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>It's a "girls are smarter" episode.

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>It's a "girls are smarter" episode.
>It's a "protag is misunderstood once and hated forever" episode
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>It's a "It's a X episode" thread
>Its a "character is interrupted before finishing his sentence, creating a misunderstanding that is only solved towards the end of the episode" episode
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>it's a Pearl episode
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>It's a "someone learned my secret identity" issue
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>it's an Edd dies episode
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>It's the amnesia episode
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>It's a protagonist switches bodies with the antagonist/ends up in a alternate reality and has to convince people they're not some crazy person episode
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>It's 'all about me and my problems' episode
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>it's a "city kids go camping" episode
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>it's a "time travel" episode
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>it's a meta episode
>its an MRA episode
>It's a Hatfield-McCoy feud analogy episode
Are there actually any in cartoons?
>it's a "/co/ is triggered by tropes" thread
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silly story.jpg
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>it's a "/co/ anon is triggered by /co/ being /co/" thread
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>it's an episode that just fizzles out at the end because they couldn't think of a better way to end it.
Well, according to canon Eddsword, seems unlikely - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZNfsB-VacM
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>It's a nude in public episode
>it's every dexter's lab episode
I hate shows that revolved around that for that reason. I almost gave Danny Phantom a chance but dropped it when I saw it was a "secret life" style show.
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>it's a guns r bad; republicans are stupid episode
Hi /mlp/.
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>It's a "my well established relationship is back at square one every episode" show
How many times did he have to win over Margaret as if it was the first time?
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>it's a "pleasing Tumblr" episode
Does anything even do this?
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I want to fuck the entire gender swaped cast.
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>It's a 'my girlfriend is gruesomely murdered by one of the good guys' epsode
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>it's a genderbent episode
That doesn't happen enough

what's with her eyes?
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>It's an eddisode made after Edd died

Seriously, I get that Edd wanted the show to continue after he died, but Tom/whoever has no idea how to replicate Edd's style of writing.
Probably because Tom is not a writer, he's a director. And a shitty one at that.
Too soon anon.
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>Its a episode that appeal to my patrician fetish.
>Guy tries to keep best friend's legacy going
>Gets shat on for it
I'm not saying we should ignore that he isn't that great at it, but let's not throw insults at the guy.
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>its a "your waifu gets sexually assaulted" episode
"he's a shitty writer/director" aren't insults its an assesment
I know it's not a show, but does real life count?

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Heh. That was a fun episode.
Tom always seems to mean the best, but between his videos, Eddsworld, and the sex ed videos some company asked him to make, he's constantly villanized here. No wonder the poor guy is depressed.
I didn't insult the guy at all.

It's just that Tom hasn't taken the best approach to continuing the show. His "specialty" is fast paced with jokes every two seconds, whilst Edd has a VERY slow pace and most humour seemed to come naturally in the story.

For example, the episode where Eduardo and that lot get introduced has them bragging about the extension on their house. Later (maybe the next episode) it's revealed to be cardboard.

If that episode was done under Tom, the whole reveal of the extension along with it being cardboard would have happened over a 10 second period.
family guy is pretty hardcore SJW when it gets preachy, and maybe American Dad, but that show is better at working both sides of the fence.

it's pretty un-common, this guy just thinks anytime someone says "boy, nice weather we're having" it's a liberal conspiracy to steal his fluids.
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>It's an "80's references" episode.
I know American Dad did it and subverted it all within the span of one episode.
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Anon, please.
I didn't want to feel today.
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>It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter.
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>its an old cartoon artstyle episode.

so good.
>Its a ">It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter." commenter.
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>it's a Pearl episode
>It's a "Its a ">It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter." commenter." commenter.
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>dat comic
>Marco's dad
>not Marco
She wanted a man with experience.
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>It's a ">It's a "Its a ">It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter.
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>its a "/co/ makes a girls vs boys episode thread"
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>It's a "It's a ">It's a "Its a ">It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter." commenter." commenter. commenter." commenter.
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>it's a thread
>it's a "your show gets cancelled because Rob Lowe said shit about muslims on twitter" episode

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>It's a >It's a "It's a ">It's a "Its a ">It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter.
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>implying girls aren't smarter
>it's a comunism episode
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It's a "It's a >It's a "It's a ">It's a "Its a ">It's a ">It's a "It's a X episode" thread" commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter." commenter.
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>Forgot the green arrow of implications

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
>It's an "Anon forgets how to greentext" comment
>Forgetting the >
Welp, thread's over, this guy ruined it.
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>Can't discretely delete it and re-reply thanks to archive and extensions existing
>Can't ever go back from this
>Must live with knowing I ruined a nice joke and killed everyone's fun

>It's a "character regrets everything and wishes they weren't born" episode. The world is better
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Thread images: 49

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