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>im done /b/ nothing worse than getting a small glimpse and

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>im done /b/

nothing worse than getting a small glimpse and beautiful experience of what a normal happy life is like with fun at job, reliable friends and a girl whom you got a crush flirting with you and then EVERYTHING fucking gone, poof into thin air it all goes without a warning. everything in a small period of time, things arent even linked

im 26 and thought this is finally when my life begins, better too late than never..that after all suffering i had to go through i am allowed to finally have a normal life with some happiness in it, a reason to wake up in the morning..what a fucking idiot i was.

i was truly happy for the first time in my life for a short period, i dont even want to tell you how pathetic it was but was a huge deal to me. finally felt like i belonged somewhere, that people cared about me and even a girl was into me. how wrong i was...how wrong...

im here forever with you /b/..i love you
K but what happen OP?
basically i was hyped that things were finally turning around, i thought i deserved the good things coming to me but turns out that i was simply being delusional and people are shit

especially women

i cant handle being toyed with again like that, horrible experience. one night you go out together and shes taking a million selfies with you and hugging you and saying how much she likes you then the next days from then on out cold as fuck like if it was charity or whatever

people are fake as fuck and i hate them
hang in there buddy, the one thing you will realize when your older is that life is full if cycles like this. It'll come around again, for now just take it one day at a time and focus on being a better version of yourself.
is that all there is, happy and sad cycles?

then why are my sad ones 90% and happy 10%, i guess it makes sense because who said it was supposed to be fair and balanced

tell me anon...where do i find solace
Very vague and unconvincing. Bad bait is bad.
Side note, if this isn't bait, kys.
not bait, what would i gain from this being bait?
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30 year old here, and let me ask you one important question, how was your relationship with your father.
really great memories with him, he died 4 years ago
so what she just broke up with you for no reason ?
how'd she do it ?
tell us OP
give us context
green text it OP , I want to hear about it.

I think everybody wants to hear about it.
Sorry to hear that bro.

Usually guys with father issues tend to be whiny and complain about how life isnt fair.

And men with mommy issues treat women like objects, bully other people and are super selfish.
So really, a girl just left you?

Fuck sake, don't make this post about how your whole life is over, or at the very least explain it

You're not the first person to lose a girl
break up? we were never even together, but she always gave me petnames and hugged me, making excuses to be near to me and touch me, taking pictures of both of us...joking about how we'll run away about how i am her dream man

if those aren't hints that she interested in me i don't know. she also wasn't a slut, not a saint, but not a slut. intelligent, beautiful and very kind. a handful of people have told us that we fit together really well to which she responds about how she agrees and she loves me

basically from that i was dreaming. but then she just completely stopped talking to me, ignoring me. like if i never existed
im fine with my fucking low ass beta life,
but when youre experiencing these fucking moments that show you how life could be, it crushes you
So what you sperged out and shit the bed?
oh , I keked so hard.
Anon, are you a woman pretending to be a man on /b/?

I don't find anything wrong with that but...

You seem to be too emotional as opposed to the more logic orientated thought process of a male...
All girls are sluts. If she doesn't act slutty around you then she see's it as good to keep the societal good girl illusion. I knew a virgin who absolutely loved to get held against a wall and get kissed, had bondage fantasies, etc.

If she's doing friend shit with you, (petnames, hugging) I don't fucking know, maybe you've acted like just a friend? And you should be happy with that? If you want her to be your girl you have to balls up and actually make a move, preferably quickly while she's feeling emotions.

Imagine you're hanging with your gay best mate, and you pretend to do gay shit because it's funny, but then he goes "Why don't you wanna suck my dick". This is you right now.

Overall, become less reactive. You need to achieve enough that you are happy with yourself. External validation will never actually make you happy.
So what are you going to do about it to make your life better? Cry on /b/ like it's a hugbox? Fucking read a book and lift.

My fucking god, you're too young to be here

I was expecting you to have lost your wife, your house and your job all in the short space of time from the first post

Really, what happened is, a girl you liked, is no longer talking to you.... THAT'S IT
At his age there isn't really even enough identity to be "fake" lol
Because you didn't like her back or ask if she wanted to touch your penis.

Also solace is found where you find it. And by that I mean it's a user preference
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She gave up on you.

Im only 30 and you make me feel like some mature person when i say this,

>Hugging and petnames

2000000000 dollars says if you shoved against the counter and filled her pussy full of hot cum she would be with you still, probably sucking keeping your balls drained.

You young guys with mommy issues get all caught up in your feelings and shit and women translate this AS FEMININE AND NEEDY

When instead you completely miss the signs to flashing in your face that she is telling you to mate with her and make her your woman.

They want to get lost in your masculinity.
They are already neurotic enough without your whiny bullshit.

And judging by the way you complain, she was absolutely right.

A tall silent type strong man is pumping her with strong seeds right now.

