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You're given God powers. You get to change, implement or

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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You're given God powers.
You get to change, implement or take away 10 things from Earth.

What do you choose?
No clue about the other nine but the first thing would definitely be all the jews.
If I had God powers I would do what God does with them: exactly fuckall.
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Remove 3

Change 3
All people to pretty people
Myself to an immortal 16yr old Loli
Instability in the Middle East to stability

Implement 4
Sapient a.i
One global government under Trump
Fidget spinners now have an extra fidget
%10 of all boys are completely passable traps who don't have to put any effort in.
1. Kill the entire american continent
2. Kill all muslims
3. Grant me the ability to be invisible
4. Grant me the ability to fly
5. Grant me the ability to teleport Cure some nasty deseases
Apple Users
The Milwaukee Road autist on /n/
Well done steak
Jackie Chan
American Continent? lol
3,4,5 can be accomplished by shoving a shotgun in your mouth and pulling the trigger.

File: dolphcover.jpg (75KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>lower CO2 levels in the atmosphere
>erase all nuclear missles
>clean all unnecessary pollution
>reduce human population
>restore tree population
>clean all fresh water on the world
>restore polar ice caps
>cease all wars and current acts of aggression
>cure all sickness and disease
>destroy the sun
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In that order?
File: 1471909466440.png (248KB, 911x877px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>restore tree population
> destroys the sun

An intelligent dude tho. Also they are all stupid wishes.
1. Turn the world into Zootopia
2. Globally increase hornyness levels

Do we really need anymore?
4chan virgin in a nutshell
1.remove earth
Does any one have a YouTube video of the runner with really nice legs she looked like she could crush a watermelon and it was during the olymics
File: 916.jpg (39KB, 533x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd wish less shitty threads like this would appear on the 4chans
if you've removed the jews & islam from the middle east it would probably be pretty peaceful there, so you can change something different
- Remove Religion
- Remove Soda and High Fructose Corn Syrup
- all Men have 8 to 10 inch Dicks
- all Women have pretty faces but breast size remains a variable (perfect breasts must remain rare)
- Everyone Works a 4 day workweek and gets 2 months paid vacation
- Everyone gets access to Sci-Fi level healthcare
- plants reproduce by once a year releasing horny lolis and shotas like the hentai the pollinic girls attack
- sex is celebrated worldwide
- no more cancer or other degenerative diseases (MS, alzheimer's)
- Free Energy
- Free Education
google Alenka Bikar bro, that's the runner from the OP's photo
I would destroy earth and go watch something more interesting.
good idea for threat.
basically i would kill earth, and rid the universe of our cancerous existence. but rules are clear.

endangered species

renewable clean energy world wide
1 child rule
true gender equality
death penalty for rape and animal cruelty

take away:
people who wear sunglasses when it rains
>take the drugs out of the music industry (black people excluded)
>kill the last 20%
>kill the top 5%
>nukes detonate in the silos
>infantry becomes main form of warfare again
>electricity fails and stops working
>kill my worst enemy, the anti-messiah
>force my ex-girlfriend to come back to me
>become a superstar in the art industry
>fuck Emma Watson as my main girl, ex is my side girl
1. I'll give psychic power to everybody and let the strong people eat the weak ---) Natural law is back
1. Peace among all people
2. Hunger satiated
3. Poverty non existent
4. All diseases cured
5. Environment cleaned
6. No more toxic substances, only organic.
7. Only way to die is naturally after at least 100 years of life and very minimal pain. I.e. organs start to slow down.
8. Money has no power and people dont care about materialism.
9. Contact with benevolent extra/interdimensional beings is the norm as is our understanding of universal/religious truths.
10. Marginalization of people due to looks is gone.

