get murdered by the fire nation
>no moon in the sky
>zuko remains forever exiled and has adventures with his uncle til they die
>tylee lives the life of a circus performer
>zuko and Mai never get together
>toph still competes in earth rumbles (at least until...)
>ozai fucking destroys the earth kingdom and everyone in it
>becomes fire fuhrer
>fire nation becomes supreme ruler of the world
>almost all of the events in Korea never happen, save for harmonic convergence, but that happens way differently
If sokka and/or katara weren't born then the same thing happens essentially.
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Changes nothing. It has to go to a water bender meaning so it'll go to Tonraq, Unalaq, Amon, Amon's brother, Ming Hwa, Esna, or Desna

Asami becomes the rich capitalist monopolist she is destined to be.
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Peggy would either have never married or went back to Montana to marry someone there. It is highly likely that some semblance of Bobby isn't born. Luanne's upbringing is also a mystery.

Cotton would've succeeded in his plan to kill Castro, and he and his army buddies probably got themselves locked up in prison for it. Enraged at being treated in such a way for a noble act, Cotton would go on a rampage on the guards, ending with him killed by gunfire.

It's uncertain if the remaining three guys would stay as close as they were with Hank, seeing as they all had their own quirks. Without the supervision and gratification of Hank, Bill would spiral deeper and deeper into his depression with no inhibition, ultimately succeeding in committing suicide as nobody was there to help him.

Without Hank keeping him in check, Dale would continue on in his conspiracies and harmful antics with freedom, ultimately killing himself in a variety of ways. A conspiracy could lead him into a dangerous situation with a gang or the law, threatening the sanctity of the public resulting in his getting killed for safety. He might also find out about Nancy's affair with Redcorn, driving him into a fit of agony and rage over his son, resulting in all four of them getting killed by the hands of Dale. Or, more simply, he might just get shot in the head by one of his fellow gun club members.

Boomhauer would do surprisingly well without Hank. He's a guy with authority with nobody holding him back. Sure, the death of two of his friends might set him back a little, but he'll learn to move on. However, it's unlikely that he'll recover from getting his own heart broken by a woman.

The outlook for many other characters would vary. For example, Kahn would completely disregard what's left of the hillbilly neighbors and would be extremely successful in life. And if Strickland were to continue his drug-induced trend down life even without Hank, he would wind up dead as Hank wasn't there to save him.

>Squidward would live a relatively happy, peaceful life
>Patrick would live a sad existence, with no one to relate to
>Sandy would be more productive, yet a somewhat awkward shut-in
>The Krusty Krab would either have a less successful frycook or just flat out not be able to sustain itself
>Plankton would probably successfully steal the formula and put it out of business anyways
>Gary would be a stray snail, wandering the streets until he's eventually either put into a good home or eaten
>Speed Racer
We would never have this gem.
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Thread images: 5

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