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Has anybody pissed their pants in public? Or better yet, Has

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Has anybody pissed their pants in public?
Or better yet,
Has anybody shit their pants in public?
As a child coming home from pre-k or k I can't remember. I would shit or piss myself almost daily when I would get about 2.5 blocks away from my home
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you're welcome
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epileptic fag here, yes I did.
I sharted at work about a year ago. It was towards the end of my shift (shit?). I was waiting in line for the bathroom. I felt a fart going on so I tried to let it slip out quietly. I felt a mushy substance permeate my uniform.
lost my apartment keys after a night of RETARDED drinking. spent the night on the community lobby couch and woke up having pissed myself.
don't give 2 shits about it because 1. it was a great night and 2. I fucking hate every one of my neighbors
I saw my sister pee her jeans once
Did you fap?
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I got a story about this

>be 12
>6th grade
>really need to piss
>excuse myself from band class
>rush to bathroom
>It's all the way on the other side of the school
>discreetly holding my dick closed as I do
>decide to kick down stall door like I'm in the movies
>it's fucking occupied
>kid shitting frog-style with both feet on the toilet seat
>watch his turd quickly retract into his rectum like a scared turtle
>the scare causes me to piss myself
No, no I did not fap.
Yeah i sharted on my way to school once when i was around 9 or 10 and spent the whole day with a piece of turd in my undies. Half the class noticed the bad smell and thought it was the black kid. Seriously.
Did both as an adult
I personally haven't but some kid in my primary school shit his pants.

Legit shit everywhere it was flowing out of his trousers for like 5 minutes
Never. You have to be king aspie to do this

Though I have contemplated pissing myself whilst skiing in France before but I did the normal thing and asked where a fucking toilet was

Well, they stink anyway.
Did you fap?
Well, shit. I guess you just opened up some hidden subconscious trauma/autism.

>be me
>12 years old
>friend and I are outside riding bikes
>friend accidentally hit head on House For Sale sign
>falls off bike
>In serious pain
>I start laughing so hard I have to jump off my bike and lean forward
>he gets up and does it again, harder this time, obviously putting on a show
>I laugh even harder
>we get back on our bikes
>driving thru the hood
>spot a few House For Sale signs in the distance
>friend proceeds to hit his head on sign and call of bike
>lays there
>I laugh until I piss myself
>repeat this times 7 with different signs; pissing each time
>I ride my bike home
>pants are actually worse than OPs image
>arrive home
>parents don't even say anything
I wasn't loved and I think I have autism now that I think about it.
Was once locked in traffic and didn't have a bottle on my car so I just went for it and hovered over my seat until I got home. I was starting to fucking HURT I had to go so bad.
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a lot.jpg
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in my adult age when shitfaced i have pissed myself but never sober
Have shat myself a couple of times in a public place, I am allergic to wheat so if I eat too much then ive learnt the hard way never trust a fart. If I eat a little it's just fart city in my pants.
Also, same guy.

>be me
>7 years old
>at school lunch
>need to shit so bad it hurts
>raise hand
>wait for 15 minutes
>some human porkbeast finally waddles over after seeing my restless energy remain consistent
>"can I please go to the bathroom? It's an emergency"
>"No you have to wait until lunch is over and you're in your classroom"
>hold it in until I literally can't keep it in
>poop protruding out asshole
>feel shame and embarrassment take over as I shit myself with 2 days worth of terrible children good diet
>I actually have a bulge like cabbage sitting back there
>try and act normal
>go to class
>everyone knows something is up
>I don't say it's me
>teachers have 4 separate classrooms meet up in center of commons
>they start trying to figure out where the smell is coming from
>after a thorough smell-search, they single me out like Anne Frank
>entire social group of humans I'm forced to interact with now know I shit myself horribly and stank up an entire building
>never made friends
>got bullied and teachers even thought i was retarded
>nurse hted me for having to change my shit
>gave me girl pants
>my dad made fun of me until the day he died

