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ohhhh boy idk what i just did, /b/. >my homie's crazy

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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ohhhh boy idk what i just did, /b/.

>my homie's crazy girlfriend was caught cheating
>sending nudes to a dude with him sleeping in the background
>homie calls me out at 2am so we can talk
>i pick him up, we talk, smoke, chill by the ocean, and he pretty much lays his feelings out on the table
>i listen, try to give him some advice and an ear to listen
>i don't give the best advice, but i tried
>FF 1 week
>she's still in his house as i come by to drop off something for his brother
>after i leave i get this message on my phone saying that she doesn't want to be friends with me because his brother (who is also one of my longtime friends) is harassing her through facebook
>.. ok?
>i give her a fucking novel of a message basically saying how i defended her when he spoke that shit when i was in the room, how i was always on her side when shit turned ugly, and basically told her that i treated her like a close friend
>also threw in that i knew what she did
>might get off the hook with my homie, but not me
>i got loyalty that rivals a dog
>message goes on about other shit she's done and why she's a manipulative person
>Day after, i go hang out with his brother in his room
>not yelling, but blood-curdling screams
>like the REEEEEEEE soundclip irl
>apparently, she read my message and got super #triggered
>hear shit being thrown around
>hear people hitting the ground and wrestling
>i'm still with his brother, downstairs in his room, he's turning up his TV, and we still hear this shit through a closed door and loud ass PC fans
>in the middle of the chaos, sirens in the distance
>no fucking way
>sirens get closer
>sirens are right outside the house
>we hear footsteps to the door, and her voice right outside his brother's window
>can't make out what she's saying sadly
>shit dies down,
>he comes down, teary-eyed and cracked voice
>asks me to drive him to a dispensary
>agree, hop in my car, and go
CONT 1/?
Skimmed thru and saw cringeworthy 4chan lingo so I'm out
>is on 4chan
So if I walked into an elementary school I'd have to speak like one too
>6 minutes later
>no continues
Keep going
This is some fucking Jerry Springer shit dude
>15 minute drive felt like forever as he's telling me what happened
>she 5150’d herself (hauled away by police bc she threatened to kill herself)
>wouldn’t tell him where she went
>didn’t say goodbye
>he’s really bummed out, maybe i shouldn’t have sent that message
>get back to the house, old friends are there, people are coming out of the crevices to hang out again
>his house was the hangout for everyone, so naturally people will come by and chill
>nice lil get together
>he’s having fun, stoned, drunk, and happy.
>all is well
>for now
>FF 3 days
>the bois chilling in his room like old times before that succubus came into his life
>he gets a call from a random number
>he answers, eyes widen, then he dips outta the room
>group has a collective “tf was that”
>comes back in 15-20 minutes later, ask who that was, and he says it was no one
>at that point we all knew who it was
>hope to god he doesn’t get back with her
>4 days later
>his brother texts me, telling me he saw them exchange a text, and they’re still acting like a couple
>take that info with a grain of salt, as his brother doesn’t really get facts straight that well
>2 weeks later
>the daily hang-outs stopped pretty fast
>oh well, he got a new job and he works long hours, no biggie
>never remembers to hit me back up when he says he will
>it’s ok, we’re forgetful sometimes
>the one time i DO come over, he acts super tired, which is fine since he came from work
>car broke down couple days ago so he has to give me a ride home after everything
>we play vidja, hang out, good times
>homie says he’s tired af and asks if me and his brother can go to his room so he can sleep
>his brother asks if he can do it a little later so i can try a quick game of Dead Cells with him (gr8 game, would recommend for people who don’t mind early access)
This is too shit of a story to risk it ending in a walk the dinosaur. I'm out
sorry for late continues, guys. really late and i am balancing writing this and talking to the homie about this.

