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Tastiest thing you've ever made?

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Steak Oscar Style

>pic related

>USDA prime ribeye $22.00/lb
>fresh caught dungeness crab
>homemade Bearnaise sauce (1st time, took over an hour)
>cooked perfectly rare on a propane grill

It was the tastiest thing I've ever made, and oh so rich. One 20oz steak was able to fill up 3 people. I can see why it's such an extravagant menu item. Crab, steak, and then a rich tasty sauce that blends the surf and turf together perfectly. Fucking classic.

>Chicken seared to perfection
>Came out medium well
>Mashed potatoes with caesar salad and extra dressing

how the fuck did it take you an hour to make bearnaise??

i get that it's a two pan sauce, but how did it take you an hour to make?
I made veal scallopini in a mushroom demi glace once

it was damn son tier. However it was a little of this little of that situation and I wasn't keeping track of what I did.

I have yet been unable to replicate

how did you make a mushroom demi glace?
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It's amazing how perfectly steak and crab go together
I don't remember ;_;
>mushroom tart with seared foie gras on top

Fairly sure I won't ever eat something even close to being that good in my life

i don't think you can make a demi with mushrooms, man.. maybe if you made a bigass thing of mushroom stock and then reduced it down to a few cups, but even then it wouldn't have the consistency of a demi glace because there's no gelatin/collagen in it.

demi is easy to make. what is it that you can't replicate? i'm here to help, anon.
>i get that it's a two pan sauce, but how did it take you an hour to make

Just took my sweet time, and cutting up the onions and tarragon took some time, especially with my eyes watering. Reducing those with the wine vinegar, separating six yolks, whipping those, making clarified butter. . . all things I've never done before. So yeah it took a while.
Not sure what to call it but I make a delicious herb pasta dish with seafood, garlic, lemon and hot peppers. Easily the most consistently delicious thing I make. Whatever sauce collects when it's finished, I soak up with bread to eat so it gets eaten down to literally nothing. Everyone who has tried it has been blown away by it too. Probably not very healthy though but damn does that flavor keep going.

It really is. I can see why it's usually served with a filet mignon instead of a rich fatty ribeye like I made it. Next time. . .

Got a recipe? Sounds good with the hot peppers. . .
I mean I put mushrooms in it after

>set 2-3 tbsp butter, olive oil, fresh thyme leaves, and some pickled hot peppers to heat up in a pan or skillet (peppers don't have to be picked. Fresh hot pepper flesh works very well too and adds quite a different flavor. Just put a few drops of white wine vinegar in also)
>while it's warming up and the butter is melting, slice up some raw shrimp/lobster tail/crab meats/scallops/squid, whatever the hell you have. No fish though.
>chop up about 6 cloves of garlic really well and also chop up some fresh green onion and set it into the pan and turn the heat up
>sprinkle sea salt over your meat (whatever you chose), mix it up with you hands then add it to the pan too
>mix everything up in the pan so everything's covered
>now add some lemon juice to the pan (getting just the right amount is tricky. You're going to have to experiment) and mix everything up again
>reduce heat to a low simmer and sprinkle a very light topping of paprika on top and just let it sit for a short while
>forgot to mention that you should be boiling some pasta during this time
>when everything is cooked and the sauce has thickened slightly around the meats, turn off the heat
>strain the pasta leaving *tiny* bit of water behind
>pour everything over the pasta and mix it all up and let it sit and steam off excess moisture for a couple mins
>should look like a creamy sauce in the pasta
>serve and top with grated parmesan cheese (don't mix the cheese in though as it will melt into clumps and ruin the texture)
Nice 30 year old Corningware homie.
Fresh homemade chicken fettuccine Alfredo.

>cream, butter, flour whisked into a thick base
>add fresh grated Parmesan
>thin with more cream until a nice consistency
>add fresh garlic, mushrooms and hand pulled chicken and let slow simmer
>boil noodles
>make homeade garlic bread on whole wheat bread and serve with broccoli

Goddamn I love cheeses. It was fucking expensive for that tiny block of cheese but damn was it potent stuff.
where's the tarragon in that bearnaise or is it an hollandaise?
also why no sides?
to be fair, 20oz is quite a lot (unless amerifat).
ugh, that cheeze(?) looks disgusting, why would you put that on your steak?
I have those same plates.
Good shit
that sounds like the most common way ever to make seafood pasta, like literally every cooking show/restaurant/homechef does that.
it's a nice dish though

Wow. pretty simple besides the peppers and green onions. Kind of how I always make seafood pasta. Thanks bro. I know what you mean about the sauce afterwards and bread!


lol thanks broski.

