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story time, kiddos. >be me, 15 year old with undiagnosed

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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story time, kiddos.

>be me, 15 year old with undiagnosed schizophrenia
>first day of school, really nervous
>Don't know anyone so I bring my imaginary friend along. She's a cute, blue haired girl named “Bulbini”
>She encourages me
>some kids snicker at me as they walk by
>she pats me on the back
>sit at the back of class, talking to noone.
day 2
>A kid notices that I have no friends, so he comes to sit in front of me.
>”Hi, I'm Blake.”
>He's nice to me
>Pretends to be interested as I ramble on about the only two things I care about.
>Anime and Bulbini
>He tells me he likes to draw
>Makes a poorly drawn, fat, bearded man with his dick hanging out
>but the dick isn't poorly drawn. It's extremely detailed
>We giggle while passing notes in class
>The notes all contain the most shocking things we can draw
>they all contain genitalia
>Bulbini doesn't like this. She says it's gross.
>At one point, Blake hands me a picture
>It's a drawing of Bulbini, but with a dick
>”How did you know what she looks like?”
cont (actually my second attempt at posting this today. It got deleted while I was updating it for people all of a sudden haha)
day 3
>My stress is gone, thanks to Blake
>The same group of people pass by me, but they're not laughing this time.
>They probably know I don't care what they think.
>Go to class, sit down
>I draw a funny picture for Blake while I wait for him to come
>He sits in front of me, and I hand him the picture, giggling.
>He gives me a strange look, then takes the picture
>His eyes widen
>The teacher asks what's wrong, everyone is looking at me and Blake
>”This kid just handed me this disgusting picture!”
>He shows the teacher
>The class is shocked. People are looking at me with disgust and murmuring
>The teacher makes me sit in the chair next to his desk, in the front of the room
>I'm holding back tears
>Over the course of the class, I hear my voice get whispered every five fucking seconds
>Can't tell where it's coming from
>At lunch I confront Blake
>Ask him why he pretended to be disturbed by the picture
>”What the fuck are you talking about? Who ARE you?!”
>”Why are you pretending we've never met?!”
>He's confused
>Bulbini tells me to let it go and ignore him, and that he's being an asshole
>Tell Blake to go fuck himself and leave
>In every class after that, word has spread about the picture and everyone's making fun of me
>Bulbini helps me ignore them
Day 4
>We are given Chromebooks
>Everyone is annoyed. They want to just use their phones for everything
>I'm ecstatic. I've always wanted a computer.
>People finally stop whispering my name. It feels weird not having that in the background like white noise
>I sit down, and Blake glares at me
>I go ask the teacher if I can keep sitting in the chair next to him
>”If you want to. Don't you wanna sit by your friends?”
>Almost explain to him that Bulbini can stand for long periods of time, and doesn't need a chair.
>While giving lectures, he lets he sit in his chair that spins around.
>I check his emails for him and stuff
Keep it going
>Me and teacher become friendly over the course of the week
Day 16
>The teacher's seat has become my seat
>He's also a coach for two of the schools teams. He has to take a lot of calls during class
>Let's me use his computer to monitor everyone and make sure everyone is doing their work
>He has a thing where he can see what everyone's doing on their chromebooks
>I stalk Blake and everyone who is mean to me, hoping to catch them doing something that'll get them in trouble
>That day, Blake is logging into his Facebook.
>Mfw each character of his password shows for a split second as he types it in
>I don't call him out on using Facebook. I wait.
Day 17
>I get to monitor everyone's chromebook usage again
>I go to Blake's screen. He's going to Facebook again.
>I quickly get my phone out and record the screen, trying not to let anyone see what I'm doing
>I get him typing in his Facebook password recorded
>Fuck yes
>Tell him to get off Facebook, and he grumbles
>People call me a snitch, but I don't care. I'm excited to get my revenge on Blake.
>Bulbini tells me what I'm doing is wrong, but I don't listen.
