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Anyone interested in the Ark project should check out this t

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Anyone interested in the Ark project should check out this transcript from a Q&A with one of the devs earlier today: https://www.reddit.com/r/ArkEcosystem/comments/6iqixy/ark_vision_by_grexx/

>inb4 reddit

Really made me see some things in Ark's future I hadn't considered before.
Also, Ark is sponsoring a hackathon in New Jersey today and tomorrow, which could potentially boost the price.
look at all the AMAs Ark is doing on their slack
easy top10 in 2018

cap this
Thinking of buying more in this dip. Is it gonna dip even more or is this the bottom? I already own 5k ark.
>look at all the AMAs Ark is doing on their slack

Yepp, Brendan Eich, Bancor, Status, Civic and Navcoin have all done AMAs there. This is an extremely good sign.

I would wait a little bit. We might not see $.50 again but it could dip more still.
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Proud Ark hodler begging since 22 cents here.

I already had faith in the project before, but when I was reading through the slack channel this morning, this just fully cemented it for me.
Thanks for the link. Just read into this project, actually has potential.
Sure thing. I'm pretty excited about it and believe in the team, I don't want you guys missing this one.
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People love to shit on Ark.
Just ask them Where's there coins nascar?
too many shit 'entrepreneurs' sucking the blood out of a promising project
About to drop $10k into this and HODL
Been there done that
Ark fixing the scaling issue that ETH has should alert anyone.

The ethereum bloat can't continue forever, the more projects use ethereum, the more traffic on its network becomes congested. This isn't something you want if you want to be a global currency, used by everyone.

Ark promises to sidestep/fix that problem. They have 30 mio. in funds which is enough plenty to get a working product out.

Their dev in the slack channel also hinted at plenty of secret proprietary tech and developments that he can't talk about, also a good sign.

There is a startup using ark's tech already (blockpool)
Agreed. Ark looks to have the framework needed for a true global-scale blockchain network.
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Ark is future tech AND money
Ark fans sound like virgins.

>Age 18: It's okay. I have plenty of time to lose it.
>Age 21: Alright, no successes at bars. I'll find a nice girl though.
>Age 25: I'm a bit late, but no worries. Still time for a wife and kids.
>Age 30: Oh god, thinks are looking grim. But if I can find a younger woman, she can still bear kids.
>Age 40: I'm just a man going my own way

This is what you guys sound like. The virgin still insists he can lose it as he gets older just like you guys keep insisting Ark as a future as the price drops lower and lower. You think some Steve Carrell shit is going to happen and it will finally moon. Get with reality.
>as the price drops lower and lower
>up over 150% in a month, 200% at one point

I'm not surprised you don't recognize inner peace.
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Look at the chart for two seconds and recognize we're in a botted accumulation period that looks exactly like every pattern before a breakout. And fuck right off, I hold ark because the community is refreshing and it isn't overrun with chink/poo pnd bullshit. And I've always been really skeptical of PoS, but I think there's a definite future in DPoS with ark as a leader.
>grexxWe aren't loading up the ARK main network with ass tons of useless speculative trading volume from thousands of tokens for projects that will never amount to a bag of dicks.

Eh Lo Ehl
I didn't really buy the whole "bot manipulation" thing but that really does look artificial as fuck.

There's going to be a moon and it's going to come hard.
it was confirmed by bittrex that multiple people were using bots simultaneously on ARK after the pump
new to /biz/. is this elaborate, coordinated shilling from ark bagholders or people generously giving away valuable information for free?
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This is actual valuable information for free.


Because we are all invested in crypto and Ark has a chance of being a huge contender. The more winners we get in here the more we move our society towards crypto.

Nothing wrong with sharing the wins :)
how do we kill the whales anons?
I'm fine they're suppressing the price for now because I can buy more ark but eventually we're gonna have to do something about this

also how much Ark will I need to break free of wagiedom in 2 years?
To break free completely and retire?

Well, there are 126million Ark circulating now.

Do the math.
That's total supply, not circulation.

My apologies.
the real question is what do you think Ark's price will be in 2 years anon
what math? what equation? pls help this poor pajeet i want to learn
>co-founder does a shitty interview and knows nothing about the market
>defends his shitty interview in the slack and gets angry at constructive feedback

And I'm out. That's the second incompetent member I've come across

So what you're saying is the guy is bad at being social? This is a good sign in a market of autists...
2 years?


Don't think it will be the next BTC. The whole appeal of Ark is for handling multiple currencies from one platform. You buy ark but amazon only takes BTC? No problem.

Therefore there will still need to be other coins who are king so don't expect Ark to be sitting pretty at 2k+ per coin...
No you idiot. The guy is a 'marketer' he isn't a dev. He is a cofounder who barely understands the market he works in
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Thread images: 6

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