>gays and any non-straight people, including those who think that fapping to traps ain't gay
>vegans and alike
>mentally ill people, even if females

as usual,
First Reply, Best Reply
Ugly fag detected
i want her,
File: liberalmasculinity.jpg (186KB, 436x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1) nigs
2) atheist loudmouths
3) traps and their admirers
4) muslims
5) leftist apologist for islam
6) fags
7) all indigenous peoples complaining about 'muh homeland'
8) drug users
9) people who compare drugs and alcohol to justify drugs
10) all media personnel

and if I get a dozen:
11) feminists
12) anyone who thinks interracial relationships are admirable

Take away
1. Russian
2. Amerikcunts including south Murcia
3. Jew's

4 replicators
5. Androids or robots to perform work
6. Medics to live 200 years and have only one sibling no matter who you are

7 earth climate to Hawaii standard
8 earth size
9 men can decide digs hardness themselves
10 sperm tastes like honey
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n word.jpg
48KB, 338x504px
Good thread OP, and I've got easy clean cut answers.

I choose to remove ten things.

1. niggers
2. niggers
3. niggers
4. niggers
5. niggers
6. niggers
7. niggers
8. niggers
9. sand niggers
10. jews
Islam- gone
Jews- outta here
Black people- bye bye
A-rabs- go'n n git
Dravidians, Tamils, all the peoples id southern India- GTFOH
-punjabis- begone!
-Katy Perry

Everyone and everything else can stay.
Alcohol is by definition a drug, and you're an idiot.
well easy only one thing

the 1% ers ..
go die in agony xD
No, mohammed, just because your moon worship religion says "al kohl" is evil, you can't make the West's many millenia of enjoying beer and wine into something analogous to drug abuse. Go fuck a nine year old sheep, shitskin.
And then there will only be 99%?
Have you ever math?
Jew's at pod 10 ?

maybe he just was using a monotonically increasing order of destroyment
File: 1475767771517.gif (997KB, 500x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You'll just get more rape
1) No sickness
2) No jalousy
3) No crime
4) Sex is open
5) No money
6) You can choose to be immortal
7) Do a barrel roll
8) You can feel all women you like
9) You can cum on all women you like
10) Trump can't live
fuck jews, why the fuck are sandniggers at pod 9? exponentially worse than niggers and jews
1. Unravel the fabric of existence
2. Play around with creating new laws of physics, new states of matter and new forms of conciousness
3. Realize how unfathomably borring omnipotence is.
4. Deside to skip 5-10 and permanatly unmake every level of existance including myself
Removing nukes is re dumbest thing you said. Russia, China and India will fuck the rest of us. Nukes prevent war
You're fucking retarded
File: 1494271028748.gif (1MB, 266x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 266x268px
most retarded post of the the day, congrats faggot
File: 88.jpg (3KB, 204x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He's right bro
China will come around a d fuck us
All Conservatives

Sex Slaves
Destroy global warming
White girls with ass
How? They wouldn't have any nukes either.
It would be enough if they start a war with spears and arrows

Your munition would end they would outnumber you
Catch you alive and >pic related
File: dicksuck.png (22KB, 445x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: b9mR4FT.png (158KB, 625x626px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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muslims and jews
Change the outcome of the civil war. The South wins.
Take away Muslims, Jews, Niggers, Gays and Liberals/Communists.
Implement starship troopers form of government.
Give the Confederate States of America technology millions of years beyond anyone else.
Make all women 1500/10, outnumber all the men 15-1 and make them extremely sexually submissive.
Kill every race except whites, Asians, and native Americans

Erase every religion except Christianity -non denominational

Make the entire Earth a Utopia, no dessert sand nigger areas. Everything is green

Make a worldwide BMI maximum. If you go over a certain weight you have to lose it or you will be killed.

No welfare/social security to anybody

If you don't have a job you must find one in a months time out you will be killed

Women cannot vote. Ever. It hold any position of power

Make everybody beautiful-a minimum of 7/10

Have a one Earth ruler who best would lead a theocratic reign of the Messiah. If he ever stats from the teachings of Christ, he must step down

2.Niggers (incl mulattoes and coalburners)


4.All degenerates turn into morally perfect ubermensch
5.The world is ruled over by a confederation of white nations states that follow the fascist doctrine outlined by Mussolini and National Socialist principles laid out by Hitler et al...
6. Every generation strives to get better
7.People adhere to the natural order of the universe and life.