>Later when I get home, I watch the video I took and write down Blake's Facebook password
>I go on Facebook and try getting into his account
>I see if his Facebook password is the same as his email
>mfw it is, and I'm able to change his security email for the Facebook account, and also change his password
>Blake has lots of messages from friends
>I spend hours looking through conversations, finding out tons of personal information
>personal info on both him and his friends, most of them being people who bullied me
>Jesse is an upperclassmen who spreads rumors about me often
>She mentioned to Blake recently than her dad almost caught her with her bf
>She says he hid in the closet, and she shoved the used condoms under her bed. They both think it’s hilarious
>For some reason, her dad is a friend of Blakes on facebook
>I message him on Blakes account, sending him screenshots of the conversation
>”Don’t tell her I’m the one who told on her. I didn’t want to get involved in this, but I felt responsible for telling you about this.”
>He responds about twenty minutes later
>”Thank you, Blake. You did the right thing by telling me.”
>He says Jesse won’t find out it was me who ratted her out. He also says he found the “evidence” under her bed, and more “things she shouldn’t have” taped behind her desk.
>I’m in shock. I can’t believe this actually worked.
>I continue looking for ways to get people in trouble
>Bulbini is livid
>”They don’t deserve this!” she says
>I ignore her.
>I find a person named Hank. He’s an S-class douchebag
>No, he does not have any association with propane
>His dog died recently, and he’s anxious about it because he thinks it might be his fault
>He tells Blake that two days before his dog died, he let him outside to take a shit
>He usually lets his dog in after five minutes, but this time, he forgot to
>It’s freezing outside, and he doesn’t remember to let him in until four hours later
>He thinks he might have got a cold or something and that killed him
>I take screenshots of this, but I don’t know if sending it to his parents would get him in trouble
>Suddenly, I get a friend request
>It’s Blake. He made a new account
>I forgot to make sure it says I’m offline
>I ignore it, hoping he doesn’t figure out he was hacked
>I continue searching for dirt to dig up as fast as I can
>Wonder what I should do with the info about Hank
>I see a conversation Blake is having with a girl named Natalie
>He already has a gf named Kailey
>He’s being pretty flirty with this Natalie girl
>Screenshot it, and plan to show it to Kaily the next day
>No, I have a better idea
>I accept Blake’s friend request
>Send him a message
[email protected] schizophrenia. Welcome to life. GL
Having an imaginary friend doesn't make you schizophrenic, retard. "Undiagnosed" mental illness... kys
>show him the screenshots I took
>”Naughty Naughty Blake. What would Kailey say if I showed these to her?”
>He responds
>Tell him that if he doesn’t do what I say, I’ll show her the screenshots
>He’s freaking out, begging me not to show her, saying he loves her
>I’m practically being spammed, and I’m laughing my ass off
>”Shut the fuck up and listen” I say finally
>His rapid fire messages stop immediately
>mfw I’m already in complete control of him
>After a pause, he sends one more message
>”There is not one thing on this earth I won’t do for Kailey. I will obey you no matter what.”
>”Firstly, you better not tell anyone that someone else is using your facebook. Just pretend you can’t remember your password.”
>He agrees without question
>”I could be anyone. In fact, I am someone you know, so if you tell anyone about this, it could be me, and I’ll know if you’re telling people.”
>”So you’re not Kailey, right?”
>”What else do you want me to do?”
>I think for a moment
>”I’ll let you know tomorrow.”
>continue looking for dirt to dig up on other people
>I see messages from Jeffery
>Jefferey is always brushing his shoulder into me aggressively in the hallway
>What does he think he is? A fuckin’ tough guy?
>Bulbini says that isn’t grounds to get revenge on someone
>I know deep down she’s right, but I pretend I don’t to think she’s being unreasonable
>”You should be happy for me, Bulbini.”
>I look at the messages sent back and forth between him and Jeffery
>They’re arguing
>Jefferey was recently caught by the administrators smoking in the bathroom
>He ratted out a friend of Blake’s for giving it to him, and Blake is pissed
>He convinced Blake not to tell said friend that he told on him
>I know who they’re talking about. It’s a guy named Danny.