It's freshly chopped up in it, hard to see in the picture. It's also in the sauce with the onions that was reduced and mixed with the butter and yolks.
yeah ok, really looks like hollandaise in the pic but i'll take your word for it

You can add in Tarragon at the end of it... Which is the way that the french did it. Additionally, leaving in shallots was also for presentation.

OP should've made steak frites.
I've done this, it gets pussies wet. You could put this into ANY girls mouth and next thing you know you'd have a baby on the way.
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Wannabe Karē Raisu. It was breddy gud for my first time, but
>looked like baby shit
>no one would eat it because of resemblance of shit
Fuckin tasty and lasted a week.

it should have been a whole shallot, a couple pieces of garlic, and tarragon. like a handful of things total.. you didn't have to clarify butter.

you could have had the herb/wine/vinegar mixture reducing while you were emulsifying the eggs with butter.
>it should have been a whole shallot, a couple pieces of garlic, and tarragon. like a handful of things total.. you didn't have to clarify butter.

I did it all separately instead of all at once. I like to do that when i am trying something new. If I were to make it again I bet I could cut the time in half at least.

why were you using onion with a delicate sauce like bearnaise?

onion, shallot. whats the difference?
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My bastardized version of spaghetti aglio e olio


Spaghetti (whatever type u like)
1 red bell pepper
3 table spoons extra virgin olive oil
half bulb of garlic, minced (a lot, I know)
1 tablespoon paprika
pinch of red pepper flakes
2 diced bail leaves, or a pinch of dried
A few ounces of leftover chicken
>julienne a red pepper
>throw it in a hot cast iron pan to get some charring
>in a seperate pan add 3 table spoons extra virgin olive oil, half a bulb of minced garlic, red pepper flakes, bit of basil and a tablespoon of paprika
>heat it like you would aglio e olio
>boil some pic related (I like it better than regular spaghetti)
>throw the peppers in the oil along with a few pieces of some leftover chicken
>drain the pasta but leave a few tablespoons of water
>toss everything together and sprinkle in some salt and pepper
>cum everywhere and wind up making this every week

It's bretty good and relatively cheap, gonna make some tomorrow.

it's milder, sweeter, and more delicately flavored than a white/yellow onion. it's just a different kind of onion for different purposes (sauces, dressings, for pickling are better using shallot)
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>onion, shallot. whats the difference?
saved. Thanks
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most appropriate image response. bravo!
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Fucking great thread.

Sausage Egg Bake
1lb Sausage
7 Eggs
Mushroom, onion, peppers, garlic (whatever really broccoli is bomb too)
4tbsp of butter
Hashbrowns or Sliced Potatoes
Cheese (whatever and however much you want)
Season how you like.

>Preheat oven to 375 then line a pan with with potatoes mixed with melted butter and allow it to cook until toasted slightly brown
>Cook sausage on med/high heat rendering its fat and browning it
>Remove sausage and chop up your veggies
>Using the rendered fat cook your veggies.
>Mix veggies sausage and egg all together then add cheese (or not and just sprinkle some ontop) Seasoning can be added now.
>Pour mix ontop of your potatoes and then put it all into the over and bake 45 to an hour.

Absolutely bomb diggity. Make alot and eat it for a couple days.
im not a super experienced cook but once i made these fajitas in my oven and they were dope as fuck
Camera made it look like shit and I was drunk so forgive me.
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gotta be this cod squash and quinoa dish. maybe not tastiest, but the one i'm most proud of
Regular cheap Tuna steak.
Salt, pepper, seared on the outside, squeeze of lemon if it's fancy.

Mouthgasm every time.
>chicken wings
>every sauce in the house that isn't white or yellow

Bake covered in foil to cook through, then halfway through remove foil to thicken the sticky sauce.

Wa la
Chicken pot pie with skin on chicken thigh, potatoes, leek, onion, shallot, peas, carrot.

Separately brown the skin from the chicken, simmer the chicken thigh in stock, simmer the potatoes in salted water, and cook the roux to a darker-than-just-browned. Cook the veggies as normal, adding the peas (which don't need to be cooked) at the end.