>agree, but remind him that since my car broke down a couple days ago, he’s gonna have to give me a ride (won’t let his brother drive his car since he blew the clutch on one of his cars years ago)
>about 15 minutes into it, homie comes down and asks if he can do it now since he’s about to pass out
>ok it’s fine i’ll just buy the game
>silent car ride, which is uncommon
>pretty much coming to the conclusion that i’m about to lose one of my best friends
>get home, pop open Steam, and buy the game
>play on teamspeak with his brother
>brother walks upstairs with headset still on (wireless)
>fucking hear him talking to her
>ask the brother how long has that been going on
>”idk, about 2 weeks?”
>knew it
>don’t say anything, wait for my homie to ask to hang out or play some games
>never comes around
>pretty much accept that he’s cut me off
>about a week later, 1am
>talking to my gf on skype
>check facebook out of habit
>see she messaged me
>basically telling me that she’s glad she’s not my friend because i couldn’t tell her everything i sent her in person
>retort back saying that i never would have had the chance to since she’s so fucking controlling of him and what he does
>tell her that i will be civil with her and pretend she doesn’t exist as long as she doesn’t get in my face or start shit
>20 minutes after i send it, i get a call from her through facebook
>calls again
>and again
>and again
>and again
>and again
>goes on for about 30 minutes
>call, decline, call, decline, call, decline
>tell her off, trying my best to trigger her so she’ll stop calling and leave me alone
>she doesn’t stop
>keeps going
>eventually just answer and let her talk to herself
>she gets more mad the more i do it

>she’s basically telling me to tell everything to her face, which i agree upon with the condition that she doesn’t bring pepper spray (she pepper sprayed a dude before just because he threw a cigarette at her after she flipped him off. And that was weeks before she pepper sprayed him)
>she’s not amused
>go back and forth
>shit ends after 45 minutes
>messages basically end with her threatening to show my homie what i said, and knowing her, she’s going to blow it out of context for him and lie and manipulate her way into his head so he’ll also grow to resent me

give it to me straight /b/, did i just lose a friend i've had since i was a young whippersnapper because i decided to stick up for his cuck self?

really shit story, pretty much just want some people to get my mind off this shit so i decided to share. not really interesting for some, but maybe someone will relate. past couple months been one big shit show
Ive delt with idiot manipulative dumb cunts like that before. No matter how much bait you give they never stop biting
How about coming clean to your friend? Why even do this behind his back at this point if he's such a good friend?

I'd never want any friend to do anything behind my back for their sake basically, so independently of her blowing it out of proportion when telling him, he'll have a good reason to be pissed at you.
So, in my mind, there are two different plans for this.

You'll need: A steady job you can do from home and a car.

Move to a different city. Fuck him. He is an adult. He made his choice stoo talking to either of them.

You'll need: A gun, a car, plastic tarp, a pick axe, a shovel, a hammer, a metal saw, bleach, ammonium, some time off from work and an alibi.

1. Tell her to meet up.
2. Erase this blight from the face of the earth.
3. ?????
4. Profit.
>their sake
meant my sake
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In my opinion, no, you haven't lost a friend completely. As with his other friends only appearing when she's not in the picture, when she is around she makes an ultimatum with him that she'll come back to him, if he doesn't spend time with his friends. He gladly accepts because his base desire for pussy supercedes his feelings for friendships. Your best bet is to just go about your business. From what I read, they seem to have a fairly unstable relationship to start with, so I don't foresee them lasting together for more than a few months at best. When he finally does break up with her because he realizes her pussy isn't worth the trouble, then, and only then will you get your friend back.
they've been together for 2 years. she's been living with him rent free for those whole 2 years. he's been cooking her meals, buying her cigarettes, basically her wallet. all she does is pay for shit weed, clean his room, and stream on periscope like people give a shit

yeah, i probably should. he deserves to hear both sides at least. and that would mean she can't put bullshit into my mouth.
i have multiple people on board for that plan. we have talked about it, but maybe now is the time to pull it off lol
She gives up her pussy to him to. Most men tolerate women's utter bullshit, to a degree.
Buying of the luxury items, the clothes, the shoes, whatever she wants, because he knows that makes her willing to give it up easier. Eventually though, when the sex starts to become lackluster, he will tell her to get fucked. He knows she's a useless cunt he uses her strictly for pussy rights nigga.
I'm sure he could do everything she does himself, but tits and ass beats masturbating any day is what it all boils down to, friend.
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pic related, it's the novel i sent her with a couple lines revealed. shit gets personal so i hid most of it but i just wanted to show you the novel of a message i sent her for context
File: Untitled.png (43KB, 1049x761px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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last half of the message. included her message to me at noon that i didn't get back to later.
Next time don't stick your nose in shit and expect it not to stink.

You sound like the type of person that's attracted to drama. Almost like a bitch watching a reality show. Beta bitches like you and him are pussys that think women are equal to men.

That being said, yeah you probably lost your friend cause of your bitch-like mouth. Either keep going with your faggy mexican tele-novela life and "win him back" or be a god damn man and live your own life away from puss shit like that
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scary terry.jpg
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can't unhear
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