8.Laws which prevent degeneracy
9.Laws which prevent usury
10.Laws which put technological pursuit at the forefront of everything
found the sand nigger
Take away you, blow load in your mom's throat. The end.
You have a good heart anon but you should replace 10 with offing yourself
Women are altered from the ground-up so that if they go for 24 hours without ingesting a fresh load of human semen, they’re turned into wanton little fucksluts.

The moment a woman has gone 24 hours without semen, her ability to concentrate begins to dissipate and she slowly loses the ability to read, write, or even walk upright. 4 hours or so in she’ll gradually develop a humiliating desire to remain nude as more of her higher brain functions shut down and are replaced with new instincts and desires that slowly transform her into a semen hound.

After 8 hours of withdrawal, any woman’s transformation into a crawling, naked beast (a beast no smarter than a dog but twice as horny) would be complete. A woman in this state wouldn’t be able to speak (at least in any way anyone can understand), but their sense of smell would incredibly enhanced to allow them to better seek out semen. Women would also routinely sniff and lick at the air in the hopes of catching a whiff of semen, and would pump and wiggle their asses in the hopes of luring any male hiding nearby to take them from behind.

A simple dose of semen would be enough to fully restore a woman’s faculties, though it could take up to several hours for them to return. A woman who goes more than 72 hours without ingesting semen will be much harder to restore - she will require a minimum of 4-5 doses of semen, introduced into her mouth, ass *and* vagina.

Once restored, women remember they did (or was done to them) while in semen withdrawal, and humanity has to rewrite all laws regarding consent in regards to sex.
Why keep dirty scummy natives?
>implying that your fucking organs shutting down is painless
are you retarded
this one is my favorite

>implement white girls with ass

Would this mean daughters would crave their fathers dicks?
Mothers their sons?
If I lived in this world, I'd sell semen patches that slow dose deliver semen at a regulated interval. I'd be a semen based rockefeller.

1) Remove Kebab
2) Remove Black
3) Remove Feminist
4) Remove Liberals
5) Remove North Korea

6) Change self to Mystique powers
7) Change self to Spiderman powers
8) Change climate to not fucked
9) Change male penis size, moving the bell curve as a whole by 2.5 inches less, my family lineage excluded

10) Implement life on Mars
1. I can change anything I want any way I want for as many times as I want
Remove Communism from existence,

Remove the "Counter Culture Movement" from history

Restore the Monroe Doctrine.

Rework the first world war so America is never involved

Cancel Family Guy

Cancel every single program that ABC is running now

Bring back Saturday Morning Cartoons

Force cereal company's to re-release cereal products from the 60's-80's exactly the same as they where originally.
>1 create a pocket universe dimension outside of space time, (in-which caster has full control of)
>2 blink humanity & all traces of humanity's activities out of existences 200 years before industrial revolution.
>1 remove the Jewish religion
>2 destroy the left wing ideology
>3 alter genetics to make interracial breeding impossible
>4 all races of people born in their native country cannot be granted citizenship to other countries, although trade between nations are allowed
>5 abolish all nuclear weapons
>introduce paranormal elements such as ghosts etc
>6 remove the most harmful diseases afflicting humans and animals
>7 remove kebab
>8 completely eradicate Islamic beliefs
>9 governments must be completely transparent
>abolish the use of money
File: 1496269354531.jpg (26KB, 351x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 351x351px
1. Nigger music has to go
2. Anyone spotted with a fidget spinner will be shot on site.
3. Goodbye, Nascar
4. The average nigger's dick size will be half of what it is currently.
5. No more sports
6. Bring George Carlin back
7. Black people have normal names
8. Lower amount of CO2 in atmosphere
9. Cheating on your spouse is against the law
10. Make /b/ not 70% fb fap threads, face rates, loli threads, and wwyd threads
>remove religion from the world
>make myself super rich
>make myself super smart
>have the power to heal myself and others
>make all world leaders curb military spending and direct all that money to space exploration
>make all world leaders actually give a shit about their people and the planet
>make all world leaders prioritise education and research above all else (space comes second)

Stop fetishizing a bunny.