Thats why she vanished over night.
but i am tall and silent too

how can i become more of a masculine guy? how do i become less whiny? is it because of my age or am i a bitch or what? give me advice here that i can translate to my everyday life to improve
>no friends
>don't feel a connection with anyone
>not my family
>not my coworkers
>every place I've ever worked, nobody wants to be my friend
>nobody invites me to the things they do outside of work, even when we share similar interests
>invite people around
>every time, they are busy with some other shit
>smart enough to know they are obviously telling lies
>good enough that people will sit and chat with me at lunch etc if the people they actually like being around aren't there today
>being around people is just a constant reminder that I don't fit in properly
>feel more lonely around people than I do when I'm actually alone

Not long now boys

Save up some money and go travelling. Should broaden your horizons and give you some personality
>feel alone and worthless
>but in greece this time

No thanks
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If you want this girl back, you have to appear valuable.

You may have ruined her sexual attraction to you though. And if that's the case you are going to have to move on.

You appear to the type of guy who will text or call a girl saying
" why?! what did I do wrong?! I thought we had something "
Thats an insecurity that no girl is interested in.

So to appear more valuable you have to appear more mysterious and emotionally closed off.

Its a delicate balance to be honest.

Girls are more interested in how you make them feel versus what you can show.

Thats why so many nice guys are plagued with cheating girls because another guy made them feel different and exciting.

Because you gave it all up front to her before fucking her.

They are basically selfish children their whole lives and live in a fantasy world.

Be kind of a dick, to make them think they need to prove they are good enough for you.

And then every now again do something sweet so they feel like princess's.

That way when they go to talk about you to their friends they will say
" He is kinda dick sometimes, but he's also really sweet, I never want to lose him "

Keep them hanging on that fish hook, always keep their attention this way.
>You appear to the type of guy who will text or call a girl saying
" why?! what did I do wrong?! I thought we had something "

no i don't do that, and i already know about acting a bit mysterious

it's the part after that which i don't understand.

what do i realize now is that the problem is i don't know when to make a move, because i can't differentiate between a girl acting towards me as a likeable friend(with those hugs and selfies and such) as opposed to a crush

how the fuck do you tell the difference between her liking you as a friend and as into you without taking huge risks?
There is only one reason a woman would hug you and go out of the way to touch you and make skin to skin contact.

Its because you make her wet.

Well you MADE her wet, someone else is making her wet now.
Trying to differentiate makes you a pussy.
Balls up and go for it, mabye you win and mabye you don't. But waiting for her to ask you let her suck your cock isn't gonna happen. "Huge risks" are part of the game, but they're not really risks because who the fuck cares, you can't do anything about her not liking you if she doesn't.
Join a church. Friend group for fkn dummies.
Volunteer. Friend group for dummies.
Get niche hobby. Friend group for dummies.
Once you get into the workforce it's hard af to make friends at work who are actually decent. Just try to find shit you like, and other people who like it.
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I'm still waiting for my life to start, 20 years old, dead end job, no friends and no girlfriend.
Hey same, except I have friends kek.
Sounds like this could possibly be derealization/depersonalization. I've been dealing with it for a while, the sensation of not feeling connected to the world and people around you is so strange and hard to put into words.
Do some googling, but for god's sake don't be one of those people that cling to a disorder or mental illness as a reason for being fucked up.

Read about it, acknowledge it, and try your hardest to live a full life in spite of it. Inherent weakness is something to recognize and fight against, not to be used as an excuse for failure.
>niche hobby
Yeah, I need new hobbies, I have something like 100 friends on steam but its not the same.

I'll look into that
Not just hobbies, if you just want to interact with nice (or trying to appear nice socially) people, do volunteering.
I've been thinking about similar issues lately, I'll try to share my perspective.

You can never go back. You might have a sinking feeling when you see or read about people younger than you achieving great things, (for me it was listening to albums created by people in their late teens/early 20s) but you can still craft a good life for yourself. You will never be that guy who reeks of confidence and sociability at high school, the one who fucks his hot girlfriend at parties after beating a rival school in (insert local sport here) earlier that day. The person who seems to effortlessly navigate life is not you. You will not be able to have those memories or experiences.

But you know what you can find comfort in?

Men gain value with age through their actions. You are still young. Don't seek rewards, seek to meet the prerequisites. make yourself someone a younger you would have been envious of. Embody principles as opposed to attaining comforts or mimicing others.

Read books, start with novels about fantasy or crime if that's what you're interested in, sneak in short books about philosophy or masculinity inbetween the easier reads (The Way Of Men by Jack Donovan is pretty god so far). Think about what you are lacking and approach it like a skill. Say you have been a coward and never stood up for yourself, you aren't going to become the bravest motherfucker overnight, but you will be able to embody courage bit by bit. Excercise your virtues.

Know what you want, a political ideology, a religion, a career whatever it is find a purpose but never let it supplant the purpose of existing as you would like to. At the end of the day that's all we have, a period of time to prove our worth.

Lastly self esteem is a huge part of how we act. If you're an ugly motherfucker, stop giving a shit about your face/jawline/hairline or whatever bothers you. You can't change these things, you can change the rest of your body so treat it better and make that something to be proud of, something you have earned.

Hope this helps, we're all struggling through shit, all of us can do better, so start trying.
>seek to meet the prerequisites
>read fiction books
>follow trends like religion, political ideologys and a career earning someone else money
but what if your genetics and 18 bottles of coke per day made you fat? no way to get around that!
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Thread images: 5

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