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OmiseGo (OMG)

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I posted about this yesterday and said to check this out. Did anybody heed my advice?

Now it's mooning. Hopefully some of you got in when I made that thread and are enjoying these gains. For the rest of you, it's not too late.

Research this company and you'll see the promise it has. They haven't even announced their McDonalds partnership yet.
love me some OMG but cmon. it can't just keep shooting up lol. it's gonna have to have a correction soon.
I made a thread about it when it was at 24k and half the people where saying its a scam. /biz/ is full of morons...
Wanted to participate in the ICO but forgot lol
yeah but they wanted to announce it end of the month so what happened? They don't even give any information to that matter
You can still make some gains from this. Realistically could go to $3-5 in the next month, maybe higher once the McDonalds press release comes out
I'm fairly certain they were being misleading about McDonalds Thailand. They are using their services but not OMG.

Though word on the grapevine is that they will be the center star in the next EEA announcement.
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It is still happening it just got a minor delay.

Keep in mind this is the parent company OMISE making this deal so that McDonalds in Thailand will use their payment processing system.

OmiseGo is the blockchain they are building. OMISE already does millions in transactions.

Unlock other cryptos like Ripple that hope to create the crypto network, THEN get banks to sign on, OMISE already is making deals THEN will implement their own blockchain.

Go to their website and check their advisor board. This one could actually be huge.
mcdonald's is already priced in bro
Ever heard of sell the news retard?
Saw your post yesterday, had already bought in at 80 cents so im good. Youre doing gods work though
Honestly, yes it is a little bit. But there is still a lot of the crypto community who are not aware of this.

In addition, look at coinmarketcap and see all the altcoins above it that aren't doing shit.

This company is going places. I could see it below NEO at like 400M market cap.

So we looking at still about $4 maybe $5.

When that release comes out we should see it go more parabolic and hit those numbers. From there, will probably dip and then slow rises like everything else.

But it could still have an Antshares type ride up there.
>verification on bitfenix
>requires you to download a physical document sign it and post it back online
what is this fucking shit are we back in 1990
>In addition, look at coinmarketcap and see all the altcoins above it that aren't doing shit.
Ah, the old standby
>decide to check this out
>read whitepaper
>decide to buy some later
>go to bed
>wake up
>it fucking mooned to ATH
Meh, I can sleep on this coin. Who cares really.
Yes I have you fucking faggot. However, a lot of those sell the news executions happen when their is a specific date that people greedily buy right up until before they sell off.

There is no date right now so its speculation as more people are awared. Therefore, it COULD still go up. It COULD also trade sideways. But so far it has been slowly rising.

However, look at coinmarketcap and tell me where you think this honestly fits since you seem like such an intelligent neckbeard.
I'm already invested in omise. But those two screenshots are bullchit.
why would they say they will announce it end of the month and in this pic they say it wasn't meant to go public. If it wasn't meant to go public why even mention it
>yes goyim buy my bags when the news hits it will pump heheheheh
Fucking idiot, see >>2943965

yawn. people have been saying that but its still rising. It's cool bro. I don't need to convince anybody. I'm just sharing and awaring. I've posted about it almost everyday and people have made gains so i'm glad for my fellow biz bros (even more pretty much everyone here is a faggot, including you)
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Oh shit that guy got fucking owned bro sick fucking shit bro owned owned owned

I didn't get owned I just don't feel like arguing with retards
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But anon, youre the retard...
Overpriced. I will wait to buy at 40k sat.
(((skeleton in chair meme))) good luck stacking up


This is a real company, delivering real progress. Omise is super legit. If I wasn't already fully allocated to OMG, I'd be buying in, even here.
A smattering of projects that currently have a higher market-cap than OMG:

* Status. Would require >50M users for the token to have any value whatsoever. Not happening
* Dogecoin. Memecoin.
* Stellar. A fork of Ripple, with no future.
* Bytsecoin. Scam / PnD.
* Gnosis. Legit project, hyper over valued.
* Byteball. Scam / PnD.
* Lisk. No idea what this is.
* Steem. This is a very, very elaborate pyramid scheme.
* Veritaseum. Scam / PnD.
* BitConnect. An ACTUAL pyramid scheme.
* Qtum. Hahahahaha, so overvalued it's silly.
It'll probably dip before the next moon mission. It seems to making a double-top right now.

What price should I buy at?
Had a buy order in for 1k coins at 50k Satoshi last night and was sure it would go through...wake up and see this...kill me...

Should I buy in anyways? I know this is gonna go to at least $5 eventually but I want to get as many as possible and am already down a lot in crypto from buying high and selling low.
Jumped in at 1.32

wait for sub 60k imo
Couldn't hold off... bought at 67k.

I don't know why, but I can't fucking resist buying high and selling low at crypto. I am such a good stock investor and I do it through value investing...but I am throwing away all my gains on crypto it is just too fucking different.

Oh well, this should still hit $5+ by next year even if it dips a lot in the coming months.

I'm a total OMG proponent, but don't chase an investment you're not fully comfortable with, especially if you think you have "weak hands" and might sell if it declines.

You could buy a small portion at this price, and more if the price declines. That way you're happy with either outcome.
really been wanting to get in this but yesterday the power went out all day. from a fucking little storm. ugh


fkin gains goblin mother nature

I think it's because crypto is not based on cashflow and fundamentals; if I can buy a company at 3X cashflow, I really don't care what happens to the stock price; if it goes down, I can be confident buying more.