You sound like Stalin with the exception you'd need a big military in order to do everything you want to.
>Remove all censors in Japanese porn
>Pitch of Japanese women moaning in porn lowered slightly
>Remove all censors in doujins
>Remove all censors in hentai
>Porn is now all free
>Porn industry magically funded - more created
>Sexual frustration recognized as health care need - everyone gets a weekly fuck helper from state
>Everyone's penis is standard hentai horse dick size
>All men capable of cumming buckets
1. No more using photoshop to make a perfectly fine ass into one that is nigger big.
2. no more niggers.
3. no more muslims.
4. no more faggots.
5. no more lgtbtqrsmftpgbtq bullshit.
6. five more wishes to be used in the future.
1 Trump
2 radical Islam
3 Nuclear Powerplants
4 Erdogan
5 Poverty
6 Hunger
7 North Korea
8 Diseas
9 randomly Andorra (would you notice ?)
10 humans
All joking aside, this list is pretty solid. Dubs checked
ive been given god powers... ok
1. Become a God
2. Profit for eternity
>1. release a new-age black plague that kils any human who has below average IQ
>2. move all the continents together
>3. remove all forms of religion
>4. remove all forms of weapons
>5. remove all forms of government
>6. remove all forms of currency
>7. implement a system that gives each remaining human a place to live, and a ration of food per day
>8. force the remaining humans to study
>9. keep the population of humans under ~2 billion
>10. killmyself
send bed to saturn and couch to ceres and cat to psrj1748-2446ad. also make ocean bergundy and moon green and raise co2 level in atmosphere to make planet like venus. also dog
the sun isn't on earth tho

I take away this thread
>1 child rule
the human population would be cut in half every generation, even if everyone would find a person they would reproduce with. is this what you want?
Niggers gain intelligence and learn how to behave like humans
Sand Niggers gain empathy and learn how to behave like humans

Infidelity results in immediate, agonizing death

Take Away:
People with an IQ lower than 110
Individual countries
LGBTOMGBBQWTF - fags are fine, trying to make a community that needs to be pandered to is not.

Nothing else I particularly wish to change that I think humanity shouldn't fix for themselves
I would kill myself so I don't have to live among you talking monkeys.
Remove all kikes
This is easy.
1. Clean out africa, asia (except for Japan), all the pacific islands except NZ and AU, the middle east, eastern europe (russia goes too), and all central america and the caribbean.
2. Selectively wipe out half of north and south american (the fat ugly ignorant people)
3. Consolidate the remaining humans (probably not even a billion people) into 100 urban areas, and let the earth take back the rest of it.
4. Establish a socialist one world order where resources are abundant and humans are happy to have what they have and only strive for intellectual pursuits.
5. AI and robots take care of all the farming, production, construction, maintenance, etc.
6. Grant humans immortality but limited reproductive capacity.
7. Give humans capacity to manipulate gravity, fold space, and all the science required to explore and occupy space.
8. No gender or sexual orientation bullshit. Men are men, women are women, and men and women are attracted to each other. No pedos or sick freaks.
9. Reveal myself to humans as their leader.
10. Spend eternity fucking and enjoying life.
You are pretty retarded
I'd agree with this, except for maybe the infidelity part. that's just part of human nature.
1. Greed
2. Selfishness
3. Envy/ Jelosy
4. Cruelty
5. Poverty
6. Addiction

1. Free - High-Quality Healthcare
2. All resources are renewable
3. Easy and safe space exploration
4. Ability to freeze time and think, but not alter it
Only true answer
But then who would your dad work for? Who would lend you money to buy a house? Who would be your lawyer or doctor or accountant in times of need?
File: bobbin.gif (885KB, 256x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
885KB, 256x512px
Rest my son. Job well done.
File: 1495299588036.png (226KB, 601x763px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226KB, 601x763px
Implement: One can now change perspectives to another's (given both consent) in order to understand them better.
>This should take care of conflicts.

