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Lads, are bonds the best place to be for the next 18 months /

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Lads, are bonds the best place to be for the next 18 months / two years?

I'm just getting started and stocks & housing look like they're going to fall.
It's a bubble. Stay away.

Buy gold.

Buying gold is just betting on short term upswing

It's just a yellow metal that costs money to store
>durrr it's just a yellow metal
>being this retarded

Listen to me, very carefully.

Shut the fuck up.

Buy gold.

Thank me later.
Literally The worst place to be long. Bonds have an inverse relationship to Interest Rates. Literally at 0.25% interest. Unless they make end the world tier decision to go to negative interest rates play the short side every time it gets toppy.

stocks and housing are also going to fall. A very dangerous game is being played.

commodities are the only value plays if you want to go long.
Listen to this man. Buy gold.
>stocks & housing look like they're going to fall
elaborate plz
New construction starts all over the country b/c sellers market. Once its all built, many people are going to be fucked. If you check the months of supply in Houses Most of the country is a seller. Credit markets are loose as hell. And prices are inflating, You can still profit on the rise for short term positions for like 2-3 years but its highly speculative and you need to know what you're doing, it is not a passive investment it is a pure business. Rental markets are peaking. Once built new houses are going to be cheaper than renting and people will move, rents will lower and investments will be exited, when that happens there goes the liquidity and once thats gone. Buyers market.

Stocks have been ready to drop for a while. Its just a waiting game for the bears.
Short term speculators like this faggot lose money 90% of the time, looking long term. So if you want to have a 90% chance of pissing money down the down, listen to this attention-whoring loser with no financial credentials, no investment experience, and no net worth.

Why do you think poorfags always see bear markets just around the corner? Because they think (hope) that it'll bring actual investors back to their level. And so every day they're out there predicting the next crash, the next bubble, the next correction. And maybe, once every few years, they're right. Broken clocks, etc. But most of the time -- that means 90% of the time -- they're wrong.

And if you listen to then, it's not them that loses money (they don't have any money to begin with): it's you that loses money.

Anyone who tells you they know or can predict the future direction of the markets is a lying shitstain. Anyone who believes them deserves their fate.
>buying gold in a near deflationary monetary environment

Lmao get a load of this c u c k
attacks person, not advice. Elevate yourself to the level of the discussion, name calling Loon.

I'm not long gold too much correlation to currency.
Long FCX, X, and waiting to enter black gold.
>attacks person, not advice.
I'm attack BOTH the advice and the person.

Your advice is garbage because you claim to have the ability predict short-term movements in the market ... a skill which decades of peer-reviewed academic research shows does not exist.

You yourself are garbage because you trip without having any unique experience or qualification on this board. That makes you an attention-whoring faggot. Furthermore, you routinely mock established, proven investment strategies without a shred of evidence. If there was one thing on this board that could be changed to improve the overall quality of advice, it would be your permanent ban.

Instead of retorting with more ad hominems, let's see you do one of the following:

1. Provide academic proof that short-term speculation is a winning investment strategy over multiple trials. (And please stop posting crackpot blogs and videos. That's not evidence.)

2. Provide time-stamped evidence that you have any unique qualifications in the areas of business, finance, or investing. (And no, your business degree from a bottom 20 school doesn't count.)
tell me exactly why not this crap
only highly speculative thing is your advice and this post

tldr: says stocks and housing is doomed, knowledge from yahoo finance
you wanna park money or growth?
This is not short term speculation. This is simply fundamental analysis of Bonds, bond pricing. One can compensate for a 0.25% rate.

Many commodities are near Lifetime lows, price reversion is not a thing, hard to lose on a risk adjusted basis on lifetime lows.

None of these is short term. The world market is filled with stagnant pockets of productivity.

It is important to understand the limitations and scope of research.
Peer reviewed studies are one form of evidence. There are 7 acceptable forms. SICDADS. I am using 3.

Speculation wise short term speculation is not an investment strategy. It is a gamble.
What is a strategy is cost basis reduction. Positioning yourself long or short to optimize that is simply an opinion, in my case driven by relative risk.
We are in agreement. However, if you are to take a position you must make an assumption as to direction. OP said bonds up. I just said no way bro bonds down long term.

as far as my "unique" quals. I can do the math, my account is at 2k profit since may on 8k. I've run 2 businesses. And last year of pre-med. What many newfriends are asking for I've been there and done that. You don't need to be a legend to relate your experience.
business degree is usually a waste of paper.
li sheng are you chinese?
Inflation and QE were highly effective.
The Feds absorption of Bad securities was a beneficial move for the country.
The banks, b/c they've been bought out have done an excellent job at liquidating their shadow inventory to mitigate losses.
The Creditors are correctly assessing borrowers.
Builders are building more responsibly this time around.
The unemployed are not a factor in buying up new homes. The current number of customers is enough to support the construction build out.
The shadow inventory will not affect the buildout.
Rental markets will not be touched by the increased inventory.
Even if the bad stuff happens pure economic growth will allow people to avoid bankruptcy.
Buying a home retail for >6% transfer fees is easily covered by appreciation and inflation.
When you hear even the faintest idea of negative rates being kicked around, yeah, I'd stay away.

Housing is entirely dependent on the market in your specific area.
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I'm in MA, come on man, give me good news. Even 50 miles from Boston it's still 300k for a mediocre home, 250k if you wait it out for a deal.

>mfw making 81k and can't responsibly buy a house until 2019
Hey loud mouth poofter fuck faggot. Stick your academic research up your slimy arsehole.
You post your creditor all and bank balance, time stamped.
I want to see what type of chest beating nigger you are.
>You post your creditor all and bank balance, time stamped.
Kek. Learn to speak English, you triggered retard.
Somebody get this man some semen
my corporate bonds r doing great. 4.6% interest, baby.
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>spending time on a meme
>the triggering is real
Go back to /b/ kid. This is a board for adults
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How many VPNs you have, faggot?
I think bonds are in a spot that could go either way. Better yet - consumable commodities and currency derivatives with positive swaps, gold is good for leveraged short-term swing trades and hardly anything more.
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Thread images: 7

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