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>going to my retailcuck wagie job >work part time for 6

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>going to my retailcuck wagie job
>work part time for 6 hours 3 days a week but my week consists of days ruined by work or days dreading the upcoming work days
>do a job that some silicon valley 19 year old should've automated by now (they're too busy with the college fuckfest)
>sometimes get seen by people I went to school with and yhey probably laugh at me
>was laughed at by girls younger than me who knew my name ("Hey look it's Anon") and I didn't even know who they were
>manager realised I've been taking 40 minute breaks instead of 15 and subtly told me to cut it out
>did a degree and I'm smart but lazy
>had lots of graduate interviews but after a lifetime of doing well in academia I can't pass interviews because I'm not a normie
>tonnes of chad and Stacey couples at my workplace, many of them younger than me
>never ever had attention from a girl ever, have had zero social life for years

What's my stake in society? I lift weights but can't motivate myself to stop binge eating or work hard in my free time (on programming stuff). I go to the library and cinema to feel less alone but it never works and I go home feeling conned and sad after seeing hot girls I'll never talk to and people enjoying their youths.

If I got a graduate job then at least I wouldn't be a low status cuck but it would be mind numbing and soul destroying.

Life is unfair. Some posh person who goes to a private school is taught to act in an ubernormie way and skates through a zero work arts degree at university. This is the type of person interviewing me when I go to graduate job interviews in London.

This is humiliating and depressing. Who was the con artist that said that work gives any pride ever?

And pop songs played as muzak, which are the anthems of normies. Images of models and celebrities are shown everywhere. These are the people who post Instagram selfies gloating about "Puttin in da #work" when they had everything handed over to them due to their looks.
build positive habits incrementally

it takes time (years), but it works

consistency trumps intensity, start by putting in a tiny amount of effort every day and slowly increase it as long as you keep doing it every single day

stop paying attention to the culture and the lives of others, it's completely unimportant. negative echo chambers like 4chan, far from being a place to relax by blowing off steam, actually amplify the stress
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one of the best posts i've ever seen on this board
>have a degrew i am smart but lazy
haha classic man child
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take responsibility for your life experience.

Or don't, and continue like this
>look mom I posted it again
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screencapping this for later motivation
>I'm smart but lazy

the biggest meme of them all

if you were smart, you wouldn't be in this situation
Stop being a lazy worthless piece of shit. Complacency deserves no sympathy.
not sure if this is pasta ( as >>1699967 seems to imply), but..

sounds like you are depressive. have you ever talked to a psychologist?

seriously, don't give a shit about other people, think about yourself first. also, don't be negative, you don't know what's happening to them. they may look like happy people, but could be in a much worse situation than you. life isn't white vs black, and I say so as someone who's had cancer.

if you need money, try selling clothes or electronics through ebay, facebook or something.

you don't even know if they are laughing at you. also, as people said, stop worrying about them, you don't owe them anything, much less your life
What exactly is your job?
You should be a motivational speaker, if you are not one already
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 6

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