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>Email massive company stating you've had an issue with

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>Email massive company stating you've had an issue with one of their products
>They send you a check or prepaid giftcard because they don't care and they make billions per year

Why aren't you guys doing this? It's not much, just over $50 or so but for neets this seems worthwhile when it really takes a few minutes of your time.
It's not worth my time.
But posting on 4chan is?

What's so valuable about your time mr investment banker? How much is your time worth?
its not worth time because this doesnt happen op
Are you sure? It seems plausible
because you always have to provide evidence either for the product or the bill
What if you say you threw it out already?

Would such a large company really doubt a prized customer?
Yes, because this sort of shit happens all the time. I've had people bitching at me about products I don't even fucking sell, just looking for handouts.

>No receipt, no service. Fuck off.

You can generally cash in on class actions and collect some minimum payout from those without proof, but that's a few dollars here and there. Also perjury.
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>worked for a helpdesk of a large biz
>policy is that they only check for fraud above a total of 300 dollars in damages per shipping address
>change jobs one day
>order a new console for 299 dollars
>receive it
>say I didn't receive it and ask for a refund
>get the money back no questions asked
The only thing that can get you anything back is warranty, no one i going to give you money just because you are an unsatisfied customer
I work for a large retailing company and I can assure you, in Europe this actually does happen on a large scale.

It's cheaper to just give in to the customer and act like you're going through a hassle to get it done so they feel like an exception to the rule while in reality it's standard procedure.
It's cheaper because it's actually more expensive in employee payment costs than the purchasing price of the article when you can write it down as broken in accounting and the producer of the article pays you everything back instead of the company.
Hence they don't care and they make billions per year.

Glad to clear this out for you.
How big is your compamy? Revenue north of $50billion a year at least?

Do you reckon a company of over $70billion/year revenue is going to demand proof of purchase or doubt a "customer"?

That's odd, I could've sworn it was different
I enjoy browsing 4chan, at least certain boards, i would not enjoy begging for money i don't deserve.

I make enough cash from stocks and my job to live comfortably, i don't need a $5 voucher.
Enough from your pennystocks?

How's $MGT doing?
Obviously not that big. They really aren't any different though. They generally have a limit where they won't investigate blatant fraud as anon with his console showed above, but outright handouts with zero evidence are exceedingly rare.

If they give you coupons, chances are they are still turning a small profit, or at least breaking even when you use them. Either way it's increased revenue, and pulling market share away from competitors. They aren't doing it to be charitable.
that's false though

I've done this and gotten checks for $50+. Literally takes a couple minutes to shoot out a bunch of emails and then wait for 2-4 weeks for mail to show up.

Large companies don't care about verifying this shit
What companies do you usually target
I'm not poor.
When I was a kid I had a pair of new diesel shoes that dug into my ankle and made it bleed. I took a picture of my ankle and mailed a letter in to the company headquarters in America. A few weeks later they sent me back a reply saying I could go into any Diesel store and get any pair of shoes I wanted.

They didn't ask for proof at all. I've thought about doing this for other things to get free shit, but I'm not a lying scum bag
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>Just over $50

These are the people you're discussing finance with guys
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You don't get $50 from companies complaining about shit.

Give me an example of a product and the company you'd complain to that would give you $50 voucher.

What are the types of companies or products that you could possibly complain about that would even give returns like this?

>Complain about Toothpaste
>Get $10 max

>bought a bag of hazelnuts (1-2€)
>there was funny fur in it
>complain via email + picture
>got an 10€ voucher

lately I had an little stone in my cerials which I bite on.
For this I will complain too. I could have fucked up an teeth, totally not funny.

But complaining for stuff that didn't happen to get free stuff -> please kill yourself you piece of shit.
Several years ago, my mom bought some doritos and it had this big burnt chunk in it, and she kept saying it was like a burnt mouse. They sent her some freebie coupons lol and that was it. It was like 3+ free doritos of any kind or some shit like that.

>no receipt, no service
I did this at walmart with a 3 year old copy of Diablo 3 that I never opened. I just said it was a gift so i didn't have the receipt and they gave me the new price back kek. I think it was from best buy but best buy didn't sell it anymore, while walmart did so I just tried it and it worked.

Claim they broke your keyboard and leaked inside
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Thread images: 4

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