Fuck fat lunch ladies and my life
Thanks for sharing
>tfw he got bullied or harassed because of you
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No, but I sharted before going down the Humunga Kowabunga water slide at Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon. Literal shit running down my leg. I was 12
He was known for farting in class
>be me 20 something
>working in big city of brothers love
>at corner of 9th and market
>waiting to cross i look across street and see pissed off nigger
>as we all cross street he's walking like niggger does with pants hanging off ass and peguin walking
>nigger passes me with a mad face and muttering nigger talk
>look back and he blasted shit through his dickies
>you know how hard you need to shit to blast through dickies pants i think to self
>dickies are like kevlar
When I was a child I shit my pants when I,was about 8 thankfully it was at a pool so nobody noticed me shitting myself however eventually people did notice my turds in the water
It was fairly entertaining to watch
I used to piss myself everyday in 3rd grade from laughing so hard
I havent laughed like that in forever
Never pissed or shat myself unless the occasional minor shart counts. Never trust a fart, anons.
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> be me 4th grade
> in library with cunt of a teacher
> 15 ish kids all spread among 3 tables
> Had to piss since before i even got into the library
> shit head kids all shitting it up
> Raise hand the entire class whenever i can to ask to go to the bathroom
> teacher thinks im just going to be a nigger if she calls on me
> sit there trying to hold my piss eventually im about to pop
> piss myself
> thiscunt.jpg
> tell bitch i have to go to the nurse cause i pissed myself
> go to nurse and change embarresed as fuck
> teacher never gets shit for being a cunt by any staff members
> go back to the library
> see wood chair with piss all over it
> fat retarded girl has her hand in my piss on the chair and says dont sit down your chair is wet anon
Dont remember what happened after that all i remember is nobody even said anything about it or seemed to even realize it happened besides fat retardo
Top zozzle
Similar story
To lazy to greentext
In 7th grade taking a test.
Have to shit
Ask teacher if I could go since I was done.
Bitch says no.
Tell her in going to poop my pants unless I can go
She tells me to wait like a normal adult.
Go back to my seat in front row maintain eye contact and shit in my pants and on the chair
Had to go home.
Mom was furious at teacher
Fucking great
you aint cool unless you pee your pants
>Be 5-6 months ago
>Hungover as fuck at work
>Sitting at my desk, reading something on phone
>Think "today is going pretty smooth for a hangover day"
>Less than a minute later, sneeze
>Feel a small amount of diarrhea escape into boxers
>Go to bathroom, sure enough, there's a streak of diarrhea on my boxers
>Take them off, hide in garbage can
>Freeball for the next few hours
>Am careful to hide my waistline so no one has a chance to find out anything is off
>Finally, I'm the last person in the building
>Clock out for the day, put shitty boxers in plastic bag, lock the building, and go home
>Pre-wash boxers in sink, then throw them in washer with a load of other clothes
>Went better than expected
Nah you're definitely known as the dude who pissed himself
> be me
> 5th grade
> 26 kids in class
> teacher pretty awesome dude
> going over something "really important at the time"
> bathrooms in room, usually unlocked
> someone already in it, probably taking a shit
> kid gets up to use the bathroom
> pulls handle
> locked
> kid gets panicked look on his face
> "mr. gibson I really need to pee!"
> teacher: "well i guess you'll have to wait"
> suddenly, running water noises
> whole class looks over
> kid pees himself and now is standing in a massive yellow puddle
> everyone laughs and starts calling him pee-pants
> kid grows up to be a shithead and fights everyone including faculty
> ran into kid recently, currently 23 years old
> kid is still absolute cunt
>7th grade
>eye contact and shit my pants and on the chair
wew lad

▲ ▲
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>Be 11
> Be with cousin
> shes 11 too
> playing pretend games
> pretend we're babies
> she starts to wet her jeans giggling
> I do too
> we're done peeing
> she says we're really babies
> we're dripping wet
> I proceed to poop myself
> girl looks surprised
> "Did you really do that?"
> girl checks
> girl bend over and poop too
> we run around for a bit

> parents were furious but we had fun
Did you just describe what broke the man?
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Anon, you shit yourself for fun at age 11?
No I'm a man I can just whip my dick out and pee where ever. ....