>I send him a friend request
>I can’t wait to show him the screenshots
Day 18
>Jesse isn’t at school
>The same group of kids who walk by me every day on my way to class see me
>I hear whispering, and one of them point at me
>more of that stupid fucking giggling
>Bulbini doesn’t seem to care this time. No sympathy from her.
>Who cares? I’m about to tear this school a new one
>go to class, sit at the teacher’s desk like usual
>class hasn’t started yet, so people are using their chromebooks for personal use
>No sign of the teacher
>I use the thing to see what people are doing
>A kid who laughed at me is logging into her facebook
>I manage to get my phone out fast enough to record it
>Get her password too
>Her name is Bridget. She’s one of those dumbasses who are always trying to be black
>go on her facebook on my phone during class
>learn who her crush is, delete and block him
>See a message she sent to Jesse, asking if she was ok
>No response from Jesse
>Teacher is coming, so I put my phone away and turn off the monitoring thing
>Blake seems a tad bit angry and stressed out
>He hardly talks to anyone
>At lunch I keep going through Bridgets convos
>She mentions her parents a lot, saying how much she hates them
>Apparently they’re both alcoholics. They hit her when they’re having problems at work
>Come to think of it, she is bruised all the time
>She’s always getting support from her friends, and it pissed me off.
>There’s never anyone there for ME when I’m struggling, but this asshole....?
>I screenshot every negative thing she says about her parents, and everything she said about them that could get them in trouble
>I find something else that’s interesting
>She’s been sending noods to some guy claiming to know where she lives.
>He sent her her own address, email, etc.
>we are given Chromebooks
>I save the nudes, and send them to every single guy she is friends with
>make a long, heartfelt post on her wall about how the human body is beautiful and people shouldn’t be called a slut for posting nudes of themselves because it’s “ART”.
>make sure to sound like a lunatic, post nudes on her wall
>People are commenting, thinking I’m her
>Obviously people think she’s a dumbass for doing this
>Her friend comments on the post, saying it isn’t her
>I respond, saying “she’s right, guys! I was hacked! It was my brother, not me! Don’t worry I got my account back!”
>”That’s good” she responds
>I go on Blake’s account
>”You don’t even have a brother. You’re lying.” I say on that account
>It’s true. She doesn’t have a brother
>I fake an entire argument between them, posing and both Bridget and Blake
>She’s a laughing stock now. Nobody will ever believe she was actually hacked
>get an idea
>Go on her email. Her password for that is the same as her facebook password too.
>She has a project she’s working on with google slides.
>I delete the whole thing, because her parents don’t let her eat when she gets bad grades
>Later that day, go back on Bridget’s account
>There’s a message from Hank
>He says he agrees with me about the “art” thing, and that the human body shouldn’t be considered inappropriate
>I know he’s bullshitting. He just wants some pussy because he too was sent noods
>Posing as Bridget, and thank him, saying he’s “sweet”
>He seems interested in me, so I keep the conversation going
>He reveals a lot of personal things, even admitting he was bi
>Eventually says he feels alone in the world, and that I’m the only one who makes him feel “connected”. Whatever the fuck that means.
>Says life was “bleak” before I came along, and that he had been feeling this way for a long time
>Get him to tell me about his first gay experience
>mfw it was with his cousin
>Cousin doesn’t talk to him anymore out of shame, and he really misses him
>World’s tiniest violin.jpg
>screenshot the fuck out of that
>go back on Blake’s account
>I message the real Blake
>”Here’s your task for today. I need you to make sure these pictures get to Bridgets parents”
>I send him the screenshots of every bad thing Bridget said about her parents
>”How the hell am I supposed to do that?”
>”You better find a way. You have 24 hours.”
>My phone vibrates at like 11:00
>mfw he says he ran to her house and showed her dad
>”I don’t have proof, but I told them about Bridget’s facebook, and friended them on it. They might’ve posted something on her wall.”
>I go on Bridget’s account
>There’s a friend request from two people with her last name. I accept them.
>”Alright, Blake, I believe you. They are facebook friends now, which is kinda weird.”
>”That was her safe haven” he responds
>”Lmao, that’s pathetic. Don’t worry, I won’t tell her you’re the one who destroyed her only safe space ;) “
>He tells me to go fuck myself and that he’s not doing anything that fucked up again.