Change: Everything is now energy efficient as fuck.

Change: the circumstances concerning death. People now have a choice: face nothingness, be reborn as another human, or become one with an immortal collective conscience. Everyone knows this.
>This should take care of fear

Remove: the limitations on our minds that make us incapable of understanding everything.
>This should take care of our potential

Change: rate of aging to be 1/10 of what it currently is.

Implement: Common instantaneous travel.

Implement: Viable & energy efficient terraforming.
>These 3 should take care of our longevity

Remove: Killers by mechanism in our brains that make us so repulsed at the idea of killing another human that any killer is literally killed by their own conscience.

Change: Give me the power to use the powers of any anime character I so choose

Implement: Like >>734337054, 10% of all males become STD-immune, self-lubricating, exclusively homosexual traps that shit pure honey & age at an even slower rate.

I concur with these dubs
All you degenerates.

Undo existence, humans are a failed experiment
Ascend to higher dimension and hang out with other godlike beings
File: 1495246618006.png (110KB, 453x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 453x508px
>People with an IQ lower than 110
So wipe out the earth as the mean IQ score is defined to be 100, and will continuously shift accordingly after each culling?

Change 5:
>Make myself immortal until I choose to die
>Give myself superhuman charm and sexual ability
>Make myself extremely ripped
>Give myself an 8" penis
>Give myself superhuman intelligence and a photographic memory

Implement 2:
>"The force" would be an actual force in the universe, and I'd be the most affluent
>Advanced "Sci-Fi" level technology that lets us populate the universe

Take away 3:
I would take Adobe Photoshop from the hands of insane people and made sure they got the psychiatric help they so urgently need.
Remove nignogs, cancer, both of my whore ex girlfriends, and commies
File: SSJ2_Gohan.gif (806KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
806KB, 500x500px
Oh and give myself cool Super Saiyan hair
Skip all the bullshit and just go for it.
If I was gifted god powers, I would simply wipe out this world and start it over.
If I have god powers, then I AM god, and what's preventing me from doing that?
1. Everyone who isn't white, including and especially Jews
2. The French
3. Communism
4. Hipster Glasses
5. Welfare

6. All women would have asses at least the size of the woman in OP's pic, as well as C cups at minimum
7. Pizza would have 10 calories per slice, despite being as tasty and satisfying as it currently is
8. Hot gingers would become ten times more common

9. People would be married at 16-20 years of age. They'd be expected to have and raise children. Divorce would be illegal and adultery punished by death.
10. Taylor Swift (subject to the new big ass regulation) would be my wife.
to be fair this isnt too bad
why would you remove delicious Gal Gadot?
>Remove universe
>Create new reality where everyone looks the same, change a few things, like instead of everything is now 3 millimeters left
File: 1495247334810.jpg (70KB, 562x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 562x437px
>All these people culling other races, religions, sexualities, etc.
You have LITERALLY the ability to do anything- i.e. you can CHANGE the fabric of space-time, yet you guys choose to WASTE a change on removing races because you've met a couple people you didn't like??? Couldn't you AT LEAST fucking make you shit "Change all non-whites to white."?? Wouldn't that make way more sense? Shows how fucking useless and shortsighted /b/ is. I'm glad none of you are in charge of anything.
It's a fucking game newfag
I like this one
Remove trump
Remove republicans
Remove cuntservatives
Remove religion
Remove greedy politicians
Add a more accepting society worldwide for individuals that do not fit the norm
Add a well stocked food supply for every individual on the planet
Remove all polluted water
Add a deeper human desire on a global scale to explore and colonize the universe
Remove sports video games like madden. Go play outside
>Tfw a green calls you a newfag
It has truly come full circle. Kill thyself, my man. I've been on this website for 7 years. I just don't go on this trash board unless /a/ and /g/ are slow.
You faggots are disgusting.
1. Islam
2. America
3. Darkies
4. Poor people
5. Morons
6. Jews
7. Pollution