However, I HAVE sharted in public a couple times and have legit actually shit my pants on accident as a grown was man while laying down playing vidya.

Gambled and lost. Mistakes were made
I wore diapers in school until like 7th grade so this wasn't an issue.

>underwearcucks BTFO
Always have been a lewdfag
Shit on two separate occasions.
Fill us in
are you are sperg?
asking if you have legit autism or smth like this. how can you still wear diapers till 7th grade?
One time i was super dope sick... This was 3 or 4 years ago....

But i went to the 24 hour wal mart at like 2 in the morning. So i was grabbing some shit then suddenly my gut just turned upside down. I ran to the can and both of the fucking shitters were closed.

I ended up splitting out the parking lot and shitting behind the good will.

Also it was my birthday

I hadn't been 24 for 2 hours and nearly shit myself
>be today
>walking around markets in Bangkok with wife and mother-in-law
>don't want to eat at market because just got over travelers diarrhea
>chinky cunt MIL wants to eat there so have to eat there
>get some fried chicken and some other stuff
>it was delicious
>walking back to hotel
>anon, have you seen any bathrooms around?
>no wife, I have not
>5 mins later, wife asks for room key and walks off with MIL
>brown stain all the way down MIL ass and legs
>laugh and laugh as they walk away

I'm not getting laid tonight boys, but I bet you fuck that the next time I say we shouldn't eat at a market, we won't.
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Both of those at the same time. I remember going on a big roller coaster when I was a small one. It was too intense for me, especially after lunch. I shat and pissed myself at once during the ride. Needless to say, I haven't shown my face there since then.
nothing triggers libs like launching a freedom missile into your own green zone

I shit my pants twice, sometimes three times a day and it never fails to piss off a whole bunch of shitlibs

>not just pissing outdoors
I did when I was about 7 in school. Nigger bitch teacher sent me to another class and they were outside. I had to pee, but was too afraid to talk to this teacher I didn't know, so I held it for as long as I could, and ended up just peeing all over myself. My pants were black, so no one could tell. 4 years later when I found hardcore porn on here, I found girls peeing, and thus began my first and still most prominent fetish. Fucking love watersports.
before i pee myself in public i will just put out my dick and piss at the next wall you animal
Always ate at the markets in Bangkok, never had issues
kek what a triggered lib
I had bladder issues. It resolved itself.
I was at work, (I do security) and one day I was walking into the stockroom to check if anything had been hidden back there and I needed to fart. I let it out, innocently enough, and ended up sharting. Liquid sprayed from my ass to my underwear. I went to the restroom to flush them down the toilet and clogged it. My boss walked in and asked if I was alright. She had been receiving complaints of a pungent fecal smell near the restrooms and came in to check. I had to explain to her that I shat myself and ran in here as quick as I could.
Just trying to play it safe after picking up Montezuma's revenge in Cambodia.

On another note, how fucking awesome is 7/11 here? Love these fucking ham and cheese sandwiches for late night snacks.
i never knew montezuma was cambodian
When I was in 6th grade I use to piss my pants cause I couldn't hold it in this happened every other day one day I got called up to the board but I said my legs were asleep then someone said it smelled like piss
I lost my date to the winter ball that day
>friends kids bday
>40c day
>kids all in pool
>she asks me if id jump in and just watch the kids in the pool
>from pool i can see up this 16 y.o skirt
>no underwear
>she occasionally sticks her hand down on it
>rock hard boner
>suddenly need to shit really bad
>birthday kid wants me to pick him up and throw him so he can land back down in water
>throw him up
>fart at the same time
>fake cough
>notice something in pants
>swim backwards
>log of shit comes out
>discretely try hide it in sand bucket
>someone sees it
>friend comes out and starts asking the kids who done it
>i clean it up
>all kids are banned from the pool