With crypto, it's easy to get spooked by declines, since there's mostly air beneath us. I think we all fear that the market is like when Wile E. Coyote runs off the cliff, and everything is fine until he looks down.

OMG is a solid coin with solid fundamentals (ironically) which is different than most other coins. You can research Omise the parent co, estimate it's future payment processing volume, and then apply that value to the token. You don't want to know what number I'm putting fair value at, it's a bit spooky.
>fair value number

spill, and what time frame.

myself, i think SNT/Status has potential to be in tens of billions in several years if they get their product in use.
that is to say that i don't think you'll sound crazy/spooky.
>brand new to /biz/ this week
>saw this thread yesterday
>thought about throwing money at it, but i know nothing about coins
>ignored it, missed out on doubling my money

So is this actually the best way to make money? Find a random thread on here and just throw money at that coin?

Or am I just experiencing cognitive dissonance
not at all. most threads here are shilling you to buy their bags
99% of threads lke this will be at the peak of the pump. You need to do your own research and find a promising coin with upcoming developments.
Fortunately I bought OMG at 0.00021
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Ok, bizbros, here's my analysis. This is the reason I'm balls-deep in OMG.

Omise (a corporation) is building it's own payment network, so that they don't have to rely on expensive, existing systems. Their profit (as a company) will soar the more they drop payment processing costs. Let's assume OmiseGo represents all future payment processing for Omise, and they move off their legacy stack.

Omise just acquired Paysbuy, which does 2Bn THB (thai bhat) in volume, or ~$60M USD / year.

There are no public records of Omise' payment volume, but we're going to back into it. Paysbuy is the absolute floor of our estimate.

Google and Temasek released a joint report in May that called Southeast Asia the “world’s fastest growing internet region,” translating into a $200 billion e-commerce market by 2025. Omise is the "Stripe" of SE Asia, and looks set to take a significant portion of the growth. Their roster of clients is pretty sick,

As of June 15, they are signing up 2000 merchants per month.

Let's assume their growth has been consistent; they now would have ~50,000 merchants. Some merchants have lots of volume, some small. Let's assume each merchant is averaging only ~.1M THB (1/10th of their "better pricing" lowest level), or $3,000/mo; this would be $1.8Bn/yr of total transaction volume, today.

With 10X growth assumptions, they would process $18Bn/yr of transaction volume.

Omise fees start off at 3.65%. For OmiseGo to make their business profitable, fees have to be less. Let's go super low, and assume 1%.

The token holders, in the aggregate, would be earning $180M/yr. At a fair multiple, this is $25/OMG.
I'm sold lol. Only 200 omg :(((


Next minute NMRmarines became the laughing stock of biz. DO NOT BUY AT ATH
I would buy omg if it hit 40k sat.
I think for now it is overpriced.
You boys see we're poppin? AGAIN?
Excellent due diligence
next up: XRP

shit's coiled and ready to blow
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>just sold at $209 thinking it peaked
>it goes up
will probably hit 0016 within 24hrs (double what it is as of this post)
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>that feeling when your greedy instinct tells you dump your 6,000 tokens NOW because this will have to come down son, but your long-term side tells you not to sell a cent below $10.

I got loads of omg 2 weeks ago, reading is a powerful thing. I agree with all the things u said about those coins, I have status though to sell after this general pump
Technically correct. The lack of projects right now is concerning.

True, but apparently has staying power.

I'd wager it has a future if it keeps on slowly chipping away at SWIFT like Ripple is. But it's a reaaaaalllly long term thing.

Definitely a scam.

Correct, and now facing competition.

Wanna Bitcoin but gives away free money. So likely a scam.

Status, but for Java. Made by incompetent Germans (ie, the worst kind) who haven't shown any results in a year, took down the "examples" of possible dapps being built on their platform, and there are accusations that their wallet sends your private keys to them.

Sounds like it, but the jury is still out. Decent social media platform for crypto though.

Definitely a scam.

>people actually put money into this

I actually had to check the price. This shit should not be worth this much.
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>tfw just buy the bottom of every shitcoin and baghold a ton of profit.
Sorry, I meant to say that Lisk is like STRATIS but for Java. Not Status.

Goddamn names are getting too similar these days.
It's literally not gonna go down in value since McDicks is gonna be using it for an entire country...

If you're feeling autistic then dump at $5
i dont like the current orderbook for this, its a good buy in the next two or three days when its maybe 10-15% down.
Yeah, the pump is over.

Guess I'll just have to hold long-term now.
Managed to sell at 50% profit, damn stop limits saved my ass
or it was a quick fake - in a few hrs or a day you'll be like "whhyyyy did I selllll nooooo"... and probably buy back in. But if you took profit now I can't hate either.



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I bought in at $1.60. Even if I sold now, I'd come out with $8,300 or so in profit. I was just wondering if I should have sold earlier and bought in lower.

Either way, I'm fine. Not sure why you're making a show out of this.
Why is it mooning?
Because it mooned as of Aug1, and now all the speculators and ppl that have seen the <$5 spikes going to double/triple digits I think this is the current crowd fav (or one of). there's all kinds of new rounds of awareness and pumps coming in. The ratio is nice too re amount of coins and the potential for big MC is there.
Where can I short OMG?
That's what she said
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