>I tell him to watch the way he fucking speaks to me
>He apologizes
>Still in control
Day 19
>Jesse is back, but Bridget is gone
>There’s an announcement about being careful what you post on social media
>People know it’s about her, and she’s all everyone’s talking about
>Her reputation has gone to shit
>Blake doesn’t show up for first period, but I do see him at lunch
>After a week of trying, I finally become the chromebook monitor of my third period class too.
>Hank is in that class, and I see him go on facebook
>Almost get his password, but I’m not fast enough
>Message him that whole time during class on Bridget’s account
>He’s wondering if I’m ok, and if my parents are hurting me
>I tell him I’m completely fine and that I’m staying at a friends house
>He tells me where he lives
>He’s sitting behind a girl who also bullied me in that class
>Tell him false stories of her bullying me, and I watch as his face becomes angry
>He glares at the girl in front of him
>”I’ll get revenge for you. What do you want me to do?”
>Notice she takes her phone out when the teacher isn’t looking
>”You sit behind her in third period, right?”
>”Yeah. I’m behind that bitch rn”
>”Watch her next time she takes her phone out and try to figure out her pin, then steal her phone”
>Mfw he starts looking over her shoulder
>He finally tells me that he knows her pin. 4791
>In real life, I tell her to put her phone away
>”Quit snitching on people Anon!”
>The teacher tells her to put her phone in her bag, and Hank laughs
>At one point, Hank starts looking around
>The motherfucker actually starts reaching into her bag
>”Make sure when you get it you put it on silent. ;)” I say on bridget’s account
>”Good idea” he says before discreetly doing so.
>”You’re so brave, Hank. I can’t believe you’re actually doing this for me!”
>I see him blushing and smiling like a little dumbass
>later that day I go on Blake’s account, and there’s a message from him
>”People who saw the argument between you and Bridget are getting suspicious.”
>”I had to tell them that was me, but they remembered me saying I forgot my password for that account. They’re wondering why I’m still using my new account. I didn’t know what to say.”
>oh shit. I didn’t consider that.
>”Just say you like your new account better.”
>I go on Bridget’s account and talk to Hank.
>”Bridget, this is bad. People are following me. I think they’re using the ‘find my iphone’ thing.”
>Make him tell me where he is. His neighborhood is nearby, so maybe he is too.
>Tell my parents I’m going for a walk, leave the house
>There’s a little area with a water tower in the woods behind his neighborhood. He says he’s there.
>I go back inside and put on a pink morphsuit I wore for halloween, just in case I’m spotted
>I go there to watch him run away from bitch girl and her dad, or whoever is with her trying to find her phone
>I’m full of adrenaline because of the excitement
>sprint there and make it just in time
>I’m hiding in the trees near the water tower, and I hear people coming
>”The theif is this way” says Jeffery’s voice. He’s with bitch girl
>Hank is backing up into the woods. He hears them too.
>”He’s on the move!” Says bitch girl
>Hanks is still messaging me. I tell him “run”
>He immediately breaks into a sprint
>”I HEAR HIM. HE’S RUNNING.” says Jeffery as they run after him
>I try to keep up so I can watch what happens
>Suddenly the footsteps are getting closer to me. I accidentally get spotted.
>”That’s him!”
>They run after me, thinking I’m the thief.
>god dammit
>I run through the woods and end up in the backyard of a house
>thank god nobody lives in it yet
>Jeffery and Bitchass are standing at the top of the hill, just outside the woods
>They look at me, standing in front of the back door of the house
>I turn the knob. It’s unlocked
>They run at me while I go in. I close the door and lock it. Jeffery tries opening it then bangs on the door, demanding to know who I am to to give Bitch her phone back
>Hear him tell bitch he’s going to the front door
>run upstairs
>they burst in through the door and run after me
halfway through your story /b/ro this is interesting as fuck ! wow
>There’s two bedrooms with a bathroom in between them. Each side of the bathroom has a door leading to one of the rooms
>I run into the first bedroom, locking the door of it, then go through the bathroom. I lock both bathrooms doors connecting the rooms together, then lock the door of the second bedroom.