The fear killed the boner instantly fortunately
Last spring I shit my pants while driving my car. Luckily I was heading to the gym and had a change of clothes in my bag. Changed in the car and threw the shit infested shorts away. Shit stains were on the seat but I did a good job of blending it in before I sold the car.
>headed to the DMV to get my registration renewed
>pass a group of libtards protesting about god knows what
>lay a fresh biscuit in my drawers
>they go CRAZY
>absolutely chimping out
>I calmly walk in, grab a number and get in line
>triggered again libs

7/11 is great, but so is Bangkok in general
and thats why ya need leather seats
True story:

>be me
>20yrs old
>visiting Japan in 2014 with friends
>checking out temples
>have to pee
>no bathrooms around
>friends want to visit church
>have to pee even more
>starts raining
>dick about to explode from piss
>piss my fucking pants all over the church floor (church was empty, just us exploring)
>friends notice, call me gross
>walk to nearby arcade for bathroom
>notice 2 cute local Japanese women on way to bathroom
>friend speaks a little English, mine studied Japanese in college
>attempted conversation
>end up playing games in arcade with them
>exchange social media accounts
>take photos in photo booth with them
>Japanese chicks post our pics on their accounts
>all while wearing piss covered shorts
When I was a little girl my daddy liked to make me piss myself. It was a pretty fun game.
It's a common name for the shits.
Kinda autistic
Once in school when i was about 15
Yep, sure did.

>be 2012
>watching kino Avengers
>halfway through movie
>literally don't want to miss a thing
>refuse to leave to go the the bathroom
>piss myself
>sitting in the back row
>watch the piss flow down from the top of the theatre to the front row
>sit in my own piss for the rest of the movie
>be me
>year 6 (ukfag)
>Teacher is talking
>one kid accidently lets one rip
>whole class starts smriking and giggling like little fagots
>teacher tries to calm us down
>Just as it becomes silent again another kid lets it rip
>whole class burst out laughing
>Teacher is visably Anoyed starts to call out the Second kid.
>"this is silly behaviour Anon you are distrupting the whole Cla..."
>Another kid lets out the loudest Fart Yet
>Class is in Stitches at this point
>whole class just becomes open season
>Every one is just letting them rip
>whole class is crying with laughter
>Teacher isent even mad anymore shes trying to hold in the laughter
>she cant
>class starts to die down
>nothing left in the tank
>Teacher makes a joke"okay lets open some windows and Continue with the lesson"
>retarded autist kid is sitting next to the prettiest girl in class
>his face is Strained hes gone Red
>no one likes him. but hes desperate to make freinds and be liked
>wanted to join in get the some laughs from the class
>The moment had passed but it didnt stop this autistic fuck
>3 minutes later teacher is talking continuing with the lesson
>retard kid lets out the most Disgusting loud Wet Soggy fart I had ever heard
>class is silent
>not what he was expecting
>visable disgust on every ones face
>teacher is about to lose her shit
>his hand goes Straight up into the air before she can even say a word
>ask's to "go to the toilet"
>whole class watches him as he shuffles out of class
>"did he just...?"
>"No way did he just..?"
>10 minutes later retard kids walks back into class in his P.E kit
>dosent say a word and acts like nothing has happend
Lol yep
>be me, 7th grade
>pretty edgy, but had a slick ass jacket and looked alright
>have bladder control issues
>be on the way to math, last hour of the day
>have to piss really bad in previous hour, can't hold it in walking down hall
>by the time I get to the bathroom I literally couldn't hold it long enough to either rip my pants off or anything to free my dick
>stand still, focus chi, cross legs & arms and take deep breaths
>doesn't work
>bladder issues too strong
>it leaks, slowly at first
>At this point I sat on the ground to try to focus harder and forcefully shut my penis hole
Yeah I was this retarded, this is all true.
>eventually, it all runs down to the ass part of my jeans
>thankfully I normally wear loose and very baggy jackets so it could cover
>wanted to be fancy, so wore a green fur jacket from last year, looked nice but didn't cover my ass
>have to walk bent over and bag sagging to my calves, leave math with a puddle in my seat
Good day
all the time
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>be me
>get in epic fight at work
>trade a few punches then up on in choke hold on ground
>starting to lose consciousness
>use every ounce of remaining strength to lift myself up despite him pulling me down
>break free and get a 5 punch combo on him
>he literally runs away
>realize I shit my pants while struggling to maintain consciousness
>go to bathroom and clean up
The best part was nobody ever found out I shit my pants and nobody saw us fighting until I broke free. Everyone thinks I beat his ass no problem even though he almost killed me.
File: 1474852949667.jpg (121KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where do you work and what was the fight over?
>Has anybody shit their pants in public?
I splatter sharted my pants on the train once, an hour from my destination, and with a long walk from the train station to my dorm, where everyone would greet me as I arrived.
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>Half the class noticed the bad smell and thought it was the black kid.
File: images (42).jpg (17KB, 327x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (42).jpg
17KB, 327x265px
He was aboriginal to be more precise
Just some shitty manufacturing job.

