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I'm slowly tryign to fix my picky eating habits. I can't

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I'm slowly tryign to fix my picky eating habits.

I can't eat anything like a salad yet(triggers gag reflex 100% of the time) but I'm mixing more veggies into food I already eat, like sandwiches.

It's hard, I can keep my gag reflex from triggering when vegis are mixed with meat but it requires constant effort, I'm making progress though.

Any advice for someone such as myself?
kill yourself
I never had to eat vegis growing up, I'm just trying to eat healthier now that I'm older and wiser.
If I didn't just fuck myself with a car payment organic might have been an option but I doubt it now.

I have a decent food budget, I spend about $120 a month for myself but organic sounds pricey.

Yeah, I was coddled/spoiled.

Raw vegis are the worst for me, and the only vegtable(not starch) I actually like is cooked spinach with salt.

What vegis are essential to living healthier you think?

And Vegis in soups and stews with meat are fine to me.

Also I see you deleted your reply, no idea why.
buy high quality organic vegetables. read up on how to properly serve or cook these vegetables. some are superior raw, some are better cooked in bacon fat.

i think its weird as hell you have a gag reflex to vegetables, and its unfortunate your parents didn't make you eat vegetables! I personally think vegetables are awesome and a work of art by mr. nature himself. certain vegetables grow with really cool geometric patterns for example, or have really cool insides like beautyheart radishes, purple potatoes etc... trying to think of vegetables as something that is cool (and a miracle, the shit just grows with sun and water! wtf!!)

one way you could consume a lot of veggies while likely not having the gag reflex is making pureed vegetable soup. if you spice it nice that can be very delicious too, or add in some bacon bits or chicken.

good luck bro eat your veggies. and fruit too. if you are consuming a lot of processed sugars, try to start replacing them with natural sugars from actual fruit and what not. at first your body will probably be confused and fruits and vegetables might not taste amazing, but you will adjust fast and your body will be asking for more of the good stuff. your taste buds can and will evolve into loving/tolerating/liking vegetables if you keep at it.

i just wanted to add a picture XD
I'm not that bad, but I'm pretty bad.

I mostly eat junk

nobody actually likes veggies, except when they are grilled and covered in olive oil
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If you're gonna take the one toe at a time process, then start with fruits and watery vegetables. Cucumbers aren't so bitter, and carrots are rather tasty. Even try a soup with a bunch of vegetables (celery, carrot, onion) and add on with things you enjoy with soup. A thing I like to do with leafy vegetables is eat them with nothing and enjoy the clear flavor. It really cleans out your mouth
ideally, eating as many different types of vegetables as possible is the best for you. but thats not always cost effective or possible. though that should still be the ideal when shopping.

i would say the main ones that you can find affordably though and i almost always have in my house are...

Lettuce/spinach/kale/arugula/mixture of it all

buy all those things once a week, or once every 2 weeks. eat it all and dont let it go to waste. a budget of 120$ a month is on the low side, especially if you were to try and eat organic, also i dont know where you live as eating organic varies in price a huge amount depending on how available organic food is to you. There are pockets of the midwest here where it is stupidly cheap and available, mostly at farmers markets. it is going to be winter soon but at (most) farmers markets you can most definitely go organic for cheaper than buying conventional at a grocery store.

try to ease yourself into the raw vegetables I guess. I can't imagine raw carrots make such a bad reflex for you? though other things like broccoli i can see more.
Also, try roasting vegetables. you may like it better that way. I generally feel roasted vegetables are far superior to any other preparation. Cut up some carrot, parsnip, turnip, potato, olive oil salt, put it in the oven for a little while. can be very delicious!
Also, Prep the radish and cucumber right away when you get it to help it from going to waste! any vegetable you can prep to save from going bad faster and save you time when eating in the future i would recommend.

like when you get the radish wash them, cut off all the ends and put in tupperware. they will last a lot longer and save you the work from having to prep the radish everytime you want to eat them.
Keep at it and try new recipes. I couldn't stomach many vegetables, but after a move to the other side of the world with brand new ingredients and dishes, I've come to love just about all veggies. Maybe trying more international cuisine would be good for you.

You can do it, m8.
Holy shit, your parents really fucked up
That's all you can do.

Expose yourself to your fears. Remind yourself that it's just food, and that millions of people eat these things every day.

Constantly try new recipes that use the vegetables in a variety of ways and flavors. That will help you appreciate them even more.
>wanting to eat salad

Are you a woman trying to watch her weight? Otherwise, why?
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It's healthy and can be delicious as well. Insisting that there are gendered foods and that men should only eat certain food just makes you sound really insecure
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