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>be me >have MBA >graduate at top of class with perfect

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>be me
>have MBA
>graduate at top of class with perfect grades throughout school
>work way to top of company
>become president and part owner
>sell company to outside investor who has his own management team
>start to look for work

>6 months later
>still haven't even gotten an interview

Fuck, /biz/, why is this so hard? Why can't somebody with my qualifications find anything? I've even been rejected for a bunch of entry-level bullshit jobs.
you're overqualified for most jobs and underqualified for the rest.

It's sorta like being a corpsman in the military- your position has no equivalent in the private sector. What is a business owner qualified to actually do? own things I guess.
Adjust resume to show only experience relevant to the positions you're applying for.
Stop applying for entry level jobs then. Or improve your resume and cover letter. Networ more - join a social club.

Too late now but 1. You shouldn't have done an MBA and 2. You shouldn't have sold yur business without a new job lined up.

MBAs are meme degrees which teach no useful skills and I have seen a few people fail when selling their business who think that their experience owning 1 business makes them an attractive candidate when it's usually the opposite

I handled all of our sales, compliance, customer/supplier relations, logistics, labor relations, contract negotiation, etc.

I'm finding that most mid-high level jobs require very specific skills that nobody outside of that company would reasonably possess. At the same time, if I apply for lower-level positions, they just tell me I'm overqualified.

I'm stuck in limbo and it really sucks.
I know.
I've owned a business for the last decade and a half, I don't know what the hell I'd apply for if I ever need a job.

I mean I've done it all, but not enough to be a real expert in anyone else's business.

we may find ourselves in the strange situation of lying to make ourselves sound less qualified.

Yes, I'm also finding it difficult to even select positions to apply for. My role involved such a broad range of things that it is hard to say what I should focus on.
GM is probably closest but then no owner I know of is going to give me free reign to run his company the way I like to run mine.
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college is meme of all memes. like altucher said, companies such as google dont even look at your education anymore, they just test how good your programming skills are
Have you tried working with a recruiter or headhunter? What field are you in?

My girlfriend's father was in a similar situation. Was very high up in a finance role, then had to spend months and months looking for a new job. Think of it this way- there are tens of millions of entry-level positions. How many companies are actively looking for new presidents? A lot less. It may take longer but with your skills, you'll find something.

How does one begin working with a recruiter? I'm in the animal feed industry.
Are you the guy from the other day who sold his plant and now can't get a job with the competition?

Anyway, just start googling. Call around to company hiring departments, go on linkedin and search for people whos job title is recruiter or staffing manager or something like that.

Here's one I found by searching for "animal feed industry recruiter" - http://www.consearch.com/
You have 1 of two options.

Apply for more jobs.


Underlist your qualifications.

I suggest the first one.
An easy one would be to go for a head sales job (company size and direct reports similar to where you were at before). If you're a head honcho and apply for a job, the first thing the hiring manager is going to think is (I'm hiring my replacement). That scares off a lot of managers and leads then to hire under qualified candidates / people who do good work but can't market it. Idk about the level of your past accolades but if they are that impressive and provide a lot of value, you might want to find a spot where the owner of the company is giving you an interview. He has everything to win out of hiring a great candidate.

The only shortcoming of that is not many give direct interviews and you're best way into landing that interview/conversation is through Networking events. Sit next to the right person during a presentation or dinner and things can happen.

>Are you the guy from the other day who sold his plant and now can't get a job with the competition?

Yes, that's me.
how much was your cut from the sale?

100k. Not much, but better than nothing.
You have a master's, and you were president of a company, and you're applying to entry-level jobs? You're aware that there's such a thing as being overqualified, right?
So did you find any recruiters?
Do you have any desire to start a new business? You at least have a little bit of cash to get yourself started and you've sold a company before, so that looks good to investors.

Your reading comprehension needs work. I've applied for many upper and mid-level jobs.


I've tried a couple with no luck. The ones I've spoken to haven't instilled a lot of confidence.


Ideally, I would like to, but I'm not sure what to do. I'd likely need to get back into the industry, work for a while, and then find a niche

you've got 100k and you haven't been trading on penny pharma what are you doing

mba lmfao

the fuck bro

I prefer index funds. I am of the opinion that one cannot consistently beat the market (unless you have insider info).
That's alright man, it's only been a couple hours. You just continue to put yourself out there and the right opportunity will come along. If you could do it once, you can do it again.
$PTN Mid-october latest for data
$MSTX 914 Data
$NAVB 9/21 Deal/Debt deadline
$ARLZ 9/14 FDA heat

you're welcome
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OP like many of the anons have already said, a position will definitely come your way soon. I'm surprised that no has been willing to take you on, it sounds like from what you mentioned that you bring a lot to the table. At the very least people should know that you are competent! Which nowadays can mean a lot. Have you been looking for work using the website monster? Or even looking at businesses that you're interested in working for and inquiring whether they have a position available?

The fact that someone with your skill and qualifications is having a hard time getting a job is a sign of how ill the economy is for businesses.

By the way, I'm not sure what field or industry your last business was in but I would love to know because I'm very curious. Best of luck bud.

Animal Feed. We specifically focused on manufacturing, warehousing, reconditioning, and trading animal by-products (feather, bone, blood, etc)
Wow that's interesting, thanks for the response! Since you have experience in dealing with the logistics of manufacturing food (some kind of food at least) perhaps you could enter a field related to manufacturing food, but in a more competitive area like frozen foods.

Here's a link to companies that deal with that:


The website can also act as a resource, I suppose, to see other career opportunities in the related field. I didn't look to much into but hope it helps you brain storm at the very least. Jesus bless man.
OP here. Should I continue to list that I was the owner on my resume? If not, what should I put myself down as? How might I best approach looking for a new job as the former owner/president of a business?
Try saying you were in an upper management position or director.
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Thread images: 3

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