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Here's a story for you /b/. It's also one of the reasons

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Here's a story for you /b/. It's also one of the reasons why I'll never understand women. Here goes:

>Be accepted into grad school and land internship in NYC
>Move to NYC on short notice
>Rent a room in NYC with a bunch of room mates
>it'll do for the time being
>One room mate is 8/10 weirdo hipster chick with dyed hair
>Me: not so great looking, also too much of an autist to pull off a "room mate with benefits" deal with her
>besides she's taken
>Not only that but she's lesbian
>not only that but her gf actually lives with her
>Oh did I mention that her girl friend is pre op trans with boobs?
>That makes her gf "trans lesbian" I suppose?
>totally looks like a guy though. Just has mosquito bite tits because of pills
>Have to be careful not to misidentify gender or they'll be pissed
>Confused but whatever, to each their own
>Me: Not the best looking guy around as I mentioned but still never been good at getting and keeping girls
>Not even ugly girls
>often question if it's because "I'm not man enough"
>my befuddlement when I realize that this guy gets hotter girls than me and he doesn't even want to be a man
>Months go by
>Come to find out that my trans room mate was cheating on her with all of her hot friends this whole
>Become enraged when I learn that not only has a trans dude managed to get a hot girlfriend but he gets more and better pussy than me

I'm I just a hater as the kids say? Maybe. Perhaps I should just join 'em since I can't beat them. Maybe I can actually get laid if I at least pretend to be trans.
Women are attracted to broken things since it triggers some sort of fucked maternal instinct that makes them try to "fix" the person.

Since he's trans, we all know he's severely deranged already and probably incredibly manipulative.

You're just a normal dude OP, not a fucked up sociopath trying to be a chick, so be glad about that.
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That' good to hear but I can't help but feel like if I was just a little fucked up, I could be getting laid more.
You value pussy to the point of wanting to be mentally ill?

Son, pussy sure as fuck ain't worth that since it's attached to females.
Chicks in general are fucking insane, even more so the ones that cling to broken men. It's better to just take the one night stands you do get and not stick your dick in maximum insanity.

>college girls
>thinking the "lesbian" is really a lesbian
she like's the D bro, and they sleep with him/her/it because.... shit dude do you pay attention to anything around you? The whole SJW/LGBTQ/feminism/thought police thing is very "in" right now. Chicks sleep with "trans" dudes as a sort of extreme virtue signaling, and college "lesbians" are rarely anything more little sluts that do it for the attention/to look cool. Most of them sleep with guys on the side.
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And that necessarily mean being trans either. Fuck that. I was just trying to make a point that I've seen too man cases where dudes who are just fucked in the head ending up with the hottest chicks. and in abundance.
Again, valuing pussy high enough to actually wanting to be mentally ill is not the way to go.

But sure, if you want to perpetually fuck up your life, by all means.
She is a white chick and I do feel like her sleeping or publicly dating a heterosexual white male would just be so lame. Like she'd be disgusted with herself. Like if she must date a white dude, he'd better be trans or gay or something else marginalized so she doesn't appear to be "basic"
but the ass is fat
Son, you're clearly not grasping the picture here.
What would you do if she was your room mate?
Watch her slowly descend into drug abuse and prostitution.
Or just move out and find someone fucking normal to live with.
I guess I could do that.
>Women are attracted to broken things
>that are still reasonably attractive

I'm broken as fuck, only times I've ever had sex is because I used to be able to manage a silver tongue sometimes when wasn't being depressed as fuck.
It's been a while since. It's not JUST broken, believe me.
No it really is.
I'm not only fat, but also ugly and I've had a lot of chicks gunning for me. Granted all of them were fucking crazy, which is why I'm advocating to avoid putting your dick in crazy.

It ain't fucking worth it.
you're probably not that fat and ugly. But if you were trans on top of everything else, I bet you'd be swimming in pussy. this is not a counter intuitive statement in 2017 at all.
Yeah, citing personal experience both ways won't really go anywhere. If it sincerely IS just broken, ask if their father had mental health issues. That's the most likely answer, as far as my understanding of psychology goes.
Either that, or they feel like they can vicariously fix themselves by fixing others. The ones who take Psych 101 and don't take the advice to NOT FUCKING DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. I swear, haven't met a woman who has and hasn't immediately gone full hypochondriac...
Mate, I'm very realistic about things, and I am not exaggerating regarding the fat and ugly part.
I have a very wonky type of personality that pretty much seems like some fucking mental illness, and it got me into so much goddamn female drama that I pretty much just secluded from the world for an entire year.
If you run to bitch and moan on the internet when you can't get your dick wet, you're not the type of person anyone wants to have sex with.

Go cultivate a fucking personality you tard.

>Either that, or they feel like they can vicariously fix themselves by fixing others.
Ding ding ding ding ding.

Oh, and NYC is the goddamn gayest place on Earth. Of course the tranny is getting some.
But that's so much work. Also, I genuinely try to then I see fucked up shit like this and I just don't understand anything anymore.
Counter: San Fran.
And personally, I avoid drama at all cost. But if I want to get laid more, maybe I should welcome it.
I guess you are an averagest of average guy like me. Women either go for Chads or complete beta cucks becaouse former oftenlly get into obscure communitites or social activism like gay rights union or shit

dont forget it lad
I wouldn't recommend it.
It's emotionally and mentally draining to an extreme degree.
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pic related

My room mate looks similar to this
if you have to spend time pretending to be someone you are not just to bone some girl than just don't waste your time, do you even like her cause it sounds like you dont
I just want to fuck her because she's there. It's frustrating living with someone that hot who's now single but into trans lesbians only
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You're wasting your time.
but mostly i'm just baffled by this phenomenon
Is that Jem? Is your roommate Jem, like from Jem and the Holograms?
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Thread images: 5

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