The guys son threatened to beat my ass like 2 weeks prior and I laughed in his face. For 2 solid weeks the guy kept walking by me calling a faggot and such so I finally said fuck it and hit him.
Yes. I used leave a key to my house under a rock about a mile away from my house, return home and give myself an enema with an inflatable buttplug. I'd lock myself out of the house then drink a two liter bottle of water. After the bottle was empty, I was allowed to go retrieve my keys. I'd walk to the area where my key was and deflate the buttplug. I would then have to walk home trying to hold the liquid in my ass with a very full bladder. I never succeeded and I always ended up walking a good distance with panties and jeans soaked in my own piss and shit. I'd even choose to walk much further so I could avoid main roads so I didn't get laughed at as much. I did a variation of this weekly for about a year as a punishment.
>be like 6
>get invited to some random kids birthday party
>don't know anyone
>no one even talks to me
>we're going to the cinema
>have to pee real bad
>feel too shy and awkward to tell anyone
>can't hold it any longer
>pee my pants
>walk around with pissed stained pants for the rest of the day
>no one even notices or what's worse gives a shit about it

I'm still asking myself what the fuck i did there and why his mom was such a careless cunt. It made me realize that stranger people are generally apathetic, a little bit of my childhood died that day.
New years 2009.
>be pretty wasted
>can't really drink beer (my stomach goes into shart mode)
>so had been drinking vodka most of the night
>friend gave me a couple beers so I gunned them
>walking home through town, just passed 2 in the morning
>I feel a fart coming up, don't think twice
>waddle towards home with pants full of shit
>start feeling bad, see some bushes (pretty much a bunch of empty sticks because winter)
>drop pants completely, take of my shit filled underpants and squat
>release the flood of Noah all over the ground and my shoes while farts thunder out
>hear a voice go "fuck dude.." as someone walks past
>wipe my ass as good as I can with one of my socks, put my pants back on
>slowly walk home and take long shower
It happens to the best of us pal
She probably didn't want to clean up some strange kids piss, nor did she want to be responsible for it and have to tell your mom. Could've been embarrassing for her to about this happened to you under her care. So she ignored it and hoped it would go away. It did.
Greentext that shit
Like his undies
Tell us more about your wet panties.
I bet the redneck would actually follow this as a trend. If you just made this up I will back you up, anon. Imagine reading news that people are shitting in public for trump.
>t. pisboi
>Be me
>Third day at work (wastewater treatment plant)
>Starts to feel unwell
>Leaks a sneaky stinky fart
>Fart feels kinda warm and heavy
>Rushes to hidden place
>Notices wet pants
>Checks boxer
>I just shat myself
>Puts on labcoat
>Fast walk to home.jpg
>Stumbles upon the boss
>Rushes home pretexting I'm very ill (whiter than a snownigga)
>Shower of the life
>Next day, my boss tells me if girlfriend had fun cleaning my shiet
>Coworkers tell me it's normal in that environment
>Quits job a week later
I had a friend who would laugh uncontrollably and piss himself all the time. Nobody liked him. I didn't even really like him but I always got assigned to the seat next to him.
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Thread images: 22

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