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Okay /co/ after the success of Jessica Jones, Fox out of the

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Okay /co/ after the success of Jessica Jones, Fox out of the kindness of its heart allows Marvel to use a Mutant generation in a Netflix show.

The only condition is that no other generations may be used and that it must focus on one character.

Who do you pick who is the protagonist and what generation do they come from? and what would be the plot line.

Pic would be OP's choice of protagonist due to the interesting story arcs his generation could have.
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OP here, I am going to give summaries of the episodes I had in mind when thinking of the plot of the first hypothetical season to get the ball rolling.

The Pics would be the main characters who would be the villains or the point of focus within the episode.
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Gen X with Jubilee as the focus character.
Episode 1
A Little Hellion
The episode starts with Julian taking paper clips apart with his mind. When his parents walk into the house, he stops his activities and pretends to be doing his homework.

After an awkward dinner which was eaten in silence, Julian sneaks out of his room and begins to fly the streets of New York. During this flight Julian stops a bus crash with his mind.

At school, Julian falls asleep during class and is sent to the principal due to his 'disrespect'. The principal then gives a lecture to Julian about how he is wasting his potential. However, Julian scoffs at this and leaves halfway through the conversation and goes to lunch with his friend Santo. On the way they pass a young stereotypical nerd called Quire being bullied.

When Julian returns home, he gets a massive lecture from their parents that they did not raise a 'a hellion'. Julian snaps at them, shaking the room with his telekinesis.

Julian then runs away from his family, flying into the night where he is greeted with by a woman who is using the air to fly. This woman then asks Julian if he 'thought he was the only one'.

The woman then tells Julian that she has saw him saving someone's life and asks him whether or not he wants to make a real difference. The two then knock out a group of kidnappers and save a group of young children.

After the raid, the two sit on a rooftop and are elated about what they have just done. The woman then tells him that her name is 'Sofia' and the two depart promising to meet again.

The episode ends on two figures looking at the aftermath Julian's activities being. One of them, a blonde haired man ask whether or not they should take care of Julian. A figure with Xorn's masks says that will be no issues with Julian's activities calmly killing all the thugs who Sofia and Julian defeated.
Episode 2 (Part 1)
A Spark
A young Asian girl begins to rummage through trash. While she is doing so, sparks of electricity are running off her. Suddenly, a large amount of electricity is discharged from her body. A voice comes from behind her and says that if she is not careful then someone will catch her. That person is the figure wearing Xorn's mask who is somehow unaffected by the surge. The figure then states that if she wants to use her gift she should follow him.

The next scene is Julian at lunch time referencing and talking about the Avengers with Santo. Julian then spots bullies attacking Quire again. This time he intervenes, breaking one of the bullies hands by shifting it with his mind. When the bully's friends take him to the infirmary, Julian gives Quire a hand up. Quire 'thanks for the help' and leaves. Santo asks why Julian would do that and Julian responds that he does not know why. The camera pans out to show that Sofia has been watching him.

The Asian girl is seen again this time with her power completely under control. She thanks the figure with the Xorn mask profusely saying that she owes her life to him. Xorn Mask tells her that he has no problem doing anything to help her. He then asks her if the girl knows who she is. The girl then responds that her name is Nori Ashida and that she is 'a freak'. Xorn Mask corrects her and tells her that she is not a freak but rather a beautiful thing called a mutant. He tells her that they have always existed, but they have kept a low profile so not as to scare the public. However, Xorn Mask then informs Nori that they're are some people who wish to kill them for being different and asks if Nori wants to help him ensure the safety of people like him. Nori tells him yes and Xorn Mask shows her a target.

Sofia is shown to be looking at a picture of Julian Keller on her computer at a newspaper company. She suddenly hears that there is an attack on 'Zodiac Industries'.
Santo and Anole as the focus. It's progressive enough without being obnoxious and they were one of the best parts of X-men Academy. Plus I want a comedy instead of a fucking drama.
Rockslide time.
A Spark (Part 2)
The attack is that there is 'lightning' running through the building. At first, Sofia intervenes,knocking the lightning down with her wind, revealing it to be Nori. Nori demands to know why Sofia is stopping her as they are destroying their kind. Sofia asks who is saying that the person is called 'Magus'. Nori attacks Sofia mid-talk and escapes.
Later that night, Julian and Sofia meet again. They discuss Nori's actions and Julian asks whether there are anymore people like them. Sofia tells him bluntly that there are, some more powerful then him.

Meanwhile, Nori is getting an injection and sighs with relief when it is injected. 'Magus' comes in and asks her about how she feels. Nori tells him that she meet Sofia and asks him why a mutant would protect those trying to make them extinct. Magus tells them that not all are as enlightened as him and Nori. Nori accepts his reason and leaves.

A black haired woman comes behind Magus and asks him the degree to which Nori can be trusted. Magus says that while they cannot show everything to her yet, he believes that he has a good soildier. The woman chuckles at that and then asks him what to do with Sofia, commenting that this makes it the second time that she has interfered with them and that in time she may corrupt 'the boy'. Magus tells her that Julian will understand and agree with what is being done and Sofia will be dealt with in time by 'it'.
sounds siq
Episode 3
'Golden Boy'
A young boy is starting to cut some meat. While he is doing so, he cuts himself in an incredibly gruesome manner. However, the skin soon heals and the boy gets rid of the evidence that he spilled blood. He then goes into his kitchen where his family begins bitching about metahumans.

Meanwhile, Sofia is looking into Zodiac Industries, curious as to why someone would say that they were trying to make mutants extinct. She then notices that the man has made multiple lobbies to the government for a enforcement policy on metahumans. She then learns that there is another company which went against Zodiac Industries, Keller International.

Meanwhile Julian is at school when a boy called Joshua Foley get cut by a scalpel in biology. Julian, his lab partner is given the responsibility of ensuring that he makes it to the nurse. Josh tells Julian that he does not need to take Julian to the office and that he will be fine. Julian see Josh's hand and realizes that it is healed. Julian asks him if he is a metahuman. When Josh denies this, Julian tells him that he is one too and shows his telekinesis. Josh runs away in fear of this and Julian is confused.

Josh later returns home notices that a patch of his skin has turned to gold. He covers it and hides it from his family.

Sofia and Julian in the night discuss why Josh would be afraid of metahumans and have a discussion about the psychology of people. They then lampshade that their conversations take place during night and exchange phone numbers.

The next morning Josh wakes up and finds that more of his skin has turned into gold. He hides it with more revealing clothing, escaping his parents notice. He meets up with Julian whom calls up Sofia. The two begin to leave, yet Josh's clothes are cut and his skin is shown. People start calling Josh a freak and he runs away with Julian in pursuit.

Initially Josh gets strange looks which eventually escalates into physical violence. Julian saves him.

Julian meets up with Sofia and watches Josh sleeping on her bed. He voices disgust that people would attack people for no reason other than looking different. Sofia tells him to calm down to which Julian responds with 'Fuck that."

Julian encounters Nori who tells Julian that its time that he meet her boss.

Nori takes Julian to a safe location where he meets Magus for the first time.

Magus tells Julian that he ca understand that Julian is angry and agrees that what happened was wrong. He tells Julian that they are not enemies and gives Julian his number if ever they want to talk.

Magus and Nori then vanish leaving Julian alone in the warehouse holding Magus phone number. He grips his hand into a fist but does not throw it away.
Why doesn't X-factor have one yet it's a no brainer.
I think fox was pitched a concept of one, but it was turned down
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Thread images: 6

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