Finish the pie crust with an egg wash for that deep golden brown glaze.
File: 1477411419277.gif (2MB, 311x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>chicken wings
>>every sauce in the house that isn't white or yellow

File: 1752110.png (21KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nobody else has any personal recipes to share??
Steak Oscar style is just techniques friendo. The bernaise is the hardest part. Do you know how to make a hollandaise? If not, work on that with eggs benedict. That's going to be a lot cheaper than having a broken sauce over steak with crab.
Steak with a red wine mushroom cream sauce and oven roasted potatoes
>Marinate steak over night with red wine, worsteshire, tyme and whatever other herbs happen to be alive in my garden, minced garlic
>Toss golden yukon potatoes cut in spears or quartered with garlic salt, paprika, finely shredded parmesean and truffel infused olive oil, stick in oven for 25-30 minutes
>Pan sear steak and finish in oven, cooked rare
>use pan drippings and butter to sautee mushrooms and onion while steak rests
>hit with dry red wine when veggies are softened
>add cream and let thicken

Wish i had a pic but we ate that shit too quickly
Deep fried yam balls with a mushroom risotto
Here's another, oven roasted hailbut, with butter soaked fresh lobster topped with a grapefruit and fennel "slaw". Next to a pile of black truffle shaving mashed potatoes.
Last one, but I actually haven't had it yet... it's still curing...

Local hog, butchered and cleaned by a friend of mine. It's about 2.5 years old, probably a few more months.
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Brim is very messy, anon. It needs wiping.
>fucking garlic
You're american, aren't you? Gheezous, you asshats sperg over onion instead of shallots, but then you suggest garlic for a sauce bearnaise. Bunch of pretentious twats, you lot.
Yah, but I thought the plate could use a bit of "vegan" color on the side. Never said I was good at plating...
Would have worked better as a ripple on the risotto. Which would have worked better on a smaller, deeper plate so it doesn't run all over. Consistency looks good on the 'otto and the balls are nice colour. Cooking looks good, plating can be improved with simple steps.
My teacher once told us something that I try to stick to; the brim of the plate is not yours. It's for the guest and waiting staff to handle the plate with. Don't put food there.
Huh, the way your teacher puts it, makes a hell of alot of sense. No doubt I'll try to stay away from it.
Thanks for the input.
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Outside the salmon dish I made a couple months ago, this was apparently the best thing I've ever cooked. The turkey leg, not the damn Betty Crocker stuffing. I wouldn't know though. I thought it was awful. Apparently I hate turkey legs. By the way those are blue potatoes, not something weird.
File: goingintheoven.jpg (328KB, 500x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The shrimp is always popular, but I don't like the taste of shrimp. These were about to go in the toaster oven. Everybody praises the breaded shrimp. I used that 'Panko' stuff last time; it's apparently better,
How were those purple potatoes mashed? I only had them halved and steamed.
File: welldonesorry.jpg (201KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First off, this is way too overdone. It should be pink more then brown.

My favorite as far as personal taste was the tenderloin, I think it was tenderloin. However, when I cook meat for myself, I have to cook it well done due to health reasons. So, this was my favorite, but had I cooked it for someone else, I wouldn't have cooked it for as long as I did. I'm done spamming the dishes.
They were really tasty supposedly, but I prefer mine baked in the oven. I think blue potatoes look really disgusting mashed so I don't recommend it if you are trying to make a pretty looking meal.

Oh, just boiled, and then mashed with a little sour cream and butter with salt and pepper. Nothing fancy.
are you fucking dense? you have got to be the stupidest bloody person I have ever met, "onions instead of shallots" "garlic for a sauce bearnaise" you dense twat, Americans have an ok sense of taste, it is not the best like over here in the OZ, but we have sick-as prawns over a barbie
Mind you, not that I don't think you know how to mash potatoes. I'm just saying they had both sour cream and butter added.
Nah, I getcha man. You just telling me your recipe. How was the texture?
Much like regular potatoes although if you like your mashed potatoes with the skin included like when it is made with red or Idaho potatoes, it's unfortunately not the same. I could compare the texture honestly to instant potatoes. The skin is so soft it's barely noticeable. They definitely don't have the heartiness of other potato varieties when mashed even with the skin included.
>getting this arseblasted because he doesnt know the actual ingredients and flavouring of a sauce bearnaise
I assume this thread is for home cookers, but in restaurant it should be basic knowledge.

Not judging anyone.
It should. But correcting someone on their choice of onion for bearnaise and suggesting the addition of garlic while doing so is fucking imbecile. It has nothing to do with home cooks, but all to do with pretentious twats who don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

Note to users of this fine board: If you're going to correct someone over minor details, get the fucking big picture right.
You are being ripped off if you are paying 22 a pound for prime ribeye.
I about blew mountain dew out my nose. I guess I vaguely do remember a guest being over to witness the turkey carnage. But then I ask, what the hell are you doing on /ck/ this time of night?
Well, I was talking about the quints...
Oh. I didn't even notice that. I thought maybe an acquaintance was browsing /ck/ at the wee hours.
Who would go online and make fun of people?!?
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