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Post your car. > chevy cobalt silver >$20 full tank >

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Post your car.
> chevy cobalt silver
>$20 full tank
> sort of reliable
> hand me down car
what car should I get next?
something unique, it seems these days everyone has mustangs, so no mustangs. it's a cool car but everyone has one. Second, I love classic cars especially those old style 50's muscle cars. Thanks in advanced for the advice Bantnons.
Did you just get this or something? Why are you reposting your car, are you super proud of it? I'll never understand carfags.
50s muscle cars? Do you mean 60s?

Most cars in the 50s were big old lead sleds.
I have a 95 Honda Accord and a 04 Mazda rx8.
>inb4 triangle engines are bad xD
They are actually pretty reliable if you take care of them

>Chevy Cobalt
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I just use the subway
Bicycle mastertace reporting
I want to see other peoples cars, relax yuropoor.
yeah 60's.
it's a hand me down car, thinking of getting either a celica or even a corvette stingray. believe me, I prefer my bmw 358I but it was totaled.
fug man. cars = freedom.
I had a bicycle once, good on the legs bro.
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2008 VW Golf
It's still pretty fun to drive and it doesn't take a lot of gas if I dont speed and keep the oil + air + fuel filters changed but the bodywork is kind of fucked because I let my dad drunk drive it. 6/10, probably would buy a truck instead if I had to make the decision again

Pic related, taken from the safety of my grandma's house
Also yes I vape and drive
that looks super comfy to drive in.
what type of truck anon?
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Zu fuß gehen :^(

Dad owns a Volvo V70 T5 AWD which I drive occasionally. Saving for a classic Mini.
It is a comfy drive but I am just really too self conscious about the body work; thats my car's "good side".

If I got a truck it'dprobably be a little Ford Ranger just because I enjoy doing as much of the repair work as I can on vehicles I own, and those trucks have lots of parts still available.
does your vw need water? I heard that older models didn't need water. which is pretty cool.
just keep it shiny and clean and it will look nice to people. yeah and even then you can get oem parts and save some cash
Good choice but if you want something newer by Toyota get one of their new Scion coupes.

What's your budget?
You didnt give a budget fuckwad
Nah that's kind of the issue, theres lots of scuffs and scratches and they show up easier since its black but I gotta hit it with a clay bar and some wax I guess. Gaps between some of the body panels, too.

Also you should post your budget, OP
Eh, up here a lot of people have a main car and a winter beater, usually they choose VW Golfs or Civics as beaters.
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But its not supposed to be my "beater", it's my daily
well right now, I have a couple thousand but I'm thinking of getting one from Craigslist and getting work done it since celicas are discontinued.
You won't get much for a couple grand. You might get a frame, wheels, suspension, etc. but you won't get a decent engine for it.
96 honda civic I got for 500 Euros
7,000 or so. I mean at first inwanted a mustang but lots of people have those and I want something that not a lot peoplw have. my cobalt is a beater car bit it does really save me a ton of cash because it hardly eats gas.
I'm checking online and seeing if they have a good condition celica on Craigslist. some are 1,500-2,000 for a decent one but they could have problems, so I'll test them before buying with a mechanic.
I see those everywhere, and even drove one once. I like them and they're not bad at all.
For the price it is a great car. It came with a complete new set of tires and a kick ass sound system.
Even if the car just lasts me a year before dying I'll be happy.
There's no rust anywhere and it's in great condition if you ignore some scratches on the plastic. My brother is a mechanic and he says that it's the best car I could've gotten for that price.
it might last you longer, just give it a check up every few weeks, give it good fuel, and don't forget to clean and change the oil.
Thanks for the advice, bro. I'll let my brother do all the maintenance stuff because I don't know shit about that.
Get saab 9-3 aero, 9-5 is nice too
haha np, lucky you get free maintenance too.
T5 has a ford made 5pot from a 2nd gen Focus RS
I heard older volkswagons had no water in them. I think for the newer ones they all require water now.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 5

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