>Bitch is trying to unlock the door of the first bedroom, and Jeffery the second
>The locks are the kind that can be opened with pennies
>When they get through, they will both be outside the locked bathroom connecting the rooms, trying to get in
>They will be certain that I’m in there
>I hide in the closet of the second bedroom
>As anticipated, Jeffery runs past me and looks around the room. He turns the bathroom knob and assumes I’m in there when he knows it’s locked
>While focused on unlocking it, I sneak out of the bedroom and run back towards the stairs
>mfw Bitch is standing near them because she gave up on getting through the first door
>She looks at me, and opens her mouth, about to call for Jeffery
>I sock her in the face with all my might
>Pretty sure I knocked her out
>run downstairs and hear Jeffery coming as I get to the back door
>run into the woods, go back near the water tower
>quickly take off the morphsuit
>put it by the water tower just as Hank comes back
>I get into the woods again before he sees me. He’s checking his phone
>My evil little brain hatches a plan
>Go on facebook, messaging him as Bridget again
>Tell him to put on the pink morphsuit I left for him in front of the water tower
>He does
>Asks where I am
>Tell him I’m coming, and that I just have to finish leading Jeffery and Bitch away from him first
>”Bridget, you are the bomb :) “
>I tell him to wait for me
>I go back into the woods and see Jeff looking at his phone
>”Hey Jeff.”
>he looks at me
>”Hey, I know you.”
>”I just saw some weirdo in a morphsuit run by.”
>his eyes widen
>He tells me he’s chasing him, and why
>I tell him he should call the cops, and that I’ll chase him into the street near the playground
>Jeff says that’s a good plan
>He starts calling the cops, and I go back near the water tower
>I message him as Bridget again, telling him to meet me at the playground
>”Hank, I’ve been watching you for a long time”
>He finds it flattering
>”And I slowly fell in love with you, until I saw what you did to your dog one day…”
>He’s arriving at the playground just as he sees this message. He pulled the hood back so his face is visible. I can see his heart sink
>”and I’ve come to hate you since then. You’ve never even told anyone what you did. You froze your dog to death.”
>He walks over to the playground and sit on the bench. His face is unreadable.
>”How could anyone love someone so cruel to animals? I am disgusted. I never loved you, Hank. It was all a lie. I needed your heart to be broken so that you would know how I felt that day, when I found out what you did to that poor dog.”
>There’s a stream of tears coming out his left eye
>”It’s funny how you believed every kind word I said to you. You must be helplessly arrogant.”
>He responds finally
>”I understand. I have no right to feel sorry for myself. You are right, and I should have admitted to what I did to Fluffles. He was a brother to me, and I didn’t treat him like one to the end. That’s on me.”
>I don’t respond
>Suddenly, police sirens
>He starts walking back to the woods
>Jeffery emerges from the woods and sees him
>He looks scary as fuck. I watch from behind a slide as he tries to run
>a cop pulls up into the parking lot
>Hank stops and tries to turn around
>Jeffery gets him
>beats the absolute fucking shit out of him, tearing apart the morphsuit
>First cop grabs Jeff. Makes him explain the situation
>Second cop stops Hank when he tries to limp away. He looks pretty fucked up.
Keep going
>I was victorious. I’ve never been so satisfied
>Days go by. The real Bridget never returned
>Neither did Hank
>he’s in jail
>Bitch is still recovering from her concussion, so she isn’t here today either
>Blake is cold and distant to everyone. He’s changed a lot.
>Notice that he’s hanging out with Danny more often.
>Me and Jeff became friends, and bonded through a shared mutual hatred toward Hank.
>Remember he ratted out Danny
>Jeff invites me to his house one day, gives me a ride
>This is the first time I’ve actually hung out with anyone
>Try not to be an awkward fuck and do things like mention my imaginary friend
>Realize I hadn’t seen Bulbini in a while
>Can’t remember the last time I saw her
>Walk into Jeff’s house
>mfw Blake is there with Danny
>Me and Blake make eye contact. He’s dead inside
>”You gonna smoke with us?” says Danny
>Don’t wanna be a pussy
>Jeffry is a real bro, pays for mine
>Have a good ass time
>Blake actually seems to start liking me
>Says I’m funny
>Maybe I should stop tormenting him now
>Maybe I can finally forgive him, actually start making friends
>At one point Jeff starts talking about how I helped him get Hank arrested for stealing that girl’s phone and knocking for the fuck out.
