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>Think of any /co/ character got it? >they have now invited

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>Think of any /co/ character got it?
>they have now invited you over for a slumber party how does it go?
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Constant supervision, have to sleep in her brother's room
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Sweaty and covered with grease
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Neither of us would probably say much.
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>Clarissa's Dad
none of us even tries to pretend have didn't fuck us.
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We fight vampires and shit.

It's loads of fun.
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Basically hiking with lots of running around through nature, maybe swimming and climbing trees too. Also sleeping outside without a tent and only her and a pack of wolves to keep warm. I'd bear it if I got to cuddle with her in her human form.
you motherfucker.
>Omega Red
why did I have to play Marvel Vs Capcom 2
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jesus fucking christ, anon.
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I am okay with this
Half way through the party he wakes you up and asks if you want to go attacks the xmen
You get to her house. All goes well until you realize the pillow she gives you to sleep on is cursed and makes you have a pillow for a face.
I have a strong feeling there is no slumber party
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I'm feeling pretty good about this
Probably involves sleeping aboard a Navy battleship, getting yelled at by the admiral, and punching the shit out of enemy soldiers and sailors.
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>you'll never patriotically cuddle with Cap

Why live?
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Anyone got any lube?
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probably pretty cool. I imagine we're gonna bond over pretzels and watching movies. Also might depend on who else will be there/where.

I can't imagine Supes imposing on his parents for a slumber party, his Metropolis apartment does look baller though (but I really don't want to put up with Jimmy probably getting kidnapped during the party and Louis probably complaining they're too old for this).

We really start talking if it's the FoS with the rest of the Super Family or either of the Justice League headquarters. Though I could imagine Batman and possibly Wonderwoman being huge captain Bring-downs during the slumber party. I mean, fuck, Batman, why are you insisting on a lights out, I thought you were the fucking night.
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captian sunshine.jpg
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I don't want to play this game
I think it goes surprisingly well. We order a ton of general Tso's, drink most of a case of Blue Nun Widemouth, and play Tekken all night. I make sure to let Venom win.
>only plays true ogre
>spams moves
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Hey, could be worse.
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I'm gonna have the time of my life! completely non-sexually, and I'm okay with that.

I want Wonder Woman to braid my hair.
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Thread images: 18

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