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Hi cooking enthusiasts. (trigger warning for vegetarians out

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Hi cooking enthusiasts.

(trigger warning for vegetarians out there, I have a carnivore question)

I'd like to ask is there generally something wrong with pork bone broth?

I was looking for recipes for broths (for joint health, instead of pills) and found the following on a website:

> The bones and cartilage of most meats can be used, including poultry, beef, lamb or fish. Pork bones are not generally used for making broth that is cooked for many hours and stored to be re-heated and used later

I don't cook a lot, but this surprised me. And logically, pork is pretty close to us humans on the evolutionary tree so that was what I was kinda looking to cook with.
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Your source is retarded, look up tonkotsu broth.
>And logically, pork is pretty close to us humans on the evolutionary tree so that was what I was kinda looking to cook with.

Wait, wot
I don't know why it's less common in the west. I can't think of a good reason it's not used. Tonkotsu broth is delicious and arguably the best broth for ramen.
If you feel closer to a chicken, that's fine.
There's nothing wrong with pork bone broth, no, but the idea of using bone broth for "joint health" is fucking quackery at best. Keep in mind that most supplement shops are there to prey on stupid people who believe in magic hoodoo voodoo bullshit, the same sorts of people who tout the current flavour of the week as 'a superfood.'

Think about it: if that stuff really did anything for joint health, why wouldn't every rheumatologist recommend it to their lupus and arthritis patients?

Eat the stuff because it's good, not because of some ZOMG PALEO MEDICINE!! nutjobbery.
Thank you, if an old culture like Japan cooks it then it can't be too bad, right?
They also eat cancer-causing pickles. The pickles are so bad, that when sold in the US, they carry a surgeon general's warning like a fucking pack of cigarettes. Old != good.
I don't know what rheumatologists recommend, but I'm not looking for a cure for autoimmune diseases like lupus. Just to provide my body the nutrients it needs to strengthen and repair.
>hurr durr joint health!!!
>hurr durr strengthen and repair!!!
You do understand that lupus and arthritis are both rheumatic diseases that damage joints, right? And that many rheumatologists recommend particular diets and supplements to strengthen and repair joints, right? And that bone broth isn't some miraculous cure-all to promote joint health, right? You do, don't you? Of course you don't. You believe your ridiculous fad diet will keep your ticker tocking longer than the next idiot's ridiculous fad diet will keep his.
OP are you literally retarded? You want to cook with pork because you think it's "pretty close to us humans on the evolutionary tree"? That's one step away from African voodoo where they think eating people will let them absorb their powers.
>And logically, pork is pretty close to us humans on the evolutionary tree

Logically, semen would be your ideal broth
>where they think eating people will let them absorb their powers
Show me one source that disproves it and I'll stop eating my enemies hearts.
Did you forget to take your pills or something?

You ate their brains too, didn't you? See, there's your proof.
This guy is wilin but he tru
>And that many rheumatologists recommend particular diets ... to strengthen and repair joints, right?

What do they recommend? And give me a citation, since you know so much.

But keep in mind that I'm not interested is recommendations for autoimmune diseases where the problem is your own body attacking itself. Autoimmune conditions are not relevant to this discussion.
Nope. I took my steroids for joint health last night.

Also, fun fact but the International Osteoarthritis Research Institute actually recommends that GAGs, the active compounds in bullshit "for joint health!!!!" supplements, be avoided as they're no better than placebo and those who take them could cause irreparable joint damage due to the nutters who think that stuff will help eschewing proper treatment and supplements.
And, since bone broth would have far less of these compounds than a pill of the stuff in its concentrated form would have in the first place, it's pretty idiotic to think "hurr durr bohn broff will help muh joins!!" both because GAGs just don't work and also because bone broth wouldn't have enough of them to do anything if they did, anyway.

So stop being a fucking moron and believing what some loon in a man-bun has to say about health.

That's the thing: unless there's something wrong with your joints already, your body does a pretty good job of maintaining them on its own so long as you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. That, plus some minor stretching, avoiding impact sports, staying thin/fit and some minor weight training will help protect your cartilage and synovial fluids well into old age.

Also calcium. And vitamin D.
A lot of joint health isn't just related to the tendons and bursa but also to the bone in the joints. A calcium-rich/vitamin-D-rich diet with lots of dark, leafy greens will help maintain bone health so unless you've got a clotting disorder, eat some leaf-broccoli and things like that pretty regularly. If you're at risk for osteopoenia or osteoporosis, you may have to take calcium and vit D supplements as well as eat greens.

If you want your bone broth, go for it. Just have some greens in it, too.
So you have an autoimmune inflammation problem and projecting it to everything? Is that what's going on?

Every sentence of yours is full of insane untrue assumptions and free from facts.

Who told you GAGs are the active compounds? Who told you there's not enough of anything in broth? Where are your citations you angry lunatic?
Why can't I hold all this edge?
>is given a term to look up
>fails to
You're dumb.
>doesn't know that the whole bone broth for joint health meme is centred around the GAGs in glucosamine and chondroitin supplements typically marketed for joint health are also present in bone broth
You're really dumb.
>everyone in the medical community is wrong because they think paleo is stupid!!
You're really, really dumb. If paleo is so good for you, why are all the cavemen dead? Checkmate, paleofag.

If you don't believe what I'm telling you, that's fine. I'll be over here with my superior joint health when your GAG bullshit disappears into obscurity like the maple syrup and chili flake 'fat burning' bullshit did before.
Stay mad, paleofag.
It's funny when a clearly psychotic imbecile calls others "mad".

>superior joint health
You take steroids to keep your own body from eating itself and think everyone suffers from the same rare condition.

Maybe you could try to be less angry and your body wouldn't try to kill you.
>takes a joke about steroid-use as 2srs4me trufax
'ave you a tinge o' the 'tism, m8?
You can't backtrack from that, you poor thing :(

And of course broth is not magic for people who are already dying.
>claims bone broth helps joints
>asks for proof otherwise
>provides no double-blind peer-reviewed studies nor the names of any legitimate organisations that hold his batshit POV
I bet you bought ExtenZe, too. Don't worry: I won't tell anyone.

nobody in the USA have ever heard of hambone soup, split pea soup, hambone gravy, we definitely didn't make songs about it or anything it's never happened and we just look at the hambone in a mystified way and then drive to a bridge and throw it over

>wtf are you talking about you big dummy
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Thread images: 2

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