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What is "value creation", and why are businesses which

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What is "value creation", and why are businesses which "create more value" usually more profitable?

What are some examples of low value creation and high value creation businesses? Why is it sometimes said that manufacturing usually creates more value than services?
A service is something temporary which in best cases makes something work or helps something. A creation is timeless or more permanent than a service because you can store it physically, a service however can't be stored.
A creation can be multiplied or accumulated, whereas a service can't be accumulated also you don't usually need multiple services for something to work, so quantity wise it is constant let's say 1, creation like metal pipe can be accumulated and one pipe is not going to make it alone you need multiples of that pipe to create the system, the plumber could be the one providing the service of making that system. If done well there is only need for a one time service order, the pipes however have higher quantity always in every home.
Stupid question to be honest, don't know how much more I can explain this, it gives me a headache.
That depends on who you're talking to
>Classical Capitalist
Value is created through the use of capital to purchase goods, land in the form of natural resources, and labor to produce commodities to be consumed within the economy. Note that none of those requisites were considered commodities in this system, because without them coming together and being used for commodity production they were all without any value. To them the biggest enemy to the economy was the wealthy land owners who controlled capital flows and could charge "tolls" whenever industrialists needed access to something they controlled. This really pissed them off because to them they provided no value to the economic process, but got a slice of the profits anyway. There was a weird time when industrialists really wanted the government to step in and take over huge swathes of land so that they could build mines and factories without having aristocrats fucking them over at every turn.
Really similar to the classical capitalists, except that they believed that both the industrialists and the landed elite were receiving things that they did not work for, and that the only one really being exploited was the workers who provided labor. In this case all value came from the productivity of the workers who actually created products, but they received only a portion of what they earned. They still believed that industry was the only real value creating mechanism within a society and all impediments must be removed so that industry could expand to the size demanded of it.
Seems similar to Capitalists, but removed the distinction between land owner and industrialist. This is a pretty key distinction because after that they could say that the guy who owns land produces as much value as the guy who runs a factory, and maybe even more because he could make more profits.
ITT do my homework for me general
Dude, how off track can a person get? You certainly show a high degree of that.
It's a simple question, simple answer.

"What is value?" Is one of the most complex questions one could possibly ask.

Just try to define value in less than 500 words.
Value is what we as humans think something is worth, it is something unconsciously done because we prioritize our possessions.
Just think of it, you may have objects dear to you and they're worth more in value to you than what someone else might think. Like for example a teddy bear from your childhood that you cherish.
Understanding what value is is not complex at all, it's neither hard to understand. Explaining it may be hard to something that does not understand what value is because they've never had the experience of value.
Tldr value is not something complex. Everyone understands value. Explaining it is different.
Going off track here, awesome.
But really this is value "what we consciously think something is worth" 7 words.
I think the question isn't really what value is but rather somethings like this
How do we know what something is worth? Is it random? Based on our needs at the time coupled with our collected habits and preferences? Can we account for these preferences within a model of our economy? Are we able to ignore them in favor of abstractions?

I guess you really are answering the question of "what" value is, but I think what we all want to know is rather "how" value is assigned which is complicated. The schools that I listed all tried to grapple with where value comes from and all tried to put forth that there was some kind of intrinsic value to be found.

>But really this is value "what we consciously think something is worth" 7 words.
Might as well just shorten it to value is value it's worth about the same thing to me.
Value is always personal, 20dollaridoos isn't worth the same for everyone.
Simply put, we don't.
Otherwise we would be valuing things that way instead of our current system.
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