>”You shoulda seen me. He was bleeding all over the place when I was done with him!”
>I laugh and say the stupidest words that ever escaped my mouth
>”Haha, yeah. I kinda wish you didn’t destroy my morphsuit, though.”
>Fuck. Why did I say that?
>”Your morphsuit?”
>”Uh… No, no. His.”
>”....I wanted it.”
>Everyone laughs, except for Blake. He’s staring at me blankly.
>He seems off the rest of the time
>Leaves two minutes later
>I say bye to him, but he doesn’t acknowledge me
>I get paranoid
>Day 29 of school
>I feel off
>The group of kids who walk by me each morning don’t just laugh this time
>They approach me
>They don’t say anything. They block me from walking by.
>I get weird looks as I try to move around them
>I go to class, sit down at the teacher’s desk
>remember the thing about Hank and his cousin.
>Go on Bridget’s facebook
>Post the screenshots on her wall.
>People are schocked
>”Holy shit dude. Hank fucked his cousin”
>Someone posts “sweet home Alabama” on Hank’s wall
>Some dumbass asks if that’s why he went to prison.
>I start laughing uncontrollably
>Get a lot of weird looks
>Blake walks in and hands me a picture of Bulbini
>”I know what you did” is written on it.
>I look at him, and he seems confused.
>I look back at the desk, and the picture he gave me is gone. I get a new piece of paper and write a message on it.
>”What are you talking about?”
>I get up to hand it to him, but the teacher comes in and tells everyone to take their seats.
>I’m nervous as fuck.
>Go on Blake’s facebook account at some point.
>There’s a message from the real Blake
>”Did you hack bridget too? I noticed she posted something just now, but I know she doesn’t have access to any electronics right now.”
>”Yeah. You know where she is? I was curious what happened to her.”
>”She’s in a mental asylum, Anon.”
>wait a minute
>Do a double take.
>He never actually said “Anon”. I just imagined it. I thought he knew who I was for a second.
>....Does he?
>I look at him, and he’s smirking maniacally
>Bulbini is sitting behind him, where I used to be. She pats him on the back
>He knows. I wasn’t careful enough. I must’ve left too many clues!
>The morphsuit... Bridget… Bulbini
>Fucking Bulbini…. I’ve been imagining her since I was six
>I spent so long developing her personality, she started having a mind of her own
>It’s the reason she was able to disagree with me, and the reason I couldn’t simply imagine her into being the way I want
>It’s also the reason she was able to leave until just now...
>and maybe I put so much life into her, that for a split second, all those weeks ago, Blake was able to see her.
>And he drew her
>why did he ignore us the next day? Bulbini must have made him do it.
>If Blake could see her, there’s no reason he wouldn’t be able to talk to her too
>He knows. He knows because of Bulbini. I stand up. The teacher is in the middle of a lecture, but I don’t care.
>Everyone looks at me, confused
>I hear whispers
>Other people know what I did. I sigh.
>”What do you mean…?” says Blake
>I laugh.
>”Alright, fine. You win, Blake. Everyone knows that it was me.”
>Teacher seems concerned, asks what’s going on.
>”I’m the one who got your password. Bulbini here must’ve told you.”
>Everyone laughs. I dare you to keep laughing at my imaginary friend, you bastards
>You just wish you were intelligent enough to make one become real.
>”She must have told you all about how I saw you put in your facebook password while monitoring your chromebooks, and how I used the same method to steal Bridget’s account too.
>Everyone pretends to look confused, except Blake. His eyes widen. He wasn’t expecting me to be so confident. He thought he could take me down so easily? He’s got another thing coming.
>He stands up.