8. +40 healthy years of life expectancy
9. 55% of other people into hot women

10. 90% decrease in technological progress speed, so I can enjoy myself for a while
remove disassociative gender identity disorder, implement a working economy, kill all Arabs/Muslims, raise human IQs to a minimum standard of 120, unlimited food supply, unlimited water supply, worldwide standard currency, no war, resources such as oil are renewable, make 4ch the new dominant social media
>You faggots are disgusting.
>introduces change that makes humanity break past its limits
Ah, please direct me to yours. I can already tell at least half of it will be obsessing over people you dislike.
woot woot sounds great
People with iqs under 105
Damage to the earth
Give me power to see into the past
Make sure all kids have access to education, medical attention and good stable homes.
1. all life
>not things

well, I dont know what I should have expected.
File: 1494443446830.jpg (51KB, 1024x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 1024x576px
I'd implement a rule that any girl can't have "dat ass" unless they're with me. When they're gone, they lose it immediately.
1: I am granted immortality
2. Also fire manipulation
3. Also ability to see and know everything(kinda like omnipotence)
>Now I can cure cancer and do pretty much everything all humanity can do, because I already know it
4. Earth is indestructible, if sun ends, it will be teleported to a similar solar system.
5. Create a loyal follower, a demon made from smoke to serve me even when I am no longer a god, can't turn against me
6. Also a being from light, same rules
7. Everyone has base IQ of 180, humanity advances.
8. Birth control, the ecosystem can disable fertility if the number of people is overwhelming, number of people is never below optimal for colonization
9. The real god, he who grants me his powers for 10 wishes, has no power over me or my creations while they are on earth.
10. A machine that possesses God's wisdom is at the service of humanity, for judging , answering questions and advancing men.
So i guess you want to die also if your destroying the sun simce everything would die off
That's not how grammar works. Since he's referring to all Jews as a whole, they only count as one. Don't try so hard.
OP is not a faggot. Today.

1. Remove Religion.
2. Remove Hunger
3. Remove Sickness
4. Remove Greed
5. Make me Instamove through the Universe
6. People can fly
7. Get me an Habitable Asteroid
8. Make Trump smart
9. Get a nice Cheesecake
10. Get a 4Chan Gold Account

Do you fucks know what IQ means? You can't remove people below a certain IQ because the mean will just change accordingly. It's defined to be 100. Even if you change the mean to be defined to be 115 or some high number, It won't do anything.
I'll redirect you to >>734361693
1) blow up africa
2) blow up russia
3) blow up middle east
4) make myself invisible so i can rob banks
5) drugs legalized
6) 8x6.5 in cock for myself because any bigger for most normal girls is to much
7) power to make any woman like me to fuck
8) no more speed limits
9) no more diseases (includes all)
10) perfect teeth that will never fuck up
Then don't act like one faggot
File: 1452100101059.jpg (66KB, 646x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 646x557px
Do Humanity a Favour. Kill yourself.
Most of your list is trash, but I totally agree with perfect dental health.
>He doesn't realize Democrats have gutted the economy
Come back when you've graduated with your gender studies degree and can't even get a job at Taco Bell ;-)
If all nukes blew up in there silos we would all die
Reducing CO2 and restoring tree population is somewhat contradicting.
>TV Licence
>Shandies, man up
>Speed Cameras
>Chavs/ Dole Wollers.
>Americans have a mute button
>All illness and STIs
>I'm minted.
Thread posts: 146
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