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You're placed as the CEO of a failing investment bank (such

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You're placed as the CEO of a failing investment bank (such as Goldman Sachs except you're several thousands in debt), the stockholders arent happy. Currently the only source of funding you have is the limited high frequency trading happening at a few of your firms. Your client portfolio is essentially dead with failing companies along with your unhappy clients who pulled out of your bonds. What is your first move?

Ballpark my net worth, if you would?

Do I have a convenient patsy to put all of the liability onto and then parachute out?

And can I expect a bailout from the government?
Your company net worth is 1.5 mil but you be hemoraging money, patsy if you can find one, no bailout this time.
fire people?
Change documentation to have a patsy in charge by name but answerable to me legally, find a senator/congressman who is coming up on re-election season soon, preferably democrat for purposes that will soon be obvious, work with their campaign adviser to push the concept of their candidate being pro-working class, pro-fair capitalism, and throw your tanking company under the bus as their iconic message that "they won't take it anymore" and won't bail out big companies with American tax payer money, and that those damn "lazy" CEOs and board members need to run their companies properly. Candidate wins huge from working class, as their numbers are the only thing they have going for them.

Drop the company like a sack of potatoes, collect money from campaign committee, become a lobbyist.
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Jump in front of a train in a New York subway station.
i dunno why but I just bursted laughing. top kek, thanks my friend

Consolidate all the HFT into a single prop trading firm and separate it from your investment bank. Protect your golden goose, in the event things go tits-up you can still fall back on that to start rebuilding.

Get all of your brainpower into one room and start spit-balling some new asset-backed-securities you can flip. Oil, Energy, Payday/Title Loan Debts, whatever you can get your hands on.

Any possibility of taking on a new partner to inject some equity?

Get ready to file bankruptcy in case you get cornered. If your HFT firm is protected from the collapse, you'll still be in business.
I saw Casino Jack too
I legitimately haven't seen that movie, I just figure lobbying is the best way to cash out when you're a failing executive.
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I'm actually super fucking bummed right now, I thought it was a decent idea.
Investing in energies doesn't seem like the best option and is a bit more longterm for a failing company. What if you went with a merger with some kind of emerging tech company, bribed the executives and enstated mark to market accounting, marketed the other company using your firm and whatever leads you have left while lying about reaching ridiculous quotas in your falsified records by using all your existing influence, inflating the stock, then dumping it all and dissapearing for ever. Which only leaves you with deciding how to quickly move the money without a trace.
Its actually a great idea except its treading the line between legal and illegal depending on how you position yourself.

Step down with the understanding I'd be given a generous severance package to incentivize the exit of my incompetent management practices.

Clawback provisions and deferred bonuses

It's not 2009 anymore m8
My plans have many sections and subsections so sorry if the formatting comes out all fucked up

1.launch a new program that makes it extremely easy for clients to write their own algorithms and automate their trading, market it as bringing HFT to everyone (make it super affordable)
take the opposite position of all automated trades
also create a separate company for this and our own HF trading for liability purposes
2. Buy mortgages from specific local banks and bundle them by location (specific to sections of towns by demographic)
sell people insurance on their neighborhood property value (free money for me?)
3. offer student loans to anyone
>lower standards for obtaining a loan
>offer refinancing for loans
>offer "future loans" where people can lock in their interest rates for when they graduate high school
>do whatever the fuck I need to do to make sure as many retards and poor people get loans as possible
>Securitize loans
>Insure securities
Pour millions of dollars into advertising and propaganda convincing kids not to pay their loans
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 3

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