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Do you guys have any decent penny stocks you've been looking

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Do you guys have any decent penny stocks you've been looking at recently?

I've kind of been looking at CERU but I'm uncertain.

Bremelanotide <- this is why
That actually looks pretty promising. Looks especially good for short-term
le penny stocks are all scams and pump and dumps response

I've been in SPCL since the most recent dip down to the .005s and hoping for good news in January if they ever fucking finish auditing their financials and work on the ticker change/RSS. The most recent 8-k would seem to have satisfied the SEC for now or else they'd kill this meme where it stands.
SPCL seems like they could be successful if they'd just advertise their product some. I know they're mostly in R&D but drawing some attention couldn't hurt.

I might dump some money in for keks
It's technically part of their merger agreement to keep as much of this under wraps as possible, so there's that. They've done a good fucking job on it, considering I have to sift through the fetid dog shit that is ihub or check the SEC for any news related to it.

As far as products, they're not exactly an industry leader. I mean they're worth more than the .007 cents a share right now, and that's something.

It doesn't help that one of their founders happens to now run the scam that is Plastc.
What's making you confident for January?

I'm looking at buying like 10,000
Well, might as well start from the top for posterity's sake and anyone reading along and haven't heard about SPCL yet.
When I say SPCL, what I'm really referring to is a company called Pixelmags that works in digital distribution of magazines. SPCL was a defunct shell corporation (apparently they worked with solar powered golf carts or some dumb shit) and with the assistance of Vert Capital completed reverse merger with pixelmags in June to turn the privately owned Pixelmags into a publicly traded company.

So, when I'm saying SPCL, I'm really talking about Pixelmags/Vert Capital. A lot of 3rd parties are estimating upwards of 30 million in revenue from Pixel.

The reasons I'm confident in January is because as detailed in their 8-k: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1411730/000149315216015595/form8-k.htm

They are anticipating that they'll be done with the reverse stock split by January 31st or sometime around that. This means, prior to this, they'll be done with auditing their financials for the previous years in compliance with the SEC. They need this to be uplisted. Their goal is to get onto NASDAQ with this.
This all looks pretty promising, thanks for turning me on to this
No problem. I'm just hoping the hype turns into something tangible real soon.
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Complete noob here, but SPCL isn't coming up on Robinhood, and on etrade I'm getting error in pic related.
How do I fix this?

but thats the best part about them. the 100% swing, buy in low, wait for a pump, sell high, rinse repeat.

I have like 8 PS I threw money on. Eventually they all catch some bull shit pump sites attention, they slow load daily for a bit then bam massive buys, stock twits goes nuts, people all jump in like its a orgy, meanwhile the guys who bought in early all leave the orgy before others start cumming to avoid getting nutted on and left holding the cum rag baggy,.
I have no idea how E-Trade works on this since my brokerage is TD Ameritrade, but I think you'd need to have a limit buy order instead of a market buy order. A lot of brokers require you to issue a limit buy or other such stock order because of how volatile OTCs are, I believe. As for Robinhood, they don't actually do OTC stocks at all yet I believe.

And yeah, it's great money, I just can't stand sites like Ihub or some other shitty penny stock forum. It's just a mess of stock manipulation and idiocy sometimes, but they do have decent picks on their top 10 boards very rarely. There's also >reddit, which can be tolerable, but /r/pennystocks manages to be so late to the party sometimes.
Ihub just jumps to conclusion on stocks like 24/7. I remember when I was a newbie I lost like $100 because I thought it would be a good idea to listen to them.
good article from yesterday about SPCL for yall

without going full /sp/ tell me why I should invest in an Australian rugby team
Their stock high was at $96 back in 1997. Do you think they could return to that level in time?
Wishful thinking that it'll go back to $96, but it doesn't seem like a terrible investment
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 5

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