>I look at Bulbini
>”I made you. I spent HOURS bringing your ass to life, and you betray me?! I MADE YOUR BITCH ASS, AND I CAN UNMAKE IT!”
>Everyone’s getting scared, except Blake. Teacher is calling for administrators
>I run towards Bulbini, knife in hand. I was smart to bring it. I’m prepared.
I sort of want to see what Bulbini would look like
>Blake blocks me from getting to her, tackles me to the ground
>Bulbini escapes into the hallway. She knows her ass is about to be erased.
>I punch Blake and throw him off me, then run after her.
>Blake, still on the ground, grabs my foot and pulls
>I jump forward, stumbling over several desks
>I go into the hallway, chase after Bulbini
>Blake is chasing after me
>Everyone is screaming at me
>Administrator grabs my arm
>I slam the knife into his shoulder and he lets go
>Blake pulls the knife out of him and chases me with it.
>Bulbini reaches a dead end. I almost reach her when I’m tackled by Blake
>I flip him into a wall, he drops his knife
>I dive for it, but get tackled by Jeff
>Using his own momentum against him, I throw him hard into Bulbini
>A wave of aura bursts out of her body
>The wave knocks me, Blake, and Jeff onto our asses
>She’s naked
>she has a massive dick
>”What the fuck?!”
>She yells as she begins jacking off
>I understand now
>She projectile comes into my eyeball
>I stumble backwards, bleeding
>Blake is about to punch me, but is grabbed by Danny
>”I knew it was Jeff that ratted me out last year. Why didn’t you tell me, Blake?”
>Jeff is in shock
>Bulbini throws a ball of psychic energy at him
>He fucking dies
>Danny holds back Blake for me as I grab Bulbini and slam her head into a locker repeatedly
>The locker becomes the universe
>We all get sucked in
>Hank is there, having sex with his cousin inside a black hole
>My eyes burst into flames
>Bulbini bashes in my fucking skull with her huge cock
>I am defeated
File: 1485291407590.jpg (59KB, 655x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 655x527px
well, dont stop now anon
>I wake up at home
>There’s agent of Bulbini’s secret branch of the KKK there, trying to convince me she isn’t real
>I’m eventually taken to her secret headquarters and given a lethal injection as punishment for my crimes
>turns out it was just a mental asylum
>mfw the final battle between me and Bulbini never happened
>mfw I very first conversation with Blake never really happened
>Be me, sixteen years old and with diagnosed schizophrenia
>Bridget was there, in the same asylum
>She gets an explanation, and we clear everything up
>She tells me not to be sorry, since I wasn’t in my right mind
>It’s been twenty years since then. I still see Bulbini every once in awhile.
>She loves to tell the story of how I lost my mind, peed in my eyeball, and slammed my head into a locker repeatedly
>We don’t talk about that evil shit I did leading up to it though
bump nigger
gay ass ending
File: 1493844892829.jpg (36KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what the fuck
File: IMG_0373.jpg (54KB, 500x445px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 500x445px
What the fuck
That edning tho man . Fucking hilarious. Did not expect imaginary universe good cock. +1
That's schizophrenia for ya
shut up and enjoy the story cuck
anon youre so mean :C poor poor kids :v i dont like you no more :/
;3 sorry
File: 096756576879.jpg (85KB, 942x848px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it was a really funny ending though i laughed really hard xDDDD
I love how we just forgot about bobini or whatever the fuck
>chrome book
>20 years later
> kys
Oh fuck

I done goofed
She just disappeared thanks to the medication
Dude write a book
Its not
Iv never had a psychosis attack that lasted as long as this dude
>20 years later
Got me to post/10. Good copy pasta, better original story.
Now somebody has to make porn of Bobini...
I am actually. On my 4th draft right now.
Yeppers :]
Yeah I'm mostly joking, but his huge illusions didn't last that long. Only the delusions
But will there be giant imaginary tranny friend cum in the book? (And what will it be called?)
holy fuck ive been reading this for an hour and it isnt even real
Would it be gay though? Bulbini IS a trap after all :]
Nope. Just a 23 year old and his cat being chased by monsters
Anyone mind screencapping the thread and posting it here?
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